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  • November 21, 2019, 08:56 PM
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By example :

In Ali Express I can see some lists, but I don't know how to print to a pdf these lists.

Can I have software for doing this. Not like HTTrack, only certain data to print. To control shopping in several webs.

Best Regards

General Software Discussion / Listing the unused
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:14 AM »
I have to do some space in my laptop so I would like to know those files I don't open for a long time, exe's i don't execute, etc. Those files I haven't move or copy for a long time.

A software able to categorize this in folders without use for a long period or from a date.

Able to locate folders without movements and without execution of any of the files contained.

Free, portable and fast ?

Best Regards

Can I use a windows program for this with the phone usb connected ?
What is the best program for this in that case ?

And in Android ?

Best Regards

General Software Discussion / Tasking
« on: February 25, 2019, 09:41 AM »
The memory consumption of freemind is enormous depending of java machine.
I am using in combination with other task mapping software like ToDoList.
Or even my CRM Goldmine 5.5 (an old one).
So I want to know more about these tools (mental mapping orgnization) and memory less requirements....
I have tried freeplane but also depends on java.

I finally bought :
I bought a 10 TB classical hard disk

and a 2 TB SSD disk


I think the second is better than the first.

Opinions please. Be merciful if you want. The SSD is for the laptop in substitution of the old one.
The other is for the data disk desktop.


Notes :
TLC (Triple Level Cell)

Storing 3 bits per cell, TLC flash is the cheapest form of flash to manufacture. The biggest disadvantage to this type of flash is that it is only suitable for consumer usage, and would not be able to meet the standards for industrial use. Read/write life cycles are considerably shorter at 3,000 to 5,000 cycles per cell.


    Cheapest to manufacture which in turn leads to cheaper to market SSDs.


    Cells will survive considerably less read/write cycles compared to MLC NAND. This means that TLC flash is good for consumer use only.

Recommended for:

    Everyday consumer use, web/email machines, netbooks, and tablets.

Living Room / Review Pendrive Microdrive usb 3.0 128 GB
« on: February 15, 2019, 04:35 AM »
I have just received this pendrive :

AsusPortatil - 15_02_2019 , 9_35_33.png

The device is recognised in my laptop without problems. Only 116 GB are detected.

The device don't come with he capacity written in the product . See the photo.


I copy a movie and reproduce from the pendrive with no problem.

And also with the OTG from the mobile.

From the mobile detects 117.96 GB.

That's all for the moment ! .

The price was very cheap

AsusPortatil - 15_02_2019 , 10_23_04.png

12.06 euros


P.D. I am expecting to receive pendrives of 256 GB for 3.47 euros....


I need good advice.
After seeing several chinese products I am thinking buy this.
Anything better for similar price ?


Why they don't compromise the mAh capacity :  Battery Capacity(mAh): Above 30001mAh

I understand tha 30000 mAh is the same that 30 Ah .

So if output is 19 V DC you can obtain up to 570 Wh
My laptop is 45 W , so I can have working up to 12 hours.

I need the output 12V too. I have bought some time ago 5 led lights of 3W each. If I have 30000 Ah I will obtain up to 360 Wh.
360 Wh / 15 W = 24 hours of lights.
Perhaps more.

When you bought a car battery of 60 Ah you have 12 V  x 60 Ah = 720 Wh

What I don't understand completely is in case of different voltages.

I suppose that when the maker says in the features 50000 mAh express a maximum capacity .
In other part of the publicity : REAL ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY 50000mAh/185Wh: Compatible With Most Popular Laptops and Notebooks
( Can not Charge Laptop with DC Current Over 5A).We Provide 14 Kinds of Connector for Most of the
Popular Laptops (Pls Make Sure the Connector Fits for Your Laptop before purchasing.). Once Fully
Charged. Our K2 Portable Battery Pack Can Charge Your iPhone 6 Plus about 11 Times, iPhone 6
About 17 Times, Galaxy S6 Almost 11 Times.

185 Wh what is now ?
What voltage applies when refers to 50000 mAh ?

V volts. x 50 Ah = 185 Wh

V = 185 Wh / 50 Ah = 3.7 volts.......


With 185 Wh I was wrong before.....

My laptop will last for 185 Wh / 45W = 4 hours aproximately
And my lights of 3 x 5 = 15 W for 185 Wh / 15 W = 12 hours aproximately .

Seems more secure give the  ??? Wh , because the Ah or the mAh are in relation with the voltage. Or I am wrong ?.

Are maximum values ?


Living Room / Refurbished or used internal hard disks 3½ 6TB-12TB
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:54 PM »

Do you know about this ?
Have you bought a refurbished HDD ?
What is your experience ?
Best international links to buy a used hard disk ?

Thanks a lot.
Best Regards

I need a portable launcher for folders, programs or files with a similar modern UI like in windows 8.
AsusPortatil - 13_01_2019 , 23_16_25.png

Do you know anyone ?

Best Regards

Living Room / Happy New Year 2019 for the best forum in the world
« on: December 31, 2018, 05:23 AM »
 :-* ;D

Happy New Year 2019 for everybody in DC.
Best Regards

navidad 2018.jpg

Codebyte is a member user in the forum .
I am using for years WishList.

https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=14381.0 seems nowadays another web for cars.

Where is Carl Danley ? .
Seems dissapeared in the web. I only observ old posts or entries.

Have finished the university studies ?

This is the general software discussion forum and I "wishlist" to collect links to the software of this fellow.


Linebyter https://www.softpedi...ools/LineByter.shtml
WishList          attached to the post my installation portable. You can install in the system uncompressing the rar to WishList directory in your program files (x86). Goes well
WordByter   it's cited in the interview, but I haven't found this program downloadable.  :-[
FileSorter.exe   https://www.donation....msg146386#msg146386

long time members 10th anniversary  https://www.donation....msg376968#msg376968

General Software Discussion / Dominoes game free software for learning
« on: September 02, 2018, 05:47 AM »
I am looking for the advice of a real player of domino game to learn with free software.

Do you know the best free software for this purpose ?
Give me a link !!!!!

Best Regards

General Software Discussion / Registry of phone calls android-pc
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:22 PM »
I am not able to find a good application to obtain the registry of phone mobile calls from android to pc in a simple txt file with some fields.

How can I get that ?

Best Regards

In windows the creation data presents in properties the data the file was created and the hour , minutes and seconds.
So I think is possible, to determine in an audio , the hour-minute and second of every moment.

Do you know an audio reproductor that presents the every moment while the audio is playing ?

Best Regards

This year I begin to teach Stadistic. Next year I want to teach to informatic engineers the first course of mathematics and so on the next years.
I would like to know and share good links in english basically for this purpose.
Best Regards

Do you know a good one ?

Software for create folders from an eligible list of folders

I refer explicitely to select one, two or more folders from a list selecting with the keys shift or control .

In web is usual to find scripts for create folders from a txt file, a csv file or an excel file. May be others too. (an ini file by example).

I have found some interesting software for similar purposes. One of them from Skwire . A program that works wonderfully under windows 8.1 at the present time.

Text 2 Folders Create folders based on a simple text file.

The main window shows the possibility to select a txt file from the pc or a configurable list .

This program don't show a list of eligible folder names. Yo have to select the list simply.

Another interesting program to create folders is XMD

XMD - eXtended Make Directory. (1.0.2)
A multipurpose tool for making directories.


XMD is a multi purpose tool for make directories in different ways: It allow
create several directories (or subdirectories) in one operation, directories
with names stored in a text file or from clipboard, sequential directories, also
is possible to use predefined variables (for time and misc.) and many many more.

· Allow us create multiple directories in one step. (separates by pipeline | ).  i.e: test1|test2
· Allow us create directories with multiple levels deep. i.e: c:\test1\sub1\sub2.
· Allow create directories with absolute paths, relative paths and UNC paths.
· Allow the use of pseudo-variables (Time, Clipboard, misc.)
· New directories created, can be opened automatically in a new window from Explorer.
· List of (20) last created directories (folders).
· Custom templates can be defined.
· Custom suggested name by default for make new directories.
· Allow us to make directories from names in ClipBoard.
· Tool for make sequential directories (batch mode).
· Tool for load names from a text file.
· Command line parameters.
· Shell integration for files and folders.
· Portable (except for shell integration). USB sticks.
· Easy integration with the file manager Total Commander.

This program is downloable at the present time from a distributor. The programmer seems an abandoned web (José Manuel Breto)
I have tested the program under windows 8.1 and goes well.
But don't have an eligible list with multiple possible selection with the keys shift and control.

The rest of the software examined is easily founded in web by create folder from a txt file, csv file and so on....

I hope someone can find a functional and free version of creating folders from an eligible list.

Best Regards

I don't know why. Goes well under xp or 7, but not in windows 8.1 or ten.
Can you modify to go running ?
Best Regards  :P
The script creates one or several empty folders selecting from a list.

At the present moment I can't execute this.
I think I am an administrator in the system. My system now is windows 8.1.

#SingleInstance Force

; #if winactive("ahk_class CabinetWClass") pruebo con la alternativa de más abajo
#ifWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass
  Gui, Destroy
  WinGet, WinID, ID, A
  Gui, +LastFound
  HWND := WinExist()
  ControlGetText, DesPath, Edit1, ahk_id %WinID%
   Gui, Add, ListView, r10 NoSort vChosenName h300 w400, Folder Name
     For A,B in {1:"Prg1",2:"Prg2", 3:"Prg3", 4:"Prg4", 5:"Prg5", 6:"%yyyy%", 7:"%MMyyyy%", 8:"", 9:"password", 10:"Avira", 11:"Folder11", 12:"Es un juego", 13:"MACApple", 14:"pago", 15:"portable",16:"Nofunc", 17:"Nuevo",18:"Script",19:"Autohotkey", 20:"trial", 21:"Folder21",22:"INFO", 23:"Foros", 24:"Videos",25:"Formación",26:"Android", 27:"Windows", 28:"Consulta"}
    Gui, Add, Button, gChoose, Submit
   Gui, Show, h340 w420, Choose Folder Name

ControlGet, List, List, Selected, SysListView321, ahk_id %HWND%
Gui, Destroy
Loop, Parse, List, `n
   If !FileExist(DesPath "\" A_LoopField)
      FileCreateDir, %DesPath%\%A_LoopField%

I remember with FreeCommander to control the mobile structure and folders, but now I can't.
Perhaps I had the device rooted that time ?
To my surprise I get the folders with Windows Explorer simply. I can search too !.

What other tools do you recommend to take dominion from the pc of my mobile device ?

Best Regards

Now with last, and with the prior version of adwcleaner I obtain PUP.Optional.Legacy virus message .
"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPCSolutions\Metadata Analyzer\MetadataAnalyzer.exe"

I don't detect with other free antiviruses.

Moz2 - 01_10_2017 , 22_23_45.pngMoz2 - 01_10_2017 , 22_28_13.png

Do you think is a virus ?

Coding Snacks / [Solved] A sand clock
« on: September 29, 2017, 02:30 PM »
Nany 2018 idea.

A sand clock.
Configurable count back time. For example 25 minutes.
When the count finish give an auditive warning . But don't lose the focus. Even is configuration consist in activate a warning window or emerging window. The sound or warning configurable.
Each time after that, if the user don't abandon pc work repeat the alarm sound every time, or the visual warning. For example if you configurate repeat the alarm every five minutes, the new alarm will sound every five minutes.
When I come back to the pc the program is able to recognize real keypressing or mouse movings. Then the time will began to count down again. The clock will put itself down to up again.

I haven't seen this in all the pommodoro technique software. I think this is simpler and give freedom in the rest period. The important thing is abandon the pc for a while and fight the sedentary life.


General Software Discussion / Pommodoro Technique for special cases
« on: September 29, 2017, 03:11 AM »
I presume i am a special case.
I am using Instant Boss and I have lost 2000 grams until this moment.
I like this system. Specially in sedentary works like mine.
Revising I don't remember any program that does what exactly I want.

What do I want ?

Something like Instant Boss but without the emerging window and focus lost.
proactive and remembering with sounds. Forcing to interrupt the work but without loosing focus...
Perhaps with command voice interaction...
Impossible to forget the presence of the program : With Instant Boss when I enter in "my inspirational moments" I forgot completely.... But I don't want the forcing loosing the focus. It make me vey angry....  >:(

Living Room / Duolingo alternatives (learning english)
« on: September 28, 2017, 03:07 PM »
This morning I finished the Duolingo english course.
I thought that when finished will begin another with more contents. But now I only can learn other languages.
I have 5083 EXP and 73% fluency or something similar.
I lack for more material. I am studying english quotes (Albert Einstein is the first).
Also try to write in this forum is an importance practice.
Reading books and searching for words with dictionary.exe ( The information by Martin Amis was the first , and recently finished Fear and Tremblings by Amelie Nothomb)
The word of the day from several web pages.  [1] [2][3][4]
The forum I am using some years ago is WordReference

I would like additionally something free and interactive or easy.


Other resources I am using are :
Mobysaurus Thesaurus (you can download in DC)
WordWeb free edition
Learning English reading The Bible
and two dictionaries that came with the kindle ebook device.

And the most important tool I need :

English Grammar with testing. That I can select a special feature and go deep.
Basically I need now a lot more of theory. English Grammar Free Trainer. Practice English Grammar.  :-*


Moz2 - 28_09_2017 , 21_08_44.png

General Software Discussion / Free Windows Admin Tools
« on: September 28, 2017, 02:11 PM »
I receive an email in one of my accounts with the link to download this program from

The first thing seems to ask me is a domain. I think I haven't because I use blogs from blogger and wordpress.

Do you know this program ?

Do you think is good ?


Moz2 - 28_09_2017 , 20_11_57.pngMoz2 - 28_09_2017 , 20_12_09.pngMoz2 - 28_09_2017 , 20_12_22.png

freeware app to detect sensitive info in ms office documents and other documents.

Do you know a good anyone?


Note : https://www.donation...dex.php?topic=1752.0

DC Website Help and Extras / MobySaurus
« on: September 26, 2017, 07:23 AM »

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