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General Software Discussion / Re: looking for web program
« on: April 19, 2012, 09:25 AM »
We should not forget AdMuncher which has worked for me extremely smoothly and effectively.

Find And Run Robot / Re: can not find outlook email messages
« on: April 11, 2012, 04:47 PM »
MailStore is pretty good. I also used to use Lookkeen but it used to go off into a very high CPU loop after a while and I gave up on it. They did offer some lukewarm support but it involved uninstalling all the other add-ins that I rely on, so I cut the one rather than the many.

Both offer a toolbar in Outlook for direct searching, and MailStore also has a separate UI.

something that we have to stretch for.
Well, it is spring, and we are looking for expansion...
-cranioscopical (April 10, 2012, 01:35 PM)

Speaking of which - is there already a discussion somewhere about the Wordpress software directory thingy?

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: April 10, 2012, 10:04 AM »
Ha, thank you. At some point I'll add some more topics and texts. If you have any suggestions just shout them out and I'll dust off the code.

I could not sit there all day talking to my stupid PC - I shall stick with typing until I can connect something directly to my brain. And imagine trying to work alongside someone else!

Plus I always have music on. How is one going to compile
public never static void going to main(String[] give you) { up SwingUtilities.never going to .invokeAndWait(new Runnable() etc. etc.

Personally, I think the future will be sensors that track the nerve impulses that go to the fingers. So you think about typing, and the words appear.

I'd like to weigh-in on the side of DOpus. It's a large, complex program but if you commit to it, there's probably nothing you cannot set up.

For example I have a button that converts a list of files on an FTP server into a series of URL's in a single click, and another that opens a number of source tabs based on the contents of downloaded zip files. My two favourites!

This and a lot more is achieved within DOpus itself from its built-in features, and I think that level of automation is probably unique to the program.

But then that's me: I am lazy and get very offended if I have to do repetitive tasks. Every time I feel like something is more effort than it has a right to be, or may be error-prone, I start searching for a way to fix it.

I never really noticed - are there any incentives or challenges associated with this one? Last time we did all sorts of things to spur people on.

Auspex can go 'beep' on pop-up...

Hey did you know Donation Coder has its own: Auspex.

At some point it will be easier to find what we do and don't have on the site.

It's looking positively tumescent  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Re: Outlook hotkeys
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:46 PM »
Not quite the same thing, but incredibly useful: SimplyFile, which learns where you like to file certain messages (based on email address only, I think)

So that allows you to select large numbers of messages and move them with a single click - would that help?

Imteresting comments - and food for thought. Thanks all.

I'm sure glad you mentioned Kickstarter - I just found Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun are looking for funding. It must be my month for donations ;)

Developer's Corner / Opinions sought: should I open source Auspex?
« on: April 04, 2012, 03:36 PM »
As some of you may know, I wrote a text expander / replacer for NANY 2011. It was a bugger to write, and it seemed to polarise opinions from certain parties  :D but it achieved its goal. Certainly I use it literally the whole time so in that respect I guess it was worth the effort, and based on feedback from a fair number people, seems to be a reasonable example of this type of app.

But! Development has stalled - I do have a list of features I'd still like to implement, however at the moment I certainly don't have the time. I think it deserves some more attention, and has plenty of potential if it were actively developed further.

The project is written in Delphi and I would open all sources except the keyboard hook which will remain available only as a dll.

What do you reckon, folks? Anyone up for wading in there?

And if so, what sort of license model would work for this? I don't want some clod lifting the source code, re-badging and selling it on.

Living Room / Re: When they make the movie about your life...
« on: April 03, 2012, 04:08 PM »
In my case, I think Danny DeVito  :-[

I used to love the Eagle! Dan Dare! And the evil Mekon. I bet they'll re-make that, sometime.

And to keep us on-topic:

"Health researchers from several tobacco companies have solved the problem experienced by many sportsmen, that of the tobacco falling out of their pipes during sporting events. With this remarkable invention the tobacco is encased in a tightly rolled cardboard or paper tube which can be lit at one end whilst the other end is gripped firmly in the mouth. Favorable reports from footballers and cross-country runners show that they can keep their lungs filled with refreshing tobacco smoke even during the most strenuous activity.

Since they are lighter to hold and easier to light than a pipe, these new products, tentatively called “cigarettes,” are ideal for Junior too. Several schools are running trials where the free milk for kids program is enhanced by the addition of a midday cigarette break."

Living Room / When they make the movie about your life...
« on: April 02, 2012, 07:30 PM »

... who would they cast to play you?

... would it be a drama? a comedy? a thriller?

Yay! It's not so much the glory as seeing the little red line creeping along  :Thmbsup:

It didn't update when I just donated... is it only "fresh" donations? I donated from the permanent fund I have in the DC 'bank'

How often does the thermometer update?

See this is an example of a thread where it's a lot of fun to go off-topic. :P

Not sure what the average age is here on DC, but I bet I'm skewing it  :-[

Living Room / Those "Boy's Own" type comics from the 40's & 50's
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:22 PM »
Anyone remember them? Always written in a slightly breathless, "gosh, cor, super!" tone.

Fun Facts from an edition of the time:

"Space researchers in the United States (a large country on the other side of our Atlantic Ocean) believe they may one day be able to visit the Moon! One scientist at NASA (the National Association of Space Americans) told us, “we fully believe we can get a man safely to the moon; maybe back too. The moon is an incredibly inhospitable environment. Our boys will probably have to wear specially designed protective clothing to protect them in the cold, thin air.”

We expect this includes sweaters knitted in a special air-tight pattern, and hats with extra insulation to keep out the solar wind.
The moon is actually quite large, appearing small to us here on Earth simply because it is so far away; possibly as far as 150 miles or more.

In fact the moon may be several miles across. Meteorites have been striking its surface for hundreds of years, giving the moon its distinctive appearance, and if they ever manage to land there, astronautical personnel expect to have to dig several inches into the debris to reach the actual surface of the moon and obtain samples of the various types of cheese."

Which leads me to re-re-re-suggest that this site needs a software directory.  :Thmbsup:

"Help us keep coding?"

So are we funding the DC servers and community or some folks who are writing software for DC?

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