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This page collects a bunch of short screencast videos demonstrating the use of my programs.
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Screenshot Captor Screencast on Auto Upload/ftp/imageshack/dropbox/etc using ZUploader

Screenshot - 9_20_2011 , 10_40_03 AM.png
I've posted a screencast video showing how to do easy image uploading using ZUploader with Screenshot Captor.

Clipboard Help+Spell Screencast: Image Clips

Screenshot - 4_27_2011 , 11_46_34 PM_thumb.png

Clipboard Help+Spell : 15 minute video tour

Screenshot - 3_7_2011 , 12_39_00 PM_thumb.png
I have made the first overview video of CHS.. Despite my best intentions it ran to 15 minutes long.

The video is: here.

Next I will be making some more videos focusing in on how to get the most out of the program and perform specific functions.

LaunchBar Commander Screencast Video #7 - Dock Behavior and Appearance Options

Screenshot - 8_10_2010 , 1_33_08 PM_thumb.png
Video #7 discusses Dock Behavior and Appearance Options:


LaunchBar Commander Screencast Video #6 - Working with Menu Nodes

Screenshot - 8_10_2010 , 1_30_25 PM_thumb.png
Video #6 discusses working with Menu Nodes:


LaunchBar Commander Demo 5 - Using Folders and Plugins

Screenshot - 8_9_2010 , 9_23_53 PM_thumb.png
Video #5 discusses folder nodes (menus) and plugin-generated menus:


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