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Works out of the box
There are many good application and file launchers around but Find and Run Robot (or FARR) is definitely one of the coolest that I have found.. Overall, FARR is a fantastic application and file launcher for both computer beginners and experts. Moreover, there are a huge number of open-source plugins that you can download to extend the functionality of this program. If you are looking for a super application and file launcher that gives you more control without compromising Windows system performance, FARR is your best bet.
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Mini-reviews on the forum

This page collects various reviews that have been posted by users on our forum. To browse a more complete and up-to-date collection of mini-reviews, check out the mini-review section of our forum here.

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Fusemail - Professional E-Mail Service

Fusemail Information

I was initially looking to outsource e-mail for my company's communications. We found Fusemail. Although, we now use our web-hosts mail servers, one of the neat features of the webmail interface of fuse is that you can add POP3, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.. all into the same interface, creating rules for that account for messages to go into one folder etc..

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authorPOINT Lite Mini-Reviewed

authorPOINT Lite is a program designed for converting PowerPoint files to flash files, to be deployed on the web, or  to anyone who does not currently own PowerPoint.

Who is this app designed for:
This application is designed for users who wish to deploy their PowerPoint presentations to the web or want to share their presentations with others (who do not have PowerPoint, or not using a PowerPoint viewer). Also, the Save for web feature in PowerPoint, generates pages that only function correctly in Internet Explorer.

The Good
- Easy to use interface
- Manage all of the converted presentations in one interface (left pane)
- Keeps all animation effects that were applied
- Context menu added in Windows Explorer for PPT files

The needs improvement section
- To find the files to upload to web, you will have to navigate to: C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\authorGEN Projects - no direct way to see the files.
- No way to edit the individual colors of objects in the program

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Pidgin IM: Houseforge Open Source Recommendation

Pidgin IM runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unixes.

It claims to support these IM protocols (copied from their homepage, (comments) added):

  • AIM
  • Bonjour
  • Gadu-Gadu
  • Google Talk
  • Groupwise
  • ICQ
  • IRC (ok, not really IM but oh well, it's used for chatting)
  • MSN
  • MySpaceIM
  • QQ
  • SILC
  • Sametime
  • XMPP (a.k.a. jabber)
  • Yahoo!
  • Zephyr

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Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look

basically helps you print your photos, but, it has to be said: it helps a lot, which it would want to for its price(s).

Qimage is our world renowned batch printing and processing software.

    * Optimal print quality regardless of size [see first image below]
    * Optimal arrangement of prints on page
    * Mix and match different size prints on each page
    * Print cropping tool remembers all your crops
    * User controllable final print "smart sharpening"
    * Fully ICC aware color management
    * View slide shows, send photos via e-mail
    * Batch convert, create files for photo labs, etc.
    * Automated job log, save and recall jobs/settings!
    * 30 day trial available: see demo link on left
    * Free lifetime upgrades!
    * More...

Qimage is now available in Lite, Professional, and Studio Editions.
You can upgrade from one version to next for the cost difference (Compare Features Link).

    * Lite Edition: $34.95
    * Professional Edition: $49.95
    * Studio Edition: $89.95

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Personal Movie Organizers - A quick rundown

I've tried over 15 different movie database/organizer programs in the last four days in my quest for finding the best suited for my needs. I was surprised by the sheer number of programs available in this category.

I've narrowed down my choice to five six, no doubt there are other good programs in this category, some of which have been mentioned in this thread.

Five of the programs I've picked deserve a mention coz they're worth trying out once at the very least and may suit you best, depending on your requirements.

The sixth, which I think is the winner, I've covered in a little more detail...

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DC MiniReview: Direct Access - text expander and application launcher (and much more)

Main interface.png
App NameDirect Access
App Version Reviewed1.6.6
Pricing Scheme$39.95

Nagarsoft's Direct Access came onto the text expansion and application launcher scene just over a year ago and went head to head with the likes of ActiveWords and Quickeys. These are all applications that allow you to type a word, phrase, or abbreviation in any window and have a discrete dialogue pop-up offering to launch a file, open a folder, launch an application, launch a webpage, send an e-mail, insert boilerplate text or complete a phrase.

Direct Access is visually stunning and does what it is designed to do very well.

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