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I use PerfGraph for something similar.
I have two instances which ping my router and google and report the ping of each, also, there is color coding for late and very late packets.
So if all is well, teh graph is Green, and I use Orange and Red to show about packets late or dropped.
That way I know if the issue is at my end or my ISPs.
Also helps in troubleshooting when the internet is not disconnected, but slow.

This is how it looks.
Screenshot - 7_3_2017 , 1_56_23 PM.png

General Software Discussion / Re: Heuristic Antivirus
« on: March 15, 2009, 09:49 AM »
Don't have an answer for your question but I'd be interested in any technical writeups you find on heuristic antivirus scanning.. Personally I am really mad at the way antivirus companies handle heuristic reporting..

That is, what they SHOULD do when they find a file that triggers some heuristic flag is perhaps make a report saying that a file was found that is probably ok but triggered a heuristic alert and explain exactly what in the file triggered the alert.

Instead what they do is report it to the user as if a known virus was found with high confidence.

This results in tons of false positives, scaring users and causing harm to company reputations.

I totally agree on this, false positives cause more damage than viruses, even putting company reputations at stake. From what i've learnt so far, it should be that the user decides what a virus is and what not.

General Software Discussion / Heuristic Antivirus
« on: March 15, 2009, 08:47 AM »
Hey people, I'm posting after a long time here at DC.

Is there any anti-virus out there which i can use to test heuristic analysis only? I mean, only use the heuristic engine only to scan for viruses?

Well, I'm doing term paper on Heuristic Anti-virus Technology and want some pointers to where I can get more information etc on the topic. This is the best forum I'm aware of, so thought I would ask here.

I have an HTC P3400i, runs windows mobile 6,would Looove  :-* :-* for a forum to be started here at DC abt PPC...

Living Room / Re: What is Donation Coder?
« on: November 27, 2008, 11:28 AM »
Disabling post-edit after <some timespan> seems like a reasonable compromise. And it could perhaps be re-enabled for people with more than X posts...
This is what seems to me to be the best bet.

Living Room / Re: Rats! MS Auto Updates Got Me Again!
« on: November 07, 2008, 06:05 AM »
Also, and I know that this matters - I have an AMD chip instead of Intel. Changes made by MS are tested much more thoroughly on Intel-based machines than with AMD chips. (Probably because there are more Intel machines??)


Im also running an AMD chip, and doesnt it doesnt seem to be a problem, maybe my rabbit foot works!!

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Media Player skin problem
« on: November 01, 2008, 04:56 AM »
well, one day i decided to put in some new skins fo my WMP but then...when i switched to one particular skin which i dont remember what it was, it crashed my WMP and i cannot get in cuz everytime i do, it freezes and crashes without even giving me time to change teh skin. can anyone help?
Thats same thing that happened to me yesterday, in my case, i was just trying to see the "revert" skin thatt comes preinstalled, so I dont think its a malformed skin. Next time I opened WMP, it was in the default skin, so it isnt much of an annoyance. Maybe I should also rollback to WMP10.

Funny how WMP always finds a way for me to "not like" it, one way or the other.

Living Room / Re: [parody]:!!
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:23 AM »
Aww, I was just thinking of installing linux! :D

Living Room / Re: Rats! MS Auto Updates Got Me Again!
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:14 AM »
Am I the only person who has NEVER had a problem with an update from MS? Any problem I have is usually caused by another product and NOT the Windows OS or a patch to one of its components.

WOOT! 1500 Posts!

Even ive had no problems with windows updates ever. Now that I think of it, its surprising.

Living Room / Re: When you make your 100'th Post
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:10 AM »
im almost there, 100, here I come...

Living Room / How viruses work
« on: October 29, 2008, 02:47 AM »
Hello, im doing a report on "Heuristic antivirus technology" for my term paper this sem, and while googling around for that, I have kind of got the idea of how viruses work, but im a little confused, so I thought to ask you guys of it.

This is what i've understood-
A virus, once executed, attaches itself to a normal executable file. It attaches itself to the end of the executable, stores the first instructions of the executable in itself, and overwrites the first instructions of the file with a jump instruction which jumps the control to the end of the file(where the virus has attached itself). So, on execution, the file first performs the work for the virus.The virus, at the end of its work (which usually is infecting other files), restores the original instructions it had overwritten (thats why it had stored those in the first place), and returns control to the file. That way, the file, in most cases, continues to work seemingly normally. That way, it spreads to other files.

The most confusing thing in this explanation I find is that the file which was infected is now restored to its original form(except for the virus code at the end, which causes an increase in size of the file) after the virus itself restores the file. Does this mean that the virus body in a particular file is only executed once after infection (since the virus has restored the original instructions over the jump instruction it had earlier written)?

Can you guys please point me in the right direction?

yes, yes, yes...... thank you sooo much.

Actually, the name did strike me, but i googled "flash folders" and came up with broken links to another dialog box extender that wasnt the same.

Thanks again.
and again.
and again.

DC rocks! and so does Ampa!

Im looking for a dialog box extender that I had sometime back which uniquely had a button for currently open folders which showed a list of folders currently opened in windows explorer. It had an overlayed appearance with a bar on top of the dialog box (like Direct Folders). Does anyone know what program im talking about? I 've gone through the list in the reviews given here on DC but none seems the one. I cant seem to recall the name no matter how hard i try.

Living Room / Re: "Network cable unplugged" - except it isn't!
« on: July 03, 2008, 09:53 AM »
is it a usb router by any chance?

Why don't you use ZipInstaller?

The ZipInstaller utility installs and uninstalls applications and utilities that do not provide an internal installation program. It automatically extracts all files from the Zip file, copies them to the destination folder you select, creates shortcuts in the start menu and in your desktop, and adds an uninstall module to allow you to automatically remove the software in the future.

I personally zip whatever application there is, and then use zipinstaller to install it in the default Program Files directory, it gives me an uninstall option as well as startmenu icons, so *all* my programs go in that directory. Plus zipping the original files gives a more organised way of storing the program, kind of like an installer.

General Software Discussion / Re: Context menu Antivirus
« on: June 16, 2008, 01:30 PM »
Guys, I tried Bitdefender, but it doesnt seem to function without its services/background processes loaded :(

I've installed Antivir now, and it seems to work fine without its services (apart from the updater, it needs its scheduler service to start, i can live with that)

Im now trying to set it up with my download manager (i use getright), anybody knows how to do it?

General Software Discussion / Re: Context menu Antivirus
« on: June 11, 2008, 11:31 AM »
You can always disable the services and helper applications using Autoruns and the Services applet in the Control Panel. It's what I did with AntiVir, and works fine.

Thats good. Illl give it a spin.

Any other antivirus hat can function like this?

General Software Discussion / Re: Context menu Antivirus
« on: June 11, 2008, 10:41 AM »
thanks for the info guys, but i guess all all those antivirus you suggested run background processes even if realtime scanning is disabled, and thats what i dont want. I know avg 7.x had the avg control center that had to be running, and i guess others would have similar processes. Any chance theres an antivirus that doesnt need processes until its called for? Otherwise, i guess AVG is a good option.

General Software Discussion / Context menu Antivirus
« on: June 11, 2008, 09:07 AM »
Hey guys, im on the lookout of an virus scanner that DOESNOT run in the background, it can add a context menu entry which scans the file(s) when I tell it to, and i should be able to pass files from my downloader to it to scan. Is there any such antivirus? I tried Clamwin portable, but sadly it doesnt scan individual files  ( i think).

thanks cmpm, but what i really need is an extension in windows explorer, that provides its search box in explorer itself, it would be more of a filter box than a search box, because it only has to fiter the files and folders shown in explorer to show the matching files (I dont want to launch a separate application to filter the results).

Hey guys, i've been trying to find something that can add a search box in windows explorer (not "Internet Explorer", why did MS have to name both of them explorer?? :tellme: It makes googling a hell lot difficult).

Infact, im trying to find something similar to (if not exactly) what QTTabbar ( provides as the search box, (you have a lot of files in a folder, you enter some text in the search box, and the folders contents are filtered to show the files whose name contain the string you entered, and your work is done in half the time)

But qttabbar makes my explorer (both of them) slow to open, so even though I absolutely adore the features it provides :-*, im reluctant to install it. I was wondering if theres something else that provides the functionality?

Hey guys, ive set the taskbar to autohide, since my bar is at the top, it pops up when I get too close to the top of the screen when all I want to do is close a maximised window. :mad:
Can you guys suggest a way so that the bar pops up only when the mouse is in the top left corner and not elsewhere? :huh:

Take a look at this:

I think it fits the bill perfectly, and is light on resources.

manimatters: Darwin posted the same link one post above. ;)
Yeah, i kind of found out after i posted. :-[

To update the list, should we have to open the text file each time? Oh.. that seems tedious if we have several lists.
-conceptworld (April 22, 2008, 06:38 AM)
(see attachment in previous post)

(I hope this helps more)
For easy editing of the text file, theres an easy way written in the comments on that page by someone::

by brianamarks at 07:59 PM on 11/08/06 Reply by Email

Gina, keep the tips coming. I read Lifehacker 1025 times per day.

Folks, I figured out a way to enable a quick edit of the todo.txt file. Here is what you do:

1) On the right frame, select the "Input" tab
2) Check the box marked "Allow Input Controls"
3) Click "Add"
4) On the popup window that appears, under "Link Meter To:" Enter notepad.exe (or the path to your favorite text editor) followed by the path to your to do file. On my machine, I entered:

  notepad.exe c:\TO DO.txt

5) Click "Next"
6) Choose an action from the list and check the box next to it (I chose "Right Mouse Click")
7) Click "Finished"
8) Save your .ini file
9) Right click the Samurize tray icon and select the .ini file you just saved to reload it.

Test the action you chose to make sure it worked.

Take a look at this:

I think it fits the bill perfectly, and is light on resources.

Ive used NetNak ( for this purpouse, It even has daily and monthly warnings when the data recieved goes above a certain limit you set. But it isnt freeware

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