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Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: March 10, 2019, 04:22 PM »
Yeah, I know: no good deed remains unpunished. I removed the attachment. Nobody dowloaded it anyway.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: March 10, 2019, 09:56 AM »
I took the liberty to modify the script a little in regard to tray icon display and a (fake) tray tooltip.
It is an older build based on v1.7.9.1 and is only a proof of concept. It does feature a few code fixes aimed at x64 compatibility but there's still a lot of work to be done to achieve that goal. There are also a few bugs related to the fake tooltip positioning and timing, at startup and while changing options.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:03 PM »
Just some code improvement:
GetWindDirection( sNum )
Static Cardinals := ["N", "NNE", "NE", "ENE", "E", "ESE", "SE", "SSE", "S", "SSW", "SW", "WSW", "W"
, "WNW", "NW", "NNW", "N"]
Return Cardinals[Floor((sNum+11.24)/22.5)+1]

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:29 PM »
Ah, I see. Thank you for the clarification.  :up:

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:00 PM »
@ Ath: That's why I mentioned me using the QtWeb 3.8.5 browser. My hardware is quite old and limited, the OS is XP-SP3, therefore I prefer this very lightweight browser.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:43 PM »
Hi, Jesse, thanks for chiming in.
I chose this nickname for myself about twenty years ago when I saw the Internet couldn't cope with some special character in my real name. It's just my real first name (Dragoş in Romanian) in an English pronounciation.

Seeing we're talking about software here, at times we may want to post snippets of code, as examples or patches or whatever. Recently I wanted to post some code in an attempt to help solving some issues with the application at hand, namely sWeather. However, that code easily goes over the 64kB size so it can't be posted as is and splitting it is not feasible. And for some reason, when I tried to attach it in an alternative form (as ahk script or as 7z or zip package) the board consistently returned an error. Maybe my browser isn't supported by the board software, that's why I mentioned it above so that someone may perform a check.

I'm just trying to help, nothing more, but it's hard to impossible in such conditions. So please see if anything can be done in this regard or at least, if someone doesn't want me to post code, let them say it openly.
Thank you.

P.S. Cloudflare access for DC? That's new (and from my point of view, bad - disturbing and time consuming for a 15kB/s connection).

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 07, 2019, 08:36 AM »
I have a few questions:
- how come on a technical/software forum board any reply (and private message) is limited to 65530 characters?
- how come certain attachment types (such as 7z, zip, ahk) yield an 'invalid attachment' message? (using a QtWeb 3.8.5 browser)

I had added the ability to select tray icon a few das ago. Earlier I had devised a much shorter code for the wind direction function, and earlier than that I had also compacted all the icon-creation function into a single one, saving a lot of redundant code. But I couldn't post the code for the above-mentioned reasons.
Who exactly is the culprit here and why?

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:55 AM »

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 27, 2019, 02:48 AM »
[…] EXCEPT I noticed the icons in the lower right (for linking to the yahoo website) no longer appear.
Ah, you're right, they're missing here too, and their tooltips are also missing! I was so eager to check the other icons in menus, About box etc that I completely overlooked the statusbar icons. Shame on me.  :-[
Anyway, good news is all others are displayed properly. :)

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 26, 2019, 10:42 AM »
@Drugwash, let me know if this fixes the icon display issue, please.
Yes, v1.7.8 is confirmed to work correctly in regard to GUI icons and titlebar date/time. Thank you very much!  :Thmbsup:

Actually I had a reply half-written when I started performing some tests and then power went down for a second, UPS shut down too (low battery) and lost it all. In fact I wanted to suggest precisely the same thing as suggested by click-click above: option to select which icon to use as main:

Main tray icon:
(•) Condition
( ) Temperature
[_] Show additional icon in tray

As for tooltips (remember mine are off at the top for an unknown reason), I've put together a test script for 'fake tooltips', as a demo. Since it uses a regular GUI it can hold any kind of pictures, formatted text, links and so on.
The only thing left to do is to get rid of the original tooltip since AHK doesn't sport a Menu, Tray, NoTip command.
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
  2. SetFormat, Integer, H
  3. Menu, Tray, Tip, %A_Space%
  4. Gui, -Caption +ToolWindow +Border +AlwaysOnTop
  5. Gui, Color, White, White
  6. Gui, Add, Text,, This is just a test
  7. Gui, Add, Text, w110 h130 vdbg,
  8. Gui, +LastFound
  9. Gui, Show, Hide
  10. hMain := WinExist()
  11. hCursM := DllCall("LoadCursor", "Ptr", NULL, "Int", 32646, "Ptr")       ; IDC_SIZEALL
  12. OnMessage(0x201, "winmove")     ; WM_LBUTTONDOWN
  13. OnMessage(0x404, "test")
  14. Return
  15. ;================================================================
  16. guioff:
  17. Gui, Hide
  18. Return
  19. ;================================================================
  20. test(wP, lP, msg, hwnd)
  21. ;================================================================
  22. {
  23. Global hMain, custompos
  24. SetFormat, Integer, D
  25. SysGet, m, MonitorPrimary
  26. SysGet, mon, Monitor, m
  27. screenW := monRight-monLeft, screenH := monBottom-monTop
  28. ; ahk_class TrayNotifyWnd1
  29. ; calculate optimal position
  30. WinGetPos,,, gw, gh, ahk_id %hMain%
  31. WinGetPos,,, w, h, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
  32. if (w<h)
  33.         z:=w, w:=h, h:=z
  34.  if (x<h)                       ; taskbar vertical-left
  35.         {
  36.         gx := h+10, gy := y+gh>screenH ? screenH-gh-10 : y-8
  37.         pos=taskbar vertical-left
  38.         }
  39.  else if (y<h)  ; taskbar horiz-up
  40.         {
  41.         gx := x+gw>screenW ? screenW-gw-10 : x-8, gy := h+10
  42.         pos=taskbar horiz-up
  43.         }
  44.  else if ((x>h) and y>(screenH-h)) ; taskbar horiz-down
  45.         {
  46.         gx := x+gw>screenW ? screenW-gw-10 : x-8, gy := screenH-gh-h-10
  47.         pos=taskbar horiz-down
  48.         }
  49.  else                           ; taskbar-vert-right
  50.         {
  51.         gx := screenW-h-gw-10, gy := y+gh>screenH ? screenH-gh-10 : y-8
  52.         pos=taskbar-vert-right
  53.         }
  54. GuiControl,, dbg,
  55. (
  56. wP=%wP%
  57. lP=%lP%
  58. msg=%msg%
  59. hwnd=%hwnd%
  61. mouse at x%x% y%y%
  62. taskbar w%w% h%h%
  63. screen w%screenW% h%screenH%
  64. %pos%
  65. GUI at x%gx% y%gy%
  66. )
  67. if lP=0x201
  68.         custompos:=0
  69. if custompos
  70.         Gui, Show
  71. else Gui, Show, x%gx% y%gy%
  72. SetTimer, guioff, -3500
  73. }
  74. ;================================================================
  75. winmove(wP, lP, msg, hwnd)              ; WM_LBUTTONDOWN
  76. ;================================================================
  77. {
  78. Global
  79. SetTimer, guioff, off
  80. custompos:=1
  81. DllCall("SetCursor", "Ptr", hCursM)
  82. PostMessage, 0xA1, 2,,, ahk_id %hMain%          ; WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN
  83. }

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:13 AM »
They're actually icons but I tested with PNG files and got the same results.  I can't win here.
I really don't want to go back to extra loose files if I can help it.
Ah, I remember now how the icons are created. Overly complicated IMHO. However, the Create_xxx_ico() functions look identical between 1.7.5 and 1.7.6+ so there must be some change in the way they are applied or somewhere else.
There is a lot of redundant code in those functions, and most importantly too many LoadLibrary/FreeLibrary on gdiplus.dll and GdiplusStartup/GdiplusShutdown pairs, which are known to be quite slow.

Reminder: date/time still dissapears from titlebar when in TooWindow mode. The tray click is the trigger.
-Drugwash (23 January 2019, 15:05:37)

Still working on this.  Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it stays.  There's really no rhyme or reason to it.

Misbehavior is consistent here. So (in ToolWindow mode):
1. after main window appears and gets populated with data, just click on the condition icon in the tray: the date/time dissapears from titlebar.
2. go to menu > Options > Configure and in the configuration panel just click 'Save': all data is updated and date/time appears again in the titlebar.
3. click the temperature tray icon: date/time stays in titlebar.
4. click the condition tray icon: the date/time dissapears from titlebar.
5. repeat #2 to #4 (#3 may be omitted at will): behavior will be consistent.

I'll look into the code, try to fix it locally and if I succeed I'll send/post the necessary patches. It'd be of great help if I had the original sources including separate libraries instead of a single bulk file but I can manage with that too if needed - it'll just take (much) more time.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 23, 2019, 07:05 AM »
@ Mboxer511: You're probably having the same problem that I had (the underlying IE library used to connect to the TimezoneDB site doesn't support the required SSL protocol) so you'd have to untick 'Use https' in the configurations panel to get it work. But first, please go into your Internet Explorer advanced options and make sure TLS 1.2 is enabled (if available); that might get it work properly. IE8 (in my case) doesn't have such option available but disabling HTTPS in sWeather worked.

@ skwire: There's a problem with the GUI icons in XP, noticed it right after you eliminated the resources DLL but thought it might just be a different icon set. Apparently it's a rendering error for the transparent PNGs.
Here's a comparison of the old 1.7.5 GUI versus 1.7.6:

Also noticed 'Minimize to tray' is missing from the configuration panel but it does work as such; maybe you made it permanent?
Reminder: date/time still dissapears from titlebar when in TooWindow mode. The tray click is the trigger.
A funny side-effect of the ToolWindow mode: the SysCommand menu still sports a Maximize option which works although it shouldn't, since it's not a resizable window. :)

The rest seems to work as intended. Thank you!

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 21, 2019, 07:04 AM »
- Bug?: no more minimize button in titlebar.

Eh? Did you enable the "Do not show taskbar button" option or something?

Indeed I did. Reasoning: there's no need for the taskbar button as long as the window can be brought to front by a single icon click; extremely rarely do I use task switcher (Alt+Tab).
Apparently M$ don't allow a "normal" window style with no taskbar button. Oh well, we can't have it all, can we… But why does it lose the date/time in the window title, in the 'ToolWindow' mode?

One way of keeping the 'minimize to tray' option while in ToolWindow mode is to hook WM_NCRBUTTONDOWN and send the command to minimize the GUI when user right-clicks the titlebar:
; somewhere in autoexec
OnMessage(0xA4, "RClick") ; WM_NCRBUTTONDOWN
; somewhere among functions
RClick(wP, lP, msg, hwnd)
Global GUI_ID
if (hwnd != GUI_ID)
Gui, 1:Minimize
Return 0

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 20, 2019, 05:19 PM »
- Tooltip blank line is fixed.
- Statusbar tooltips work properly.
- High temperature is now displayed correctly.
- Bug: main window's titlebar loses date/time when window is restored/shown by clicking the tray icon.
- Bug?: no more minimize button in titlebar.

Sorry for being brief, I'm dead tired, gotta hit the sack. Good luck!

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:26 PM »
I don't see this extra blank line, but let me know if I fixed it when I release the next interim build later today.
There's an extra "`n" (new line) at the end of the tooltip text, I found it in previous version and fixed it locally. Possibly your version of Windows trims it automatically, that's why you don't see it, but XP does display it.
Tray_Tip_Format_Short := sTemp . "°" . ( CF ) . " (FL: " . sChill . "°" . ( CF )  "), " . sCondition . "`n"
. "RH: " . sHumidity . "%`n"
. "Hi: " . sHigh1 . "°" . ( CF ) . ", Lo: " . sLow1 . "°" . ( CF ) . "`n"

There's another "fix" I did in my local version: tooltips for the statusbar icons. I had no idea where those were leading to; now there's a tooltip clearing it all out.
; somewhere in autoexec
Global lnkYdev := ""
Global lnkTZDB := ""
; further down
SB_SetParts( 300, 65, 25, 25 )
SB_SetIcon( Temp_Dir . "\yahoo.ico", 1, 3 )
SB_SetIcon( Temp_Dir . "\timezonedb.ico", 1, 4 )
; my additions following
msg := A_IsUnicode ? 0x411 : 0x410 ; SB_SETTIPTEXTW/A
SendMessage, msg, 2, "Yahoo developer site " lnkYdev, msctls_statusbar321
SendMessage, msg, 3, "TimezoneDB site " lnkTZDB, msctls_statusbar321

You can try disabling the "Use HTTPS when possible" option in sWeather.
That seems to have worked. Can't believe I didn't try that earlier. Or did I…? Anyway, one down.  :Thmbsup: Will be waiting for Yahoo's fixes… or yours. ;)

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:41 AM »
First off, thank you for getting this back working and also for incorporating some of my suggestions!  :Thmbsup:

It's mostly working, except for the aforementioned "Feels like" which is also 28°C for me while real temperature is 1°C.
The 'High' appears as N/A, no idea if that's how it comes from the API or some bug in the script.

The blank line in the tooltip is still present (you probably didn't have time to address it - just a reminder) and the date/time in the titlebar still shows Thu, January 01, 00:00 due to the IE libraries being unable to connect to the site (TLS 1.2 missing in IE8 or something).


Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 18, 2019, 02:22 AM »
@ TechTeacher: Sorry for not being able to help, I only follow a couple of tech boards (this one and AHK's).

@ skwire: They're probably swamped with h8er mail.  :P  ;D

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:54 AM »
@ TechTeacher: I do understand everything, the way this world goes. Morally it's a wrong way. But this kind of discussion would be way too heavy and lengthy for this topic. Don't worry, I don't get hurt so easily and there's nothing in your statements that I wouldn't agree to. So we're cool. ;)

@ wraith808: you're right on all accounts. However, 'free' from the user point of view should be completely free - not conditionalised by some private data theft, as you bluntly put it in regard to FB and most other "free" services. Indeed, the author puts in time, effort, nerves and so on only to give something to others, free of charge. When nothing but 'thanks' or a seldom donation is received, it is commendable. This is the real free stuff (and I know, because I've written AHK scripts and offered them for free as long as I had an online repository to store them in).

@ skwire/Jody: you're a fine person, I've always known it. Actually we're quite similar, I may say: we both enjoy taking ideas, creating something based on them and then giving back that something to the community. I believe that's how all human kind should work. Idealistic and naive, again.
Best wishes to you and your family, and may good things happen for a change - starting with Yahoo's API approval! :)

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:49 AM »
Please forgive me, Jody, my philosophy of life is very wrong: I think everything should be free. I'm too idealistic and naive. That's why it always gets to me when I see change for the sake of change, planned obsolescence and so on. I like stability, consistency, continuity, compatibility - completely opposite to this century's trend.  :-[
Another bad side of mine is that I'm always grateful by default for everything that's offered for free but I rarely express it, considering it implied, which is - unfortunately - not always the case. And pointing out bugs or asking for features doesn't help at all, although all that is just out of this darn innate perfectionism - the desire to see a good thing better, to help its creator, not to do myself a favor.

So thank you Jody for everything you've done and still doing for us all, for free. And hopefully you'll find a way to get this script working again, firstly for yourself. Good luck!  :Thmbsup:

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:23 AM »
Looking here one realizes that whatever is still "free" in this world will not be so for much longer.
No idea if OpenWeatherMap provides what's needed for a direct replacement in current script, but there's nothing else in that list that could fit the bill, so I guess it's either that or nothing - because those yahoos at Yahoo, at this point, stand for nothing as far as I'm concerned.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:07 AM »
You'll care when something breaks and you have to figure out what that might be  ;D :Thmbsup:
That's what detailed comments in the code are for. ;) Besides, debugging can be fun and I could surely help with that, if needed.  8)
I see the old Firefox/Pale Moon extension I mentioned somewhere above still works with AccuWeather so maybe we could get some inspiration from its code.  :D

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 09, 2019, 02:45 PM »
Yeah well, look what you said above: "Personally, I don't use all of the apps I've written, but I did write sWeather for myself, and use it daily, so I'm eager to get it working again."

It is personal, in the first place, and I believe if you make it work again - by any means - then you can share it with the rest of the world just as it comes out. It may be imperfect, it may require frequent updates if/when webpage layout/ids/etc change, but as long as you keep it updated for yourself it wouldn't be hard to publish the new versions online. ;)

What I'm saying is, if one were to choose between having something or not having anything, probably the something would prevail. I'm getting old and I could surely use this script/app to tell me when I should or should not go out. I don't care if it takes 50 or 100 RegExMatch() statements to do its job, as long as it does its job. ;)

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 09, 2019, 01:51 PM »
Maybe an easier (somehow) approach would be to F(orget) the API, load the corresponding web page and parse it to get the desired values. I do that for an IMDb-related script of mine, instead of F(ool)ing around with the API - that is, begging for their approval.

On a related note, AccuWeather used to provide free widgets for sites and blogs; not anymore, apparently - the free widgets page is now blank and the code (js script) doesn't work. Ain't that a F(reak)ing coincidence…?

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: December 07, 2018, 02:01 AM »
Glad to see you in shape and thank you for replying. :)

The date/time won't budge from Thu 01 January, 00:00 (shown in RO regional style), and if I set the format to LongDate it shows January 01, 1970. Which means it doesn't compute A_Now. Could be a problem with XP vs Win7 but I doubt it. The format I use is dddd dd MMMM, HH:mm, nothing fancy (see screenshot below).
sWeather settings.png
EDIT: Date/time mystery is partly solved: my IE8 can't access the timezonedb API URL for some reason (tested by feeding the URL directly to IE's address bar), so URL_Get() returns a blank value, then unix2Human() returns an unaltered returnDate. No idea why my IE can't access that URL, maybe I tampered too much with its settings some time ago or maybe they just block IE versions lower than… dunno… 9? QtWeb does return the correct data from that URL so there's no firewall or anything blocking that particular URL.

each edit would take an extra refresh of the weather data
Not all edited fields would require a data refresh. City/town name, for example, shouldn't, it's just for display since the data is retrieved by WOEID if I'm not mistaken. Actually I think data refresh should be triggered only by the addition of a new City/WOEID and only for that one. Dunno how the script works, maybe you're not keeping the full data between timed refreshes and that's why it requires a refresh on each change in settings, and even when nothing was changed (clicking on {x} to close the settings window, not on 'Save').
And yes, I have a very slow connection (15kB/s most of the time, a metered 3G modem connection) so it does take some time on each refresh.

The Yahoo data doesn't provide it in that format.  I could probably do the math and add it as an option.
Air pressure format is not that important to me, if there's more request for that or it's easy to implement then yes, you may do that, otherwise make it a low priority.

Good idea, and one I should be able to easily implement.
In regard to showing links there's one more reason for me: the default browser (Pale Moon) starts up very slowly (more than a minute) due to many extensions and takes CPU to 100%, so for quick browsing I use another one (QtWeb) which is snappy. But clicking a link would fire up the default browser so I'd rather see the URL and type it down manually in QtWeb.
For the same reason I'd like a tooltip and/or statusbar URL shown for the info (i) button next to date/time, which I didn't know was going to fire up the default browser, and for the two statusbar icons as well (which opened two separate Pale Moon windows !!!, not two tabs in one window as I set it).
An idea would be to add a separate ActiveX control window acting like a mini-browser for all the links and let the user select whether to use that or the system default browser. I know, it'd complicate the script a little but it may prove useful in the long run. Your choice - it's just an idea. :)

This data comes directly from the feed.  I don't modify it at all.
OK, then I'll take it as is. Anyway, they say starting next year we won't be using winter time anymore so it won't be a problem for me. Not that it is a big one now anyway. :)

If I delete a location from the list and click save, the menu is updated for me.
I noticed the issue at first run after adding my location and then deleting the default location. Both were still shown in main menu and tray menu until I restarted the application. Now when adding and then deleting a location it does update both menus in real time. It may have to do only with the default location. Try running the script/app fresh without config file, add a random location then delete the default one, see if you can reproduce.

Here's the tooltip sporting the blank line; maybe there's data missing…?
sWeather tooltip blank line.png

And here's an idea of how a 'fake' tooltip could look like, it's from ForecastFox (an old-style extension for Firefox/Pale Moon):
ForecastFox tooltip.png

I know you're not going to like this, but this isn't going to change.
You're right. That was the most important issue, that's why I left it last. I have less than 300MB free on the system partition and those icons would take way too much space - I had to place the app on another partition but I'd rather have all portable apps in one single location which is on the system partition.
May I please know the reason why you wouldn't consider using image strips? Copyright issues or something? Otherwise I could help with the code if you wanted, I've done that in some of my scripts.

Thank you for considering all other suggestions. Hopefully it won't be too much work. If you need any more info/testing/whatever you may contact me by e-mail (same nickname as here at; I don't have the Yahoo account anymore, can't use either Miranda IM or their own messaging app in XP so I deleted all my Yahoo accounts (and the GMail one).

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: December 06, 2018, 06:40 AM »
Hey, Jody. Long time no see.  :)

Didn't know or care about weather 'gadgets' until recently - must've gotten old.  :-[
Found yours by reading the newsletter and got a few considerations after first run. Otherwise it's doing its job, looks nice and I'm grateful for it.  :Thmbsup:

Observations under XP-SP3 (with SP4 unofficial pack) using sWeather v1.7.5.1:
- when changing date/time format and enabling it, titlebar shows first day of month (01) and a time of 00:00 instead of current day and time.
- editing location name in the WOEIDs list does not instantly propagate to the main window even after enabling the checkbox below ("Display locations using names configured above…), as all other settings do; it only does after clicking "Save".
- barometer cannot be configured to show mm Hg (depends on Yahoo-provided data, maybe?)
- Neither the 'Full forecast' and 'Radar' nor the 'Powered by Yahoo' links do not show the actual URLs in statusbar when hovered, for consistency with the other fields that show converted data, and for paranoids/control freaks (like me).  :-[
- 'Last provider update' notification in statusbar shows local timezone time but it doesn't get updated in all situations (may be connection errors or something else - are these mentioned anywhere in statusbar? Or maybe it doesn't take winter time into account (where applicable). I had it show last update at 9:00 AM although it was well past 10 AM, and now it says last update at 1:00 PM and it's 2:30 PM). Also, time format should be synchronized with user settings for 12/24h so that 'Last update' time would also display in 12/24h format as selected by user for sunrise/sunset.
- neither main menu nor the tray menu are updated for the current session when a location was deleted from the WOEIDs list.
- since certain changes in settings require an application restart, such restart/reload option would be useful in main menu and in the tray menu.
- it takes a few seconds to close the settings window even when nothing was changed.
- main window's tray tooltip shows a blank line at the bottom - is that intentional or a bug?
- there is a 'close to tray' option but there is no 'minimize to tray', which I'd very much like, to unclutter the taskbar but keep the original function of the {x} button.
- my taskbar is at the top and somehow all regular tooltips in systray are positioned snapped to the top of the screen, which makes certain data hardly readable; could the tooltips be replaced with "fake" ones, maybe balloons or captionless GUIs?
- so many individual icons produce HDD fragmentation; best would be to convert each icon set to bitmap strip, embed these strips in the executable and load them as imagelists at runtime. Additional user-provided icon sets could be allowed, also in the form of image strip bitmaps.

That's about it, gotta go. Good luck ahead!  :Thmbsup:

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