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  • Thursday July 25, 2024, 2:32 am
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I had been unfortunate enough to have set up an email account long ago with Ymail and I have shared it alot so I cannot change it.

I really want to instantly run complex rules on incoming emails but Ymail has very limited options for that.

I tried to import my Ymail to my Gmail which has much better rules options but I end up with all emails being duplicated (Gmail cannot separate the two inboxes and merges all emails in one inbox).

Can you suggest a software or other way to be able to run rules on my Ymail emails?

My requirements are:
1) it needs to run 24/7 regardless if I have my devices (laptop, mobile etc) switched on, so it probably needs to be a cloud/web solution
2) it needs to enable complex rules to be set up with AND/OR/NOT operators, preferably wildcards etc
3) it needs to apply the rules immediately when an email is received (rather than after minutes) and update the email status also immediately on the Ymail server
4) it needs to be a robust, accurate solution
5) it needs to offer top privacy

Any recommendation?


General Software Discussion / Any good Control Viewer?
« on: March 26, 2024, 01:43 PM »

The AutoIt Control Viewer does not seem to work for me even if I run it as admin on Win11:

Any alternative?



I am looking to develop Python code but the IDE or things like Jupyter that I have tried are not very user-friendly.

So in short, I want to run the Python code and to display in the output the output data quite similar to where you write Power Query and the output is displayed below.

As you know, the Power Query output is displayed in a very nice Excel-like output where you can sort columns, check for any errors (Power Query is actually quite good at identifying nuances in data formats), show quick stats, etc.

Is there anything like that? For example Jupyer will only displace the top few rows and it will be in a text-life format, not Excel-like format.



Any good Chrome Extension to autofill job applications in popular platforms?
Like Workday, SuccessFactors, ICIMS, Taleo, Brassring, etc.
These platforms unfortunately have tricky web controls probably to prevent automated filling of forms.

Most I tried either want you to store your info on their server which I am not keen to do or they simply do not work.

General Software Discussion / Any Break Reminder freeware?
« on: March 04, 2024, 12:48 PM »

Do you know any Break Reminder freeware to notify me to take breaks from screen?

I am looking for some features like:
1) independent notification volume that will be audible even if my laptop has zero audio volume
2) identify idle time and exclude it from the break time calculator

Bonus tip if you are not already aware: Breaks From Sitting: Now we know how often and how long!



My touchpad is at "Maximum Sensitivity" in Win11Pro settings but I need more, is there any way to increase it further?



Do you know any free web/cloud solution to monitor a webpage for changes and send you an email notification?

I have been using but it gives me errors 426, 401 for some websites especially HTTPS.



I want to create custom images to use in PowerBI or presentations.

I can give an example: curly brackets that are like an arc to name a section in a pie chart

Is it possible to create such vector images using text editor or HTML or anything?



I am looking to develop some GUI and I wonder which would be the most responsive to handle the actions as move as possible. I mean to click, navigate etc as smoothly as possible.

Any idea? Web framework under Chrome? A Windows .NET or something?


General Software Discussion / Any experience with Pi KVM over IP?
« on: January 07, 2023, 06:53 PM »

I am tempted to try one of the Raspberry KVM over IP devices, do you think it's worth it?

I saw some videos of one and it looked too laggy to be not frustrating.

Any input would be really appreciated!



I am looking for recent advances in Windows/Web automation that can do things like:
1) automate both high and low level Windows and its apps
2) perform large data analysis
3) integrate with Excel and wider Office
4) automate Web/Chrome/Edge

However, I have the following requirements:
1) no installation needed, no admin rights needed, no executables that may be admin blocked
2) fully compatibility/stability with latest Windows
3) easy syntax (without having to write 100 lines of code just to detect and click a button)
4) no Powershell, no cmd, no WSCRIPT, no AHK (as it requires executables and may not have good Windows integration)
5) Power Automate is okay but ideally would like something else as it is not standard with every Windows
6) if it can run on virtual machine or cloud, it would be ideal

Do the above ring any bell? I suppose I can install Python and do all the above but again would prefer no installation.

Living Room / How to setup KVM switch?
« on: December 28, 2022, 05:28 PM »

I am not entirely clear how to setup a KVM switch so that I use one monitor, one keyboard and one webcam to operate four laptops.

  • Do I have to connect each laptop to the KVM switch via both a USB and a HDMI cable? That's alot of cables!
  • Will the video be transferred bidirectionally, i.e. to the monitor and from the shared webcam?/
  • Does the KVM need drivers or other software to install on each of the laptops?
  • Ideally I would like to connect each laptop to the KVM via only one USB-C cable, is that possible?


General Software Discussion / Free Formula Navigator for Excel?
« on: December 24, 2022, 05:56 PM »

Do you know any formula navigator for Excel that is free? Similar to Arixcel where you click on each references of a formula to navigate to them?

It seems several people have built their on in VBA but can't find anything to leverage nor I can easily build it in an evening!



I am looking for the below functionality in Chrome (or other Chromium browser if needed):
1) hover over drop down menus to open them instead of having to click on them
2) remove all parameters from urls using regex (I want to particularly remove the utm_* etc from Google ads)
3) easily attach a specific file on upload forms (to attach my CV for job posts with one click)
4) right click on highlighted text to Google search for it in a separate tab
5) single click and drag to select text instead of double click and drag or even better to hover to select underlying text instead of clicking on it (as some text can have hyperlinks)

Any idea?



Are you familiar with kubernetes/containers?

I have left behind regarding these technologies and wonder if you can briefly explain how you understand its purposes and use cases?

I remember decades ago there was the concept of 'sandbox' where basically you would be able to run executables locally in a way that is isolated from the OS for security purposes. E.g. if you didn't know if something is a virus, you would run it in a sandbox so that whatever it reads/writes will be emulated locally instead of messing the OS.

Then there was the concept of 'portable apps' which still exists and its purpose was that you can migrate the app to different machines without having to install it and this would ensure that whatever permanent changes you make to the app such as choosing particular Options (i.e. dark theme) would be transferred or maintained within the app.

Is it accurate to say kubernetes/containers are kind of these concepts? i.e. a sandbox or an sandboxed executable or a portable executable?

Regarding its purpose, is it instead of security or maybe in addition to security, some kind of repeatability and efficiency?
  • I understand efficiency as 'in case the executable would mess the OS resources if run unrestricted e.g. a very CPU consuming executable'
  • I understand repeatability as 'in case the executable would be incompatible with the OS e.g. a Linux executable running in a Windows environment'

I read/watched some kubernetes/containers explanations but they were not making much sense :/ and especially how different they are from sandboxes and portable apps.



Is there a reliable phonetically controlled way for a web browser or Windows?

I tried few times Cortana and seems hideous  :D



I am looking for a wireless keyboard with an mouse-like device (i.e. touchpad etc) that will enable me to easily assign gestures/hotkeys etc so that I will not have the MS Win limitations (limited gesture etc customisation).

Do you know any? Ideally I should be able to connect it to both my laptop and Android phone!



Is it possible to fully operate my Android using my laptop's touchpad and keyboard?

Preferably without an app that is dodgy or has ads etc.

Most of what I have found, is simply to access the folders/files plus some functionality like send sms but I need to see on my laptop my true phone screen and me able to use a cursor/keyboard to operate it as if I was using my phone.

I think Samsung has a proprietary tool and Android offers a screen cast feature (but probably only for display, not for remote control of the device)


General Software Discussion / Best Android Email App?
« on: September 22, 2022, 05:41 PM »

I am looking for an Android app that will save me from the Ymail frustrations:
- does not fully download emails when they arrive so I cannot open then when offline
- does not resize fonts to be visible no matter what the sender fonts were
- does not have the option not to mark as read automatically
- does not display well Teams invites (omits date/time)
- does not have any power/productivity features at all (e.g. favorite attachments, autocomplete, flexible custom gestures etc)

Any reliable recommendation? I cannot afford not to send/receive or lose emails/data nor to have inadequate privacy policy.

So far tried:
K-9 Mail

None seemed good enough or having the above features!


General Software Discussion / API creation
« on: September 15, 2022, 08:37 PM »

Can you briefly describe how to create an  API for any system?

Also how to create new bindings in an existing API?



SFTP and SMTP have very similar naming but are they the same in terms of security?

I need to SFTP a file to an email inbox but it seems there are several alternative ways they do that (e.g. via a web interface) which means that it is not that secure.

Any experience?



I am looking for a 13-14.5" laptop that has spill resistant keyboard/touchpad and it is not rugged/semi-rugged.

My laptop failures have been almost exclusively due to spilled coffee/water or dust, bread crumbs/bits.

I know some HP ones have that but they have bad reputation in terms of quality and would like to explore alternatives.

A new Dell I bought, I wet wiped its touchpad and it is now broken!

Any idea?


General Software Discussion / Multiple Android app instances
« on: August 14, 2022, 03:43 PM »

I have a sensor that connects to an Android mobile via bluetooth and I can operate the sensor using the Android mobile via an Android sensor app.

I need to be able to operate five of these sensors. Unfortunately each sensor can match to one instance of the app so one Android phone.

Is there a cheap way to operate these five sensors? I can buy 5 cheap Android phones and install the Sensor app on each but I hope there is a cheaper solution?


General Software Discussion / Fast entry Android reminders
« on: August 01, 2022, 03:54 PM »

Do you use any Android app that has very fast reminder input?
E.g. type 11.30am 03/01 blah blah blah and it will ring you at 11:30 with a 'blah blah blah' note?

Voice instructions would be great but I have very poor experience with voice commands so far.


General Software Discussion / Windows ini and other questions
« on: July 17, 2022, 09:01 PM »

Few questions if anyone has any idea:
Is it possible to specify two finger gestures via AHK or other ways?
Is it possible to save my Windows and Office settings in an .ini file or something to migrate them easily across different machines?
Is it possible to feed a variable from a PowerBI visual into Power Query or a SQL query in Power BI? I know the 'Parameter' feature but not sure if it can be linked to a visual instead of popping a dialog box at start.
Is there an email client (free preferably) that supports full customization/automation with scripting?


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