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  • Thursday April 18, 2024, 3:12 pm
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Author Topic: IDEA: Tray-Tool to remember & restore open Explorer-windows (Reboot or Crash)  (Read 2528 times)


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Dear Coders,
for a long time I've been missing and searching for a little helper-tool to remember my opened Explorer-windows, so it can restore them after a reboot or Explorer-crash.
For simple reboots, Windows is usually able to restore those windows after next logon, but if the explorer-process crashes before reboot (or in the middle of the session), those opened windows are usually gone.

Usually - and I guess I'm not the only one - I have around 5 to 15 explorer-windows opened I'm working with. Files, projects, tools... Some of them are mostly always the same windows/paths, others change every now and then with changing projects etc.
And a crashing explorer.exe - be it in the middle of my work or after Windows tells me to NOW do a reboot after updates etc. - usually kills the Windows-feature to "restore explorer-windows after reboot".

For some time I tried to keep track with a text-file, where I kept my paths of opened explorer-windows, but keeping it up manually is quite a pain in the neck.
Also tried putting shortcuts on my desktop... that's actually what they're intended for, right? But it's just not quite what I have in mind, as I have to maintain them manually as well.

A nice tool I use on a quite regular basis is "Rexplorer". It kills the explorer-process and restarts it, but other than what you can do manually with taskmanager (kill, then manually start again), it remembers which explorer-windows were open and it restores them. Nice!
So there obviously has to be a way to detect and remember a list of opened windows.

In addition I've been using a little piece of software ("DesktopOK") for a long time, that remembers the icon-layout on my desktop. With two screens and somewhat around 50 links, files and folders on my desktop, it's quite nice to have this little helper in the systemtray, that keeps track of the last few desktop-layouts / icon-arrangements and can restore them with one mouse-click. It can even automatically "save before reboot/shutdown" and automatically "restore saved profile on logon".

Now that's what I really need for opened explorer-windows!
It just sits in the tray, keeps a list of the paths of opened explorer-windows, remembers the last changes (at least, when I tell it to do so, nice if it also checks and saves automatically like every 30 minute sor so),
and if I feel the need, I just klick the tray-icon, it shows me a list of the last saved "profiles" and I can select one to restore and re-open those explorer-windows with their saved paths... either after an explorer-crash or after a reboot.

That would really be bliss!
Anyone else thinks, this might be a nice idea and/or feels the need for something like this?