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Living Room / Networks and external drives
« on: February 09, 2010, 04:42 PM »

I'm on Windows 7.
All of my data is kept on an external drive, and everything else is on my laptop.
But, this is very new to me. I keep forgetting that the drive is there, and dropping it when I pick up my laptop.

Maybe it's because I've been on laptops for 7 years without one, and 3 months with one, I don't know.
Although it happens much less frequently now, I'm still forgetting it.
It's happened so many times now, that the USB ports in my VAIO are actually getting loose.

Is it possible to set up a wireless network with just  laptop and and external hard drive?
Or, should I hook up one 6 ft. USB extension cord to another, to another?

Perhaps someone out there has a better idea than either of these?

Thanks in advance  :)

General Software Discussion / DC Reveal/Hide feature
« on: February 08, 2010, 05:30 PM »

What is the reveal hide feature here? It it a script that I can use in an email, web mail or Outlook?

I want it!!!!

The history & reasons:

I used to work at IBM and write step-by-step instructions for employees.

We all used Lotus Notes, which allowed me to create reveal / hide sections for each step of the instructions. That was very useful, as some employees required much less assistance than others. Anyone could just click on the section that pertained to them, follow the instructions and be done with it.

The emails appeared clean and concise, saved people time and in some cases confusion.

I would really like to make emails like that again. Thanks.

General Software Discussion / Saving web pages
« on: January 05, 2010, 11:49 PM »
Is it necessary to have a program to save web pages? Not even web sites, just pages????????
Not in Scrapbook, but as files on your drive?

I just tried to view the pages I saved from my mom's old web site, which is now gone.
As I expected, the images are gone, the formatting is gone, everything but the text and links are gone.
Having zero faith that saving these pages was going to work at all, I saved each one in htm, html, word, & mhtml.
I figured one of them had to work.

And it still didn't work! I can't even show the before/after images. There befores are gone.

What in the world is the problem? Why do they even allow to save a web page when it's not going to work, anyway?

File, save as has never worked for me, with web pages, which is why I saved them in every possible format.

The only one that looks right is the .jpg screenshot I took - which clearly I should have done with all of them.

Is there any way to restore them? Is there anything hidden in the code which would allow me to get the original formatting and pictures back?
Does save as work for anyone? Am I going to continue to have to take screenshots?

Please help, I know this post is written badly but I am sooooo frustrated and mad at myself for not taking screenshots of these pages. I knew better than to trust a computer to do anything more advanced than that.

General Software Discussion / -Recklessly- remove hardware (from USB)
« on: September 27, 2009, 04:52 AM »
Can someone please tell me what bad things will happen if I just unplug something from the USB, without "Safely remove"ing it?
Simply unplugging external devices/peripherals (a printer, a digital camera & a smartphone) doesn't seem to affect anything.
Does this apply only to certain types of hardware, or what?


General Software Discussion / Good news for any InfoSelect users
« on: September 20, 2009, 10:15 PM »
If you use InfoSelect/Tornado Notes, you may be aware that there's an InfoSelect Yahoo group. It's run by users, not by Miclog.

In the past, the developers haven't participated in this forum and have remained somewhat untouchable over the years.

Well, today, the developer of InfoSelect, Jim Lewis, got on the forum and posted a message saying to look forward to the next version, it's coming soon. He also said that Miclog would now be participating in the InfoSelect group. He says that many important changes / updates have been made in IS. If you use IS, you know how badly these changes are needed.

I've been using IS for about 5 years, I think it's one of the best programs I've ever used. This is really exciting news for me and hopefully for any other user of IS who comes across this post.  :) :D :)

Living Room / [ImageShack hack] Blog hack? Please help!
« on: July 11, 2009, 12:17 AM »
Anybody know where I can find out what this means?
I found it on my little sister's blog, it doesn't look like anything she'd post.
If you just scroll down a bit, you can see this image.
If it's a hack, can they do any damage? Thanks for looking...

General Software Discussion / WMP & lots of tiny .wav files
« on: July 08, 2009, 11:18 PM »
I'm trying to learn French on this web site.

This site has a TON of small .wav files (for example, one for each letter of the alphabet), & every time I click the 'sound' button, I'm downloading it.
I tried to see if I could change this in FF Download Manager, but I can't.

Do I really have to download .wav files just to hear the sounds? I just want to hear them, not keep them.

If I'm only using these lessons at home on my pc, does it matter which format I use? They give you a choice of .mp3 or .wav.
(I have never used an mp3 file!)

Also, I have JRiver Media Center, should I be using that, instead?

Any suggestions appreciated  :)

I use gmail.

The sender's name is an obvious sign that they're a spammer.
But, I'm wondering where the spammer picked my friend's email address up.

Does anyone think maybe my gmail address book, or his, has been hacked?
Or worse, our Outlook address books?

I'm hesitant to open it, just to see what it says.
I've heard of worms that have the friend's address in the sender field, but not in the subject.

If this is a known phishing tactic, please forgive me.
I've never read phishing articles, I can spot a phishing email a mile away.


Living Room / Software licence swap? E-draw Max
« on: April 16, 2009, 11:28 PM »

I have a $100 piece of software (E-draw max) but I never use it.
I trialed it, but didn't have the time to explore its features; when I went to try it again, they said I had to buy the software in order to use it.
Fair enough. From all the information given on their web site, I was sure this software would be easier to use...but, it's not.
I'm more partial to Do-organizer's mindmap/flowchart feature, it's much better for me, even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

I've contacted companies before and they have allowed me to transfer licences with no problem in the past, so I'm not looking for anything that would be against a software company's wishes. I've learned that no matter what they state in the licence agreement, they seem to really appreciate being asked and on both occasions, I've got the go-ahead from them.  :Thmbsup: Conceptworld is one of those companies  :)  .

Also, the software I'd consider swapping does not have to be worth $100, I just state its price to emphasize the waste of money.

I don't have any particular software in mind that I want (except perhaps, InfoSelect, and nobody uses that).
I just got a web domain for my birthday, so something for that would be cool, but I'm kind of burnt out on software in general, so I might even end up giving this away. I really just hope I can find someone who really wants E-draw Max.

Let me know. Thanks.

Please don't tell me to Google this; I did, & am more confused now than ever.
Besides, I'd rather have it explained to me by DCers.


General Software Discussion / Automated Response Detection Software
« on: February 28, 2009, 08:02 PM »
I'm having difficulty with a company who has not sent me my product after I ordered it on line.
I got an email from this guy & I think it's an automated response. Actually, I think a lot of companies do this, & we, as consumers, don't even know when it's happening.  I have some questions about this:

1) I've seen on some other computing forums that some people can actually tell what you're using as an email client, just by posting! I saw someone post that the didn't use a particular client & someone wrote back & said something like, "but what do you mean, you're writing from it...". WOW. That just blows me away. But it's true, so it seems reasonable to me that they also have something that could detect if an email you receive is an automated response or not, based on the software used to create it. Is there such a program? If so, does anyone have any recommendations?

2) If not, how hard would it be to create it?

3) Is it possible to send a reply so confusing to the program that it actually freezes up , ("Cannot compute! Cannot compute!")?
I'm not talking about something as malicious as a virus or Trojan, just...a harmless attention-getter. Nothing destructive, just a freeze - perhaps bringing the owner into action, and while looking for the problem, he's sort of brought face to face with his email? Perhaps I've seen one too many episodes of Lost in Space, but there are programs out there that simply cannot accept certain kinds of user actions/entries, and they crash. I have one of them, I must watch how fast I go when using certain commands, etc. (& there have even been what I think were content-related crashes, too, if there is such a thing).

I have a pretty good understanding of time and money, so I don't mind receiving an auto-response 99% of the time. They can actually be really useful. But some things just need to be addressed by a human being, & nobody likes to be treated like they were born yesterday ("Hi Sarah, thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. I sincerely apologize for the delay...").

 :tellme: :tellme:

Please help, I feel like such an idiot writing back to this "person", but I must, in order to get my issue resolved.

Much thanks.

General Software Discussion / Macro needed
« on: January 29, 2009, 12:38 AM »

My BF needs a macro.
I have the complete description, but it is long and very detailed, so I'll start with the basics:

Based on data from fields in a template/form (date, reference number, etc.) where the macro runs:
Can a macro actually go into Explorer, check to see if a folder exists (for example, John_Doe),
then create one and name it if it does not,
then name the document automatically when he "Save(s) As"?
And, save the new document it in the new folder (or a different one, depending on the field entries) upon closing the document?

As usual, any help is appreciated...however, he does not want a full-blown program, just this specific macro.


General Software Discussion / Cannot open Paint on Vista
« on: December 21, 2008, 06:26 PM »
I guess it's mspaint.exe although I could swear it was once paint.exe.
Anyway, I've searched online and here and cannot find the solution.

It acts like it's opening (mouse over jpg, right click, select Edit, and, ..... nothing)


I kill the process mspaint.exe and always there are several instances (Outlook does this too).
I kill all instances of this nonsense and it still won't open, even if I choose open instead of edit.

I cannot even save a simple picture from my camera.
(BTW This post explains why I cannot participate in any computing discussion above 2nd grade level - I'm still working on these kinds of issues...)


General Software Discussion / Spoiler tag
« on: December 13, 2008, 10:57 PM »
I'm very much in need of something that does what the spoiler tags (used on this site) do, but I need it for use in Word or web mail.
I just want to create expandable/collapseable sections of data and images. This is incredibly useful.
Any suggestions appreciated.

General Software Discussion / Can someone help me restore my sound?
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:10 PM »
It's not really software I'm after, here, more like a fix or...I don't know!
At the beginning of this month I lost internet sound, only.
I have a VAIO VGN-CR290.
Tried un/re installing flash, no help.
Sony, no help.
Microsoft knowlege base, no help.
Some regedit entry I don't remember, also of no use.

Somebody please help me if you can, I can't afford to break *yet another* computer.


(I forgot to say that my Realtek drivers appear to be up-to-date & that yes, I've checked my volume settings on the VAIO, windows, & whatever I'm trying to hear something on like u-tube, etc. If I put my ear to either speaker and all volumes are on full blast, I can hear a teeny tiny bit, nothing more.)

Living Room / Video chat: Why don't people like it?
« on: August 28, 2008, 06:17 PM »
I'm curious:

Video chat is something I used to dream of (remember Blade Runner?).

I video chat with my boyfriend in France all the time.
But my girlfriends, although they have the means to video chat, would rather talk on the phone (???).
And my 2 sisters (one 3,000 milles away) have simply no interest.

Even a former member of this forum who had a SkypeMe button on his signature (in email, at least) suddenly *disappeared* when I invited him to video chat.

What's up with people?! The future of communication is here, why do people shy away from it?
Is there still an 'adult' stigma attached to it?

So far, all I can come up with is that you can't readily multi-task on video chat as well as on the phone.
Any ideas?
Thanks  :)

General Software Discussion / Music files 101
« on: August 14, 2008, 05:52 AM »
I am in need of a quick and simple education in music files.
I mean, quick - no CNET courses or anything like that, just either a recommendation to a website that speaks to beginners, or instructions from someone here who would want to help a complete beginner. Here's what I'm looking to do:

I've recently inherited about 300 CD's (mostly classical).

I'm thinking of recording these CD's to an external drive, then posting the files to the web. But, I want a program that can read all of the details - I don't want to type in the name of the piece, the composer, etc. but I noticed that Windows Media Player could not detect all of this information, only some.
So, I ended up recording only 1 CD & decided it was too tedious of a project.

Now, I'm thinking that it would be really nice if my other family members could access this music online.
Actually, I'd like to share it with anyone who wanted it, but I guess that's not legal (?).
I was thinking about FTP web sites - I've only seen one & it looked pretty straightforward, but I don't even know if that's used for music files or what.

If you're still reading this, you can see that I'm clueless & so I don't have to tell you I don't have a server, an iPod or any knowledge of any computer languages. Only a laptop which records CDs & an external drive. And a really big box of CDs.

Any help would be appreciated!

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