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Mini-reviews on the forum

This page collects various reviews that have been posted by users on our forum. To browse a more complete and up-to-date collection of mini-reviews, check out the mini-review section of our forum here.

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Sebran's ABC

Sebran's ABC is a cute, small (~700kb) edutainment application for small children (4-9 years). It features a few minigames, some cute clipart graphics, and MIDI music (!). Make sure you give your children headphones.

A few screenies:
Main Screen.PNGfirstletter.PNG

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MiniReview of Linkman URL Organizer and Search Tool

Screenshot - 3_17_2008 , 2_21_16 PM_thumb.png
Linkman - a Bookmark Management Program from Outer Technologies:

Linkman is a standalone or browser independent bookmark organizer and search tool. You enter bookmarks into it and organize them in any way you want. You create folders to organize them in, much like you would create folders in which to organize your files. You can import bookmarks from all the popular browsers and some bookmark organizers.

Linkman really begins to shine though once the bookmarks are entered. First off, Linkman will validate the bookmarks, similar to Martin Aignesberger's AM-Deadlink utility. In addition to making sure the links still work, Linkman will download the description and keywords from the website. This makes it easier to find the link when you are searching if you can't remember the bookmark name.

All bookmarks have a name, path (url), keywords and description (both from website), comment (notes you enter about this bookmark), and six user defined fields, giving you more than enough ways to catalog, organize, and describe your bookmarks. Once your links are set up, you type what you are looking for: either the bookmark name or information in any of the other bookmark fields that you specify. All bookmarks are initially listed, but unrelated ones disappear as you type, leaving only the one(s) that meet your criteria. You then tell Linkman to launch the bookmark(s) and it will open whatever browser you specify and load the bookmark(s).

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SpellCatcher Plus Mini-review



SpellCatcher Plus: Best I've seen in this category. It delivers on these features GLOBALLY in any application you work with:

- Check your spelling as you type
- Quickly access a  Dictionary and Thesaurus  so you can find just the right word when you need it...
- Helps you to type much faster by expanding shortcuts you've created into phrases.
- Performs checking on text selections that you've already typed.
- Processes text selections including counting the number of words, sentences, capitalizing sentences, removing multiple spaces, search and replace text strings, get statistics, convert case and more.
- spell Catcher is also a multi-lingual tool. It can check your words if you're working in nine different languages.
- Spell Catcher waits in the back ground until you want it, not taking up valuable screen space

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Media Monkey 3 is the most exciting audio player yet

I've always been a fan of MediaMonkey (, but with it's recent version 3 release it's become the most exciting music player out there. MM has been just another one of a half-dozen or so leading players, but the scripts that its latest version is enabling make it top-of-the-heap.

The merits of music players is a frequent topic around here, and the tastes generally run to the utilitarian. This frequently means minimalist, but I wonder if that's because so much of the feature set in today's apps is eye candy and other junk that introduce complexity and bugs. The scripts that I'd like to tell you about really have use, so I hope they escape that criticism.

What to listen to?
My collection is large, so the biggest problem I've got is deciding what to listen to. There are external services to help you put together playlists (MusicIP is a good one), but I don't know of any that's well-integrated. Some folks have written MM scripts that I'd never have though of, but do a great job in building me a list of music to listen to.

Last.FM Node
This plugin builds a "best-of" list for an artist, or find tracks having a given tack, or research related artists, all based on actual Last.FM data. For each of these tasks it submits requests, then searches your own database looking for what you've got on that list.

The most basic operation is the "best-of" for an artist. Simply add a Favorite Artist, and it will get the top tracks for that artist from Last.FM:

But you can do other things with the artist. It's in a tree structure, so you can open up its node to see a list of related artists. In this picture I've opened Dream Theater, and within that, continued to drill down into Symphony X. For each of these artists, you can click on the node to see the "best of".

You can also get lists of top tracks having a given tag. Just add a Favorite Tag node, and click on it to retrieve your list. You can also drill into this to see top musicians having that tag, and repeat the process above to see their best songs.

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RocketDock minireview

RocketDock is a dock program, similar to ObjectDock, YZDock, etc.  I have already used previous versions, but now i was about to try it again and thought i could take you on this trip too

Well.. Invariably, in this kind of apps, the first thing we notice is how it looks good. RocketDock makes a great impression in that field, with lots of pre-bundled themes (and possibility of downloading even more from the web).

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FastStone MaxView Mini-Review

App NameFastStone MaxView
App URLhttp://www.faststone.../FSMaxViewDetail.htm

This is just the simplest image view ever.

Who is this app designed for:
This app is intended for anyone who has lots of photos, and is looking for a application better suited then the default windows image viewer.

The Good
  • Fast: It come up as fast as the default windows viewer (which uses already-loaded windows stuff, AFAIK)

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