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I have two major problems with Workrave, which would otherwise be exactly what I want:

1. If you aren't using keyboard or mouse constantly, you end up with longer intervals between breaks.
2. There is no simple way to disable/reenable it. Bug 501 is 6 years old.
3. It would be even better if it could automatically be disabled when using specific applications (e.g., as mentioned in the bug, full-screen games).

Yes, it's open source, but it's C++, so I won't be able to just modify it :( Are there good alternatives?

Wow, thanks!

I knew about Word's AutoText, but it doesn't really do what I need:
You can then type in the part-words you want to be auto-corrected (or auto-completed) and the full string/phrase that you want it to become
With most text editors, you don't need to specifically tell it to autocomplete this or that word: if you start typing "syn" and there are already words "syncronous" and "synchronicity" in the file, it should automatically propose completion to "syncron" (and possibly a way to choose between "syncronous" and "synchronicity" as well). Strangely, LibreOffice does it wrong: it will propose whichever of "syncronous" and "synchronicity" is more common instead of the common prefix.
Thanks, I'll try it out!

General Software Discussion / Real autocompletion in Microsoft Word
« on: October 16, 2011, 05:09 PM »
There seems to be no way to autocomplete words which occur in the edited document in Microsoft Word (see http://help.libreoff...mmon/Word_Completion for an explanation of what I mean). Since this is absolutely essential for quickly writing text (at least for me), I assume there are at least add-ins for it, but I didn't find any :(

So, do they exist? If not, I'll have to write one myself for those times when MS Word is required...

So I changed all of my boxes to use Win + Alt + Space.
Thanks for the idea! Just switched to it from Ctrl+Shift+Space. (I used to use Win+Space on XP/Vista as well and abandoned it for the same reason.)

Yes, it does work very well!

View > Always on top
Oh, thanks!

Oh, and I do like that WinPatrol noticed a file associations change.

After installing WinPatrol (not Plus yet): looks all right. The presentation for startup manager isn't as nice as with AnVir, but quite workable. Similarly, System Explorer (found at Gizmo's site) looks like a useful Task Manager replacement. My biggest dislike so far is that I can't get its information window to stick, which is occasionally useful.

Now, what can I do for the tray icons?

I've had freeze problems too ... and it does use resources ... it doesn't respond that well to ctnl-alt-del either
With AnVir or with WinPatrol Plus?

General Software Discussion / Alternatives to AnVir Task Manager
« on: April 18, 2010, 05:35 PM »
My subscription to AnVir's updates has expired, and I decided to ask for alternatives before updating it.

Here is what I get from AnVir:

Process manager
Tray icons which show CPU and memory load
Startup manager (in particular, I really like being immediately notified and asked for permission when some stupid application decides to add itself to the startup)

What I don't like is that it sometimes freezes and takes quite a bit of resources when its main window is open (though not when it's minimized to the tray, happily).

What are good alternatives there, especially for managing startup programs?

General Software Discussion / UltraSearch: a competitor to Everything?
« on: February 24, 2010, 11:30 AM »
Haven't tried it out yet to see how it compares, but here it is:

FileBox eXtender works great on 64-bit Win7.
Good (but surprising) news. I'll try it.

Which dialog extenders will work with 64-bit Windows 7 (and are any good)?

I know about Direct Folders; any others?

What makes it the must-have extension is that there's practically no other reason to highlight text on a Web page except to copy it to your clipboard.
Oh yes, there is a reason. You may want to search for it, for example. You may think this requires copying it to your clipboard, but SmarterFox and Easy DragToGo (and several other dragging extensions) disagree.

I prefer editing straight LaTeX, but I'll check it out. Is there an equivalent of the listings LaTeX package (or a way to access it), do you know?

For writing math papers Word is about the worst software known to man. It is a lot harder to edit Word files containing any math than nice LaTeX.

Because that still requires 3 actions:
1) close the file
2) recompile
3) open the file

Or more often 5:
-1) recompile
0) realize that I haven't closed the file

With a non-locking viewer that's one action:
1) recompile

Or possibly two if the viewer doesn't detect the file changing:
1) recompile
2) reload the file.

Because I want to edit the paper I am working on, recompile it, and check the results without having to close the reader and reopen it every time.

And preferably have a shortcut for reloading the file.

Are there any on Windows (other than Sumatra)?

Yes, but check Add-on Collector. (Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with All-in-One Sidebar yet. If you have it, you need to set Add-ons panel not to appear in the sidebar.)

Quite simply, if you like some Firefox add-ons and think they fit together, you can gather them into a collection. This looks like a great idea.

My two collections: Usability Pack and Keyboard Maniac Pack.

The trouble with registry hacks is that they don't allow you to reorder items, only to disable/enable them. Or at least I've not seen any articles which would explain how to reorder them.

I have just tried to find a program for editing the system context menus, similar to the Menu Editor extension for Firefox. All programs I've found seem to be one of three types:
1. Programs which just add new items and submenus: FileMenu Tools, Moo0 RightClicker
2. Programs which allow you to enable/disable specific items, but not to change their order or create submenus: ShellExView
3. A program which does just what I want, but works with Windows XP only: Mmm.

Is there some program like Mmm which works with Vista?

I have actually written quite a similar letter :D

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