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This page collects a bunch of short screencast videos demonstrating the use of my programs.

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Screenshot Captor 3 - Window Object and Scrolling Capture Screencast Videos

Some screencast videos demostrating how to use the new Object Capture and Scrolling Window Capture tools in Screenshot Captor v3:

Using object capture (multiple objects, capturing all children):
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_19_10 PM.png

Basic scrolling window capture:
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_10 PM.png

Another scrolling window capture:
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_13 PM.png

A more troublesome scrolling window capture (ms word):
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_16 PM.png

Performing a scrolling window capture and adjusting settings manually:
Screenshot - 2_4_2012 , 12_20_19 PM.png

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