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Greetings all, it's been some time.

I've come across some old OrCad schematics I would like to try to build, but to get to that point I need to have a proper printout of the schematics.

There exists a driver for OrCad 3 called "RASTER.DRV" that creates some sort of RASTERized version of a schematic printout.

Much of the information I am using, as it's fairly scarce, comes from this site here.

The author of the site has written a program called SCH2BMP, which converts the raster output file to a bitmap image. The problem is, however, multi-page schematics were never considered for this project, and thus fail on the multi-page schematic I wish to convert. Or rather, it tries to put all pages into one giant, misaligned bitmap image which has an incredibly huge height dimension...

The binary for the conversion program is located here. But that doesn't do us much good. Instead, I contacted the author who is still around and they managed to find and send me the source, which is in QuickBasic 4.5... oof.

The attached source doesn't help much, as the source can't compile with QB64, but I am extremely unfamiliar with QB so it may be something I overlooked.

The author states "you can write your own program using this documentation", but I don't believe that's enough documentation to really go from to write a conversion program...

I will continue to bash away at this from different angles, but I am unsure of the best approach. Perhaps the best approach is simply editing the original source code to include a file break and recompiling it, as it will be compatible with old and newer systems alike, but that skill set may be beyond my capabilities as QuickBasic seems like a very dead language.

Any advice would certainly be appreciated, especially by anyone familiar with QB back when it was more widely used!  :Thmbsup:

EDIT: This is what the first page of the now attached RAS file looks like if anyone's curious.

Greetings all,

I have a seemingly large amount of time to spend with myself and all the bits on this computer I could flip to my heart's content. However, my ability to keep that heart beating as fast as it does for using my computer could be greatly improved if I made adjustments myself. I find two of my online worlds colliding a lot and wish to have them sorted through my own program to help define the commonalities between the two social networks. Nothing like this currently exists which brings up what I've run into a lot and I call my "developer's dilemma".
  • If I intend to make a program that does not exist in one form or another, is it worth making at all?
  • Would maintenance on the program outweigh its usefulness over using the two platforms non-integrated?
  • If I made this in a language which used external modules, am I prepared to have my software bloat from the unneeded components?
  • If I did want to write it from scratch in a new language, what should I write it in?

I am not certain if other developers (or the self-proclaimed developer like myself) get this or not, especially when FOSS becomes involved.

I have a problem with my computer, even after a new hard drive "Reach" install of Windows 10, so a fresh Windows 10 install is being used. The problem is that my computer will, at seemingly random points in time during the night, reactivate my screen, after it has powered down.

I would like some kind of recursive diagnostic logger to help identify the cause of this issue down to the executable, daemon, rootkit, malware, or virus this may be.

Note: Only on my Win10 partition do I exhibit random "screen turn on experiences" with nothing in my log files. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and Ubuntu 14.04.5 Desktop 64bit.

Developer's Corner / jQuery plaintext to hyperlink issue
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:01 PM »
Greetings all,

I am modifying some open source software to better suit my needs. This line right here in the software displays the time-stamp, username, and message of a currently chatting user. However, it appears that text is in plaintext and not an HTML element.

What I would like to do is something similar to this which converts plaintext links to actual hyperlinks. The messages sent through ajax, however, don't appear to be html elements/objects, so I can't just modify the HTML of the message.

Any advice on how I should modify the software to best suit my needs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

Living Room / Starting a new hobby - An Open Source Experiment
« on: May 24, 2016, 05:03 AM »
Greetnigs DC users,

I am going to do something I'm not aware of anyone else ever doing. I am putting everything I own online on an imageboard.

Let me explain:
I have just recently become unemployed due to some hardships, and it does not look like I will be gainfully employed for the forseeable future due to health issues.

There are a few drawbacks of being me, and they are
  • I collect everything and don't throw it away, I just hoard
  • I am very unorganized
  • I want to manage a website with an active userbase that combines all aspects of my life

Normally, I would have a hard time coming up with anything, but I decided to let my imagination run wild and give myself a fully funded budget.

There actually exists a somewhat simple solution to all my problems: An imageboard which hosts all my memories (images of things).

One of the reasons I don't throw things away is because I'll have a certain memory triggered whenever I come across it. Well if I have nice photographs of that object from multiple angles, tags related to that object, and maybe even a description of the item I wrote when I had it in my hands, what would I need that physical item for? I will literally be archiving and compressing memories into a digital trigger format.

Assuming I have all my objects, custom artwork, and posters in this database, I can quickly search "fred" and see everything related to "fred". Let's say Fred got me a cool present for my birthday, so I look it up... and then I see things related to fred which trigger other memories with fred and so on. Each time I want to fire up a memory I simply use the tags in the search engine to find and amplify any possible memories related to it.

Let's say I photograph my xbox, put it in storage, and months later find a spare controller. If I take an image of the controller and use the "x-box" tag, they will instantly be categorized together. And let's say I wrote a large X on the bucket I put the xbox in. An indicator of where in storage the xbox and related items are is in the tag information, so I can easily put things away or find them together in real life as well as online.

Or let's say I'm at a comic shop and don't know if I have a certain issue, I can look up by the series name, the publisher name, or even the issue number to see if I have it.

I will be able to show off entire collections in category form. I can show off my Pokemon collection or share the Pokemon_TCG tag to just show all my Pokemon cards.

I think this will be a fantastic and therapeutic way to deal with all my issues in one fell swoop.

Please leave any feedback below if you have any questions or concerns.

Oh yeah, obviously there will be tags that will not be public.

Living Room / Free Image Host - Same URL, Update File
« on: May 15, 2016, 11:01 AM »
Greetings folks,

I'm looking for a free (or cheap) image host for a friend, but with what they want to use the images for they need the URLs of the files to stay the same. This eliminates most free image hosting sites I know. Any ideas on a good and reliable image host my friend can use?


Greetings all,

There is an online adult-entertainment oriented site called Chaturbate. It is where users pay to see webcam models to perform adult related activities by tipping with a virtual currency that the model can redeem for income. The models rely on user created javascript programs to control how much services will cost for an amount of tokens. Most of these programs count up to a goal to which all the users of the video chat room contribute by tipping tokens. However some programs become more complex and interactive, such as tipping certain amounts of tokens to reveal prizes on a keno board. Some even go as far as emulating Battleship. However, I have been approached by a friend of mine who is also a model on the site to create something new and different for her to interact with her fans. I thought consulting the Snack board of DonationCoder might help inspire me to create something using Chaturbate's API.

They even have their own sandbox servers that the apps can be tested on. As always, however, snacks must be specific in their idea requests: I want a basic Cards Against Humanity clone with a slight twist. A user tips an amount determined by the model's input to draw a white card. After so many people have drawn the white cards, a black card and all the white cards are shown to the chat. The chat then votes by tipping an randomly assigned amount to each answer and the amount of votes by the end of a timer countdown wins. The winner is revealed in the DrawPanel along with a randomly selected prize.

Any suggestions or working examples people could post would greatly be appreciated.

Greetings everyone,

I hope you're all familiar with the card game Cards Against Humanity if you've opened this topic. If so, boy are you in luck! I have started a private Pretend You're Xyzzy server which will allow any DonationCoder members play against eachother!

The server is running Apache Tomcat 9 Version 9.0.0.M4, Mar 12 2016, and uses a PostgreSQL database which allows remote access.

If anyone would like to help develop an application to add new cards to the database remotely we can create our own custom card deck! I will give you the remote password information via the messaging system.

There was a built in admin system that was disabled by default. I re-enabled it and added my IP to the "OK" list and I can now create custom CAH decks!

To add custom cards, click here and use "DC"  as the watermark.  :D

Developer's Corner / Designing Personal Sites - Programming POV
« on: May 01, 2016, 11:02 AM »
Greetings all,

So I have taken the plunge to host my own site to beef up my resume, and I've run into a little bit of a problem. I am a coder, and not much of a designer.

Right now, I'm throwing code at my website and seeing what sticks based on my own personal tastes. I could go on Fiverr and get some designs by paying someone else, but honestly that just doesn't feel as personal.

What I'm asking is if there's any rules you guys follow for UX and design as a programmer? Sometimes what makes sense and is logical to us isn't always the case for others, so I'd like to see what kind of feedback I can get here.

Any help is greatly appreciated!  :D

Living Room / Freelance Programming/Upwork discussion thread
« on: April 02, 2016, 11:17 AM »
Greetings all,

The time has finally come. I am leaving my current office lackey job and am going freelance for a while while I attend school to pick up where I left off 10 years ago.

I would like to know who here freelances and if they have any tips.

I want to create my own work virtual machine, a separate machine I can use and can be monitor by my employer so they don't see all my icons, my weeb music playing in the background and such.

I also want to know something. Back in the day, you couldn't create commercial apps with the "Express" editions of Visual Studio. I only have Visual Studio Community. Do I need to upgrade my license to work for people?

Hey kids, it's your uncle Asudem here with some sage like advice.

If you have an event that needs to fire, but also assign that event in the initialization of the form, make sure you have some kind of check to not to add the initialized event the second time around.

Alright guys, I'm at my wit's end.

I have a Winform with a WebBrowser control, and once a page loads, it fires an event. Everything works correctly and as intended.

If I create a new instance of that Winform, then load a page into the WebBrowser on the newly created Winform, the same code which assigns the WebBrowser event does not fire....

For example

Code: C# [Select]
  1. public partial class Form1 : Form
  2.     {
  3.         public Form1()
  4.         {
  5.             InitializeComponent();
  6.         }
  8.         private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  9.         {
  10.             Form2 form2 = new Form2();
  11.             form2.Show();
  12.         }
  14.         private void webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e)
  15.         {
  16.             MessageBox.Show(webBrowser1.Url.ToString());
  17.         }
  19.         private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  20.         {
  21.             webBrowser1.Navigate("");
  22.             webBrowser1.DocumentCompleted += webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted;
  23.         }
  24.     }
Code: C# [Select]
  1. public partial class Form2 : Form
  2.     {
  3.         public Form2()
  4.         {
  5.             InitializeComponent();
  6.         }
  8.         private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  9.         {
  10.             Form1 form1 = new Form1();
  11.             form1.Show();
  12.         }
  13.     }
When Form2 creates a new instance of Form1, there is no messagebox once the navigated url is loaded... I am dumbfounded... Any ideas what might be going wrong?[/s]

Living Room / Bluetooth Power Monitor
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:43 PM »
Hi everyone!

I'm proud to introduce my latest project, the bluetooth power monitor! It's still in the prototype stage, but what this device will do is monitor your power usage over bluetooth, the power supply can be turned on via bluetooth, you can be informed of how low your battery is via hepatic feedback, and it will start beeping if your power supply gets too low!

For now, all I have right now is non-specific power monitoring and can turn any battery powered device on and off via bluetooth! Here's a picture of what it looks like attached to a Game Gear:

I'm so proud of my first arduino project!

Facebook and I don't get along from a developing standpoint, and I was wondering if someone else might be able to crack this out much easier and more efficiently than I could.

I want a program which downloads all image posts from a public facebook page. Trick is, I don't only want the posted images, I want the ones shared by the page as well. While the program is open it will check for new posts and see if there is a new image posted or shared and downloads it once posted.

When the program starts, the facebook page is checked against a local database of already downloaded images and begins picking up where it left off.

The program should also double (why not) as an notification program, sharing the image (and maybe the texts too?) via eMail or MMS as updates to the page are made in somewhat real-time.

This would make a part of my life tremendously automated if someone were to help me get this working!

N.A.N.Y. 2016 / NANY 2016 UNFINISHED - CMDCompanion
« on: December 31, 2015, 06:41 PM »
CMDCompanion has seen several weeks in development in a challenge to better understand WPF and DataBinding with C#. Without further ado, let's get to what to what the program was supposed to be:

From the start, the program was designed to solve a problem of people who use command line tools in gui environments. An icon in the Systray which would open any already open explorer window in the systrayicon's context menu. It would also use the the short path for those applications which fail to full paths correctly.

Creating a dynamic menu which would list the various options. I could not figure out the MVM system of WPF to understand the NotifyIcon's code to dynamically add the items.

Hopefully someone out there has fun with this idea!

I've included the source code to as far as I got with the project.

Developer's Corner / Mixing Code Licences - AKA let's bake a program
« on: December 15, 2015, 09:13 AM »
Greetings everyone,

I'm here to consult the experts on software licenses to make sure there's nothing conflicting with them. I use libraries/components/objects whatever-you-want-to-call-them that are under various licenses: The LGPL 2.1 license, the Microsoft Public License, and the Apache License Version 2.0. My question is if I can put these together in one program and distribute it?

I've tried deciphering the legalese but all that I ended up getting out of it all was a headache. I don't plan on selling this software either, but I also would prefer not to make it open source as it uses encryption.

Thanks in advance for any help!


So if your company lives in the dark ages like mine and doesn't have an exchange server, there's probably a good chance you've seen once or twice an infinite auto-responder loop. Both participants have their auto-responder on and for some unknown reason, one of them sends the other an email and leaves for the weekend or something only to find thousands of emails on the server when they get back.

The solution, as I've found, is Email Remover. What this does is it allows you to delete emails directly from the server without having to download them all into Outlook or your mail client and delete them manually. Our company uses Network Solutions and it's delete-mail-from-the-server features are very, very lacking. With this tool, I can find the average size of the auto-responded emails and only delete them.

It's a nifty utility for those of us with stone-age email systems and if you're ever dealing with a mass email attack, I'd highly recommend this freeware!

Please feel free to recommend any other similar software in this thread too!

Greetings once again folks,

I've recently posted some software I'm continuing and have already had bug reports and feature enhancements flood in to make the program better than it was before. However, I notice people are still downloading older uploaded versions of my program that I upload here. My request is to be able to remove the file but keep the file name and download count in the attachments just to see a total of how many people have downloaded the program in all. I always think it's nice to see an accumulative view of how many people are actually using your program, and if I delete every older version I lose those statistics. Perhaps a feature to delete the file from the server and just strikeout the text which use to be the url to download it, and remove the hyperlink of course.

Please let me know if this might be something useful for users of the forum. Thanks!

DC Member Programs and Projects / MFCRecorder - Continued
« on: December 11, 2015, 08:00 AM »
Greetings everyone,

I have recently gotten permission from the original author of MFCRecorder, AnonCapper, to modify his code and continue the MFCRecorder as I see fit...

If you are here to argue the moral issue of what this program does, please take a look at this thread which discusses in depth the legitimacy of downloading streams on a forum entirely dedicated to downloading streams. If this tool did not exist, a million other methods exist.

The thread will be quoted here as I also back what they say 100%:
Streaming media recorders (software capable of recording audio and video streams) such as Replay Media Catcher or WM Recorder are intended for use as personal archiving tools only. Please respect the rights of the copyright holders of any audio material you record.

If you like a broadcast you've recorded, please buy the media! Our web-site is not intended to be a replacement for the media stores, rather it allows you to listen/watch and make an educated purchase.

There are many good reasons to buy music videos, movies and video tutorials:
  • You help support an artist, moviemaker, author, ...
  • Your video files will be of the highest quality
  • You'll sleep better knowing you did the right thing.

There are a lot of means to protect streaming media from illegal copying and distribution including password-protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems.

You should also read the Terms of Service (ToS) carefully to make sure your stream recording will not violate it. Otherwise we strongly recommend not to make any recordings.

We can record TV shows with a video cassette recorder, DVR, computer TV and it is not considered illegal. Why stream recording of online TV broadcasts should be considered illegal then?

At the same time we do NOT support any illegal distribution of the recorded materials.

100% of video streams we know can be recorded using Screen capture software. We just try to describe a better approach so that our visitors don't waste their time and HD space.

P.S.: If you are a content owner/distributor and you want any information about stream recording from your web-site to be removed from or, please contact us. Please also make sure your visitors can easily find information prohibiting stream recording from your web-site.
-Stream Recorder

As of yet, the site (nsfw) which this program downloads streams has not contacted to prohibit streams from being downloaded.

Now, let's get to the program.

This is a continued release of AnonCapper's latest source code compiled into a binary. For changes between AnonCapper's release and mine, please see below.
  • Fixed infinite loop where if the site 404'd, would cause an infinite loop. It now checks every 30 seconds it if a 404 is detected.
  • Added feature where you can double click the taskbar icon and the window will minimize, if minimized, it will bring the window back up.
  • If the timer gets a WebException, it tries again, FINALLY.
  • Added the option to view what's going on in the FFMPEG window.
  • Fixed unhanded exception if a websocket returned null, or contained an empty list.
  • Will now successfully end the GetServers function if the returned reply is null.
  • Re-added the timer in addition to the manual model data menu item. This allows for unattended downloads.
  • The timer is now 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds.
  • Removed changed parameters changed in passed to FFMPEG. AnonCapper fixed this and I assumed it wasn't fixed.
  • Initial DonationCoder.Com release
  • The 30 second timer has been replaced with a menu item to retrieve model data.
  • An about box has been added, crediting the original author.
  • WebClients have been replaced with HttpWebRequests to allow for smoother timeout recoveries
  • Now informs user that the icon would go away in case the notify icon did not disappear after closing (such as a hanging thread)
  • Changed parameters passed to FFMPEG, a personal preference.
  • Compressed the executable with all the plugins into a single executable.

To-Do List:
  • Add option to manually recheck the status of all listed users to reflect accurate statuses.
  • Add a settings menu to change where the videos are saved and how they are named.
  • Add model names to the record list instead of IDs, so people know who they auto record.
  • (Slight possibility) Add support for Chaturbate in a separate tab.
  • Add option to download latest FFMPEG and FFPLAY
  • Add option to filter models by showing only the online models in the inclusion list.

Older versions, not available for download:
MFCRecorder - Continued. (575.42 kB - downloaded 46 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued. (575.44 kB - downloaded 30 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued. (583.62 kB - downloaded 72 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued. (584.68 kB - downloaded 116 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued.[Confused](579 KB - downloaded 1581 times.)

File Checksums (MD5):
803ff804f1fd3d40ea25414010becee2 *MFCRecorder.exe
04fe7d0d419c74bd897002fc1b840cc1 *Gat.Controls.AboutBox.dll
e90889ba62bdfec221d3544bf4bcb798 *WebSocket4Net.dll
366cd5572e467b3b06515cfb4ab036ad *Hardcodet.Wpf.TaskbarNotification.dll
31e73af0734f4328879c1d96cdc4658c *log4net.dll
1e027f28a39f21a5470a407ff4052876 *Newtonsoft.Json.dll

Visustotal scan of the most current version.

Developer's Corner / Facebook & Twitter "Liked Image" downloading
« on: December 08, 2015, 09:50 PM »

So every day on the ride to and from work, I browse Facebook and Twitter and like images to download them later on my desktop at home. I manually go through and download every image I've liked, with some few exceptions but very few. My question is, how would I go about automating this, as access to liked items on Facebook requires you to be logged in.

Any directions folks can point me?

Much appreciated, thanks!

UPDATE: 12/10/15
So I plan on using TweetSharp and Facebook SDK for .NEt to help accomplish this. I don't know if AutoHotkey could provide a more elegant solution.

Greetings, and I am so excited to post my first snack request on the form! It's more of a challenge to anyone to learn a different coding language called LOLCODE

I want to see anything silly or useful this language can produce, and given that snacks are supposed to be fun and silly and only take a couple of hours, I'd like to see anything anyone can produce!

I will try every program posted in this thread!

Have fun!

EDIT: I just reread the "Read Me First" topic and I need to be specific. Based on the LOLCODE specs, I don't even know what I'd want... Hmmm... I got it! How about the user inputs a list, that list is passed to a function which sorts the array by name, returns it, and outputs it. A list-alphabetizer.

General Software Discussion / Creating your own Windows Drivers
« on: December 06, 2015, 09:08 AM »

I have been itching to create my own custom Windows driver for a while now and I wondered if anyone else had any experience with doing this? I'm looking at using VisualDDK to help me do this, but I just wanted to know if the end result is even worth it if you can't commercially get your driver signed.... actually I can't say that because I have no idea how driver signing works.

I will explain my idea for a custom driver too because it may already exist: I would like to create my own webcam driver that allows you to stream directly from OBS. Some virtual webcam software such as ManyCam will let you screen capture your OBS display, but I always felt you should be able to use streaming software directly with any webcam-only streaming service available, like TinyChat or Skype.

Anyone and everyone's input is greatly appreciated!

Wow, already uploading my second application, I'm getting goosebumps!

Thank you for your interest in PixivUtilAssist. This is a simple command line utility to automate the process of downloading images from the Japanese artist website Pixiv.

This program requires a few things to run: Firefox, the Firefox addon AppLauncher, and nandaka's Pixiv Downloader.

Extract and configure nandaka's Pixiv Downloader and place the PixivUtilAssist in the same directory.

After installing the AppLauncher addon on Firefox, configure the preferences to point to the PixivUtilAssist program and put "&url;" without the quotes in the argument field.


Browse to your favorite pixiv image and right click and navigate to the AppLauncher selection and watch your automated download at work! You can do this for individual illustrations to download a single image or to a profile to download a user's entire gallery!

Cheers and shoutouts to nandaka for constantly keeping up with pixiv's changes and maintaining the program for as long as they have!

DC Website Help and Extras / Odd Fabook Linking Bug?
« on: December 03, 2015, 10:14 PM »

Again I can not believe what a wonderful website this is, and am so happy to be here, but I think I may have found an unusual bug... I have posted my profile URL on facebook to share with my friends, but facebook renders "profile;u=" to "profile%3Bu%3D" in the url and apparently the form takes exception to this and redirects to the main page. I apologize if this is just the natural order of how things work with the form's software or if this bug has been reported before.

Admins: If this was not known, I dare you to search your log of caught bad links to see if others have done this too =P

DC Member Programs and Projects / Official MSPA Notifier thread.
« on: December 03, 2015, 09:43 PM »
Greetings Homestuck fans, it's been a while, no?
This is the official MSPA Notifier thread for This is MrFreeman aka MSPA Notify on tumblr, and I am happy to have finally found a place where I can interact with my users!

If you're reading this, you must be a big fan of the notifier, and I thank you for your support and usage over time! I hope the program has been fun and useful for you during the webcomic's run

People have asked over the years about the notifier's source code and if the program will go to other webcomics. Well I am very happy to announce that yes, the source code will be available and an all new notifier will be built based on the MSPA Notifier's code for any webcomic you read or will read in the future! A completely customizable program in which anything with an RSS feed or EVEN SITES WITHOUT AN RSS FEED can be checked for updates right from your statusbar!

Update: 12/10/15
Some fantastic news fellow notifier fans! The notifier is moving from Winforms to WPF! A little plugin called WPF NotifyIcon that basically allows me to do everything I currently do in the Winform version of the notifier, but I can do it much cleaner and faster than ever before! It will take some getting used to, but I think I can create another great version of the notifier with this!

To my fellow DonationCoder members who are new to this post. I apologize if this is confusing to you, but allow me to explain. I created a piece of software years ago to notify users of updates to a webcomic that updated on no set schedule. Users were no longer tricked into believing "update" claims when the notifier would notify them of real, genuine updates. The program uses transparencies of user generated fanart of the webcomic to let them know it's been updated, and now I wish to apply that same principal to any webcomic possible! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope the program sounds interesting to you!

Release Info:
Current Version
  • Initial DonationCoder.Com release!

DC Website Help and Extras / Continued software development?
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:40 PM »

I have found some dead, open-source, software and wish to carry on the program's development. When I announced that I would be continuing the development, I got a much bigger response than I anticipated, and many wished to donate to the cause. I was looking for some sort of pay-what-you-want-model software site, but nothing but videogames came up. I managed to find this site and believe this would be the perfect place to post the software and continue it's development by user generated feedback.

My question is, am I allowed to do this here because it's not my original code?

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