The NANY 2023 event is now closed.

If you are a coder, any new program (or addon) that you have released in the previous year, which is freeware/donationware for home users is eligible.

And if you are not a coder, you can still participate by helping coders with ideas and testing.

To join in the adventure, visit: The NANY 2023 forum section.

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Point Motivator

Point Motivator is an application to help motivate you to do the things you want to do.

  • Focuses your attention on a tangible reinforcement "score" that provides immediate feedback about your actions.
  • Provides an intuitive visual display of your progress over time to provide positive reinforcement.
  • Lets you configure tasks and their associated value, and share these configurations with others.
  • Lets you set up rewards you can "purchase" with your earned points, to provide additional motivation.

This is actually a fairly substantial program that i've been wanting to write for quite some time.  It's designed so that people can share their xml item definition files easily so i hope we will see people creating sets of activities and rewards for specific purposes (dieting, exercise, schoolwork, phd studies, etc).

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