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You won't find a more full-featured screen capture program for less
There are many professional tools that streamline this process, but their cost seems hard to justify for taking the occasional screen grab. Fortunately, there is Screenshot Captor, which is full of features and is free. In addition to warm fuzzies, donations garner small perks at the site and guaranteed free access to future software, should it become commercial. Neat idea.. After you use SC a while, you'll probably want to make a donation; it's that good.
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This page collects a bunch of short screencast videos demonstrating the use of my programs.
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Screenshot Captor: Easily Combine Images

I've added a new feature to the latest beta of Screenshot Captor (4.8.7), which will let you "combine" images if you drop an image file onto the current image.
The "combine" options are fairly limited at this point -- essentially it will just lay out the dropped image on any side of the existing image, and let you choose how the images are resized.

This is a quick and easy way of combining images horizontally or vertically, and doing so in a visually appealing manner.

Video screencast showing the feature in action:
Screenshot - 9_24_2014 , 12_55_36 PM_thumb001.png

ScreenshotCaptor: Manual Scrolling Capture Screencast Video

I've added a new video above demonstrating the new Manual Scrolling method:

Screenshot - 4_25_2014 , 2_02_21 PM.png

New Zoom Magnification Panel In Selecter Region Capture Mode

Demonstration of the new zoom/magnification panel in selected region capture mode.

This feature has been requested several times, most notably by Samer at freewaregenius.com.

The demonstration also shows how to place the cursor where you want it during selected region capture.

Screenshot - 4_13_2012 , 5_51_24 PM.png


Screenshot Captor: Precise Selection Nudging with the Keyboard

And for those who like to do precise cropping after the capture, from within the Screenshot Captor interface, comes this new screencast video, teaching you how to use keyboard shortcuts to nudge the selection in different ways:

Screenshot - 4_14_2012 , 2_31_22 PM.png


Screenshot Captor 3 - Window Object and Scrolling Capture Screencast Videos

Some screencast videos demostrating how to use the new Object Capture and Scrolling Window Capture tools in Screenshot Captor v3:

Using object capture (multiple objects, capturing all children):
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_19_10 PM.png

Basic scrolling window capture:
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_10 PM.png

Another scrolling window capture:
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_13 PM.png

A more troublesome scrolling window capture (ms word):
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_16 PM.png

Performing a scrolling window capture and adjusting settings manually:
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_19 PM.png

CHS Demo Screencast: Using Custom Script/Tool Formatting Presets

Screenshot - 10_10_2011 , 5_35_24 PM.png
As promised, here is a video screencast demo talking about how to use and configure custom modification presets that invoke external scripts/tools:


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