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I have two major problems with Workrave, which would otherwise be exactly what I want:

1. If you aren't using keyboard or mouse constantly, you end up with longer intervals between breaks.
2. There is no simple way to disable/reenable it. Bug 501 is 6 years old.
3. It would be even better if it could automatically be disabled when using specific applications (e.g., as mentioned in the bug, full-screen games).

Yes, it's open source, but it's C++, so I won't be able to just modify it :( Are there good alternatives?

General Software Discussion / Real autocompletion in Microsoft Word
« on: October 16, 2011, 05:09 PM »
There seems to be no way to autocomplete words which occur in the edited document in Microsoft Word (see http://help.libreoff...mmon/Word_Completion for an explanation of what I mean). Since this is absolutely essential for quickly writing text (at least for me), I assume there are at least add-ins for it, but I didn't find any :(

So, do they exist? If not, I'll have to write one myself for those times when MS Word is required...

General Software Discussion / Alternatives to AnVir Task Manager
« on: April 18, 2010, 05:35 PM »
My subscription to AnVir's updates has expired, and I decided to ask for alternatives before updating it.

Here is what I get from AnVir:

Process manager
Tray icons which show CPU and memory load
Startup manager (in particular, I really like being immediately notified and asked for permission when some stupid application decides to add itself to the startup)

What I don't like is that it sometimes freezes and takes quite a bit of resources when its main window is open (though not when it's minimized to the tray, happily).

What are good alternatives there, especially for managing startup programs?

General Software Discussion / UltraSearch: a competitor to Everything?
« on: February 24, 2010, 11:30 AM »
Haven't tried it out yet to see how it compares, but here it is:

Which dialog extenders will work with 64-bit Windows 7 (and are any good)?

I know about Direct Folders; any others?

And preferably have a shortcut for reloading the file.

Are there any on Windows (other than Sumatra)?

Quite simply, if you like some Firefox add-ons and think they fit together, you can gather them into a collection. This looks like a great idea.

My two collections: Usability Pack and Keyboard Maniac Pack.

I have just tried to find a program for editing the system context menus, similar to the Menu Editor extension for Firefox. All programs I've found seem to be one of three types:
1. Programs which just add new items and submenus: FileMenu Tools, Moo0 RightClicker
2. Programs which allow you to enable/disable specific items, but not to change their order or create submenus: ShellExView
3. A program which does just what I want, but works with Windows XP only: Mmm.

Is there some program like Mmm which works with Vista?

Living Room / Amorphous+ -- a great flash game
« on: August 06, 2008, 04:34 PM »
You are a single guy with a huge sword fighting against a horde of blobs.
On the plus side: 110 awards to unlock, addictive, you need to use a lot of strategy :Thmbsup:
Minus side: the only Kongregate game which had any lag on high settings for me so far :(
Screenshot - 07.08.2008 , 9_50_06.png
Found on Jay is Games with rating 4.7 out of 5.
Link to the game: http://www.kongregat...s/?referrer=alexey_r
Link without referrer: http://www.kongregat...uousGames/amorphous/

I am wondering if it makes sense to write a donationware application using WPF or LINQ yet...

They are not at the moment.

General Software Discussion / Smart PDF Viewers for Windows
« on: August 18, 2007, 03:50 PM »
Do any PDF viewers for Windows reload files automatically when they are updated, like Skim does on Mac?

I use Omea Pro currently and would be perfect except for a few annoyances:

I want decent keyboard shortcuts. It is better if they are configurable.
This is compounded by the fact, that periodically Omea decides for some
reason to switch to showing "All" items in the newspaper view instead of
"Unread" >:( So I have to use the mouse. I'd also prefer to see only feeds
with unread items in the feed pane, and Omea does allow this. Except when
new items are downloaded or the current ones read, the feed pane doesn't
change, which makes the feature kinda useless >:(

This is why I tried to look for another feed reader. The ones which I have
most often seen praised are Feeddemon, RSS Bandit, and Greatnews.

First, RSS Bandit. I import my OPML file and see that folders
and feeds are interspersed in the feed list. Great. Ok, this can be dealt with.
I will just create a new folder for all feeds at the top level. Right? Right click on
the feed list. No way to create a folder. Well, there is a "New" button on the toolbar...
No, it is useless, too. Ctrl-Shift-N? No. Well, let's look in the Keyboard Shortcuts
section in Help. It says that F4 creates new subscriptions and Shift-F4 creates new categories.
Neither of these work, so I uninstall it.

Greatnews: I used it for a short time before. That's where I discovered
newspaper view. Then I discovered that Omea Reader had it as well, except
newspaper didn't constantly lose focus and I didn't need to use mouse
to get to any particular item in the newspaper. After checking I see it didn't
change that much, so away it goes too.

Feeddemon: Again, I tried it for a short time before, when it was version 2.0.
Wasn't at all impressed with it then, and didn't buy it. Now, however, it's great.
It doesn't seem to have any of Omea's problems listed above. While I wish it
showed the total number of unread posts I can certainly leave without this.
It is also noticeably slower than Omea.

Are there any other readers I should check out before buying Feeddemon? The
requirements are simple: stability, ability to handle a lot of feeds (over a thousand),
newspaper/river of news view, good keyboard shortcut support.

General Software Discussion / A decent CHM viewer for Windows
« on: November 03, 2006, 11:28 AM »
Is there one with shortcuts for Prev/Next at least? Or do they exist in Microsoft's HTML Help Control? If so, I've been unable to find them :(

Find And Run Robot / WIN + Space as hotkey
« on: June 16, 2006, 05:12 PM »
Unfortunately, "Custom Trigger Hotkey" doesn't recognise the WIN key. Is there some way around this?

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