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It's basically the desktop version of their popular Secure Password Generator web service. 392KB standalone executable, no installation required, freeware (well actually donationware). In addition to password generation functions, it claims to be able to reveal hidden Internet Explorer passwords (not yet tested here).


Living Room / MOVED: Instant Action
« on: February 21, 2008, 06:08 PM »

Finished Programs / MOVED: Saving
« on: September 10, 2007, 08:23 PM »

Search with confidence, not frustration.

Introduction forum search (codename Zillarank) is, in our opinion, superior to that comes with the official SMF package, in numerous aspects including:

  • Completedness of results
  • Relevance ranking
  • (Irrelevant) noise reduction
  • Ease of use
  • Power user options
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Speed

We designed it with the hope to offer you the best forum search experience that you don’t get from other forums.

This guide is intended to introduce you to forum search system and ways to maximize your search effectiveness and productivity.

Part 1
Basic uses of search: Quick Search

Part 2
Narrow and refine: Advanced Search

Part 3
Effortlessly adjust search parameters

Part 4
Productivity enhancements

1. Expand/fold-able result summary
2. Viewing all matching posts in a topic with one click
3. Sort search results live

Living Room / How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
« on: July 31, 2007, 07:33 PM »
I was writing an introduction to DC search when I came across this very well written guide.


In the world of hackers, the kind of answers you get to your technical questions depends as much on the way you ask the questions as on the difficulty of developing the answer. This guide will teach you how to ask questions in a way more likely to get you a satisfactory answer.

Now that use of open source has become widespread, you can often get as good answers from other, more experienced users as from hackers. This is a Good Thing; users tend to be just a little bit more tolerant of the kind of failures newbies often have. Still, treating experienced users like hackers in the ways we recommend here will generally be the most effective way to get useful answers out of them, too.

The first thing to understand is that hackers actually like hard problems and good, thought-provoking questions about them. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here. If you give us an interesting question to chew on we'll be grateful to you; good questions are a stimulus and a gift. Good questions help us develop our understanding, and often reveal problems we might not have noticed or thought about otherwise. Among hackers, “Good question!” is a strong and sincere compliment.


EDIT: add link to the guide


DC SMF Search is a mod to the existing smf forum search function.

It has been powering forum search on since July 04 2007, so you may want to give it try on our forum.

For illustrated demo, visit: https://www.donation...dex.php?topic=9434.0


1. Significant reduction of missing results (now very rare)
2. Less noise and therefore reasonably better relevance
3. Hugely improved ranking algorithm (when using FullText index)
4. Enhanced phrase search
5. Intelligent handling for '(apostrophe), .(period), and –(dash)
6. Supports short keywords (3 characters or less)
7. Supports stopwords (clichés)
8. Active board ranking heuristic (based on mouser’s suggestion)
9. Expand/foldable result summary
10. Viewing all matching posts in a topic with one click
11. Ability to sort search results live
12. Quick dropdown search box


Works best with Search Settings (in admin panel):

1. Use FullText index (Search index -> FullText index)
2. Leave "Force the use of a search index" UNchecked
3. Leave "match whole words only" UNchecked
4. Maximum results to show: 0  (0: no limit)

Compatibility and Installation

Tested on SMF version 1.1.3. To install, use package manager in admin panel - Packages.



Author's personal opinion

DC SMF Search does not consume noticeably more resource than standard smf search.

NOTE: SEE ALSO THIS THREAD: https://www.donation...index.php?topic=9091 --mouser

This is a php script that randomly picks out a quote from your quotes collection and display it in image format on forums (i.e. ;)). Every time a visitor views your forum profile or signature below your post, he sees a random fun quote. It's fairly customizable and super easy to use.

See it in action:

Screenshot - 14_05_2007 , 1_56_21 PM.png
Screenshot - 14_05_2007 , 1_58_43 PM.png

How it works

Two components powers this script:
1. Text-to-image converter, which converts a text string into image that displays in your forum signature.  (can be found in
2. Random quote picker, which picks out a quote from your quotes collection and feed it to text-to-image converter   (can be found in

You need to have ftp write access to a web server that supports PHP, otherwise I'll be very happy to receive "please include this FUN quote" requests from you. ;)

Installation and Usage

1. The no-brainer way, no php knowledge required

Download, uncompress and upload files to your web server (e.g., add quotes to quotes.txt (sample provided), one quote per line.

Modify your forum signature to display the random quote image, by adding these lines:

[b]Random Quote:[/b]

5 mins that's all it takes to get it working. 8)

2. If you decide to hack the script...

The Text-to-image converter and Random quote picker scripts are now "sold separately" ;), for I'm reluctant to complicate things for people with no php knowledge - this way they only have to deal with one php file (which works right out of the box) and one plain text file that contains quotes.

You may want to seriously customize the script, plz feel absolutely free to do so.

Note: your web server PHP engine must be compiled with GD2 library in order for the Text-to-image converter (q.php) to work.

Customization Options

There are many url parameter that you can make use of when calling the text-to-image converter script.

f - fontname  (e.g. default)
c - color code in hex  (e.g. 000000)
b - background color code in hex  (e.g. FFFFFF)
s - line spacing   (e.g. 3) (range = 1-5)
w - image width   (e.g. 500) (range = 200-600)
pt - top padding   (e.g. 3) (range = 0 - 10)
pl - left padding   (e.g. 1) (range = 0 - 10)
a - author line spacing   (e.g. 3) (range = 0 - 10)
i - image format   (e.g. 1) (default 0 = png, 1 = gif, 2 = jpeg)

u - url, without "http://"   (e.g.

Note: we have a few fonts available for your choice:
iso915   (not set to as default, but also recommended)




[img][/img] <-- that's what i have in my forum signature.

How to add quotes to quotes.txt

One quote per line. Text is to be auto-wrapped by the script so dont worry about line wrapping. Two consecutive vertical bars || represents a hard line break.

"There is Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows CE... So we have Windows CEMENT"||-- Joto

Screenshot - 14_05_2007 , 3_17_05 PM.png

Author's note:

You are allowed to download, use and modify the script in anyway you like. And as long as you don't post ASCII porn and is a member of, you are allowed to call the text-to-image converter script on for free.  :D :D

I'd really LOVE to see more dynamic fun quotes (not at all necessarily from DC members) in forum signatures here everyday!! :Thmbsup:

Especially if you are already using IE7Pro and/or OrbitDownloader, please read in!

Refer to the following two threads on the forum to see why I made this post:
IE7Pro : An ultimate Add-On for IE7
orbit downloader 1.0-the fastest free download manager

IE7Pro and OrbitDownloader are developed by the same team if you have a look at their about us pages and my snapshots of domain whois info  - YES you are right, they are spamming our forums again and propagating their "user testimonials" all over the net. As a friend of mine has duly pointed out, they have flooded the web with advertising to the point that it drowns out all complaints, google it and you won't possibly miss their spams. Given overwhelming evidence, I'm pretty sure that these activities are officially endorsed and sponsored., which hosts a previous unknown product, gets a Google PageRank of 6 in such a short period (the site was created on 17-Oct-06, according to WHOIS)

WHOIS info:

There is not even a slightest chance I might be tempted to try these products out and I'd like to further inform folks here of these unethical marketing behaviors of the same origin. Why would you support products whose developers have more incentives to advertising in almost any way, acceptable or not, than to perfect their products and genuinely support their users (just have a look at their forums).

I hope you guys have not left this thread behind: orbit downloader 1.0-the fastest free download manager. The heated discussion ensued a wave of unethical marketing on the dc forums that promoted the product as a disguised satisfied user. It's still extremely easy to find out heaps and heaps of homebrew reviews, comments, and ratings on OrbitDownloader that people would not normally have given out for the less-than-stellar product.

I believe we were very happy to welcome the leading developer, Daniel Fang (read his self-introduction post) to the forum when he said to us on the IRC channel "we learn an lesson to be an polite software" and admitted "We spamming the review site".

Yes, it's often hard to get the word out esp. when you have a new product and are, unfortunately, short on cash to advertise it (and that's one of the reasons we created the Announce Your Software/Service/Product section to help software authors), but the IE7Pro and Orbitdownloader team has overdone their tricks, repeatedly (IE7Pro is their most recent product being promoted very unethically), to a degree that disgusts me irregardless of all kind considerations.

OrbitDownloader talks on DC IRC channel (excerpted from public chat logs, download the attached zip for complete logs):
Nov 13 00:51:46 *   Developer is now known as orbitdev
Nov 13 00:52:17 <mouser>   :)
Nov 13 00:53:07 <orbitdev>   We spamming the review site, and some one follow us spamming orbit are malware...
Nov 13 00:53:32 <orbitdev>   We will do more anti-virus/adware scaner check more.

Nov 15 05:29:10 <orbitdev>   mouser: is there any guide about how to promote an personal software..
Nov 15 05:29:20 <orbitdev>   mouser: I want have an look.

Nov 15 20:10:49 *   orbitdev ([email protected]) has joined #donationcoder
Nov 15 20:11:08 <Dell[a]>   hi orbitdev
Nov 15 20:11:15 <orbitdev>   hi Dell..
Nov 15 20:16:32 <app>   hi orbitdev
Nov 15 20:17:12 <orbitdev>   hi app
Nov 15 20:19:06 <mouser>   hi orbit
Nov 15 20:19:21 <mouser>   orbit i think you  have some enemies, thought im not sure why
Nov 15 20:22:15 <orbitdev>   you mean the anti-orbit post?
Nov 15 20:22:24 <mouser>   i dont mean on dc
Nov 15 20:22:30 <orbitdev>   some are our own problem's
Nov 15 20:23:08 <orbitdev>   the other's may be the competitor's post..
Nov 15 20:23:17 <orbitdev>   dunno clearly.
Nov 15 20:23:19 <orbitdev>   mouser:
Nov 15 20:23:30 <orbitdev>   mouser: ask you an serious question
Nov 15 20:23:43 <mouser>   one person entered this channel before and yelled at us for supporting orbit download spyware
Nov 15 20:23:54 <orbitdev>   mouser: how to promote an software over the intenet?
Nov 15 20:23:57 <orbitdev>   ...
Nov 15 20:24:03 <mouser>   and another posted on betanews a comment mad at donationcoder and mentioned we support orbit spyware
Nov 15 20:24:13 <orbitdev>   sorry to bother you ...
Nov 15 20:24:17 <mouser>   is ok
Nov 15 20:24:33 <orbitdev>   I feel very very sorry about this.
Nov 15 20:24:35 <mouser>   just dont prove us fools by making spyware/adware!
Nov 15 20:24:40 <orbitdev>   yeah.
Nov 15 20:24:43 <orbitdev>   I promise.
Nov 15 20:24:55 <mouser>   then you have no need to apologize and we welcome you :)
Nov 15 20:25:32 <orbitdev>   mouser: Is there any typical method to promote software?
Nov 15 20:25:43 <mouser>   none of us here are very good at software promotion im afraid
Nov 15 20:25:50 <orbitdev>   mouser: I only know to submit it to every download site.
Nov 15 20:25:54 <mouser>   yeah
Nov 15 20:25:56 <orbitdev>   mouser: without spam.
Nov 15 20:26:10 <mouser>   well lets see..
Nov 15 20:26:19 <orbitdev>   mouser: another things I know is to develop some unique feature
Nov 15 20:26:21 <mouser>   you are making a blog, thats good
Nov 15 20:26:31 <mouser>   yes main thing is keep developing the software
Nov 15 20:26:36 <mouser>   over time people will see you are serious
Nov 15 20:26:41 <orbitdev>   mouser: let the user have to use your product.
Nov 15 20:26:44 <mouser>   and more will go take a look and try it
Nov 15 20:43:07 <mouser>   orbit i only know of 2 ways to get attention for a program
Nov 15 20:43:14 <mouser>   3 ways really
Nov 15 20:43:17 <mouser>   1) buy advertising
Nov 15 20:43:39 <mouser>   2) keep working on your product and improving it and it will eventually get mentioned by blogs and other sites
Nov 15 20:43:54 <mouser>   (involves luck and waiting)
Nov 15 20:44:10 <mouser>   3) have friends in high places who will talk about your stuff
Nov 15 20:44:24 <mouser>   #2 is the one most of us have to live with
Nov 15 20:44:32 <mouser>   since we are not rich and dont have powerful friends
Nov 15 20:44:50 <mouser>   so i can only suggest you keep working and improving
Nov 15 20:45:08 <orbitdev>   yeah...
Nov 15 20:45:10 <mouser>   and think about stuff you might add that would make it unique and useful
Nov 15 20:45:21 <orbitdev>   en
Nov 15 20:46:33 <orbitdev>   the only thing we can do is to continue increase the quality of our product.
Nov 15 20:46:47 <orbitdev>   and learning the rules from you & other guys.
Nov 15 20:48:12 <mouser>   #1 rule -> enjoy what you are doing
Nov 15 20:50:45 <mouser>   if you want to talk to us about your plans for future of your website
Nov 15 20:50:49 <mouser>   like you were saying before
Nov 15 20:51:03 <mouser>   we might be able to give you suggestions and ideas
Nov 15 20:52:17 <orbitdev>   en
Nov 15 20:53:32 <orbitdev>   our website still in very early stage. just an video clips aggregator. after we have the first beta version, I will invite you to have an look.
Nov 15 20:54:03 <mouser>   sounds good

Nov 17 01:35:53 <Orbitdev>   mouser: we make the final decision base on your advice, terminate orbitnet after orbitgui quit, and you can disable orbitnet through options menu/installation menu, Becasue of this, we delay the release date . Because of the weekend, we will release it in the next thuesday.
Nov 17 01:36:26 <Orbitdev>   mouser: We learn an lesson to be an polite software :)

- Anderson

[edited to fix a link]

12 is a new online thesaurus service offered by, for English language lovers around the globe in their continuous quest for the right words.

Screenshot - 8_05_2007 , 9_13_30 AM.png

It's the online brother of our Mobysaurus, with much more frequent updates, and displays no error message when you are found guilty of not using Windows. ;)

Two of the major features in Mobysaurus are also offered on

  • Highlighting and linking synonyms that are themselves main entries  - you'll see words with dotted, khaki underlines that are clickable.
  • Headword suggestions - the part starts with 'Main entries similar to...' at the bottom of the results page, in which it displays a number of related main entries that may also interest you.

I hope you will like it more than many other thesaurus sites out there that will show you less entries than ads and bloat up the page so it takes quite a few seconds to load. After all, when you are looking for synonyms, you just want to see relevant words and you want them now, is it not?  8)

This is my first php+mysql project (before this there was hmmm, nothing, nil, zero, nada) and I'm still very inexperienced in web programming. Thanks to mouser for offering me his huge helping hand during development. And if you come across any bugs plz do let me know:up:

I recently wrote a DC forum crawler app that reads topics/posts on the forum, and saves them as individual html files.

After 10 hours of continuous torturing mouser's server :mrgreen:, we now have 8277 individual html files in a compressed RAR package (divided into 4 vols), which is available from:

Download the four RAR files (67.9MB in total) and uncompress (458MB) to your desired directory.

This package presumably archives all publicly available (anonymous-level) topics/posts:

From topic #1 (restricted) to topic #7825 (Which programs have you found that do not work with Vista?) as at 03:06:11 AM, March 20, 2007 (Central Time)

Screenshot - 21_03_2007 , 10_11_51 PM.png

A must have for word lovers. I have it installed on all my computers and it's really a great reference that comes in handy whenever I look up words. Good to know that the author, Antony Lewis, is still actively developing it, expanding the database and adding more features. :up:

Get the freeware version here:

There's also an enhanced commercial version which sells for $29 but comes with some advanced features.

Screenshot - 8_03_2007 , 3_56_08 PM.png


WordWeb is a free English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows, and can be used to look up words from within almost any program in just one click. It works off-line, but can also look up words in web references such as the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Features of the free version include:
Definitions and synonyms
Proper nouns
Related words

150 000 root words
120 000 synonym sets
Look up words in almost any program

Millions of people from all over the world use this top-rated software.

Interestingly, the licensing terms for the free version of the program indicates that it's actually Greenwarew rather than pure freeware:

You may use the program free of charge indefinitely only if

    * You take at most 4 flights (2 return flights) in any 12 month period
    * AND you do not own or regularly drive an SUV (sports utility vehicle).

It make me feel good to see software authors spreading awareness about our environmental issues (thou honestly I suspect most users just don't read/ignore the license).

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with/related to WordWeb.

Read our official review on TheBat! the email client.

I know a lot of folks here use and love TheBat! like I do. AFAIK it's still one of the clients that lack integration with popular desktop search programs, like Google Desktop Search and MSN Live Search.

Just came across this Google Desktop Search plugin this morning and so far I've been very pleased with it. I have 8 regularly used accounts and 2,300+ email managed by TheBat! atm and it has not been very convenient for me to find needles in this messy haystack with the TheBat! built-in search.

The current release is an Alpha and there may be some glitches and also functions that are not yet implemented, however it does its job well and I recommend this plugin if you use TheBat! and have quite a lot of email to handle. This tool will turn your hatred for modern email explosion into productivity.

Screenshot - 8_03_2007 , 10_50_04 AM.jpg

p.s. You need Google Desktop Search and TheBat! email client to use it. The new Google Desktop Search v5 is out, pretty cool, get it here.

Web Developer toolbar for Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* by Chris Pederick

IMO, an absolute must for everybody who's doing web development (and particularly css development). :Thmbsup:

Get it free from:

Screenshot - 26_02_2007 , 10_06_31 PM.png

Mobysaurus / Three Search Tabs - What Do They Do?
« on: February 11, 2007, 08:12 PM »
Mobysaurus Thesaurus was mentioned on FreewareGenius on Feb 10 and was given a 5 -star award. I'd really like to thank the founder of the site, Mr. Samer Kurdi, for reviewing this program.  :Thmbsup:

Mobysaurus comes with a competent tabbed interface. There are five main tabs within the main UI: Find Synonyms, Find Synonyms Headwords, Suggest Headwords, Find Online, and History and Favorites. I am somewhat unclear as to whether there are sufficient differences between the three main tabs; these seem to contain pretty much the same info with the middle one (Find Synonymous headwords) the most useful. A single, user configurable tab would have been better. As it is the three tabs seem spammy and redundant.
-[url=] Blog Entry[/url]

I think it's partly my fault for not having given a full explanation of the function/use of the three basic search tabs in the documentation. And perhaps I should clarify some confusions about those search tabs now as it was perplexing even an experienced user like Mr. Kurdi.

The three search tabs serve different needs and their functions do not overlap.

Find Synonyms

Screenshot - 10_02_2007 , 4_44_05 PM.png

Most commonly used, fastest, supports wild cards and it displays similar entries.

Find Synonymous Headwords

Screenshot - 11_02_2007 , 8_37_53 PM.png

"In addition to the powerful search features, the truly unique thing about this tool is how it helps you to explore the relationships between words... Go on a journey through the thesaurus... Delving deeper and deeper into word chains..." - Mouser

Find Synonymous Headwords is a feature not yet seen in other thesaurus tools. Basically this unique function picks out and displays on the side all headwords from all synonyms under an entry. For any headword listed on the right side, you can double-click to see what headwords are synonymous with it, and have all synonyms under the headword shown simultaneously on the left.

No thesaurus is perfect and it's hard to say a user is able to start with the right headword right the first time, every time. When someone looks up a headword (main entry) in a conventional thesaurus (paper or electronic), normally he has no exact idea as to whether he starts with the most suitable headword which contains the synonym that he's looking for - maybe there's a better synonym under another headword that he has not yet looked up? If so, what is that headword? Even with thesaurus programs with cross-referencing, we are still facing a myriad of possibilities and endless mouse clicks. Just imagine how unproductive it is. This unique feature in Mobysaurus is there so the user won't need to try out synonyms one by one to see if they are also headwords and there are better synonyms under these entries - the function saves all these troubles by reducing the work to a simple double click.

The navigation keys include Up, Down, Right, Left, Enter (expand), Backspace (fold). The right-click shortcut menu offers some additional functions:

Screenshot - 12_02_2007 , 11_09_05 AM.png

Suggest Headwords

Screenshot - 10_02_2007 , 5_01_56 PM.png

It is also a feature currently unique to this thesaurus tool.

As said, one does not always know well whether a headword that he has in mind is the fittest out there in his thesaurus. It's often a bit annoying when you start out with some uncommon word (like in this case, "bigwig") and the thesaurus does not take it as headword, then you have to think hard in order to come up with some synonyms of that word as possible headwords to look up again, and maybe repeatedly. The process would often take away a lot of your time and energy.

The Suggest Headwords feature takes any word you have in mind, regardless of it being a headword or not, then fast searches the whole database, and comes up with related headwords in just seconds. All you need is to pick any one or more headwords from the results to look up for synonyms.



I love this new site so much and I think it looks much better than the program's namesake site. :D :D

In addition to the beautiful DC theme, now any user can look for useful information related to this program on our newly launched Help Desk:


And if you like, it's easy to join our IRC chat and let us help you, just click on the 'Live Chat' link on the left of the page:


Special Thanks to

nudone, for designing this wonderful DC theme  :Thmbsup:

jgpaiva and mouser, for offering me advice on site design and scripting


Mobysaurus / Speed Up Mobysaurus Thesaurus Startup
« on: January 22, 2007, 01:51 AM »
It's not uncommon for a .NET application (like Mobysaurus Thesaurus) to take quite some time starting up when you *first* launch it (cold startup) after turning on your PC, or re-launch it after you have it closed for a long while.

Same to all .NET assemblies, the Mobysaurus Thesaurus executables cannot be started "straight away", they store "temporary code", in other words. Your operating system actually first loads .NET Framework components (the translator) into the memory and they will further compile the original assemblies to native code that will specifically run on your PC. So it would take longer for a .NET app to start up; and if Mobysaurus Thesaurus is usually the first .NET program to run on your PC, there are gonna be quite some hard disk activities during the launch because the system has to load all these .NET framework components into memory for the first time before any actual "temporary code" translation can begin.

There's a way to pre-compile the .NET assemblies, cache native images and thus improve startup time - with NGEN, a tool that ships with .NET Framework installation package. So if you have .NET Framework 2.0 installed, you can take advantage of this NGEN tool.

I've made a batch file, just download and run it from your local machine. Takes about 20 seconds to complete the whole speed-up process and the effects will remain until you update your Mobysaurus Thesaurus next time.

Click the link below to download:

Source code
REM change "c:\program files\Mobysaurus Thesaurus\" to your actual installation path of .NET Framework 2.0, if needed
REM change "c:\program files\Mobysaurus Thesaurus\" to your actual installation path of Mobysaurus Thesaurus, if needed

c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen queue pause
c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen install "c:\program files\Mobysaurus Thesaurus\MSThesaurus.exe" /queue:1
c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen install "c:\program files\Mobysaurus Thesaurus\MCLHotkey.dll" /queue:2
c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen update /queue
c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen executequeueditems 1
c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen queue continue

SMF Forum Mods / Is there a better way to handle Gri's posts?
« on: January 21, 2007, 01:03 AM »
The poll on "Do you think Gri's posts should be allowed here any more?" has been removed and I have changed to subject of this topic to:

Is there a better way to handle Gri's posts?

Original poll:

poll: Do you think Gri's posts should be allowed here any more?

Thank you for viewing/participating in this poll.

For a self-explanatory reason why this poll is here:
Gri's posts in this forum section (SMF Forum Mods)

To know more about Gri:
Gri's profile
Gri's own Forum - "Grivitation Space of the Earth"

To see why I do not think Gri's posts should be allowed here any more, check out my post here:
Re: First Valid Signature of Life Satisfaction

As you know we don't currently have established & published forum rules/guilelines, do you think we are in (urgent) need of such pages here?

How should we work hard to make DonationCoder forum a better place for everyone (while defending free speech)?

Please feel absolutely free to post your comment below and we need you help!  :Thmbsup:

(also please keep in mind that this poll is not created against Gri, but only his/her posts. Drama / flaming is seriously frowned upon.)


It was a bit controversial as it turned out and might not have been appropriate from the beginning. (If you have found the poll to be annoying, please accept my sincere apologies) is growing and becoming a huge, comprehensive site. The possibility of people here (esp. moderators) facing difficult situations (like this discussion on Gri' posts) is thus increasing.

1. Do you think we are in (urgent) need of forum rules/guilelines here? (as you know we don't yet officially have them)

2. How should we work hard to keep everything here in the spirit of DonationCoder and make this site a better place for everyone?

Thanks!  :Thmbsup:

Note: Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso) alpha 1 is being made available for testing purposes only.

From Mozilla:

Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 is an early developer milestone for the next major version of Firefox that is being built on top of the next generation of Mozilla's layout engine, Gecko 1.9. Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 is being made available for testing purposes only, and is intended for web application developers and our testing community. Current users of Mozilla Firefox should not use Gran Paradiso Alpha 1.

Changes in this Development Milestone

Gecko 1.9 Alpha 1 introduces several new features which can be tested by using Gran Paradiso Alpha 1:

    * Cairo is now being used as the default graphics library, affecting all graphic and text rendering
    * Cocoa Widgets are now used in OS X builds
    * An updated threading model
    * Changes to how DOM events are dispatched (see bug 234455)
    * Changes to how <object> elements are loaded (see bug 1156)
    * Changes to how web pages are painted
    * New SVG elements and filters, and improved SVG specification compliance

Some of the changes in Gecko 1.9 Alpha 1 will affect the web and platform compatibility of Gran Paradiso Alpha 1:

    * Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME are no longer supported platforms
    * OS X 10.2 is no longer supported, and OS X 10.3.9 or higher is recommended
    * Moving DOM nodes between documents now requires a call to importNode or adoptNode as per the DOM specification.

Screenshot - 19_01_2007 , 1_17_09 PM.png

From Microsoft:

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" is the next generation development tool for Windows Vista, the 2007 Office System, and the Web.

Visual Studio code name “Orcas” delivers on Microsoft’s vision of smart client applications by enabling developers to rapidly create connected applications that deliver the highest quality rich user experiences. This new version enables any size organization to rapidly create more secure, manageable, and more reliable applications that take advantage of Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System. By building these new types of applications, organizations will find it easier than ever before to capture and analyze information so that they can make effective business decisions.

This download is the January 2007 Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Visual Studio Code-Named “Orcas”. This CTP is available in English only.

The highlights of this CTP include:

    * Extended, more powerful data APIs with the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to ADO.NET
    * C# 3.0 Language Support
    * VB 9.0 Language Support
    * LINQ to Objects API
    * ClickOnce improvements
    * Managed classes for Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm cryptographic functionality
    * Runtime and design-time support for Office 2007 (including Outlook 2007)
    * Support for advanced lifetime management of add-ins and their AppDomains
    * Client service support for Login/Logout, Role management and Profiles
    * A trace listener that logs event to ETW, event tracing for Windows in Vista
    * Jscript Intellisense support
    * A new numeric type that provides support for very large numbers (Beyond the range of In64)
    * LINQ over XML (XLinq)
    * SQL Server Compact Edition (SSCE)

Screenshot - 18_01_2007 , 10_37_26 PM.png

Alias: Pop-Up Cody
Size:  108kb
Type:  Standalone Executable
License:  Freeware
Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, runs natively on Vista


What does DC Forum Post Notifier Lite do?

DonationCoder Forum Post Notifier Lite is a fairly lightweight utility that

  • Alerts you whenever a new post has been made on the forum (DC forum only)
  • Keeps you informed about the most recent 10 posts
  • Provides handy shortcuts for easy access to a series of forum features


  • Standalone and Lightweight
  • Prompt notification with minimal network traffic usage
  • What You See On the Forum Is Almost What You See Locally (see screenshot #4)
  • Fade-in/out and slide-in effect
  • Ability to auto-run when windows starts (optional)
  • Low bandwidth consumption (around max 2kb per minute)

I personally have this little tool on auto-start and let it stay in my system tray around-the-clock. It really does my a big favor keeping me up-to-date on forum activities when I'm busy coding or working on my Moby thesaurus and cannot check out forum stuff regularly.

Usage Tips

Move mouse cursor to the exact top-left corner of the screen to hide notification window instantly.


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Special Thanks to

for beat-testing this app and offering his valuable advice.  :Thmbsup:

the BOSS  :D

Version History


Fixed a bug that affects Vista users with UAC (User Account Control) enabled.



1. Move mouse cursor to the exact top-left corner of the screen to hide notification window instantly.
2. Multiple user options added
3. Displays "Last Checked on" time in tray icon tooltip
4. Notifies connection error


It would be nice if when you hover over links within a post that you could have a tooltip with the url it leads to.

Agreed.  :)



1. Links embedded in posts now open in default browser (instead of IE)

2. Autorun at startup option now modifies registry settings in CurrentUser only.
3. Use less system resources.

v1.1.39    Adds 'Help Desk' to Extras, minor bug fix
v1.1.30    Embedded slightly modified version of DonationCoder CSS file, allowing the app to display posts almost identically to their forum view.
v1.1.25    Connect to the Internet via proxy/no-proxy based on Internet Explorer settings
v1.1.20    Display pause icon in the tray area when notification is paused
v1.1.15    Added user option to pause notification
v1.1.10    Fixed a minor post time difference bug
v1.1.05    Added "Reply" Button, changed font
v1.1.00    First Release

Mobysaurus / Some tips on using Mobysaurus Thesaurus
« on: December 04, 2006, 06:31 AM »
Shortcut Keys

F1 - Find Synonyms
F2 - Find Synonymous Headwords
F3 - Suggest Headwords
F4 - Find Online
F5 - History and Favorites

ESC - Clear search box

Shift + Enter - Launch and look up word in WordWeb

Minimize/Close To Tray

To place the icon in the tray area, go to "Option", check:

1. Minimize to Tray    and/or
2. Close to Tray

(One or both, depends on your preference)

Work With Text Editors like WordPad or Microsoft Word

If you intend to frequently invoke this thesaurus to look up words in a text editor, try to enable the above-mentioned "minimized to tray", "close to tray" options. This should be more convenient for you and also it saves time.

To look up a word in Microsoft Word, etc., simply select the word by double-clicking on it, and press Mobysaurus Hotkey (Ctrl + Alt + A, by default).

The hotkey won't be effective if you don't have the program running.

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