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Mini-reviews on the forum

This page collects various reviews that have been posted by users on our forum. To browse a more complete and up-to-date collection of mini-reviews, check out the mini-review section of our forum here.

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Mini-Review: Kaspersky Internet Security 7

Basic Info

App NameKaspersky Internet Security 7
App URLhttp://www.kaspersky...ky_internet_security
App Version Reviewed7.0.0.125
Pricing Scheme$80/3 licenses
$25 competitive/upgrade discount available from


The field of desktop antivirus and "Internet security" is pretty large these days. Despite having been around for quite some time, there's still a great deal of variety between the approach and quality of the offerings. I've been through many of them, driven in equal parts by upgrade pricing and reported quality.

I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security 7 for about 10 days now. I installed as part of a complete rebuild of my system following a bad infection that ruined my whole OS, under the watch of Panda (which the virus managed to deactivate). So I was looking to lean far more toward the quality side of the equation, rather than pricing.

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xplorer², a powerful windows file manager and explorer replacement / alternative

Screenshot - 8_8_2007 , 9_47_18 PM.png
Basic Info
App Namexplorer² [pro] (a.k.a xplorer2, x2, x²)
App Version Reviewed1.7.0.4 [Unicode] (30.Jun.07)
Test System SpecsWindows XP, 60GB HD, 1GB RAM, P4 4GHz
Supported OSesWindows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista (!)
Support MethodsEmail support. Also has a large active user forum
Upgrade Policy"Although there is no explicit "free for life" upgrade policy for xplorer2,
all upgrades were free since 2004. At any rate I wouldn't base my selection
on the future so much as on what the software can do *now* to help me with
my file management tasks"
Trial Version Available?Yes - 21 day trial
Pricing Scheme$29.95 - 1 User License
Reviewer Author Donation LinkClick Here to Donate Now
Screencast Video URLscreencasts and screenshots of xplorer² in action doing various operations.. check these out!

xplorer² (x² from now on) is a windows based file manager. What exactly is a file manager? A file manager is some thing you use to arrange and organize your (computer) files.. If you are using Windows you are probably familiar with Windows Explorer - the stocked file manager that comes with windows.. it is heavily integrated in to the windows system. You may know from usage of Windows explorer is that is a) too slow, b) missing a lot of functions and c) lacking great customization - such as being able to hilite certain file types, save layouts, adding toolbars, etc.

Welcome to x²! One of the first things you will notice with x² is that it has 2 panes (2 window areas you can work with - at the same time).
2 panes you say? Yup, 2 panes.. you would be amazed at how much of a time saver this is when working between many folders.. Instead of switching between 2 or more Window Explorer windows, you can be in one x² window, working with folders side by side.. drag and drop (as well as cut and paste) operations are so much faster and easier!

x² can also use tabs.. Just like FireFox can have many tabs under one window/instance.. x² can have many tabs open on each pane..

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Making the Switch-06: Software Management is not that different

With Windows, you visit download sites like FileForum, Portable Freeware,, File Hippo and others to search for or download the latest. In many Windows programs, you can also set them to automatically check for updates each time you open them, or you can use a program like WebSite-Watcher to scan the web for page updates of selected programs. Windows itself has long had its own updater which maintains the OS with Windows Update.

GNU/Linux is somewhat similar, only the process is almost entirely automated for system, drivers, and user-installed software. Like Windows, there are thousands of programs, many of which aren't that good, or a percentage of which has been abandoned...

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EMDB: Eric's Movie Database

Eric's Movie Database is a free program that you can use to put all your movie titles into a database. I've been playing around with it for a few hours and I'm quite happy with it. It's definitely good enough for my needs.

It doesn't matter if they are DVD or some compressed container format, EMDB is suitable for just about anything related to movies. It's simple to use: Just click on Add, enter the title of the movie, hit enter or click the Search IMDB button, and it does the rest for you.

It has a nice HTML template setup, although the default template is rather crude and needs some kind of tags to allow you to use tables and tweak image height & width for covers (if these tags exist, I am not yet aware of them). It's export feature is also very nice, letting you decide exactly what information you want to put in the text file. The covers feature seems to add the cover sideways when you add it manually, but there's a fix for this by un-checking "Automatically rotate images when needed" in the options dialog. A feature to open the cover by clicking on the preview would be welcome also as the thumbnails are very small.

It seems to be portable too. Don't ask me if it's stealth or green or whatever, but I do know you can move the directory around and the program runs fine wherever it's placed. Overall though, I'm very impressed with this little program. Send the author a donation and he'll even put your name at the top! I'll let the screenshots tell you the rest.

Dr.Explain Mini-Review

Dr.Explain is a help authoring program with a focus on visually describing the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of programs. It is an excellent tools for easily creating those “Quick Start” guides that have lots of screenshots of the program and help you learn where everything resides in a program. It is also great for detailed user manuals that document all of the features and options reachable through a program’s GUI through highly annotated screenshots. Dr.Explain’s well thought-out design and intuitive workflow means even the default configuration produces attractive user-friendly interactive documentation with a minimal amount of fuss.

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Evrsoft First Page 2006 Reviewed

Evrsoft First Page 2006 is a free HTML editing program. It makes the common tasks easy and also features:
  • Image Map Maker
  • Toolbars with different codes
  • Hundreds of Predefined Javascripts
  • Visual Designer on Internet Explorer Engine
  • Spell Checker

More features are shown at: http://www.evrsoft.c...page3-features.shtml

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