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  • November 19, 2019, 09:33 AM
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1 -- Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing | iMacros Software

Glupsssss. I am clear now. I now iMacros and others some time ago.  :-[

Additional note.
Is not what I first ask for but may serve:

bot of Telegram
You have to include the tracking of your shopping and then tell you of all the updates. You can use an alias to know what is inside the parcel...


"a web"  :huh:
a website....


but I don't know how to print to a pdf these lists.
there are virtual pdf printers.. you install them and then from any app that can normally print something to a printer you can print it to pdf file instead.
or you could take a screenshot and save it in pdf format.

does that answer your question?
Not entirely, but surely is the way. I have pdf virtual printer and using Fireshot.
I suppose it was possible a script or something to obtain rapports from a website. ....


By example :

In Ali Express I can see some lists, but I don't know how to print to a pdf these lists.

Can I have software for doing this. Not like HTTrack, only certain data to print. To control shopping in several webs.

Best Regards

Living Room / Re: Review Pendrive Microdrive usb 3.0 128 GB
« on: April 21, 2019, 07:29 AM »
I have to recognize my completely failure with the high capacity pendrives sold by AliExpress.

I having a lot of problems with these units.
When I claim to AliExpress they rejected the proofs made with fakeFlashTest. They don't send me the money back.

I am also having problems with micro SD cards of 128GB and 256GB I don't suspect at the beginning.

I will inform with time. Now I am with my ass between my arms....


At this moment I have no much time to post. Too much work.
But I compromise to inform you.
I finally don't buy any of the hard drives.
I continue with this project and I will inform you with the results.
About the 2 TB for my laptop I have to say is interesting if the actual hardisk fails. I am using an external hard drives for over space.

Best Regards.
P.D. I am searching for the post I did about high capacity pendrives. For me have benn a complete disaster and bad moments.
Like app103 told me I am cancelling shopping with Ali Express because its politics and defense of sellers of fake material.


General Software Discussion / Re: Listing the unused
« on: April 01, 2019, 09:23 AM »
no, it really is impossible. The Last Used data includes when every app was last "touched" by the indexer or by the anti malware-tester, or something. So the only way that I know of is the opposite way: There are several apps that can tell you what programs you use most often. The ones you don't use so often..., well, you figure out the rest.
Understood Curt.
I gonna try now with the most known software about windows explorer substitution and comment.
I assume the difficulty of the question and ready to return to the console in black.

General Software Discussion / Re: Listing the unused
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:49 AM »
Thanks everyone.
I know the console is the simplest and the very best.

I would like a consolidated software for this. I see is difficult, but not impossible. When I find I will put here.
Best Regards

General Software Discussion / Re: Listing the unused
« on: March 30, 2019, 09:13 AM »
List files sorted by Last Access time:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. dir <file spec> /s /od /ta

eg. List all MP3 files on D:\

Code: Text [Select]
  1. d:
  2. cd \
  3. dir *.mp3 /s /od /ta
Something from a software , not from the console, and more interactive and flexible ?


General Software Discussion / Listing the unused
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:14 AM »
I have to do some space in my laptop so I would like to know those files I don't open for a long time, exe's i don't execute, etc. Those files I haven't move or copy for a long time.

A software able to categorize this in folders without use for a long period or from a date.

Able to locate folders without movements and without execution of any of the files contained.

Free, portable and fast ?

Best Regards

The problem is that i can't trust in any supplier. I prefer to trust in customers . So I am delaying the decission until I find a really understanding customer.
Sorry if I sound a little harsh (and I may be repeating myself...), but why are you asking for approval (that's what it sounds like to me, instead of advice), and already order the goods without waiting for or taking any of the tips you can have here?
If that's you way of proceeding, then just tell us what you bought, including photos, and why,
without cluttering the forum with endless rants and irrelevant info.

Don't worry. Be happy.
Is not my intention bother you.

Be very careful about buying cheap storage (hard drives, ssd, sd cards, flash drives, etc.) especially if they are advertised as having a high capacity. Even if it appears to be a reputable brand. They may not be as advertised, and you might not find out till later, when you lose your data.

A lot of these drives are actually small capacity, and have firmware that erroneously reports them as being much larger than they really are, and copying files to it just loops around when it's full, and overwrites older files, without your knowledge, causing major file corruption.

And manufacturers don't honor warranties on counterfeits of their products, so you won't even get a replacement when it fails.

And if you think you are safe buying them from Amazon, just know that the same merchants that are selling this crap on Wish, Aliexpress, Ebay, etc. also sell it on Amazon and other sites. (always buy a reputable brand, sold and shipped by Amazon, themselves, to avoid the counterfeits and scams)

Certainly is a risk.
So i am testing in this moment a pendrive of 256 GB. I will inform you when open the corresponding post in detail.

Hardware in laptops is pretty set during the design period and in 99.9% of cases cannot be altered once production has started.

The hardware parts in the laptop have their physical limitations and some imposed by not willing or being able to get licensing right for certain functionality in the hardware parts. There is also expectation of the manufacturer. Most people don't have/want hardware support for the latest/greatest hardware, if that means that they have to pay (a lot) more for laptops. And as laptops prices are always a fight to the bottom, whatever the manufacturer can skimp on, they will.

2 TByte as max storage capacity means they can save quite some money on licensing/patents etc. On a general note: 10 TByte drives are more intended for use in desktops/servers, not laptops. Servers/desktops have more options to get rid of excessive heat. Something that laptops by definition have not. Besides that, 10 TByte storage in a laptop...never a good idea. Chances of data-loss or theft become way too high. And if you really have such huge files to process, you will be much more productive on a properly outfitted workstation than on any laptop.

As the forums say that you can use the drive, how do they mean that? The BIOS/UEFI hardware in your laptop may be limited to 2 TByte. So it may be the case that you cannot use all of the drive, or only have partitions on it that are limited to max 2 Tbyte. So regarding usability of 10 TByte drives in your Asus laptop, you better ask what is meant by being usable and if that fits with your expectations. Likely those are not matched.

Laptops, they are better than nothing....but not by much.


I am trying the 2 TB SSD drive for the laptop
The 10 TB HDD for the desktop
The 10 TB HDD first selected cannot be delivered to canary islands. Have good applauses from almost everybody.
The 2 TB SSD was discalified by some and decided to cancel the shipment.

At this moment Shades I have received three units pendrive 256 GB and i am testing. The first fails...  :-[

I am not very glad with the 128 GB pendrive I bought some days ago. May be my fault for copying the files from one pendrive to another. But trying.

But those are other posts and I will comment in those posts...

I'm not even sure what the question means.

Recovering my space in the phone memory

You are right !
Thanks Curt

Why would you want to do it from windows?

in Android ?
have you looked through the android apps thread - What Android Apps Do You Use?

Thanks Tomos

Files - Probably the safest with regards to finding what's taking space and giving you the control over what to archive/remove.

Files by Google is a file management app that helps you:
✨ Free up space with cleaning recommendations
🔍 Find files faster with search and simple browsing
↔️ Share files offline with others, fast and without data
☁️ Back up files to the cloud to save you space on device
I will download and comment.
Best Regards

All the Android phones I have had access to (ranging from Android 5.x to 8.x) all connected just fine through USB and appeared as drives in Windows explorer where I could copy stuff from and to the phone without any special software on the phone or Windows.

The folder structure in an Android phone takes a bit of getting used to, but isn't difficult. Those were phones from brands Huawei, Samsung, Kyocera and a vague Chinese brand name that I forgot.

So you do not need o get/install software on your phone or computer. I am sure that there are pieces of software that make it a bit easier, but you can easily do without. On a side note, I did activate developer mode (an Android feature) on each of the phones.

Any gathers a lot of garbage quickly when taking photos and doing a bit of WhatsApp. These folders are easy to find and their content is quickly transferred to your computer, where that data can be included in your backup routine. You could store those photos online and access these when you want to show them through your phone to someone.
Thanks Shades.
I lost one of my mobiles (I have two) on friday. I bought a new one I am configurating now . And go to the police for the lost one. I have profile in samsung account and google drive account. So I hope to recover my data.

I am investigating in safety forums the exact procedure just because this is not a mobile change, so I don't know if create new profiles and restore...


I am consulting in super specialized forums.
I have changed the ssd disk to Crucial. The difference is about 70 $.
I am trying finally to obtain the hitachi 10 TB. Almost all forums tells me I can use. Only Asus denies, but Asus understand its compatibility list as the hard drives they have tested. That usually are a few from other suppliers and all they have.
They do the same with the ssd disk and the laptop. So when they say something is interested.
The problem is that i can't trust in any supplier. I prefer to trust in customers . So I am delaying the decission until I find a really understanding customer.
An additional problem I have is only a few suppliers for Canary Islands. And sometimes they serve but don't tramit the taxes...

Best Regards

The laptop have a difficult solution or answer. Reorganizing will be the answer probably.
i have the hdd maximum now : 1 TB.
The compatiblity list from Asus seems more determining because offer a general vision of what sort of disks may serve.

IN the case of my desktop I am asking the supplier for others disks....

I will inform you.

Best Regards

It's the second time the reality reveal a complexity.
The first was when I try with success to have six monitor with my desktop.

But this time seems an impossible subject.
Compatibility for Asus is simply the proofs to certify , Affirms compatibility but don't say nothing of the rest.
So any device out of the compatibility list may be compatible or not.
The real thing is that only a few articles are tested. So exist the possibility of going well....

Waiting for the answer of the suppliers.

Kill me if you want !!!!!!!!!!!
 :down: :-[ >:( :(

I hope the present  :-* ;D


trying to cancel the shipping...

Asus technician tells me is not going to function well a 10 TB hdd
incompatibility with the operating system and incompatibility with the hardware....


It's a nightmare !!!!!

Compatible or not compatible !

I really don't understand. The 10 TB is not compatible !

I consulted directly with asus via chat.
I have cancel the ssd 2 TB shopping

I have a laptop Asus X555LD.
Only supports this HDD and SSD :

- 320GB 5400 RPM - 500GB 5400 RPM - 750GB 5400 RPM - 1TB 5400 RPM - 500GB 7200 RPM - 750GB 7200 RPM

soportaria uno ssd de 512gb
only 512 GB supported in SSD.

Not possible 2 TB SSD by the laptop motherboard.


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