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Thank you for making this! Would it be possible to make a GUI for those who are not so proficient with notepad? TIA

General Software Discussion / List of taskbar toolbar software
« on: April 11, 2024, 02:21 AM »
I thought it might not be a bad idea to make a list software that works from the taskbar. Feel free to add what I missed.

TrayPlayer,  plays music

True Launchbar, a quick launch replacement

Everything Toolbar, search with everything search

Luachtaskbar, displays the daily prayer times for those of the Jewish faith.

Just decided to cross-post it here, in case anyone wants to work of any of those.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: water-soaked electronics solutions
« on: February 07, 2024, 10:22 PM »
You're referring to silicon gel I packs I think.
Kitty litter works fine but a food dehydrator works fast I think.

Living Room / Re: Youtube will hide dislike counts under all videos
« on: February 07, 2024, 01:28 PM »
This extension will fix that.


General Software Discussion / [IDEA] bounty for certain software
« on: January 10, 2024, 12:58 PM »
I understand this site is mainly for those who want to code for free but if there is a bigger project nobody wants to freelance, perhaps there could be an option to pay for the coding. I'm curious to hear everyone's feedback

Description from its website:

Pismo File Mount Audit Package is a Windows application that allows users to mount the contents of ZIP, ISO, and Private Folder files to the file system as virtual folders.

Homepage -
Download - http://www.pismotech...wnload/pfmap-041.exe

This does the same thing.


General Software Discussion / Re: Annoying McAfee refuses to quit
« on: November 27, 2023, 10:12 PM »
Hibit uninstaller is what you are looking for.


Something like the DNS requests feature in the Adaway app for android. I know there is wireshark but thats too bulky, it logs everything and all I want is to track which domains a program (chrome for example) connects too so I can block the tracking with a hosts file like someone did with Edge.

Thanks in advance.

link to the software OP referenced.

Hello Coders!

This is my 1st day here in this forum and i've been seeing some good codes here so why not try to request :)


A new DLL to change the default windows title for the .exe since the developer doesn't want to remove their branding even we paid for the files and services.

Must be:
    • Permanent
    • .DLL to hook to .exe

Here's the screenshot of the default windows title that they don't want to remove

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Thank you so much and if this is a paid one just let me know the price.

God bless!

I know a solution has been found but if you want the file patched directly, I don't mind giving it a shot.

Seems like alot, if not all of these can be done with various extensions/greasemonkey scripts.

General Software Discussion / Re: Listary 6 released
« on: May 22, 2023, 07:23 PM »
So why would one use Listery over Everything?

Listary has a find as you type feature, I havent seen anywhere else. As in, you just start typing and as long as its running, listary will pop up and search whatevr you're looking for.

Microsoft Edge 64 bit downloads keep bringing me to the Enterprise Edition.  If I am running Windows 11 Home edition isn't that overkill?  Seems like it should not be this tough to find out what the deal is.  I wonder if the preinstalled version is lugging around too much database crap.  As I update it seems to get less stable.  So for now I have done the updater wammy similar to Opera.  Namely renaming the update exe file so that the About Box arrow spins forever.

Anyone have insight to simplify the issue?

It's microsoft so there is alot of telemetry and whatnot in the background slowing it down. (in all fairness, most other companies do it too)
But fear not, someone made a hosts file to block the tracking. https://www.reddit.c...acking_in_microsoft/

"" Not to rain on your parade, but why would you want to use the spyware?"

Because sometimes they make great software that I can't find any substitute for.

To give an example, there is Clover ( which adds tabs and bookmarks to Explorer, its nice but its loaded with malware, so I was thinking of either blocking the malware with the hosts file or maybe getting rid of the malware from it. Or, maybe this is the right place to ask if someone could maybe, make a clone without the malware.

There are many software which are nice but they have alot of tracking (chrome for example) I was thinking if it's possible to make something that can get a list of the domains a program connects too, and then provide options to block them in the hosts file, this way, you can still use spyware but it blocks it from sending your info.

You can run 16bit stuff on win10 with this
Win11 doesn't work with it as yet, though
Claris EZ Business Cards

Well perhaps you will like UltraCompare then

Synchronize It! and Compare It! - superb GUI design, I still use them to this day for small simple jobs - one can still buy them, they still work, but unfortunately not upgraded for many many years. Synchronize It! can even copy sparse files, which is extremely rare.

Have they been forgotten? I thought they were still being sold? I use them all the time.

Maybe it is more like not getting the love they deserve!

Cool Edit Pro. It was the leading audio production software up until Adobe bought it from Syntrillium in 2003 and renamed it Audition 1.0. Then Adobe tampered with it and released Audition 1.5 which was plagued with problems. CEP is so stable that I visited a radio station in New Market Virginia in 2019 and that was still using it for radio production. I assume that was on a PC running Windows XP but I didn't ask about that.

Interesting. Personally I like the UI of audition better, but here you go.

I haven't tried the W2G yet, but I may try it out sometime.

A more modern version here:

This is a great list.  There are a number of goodies there that I have never heard of.  Thanks for the point.

My pleasure.  I made a list with the stuff I use personally.
@ibay770 Have you used WinToUSB successfully?

A more modern version here:

This is a great list.  There are a number of goodies there that I have never heard of.  Thanks for the point.

My pleasure.  I made a list with the stuff I use personally.

HiJaak Pro was a great screen capture and graphic converter that was included with corel trace as of the last version i had used

What could it do that today's programs can't? You have Sharex for screenshots and Sagethumbs for thumbnails.

I know what web page I miss: Zaine's Great Software List.

In 2005 it was the bee's knees, and somewhat of an inspiration for donationcoder..

[ Invalid Attachment ]

A more modern version here:

For me it was WinXP. I'm still using it (among all later versions of Win) since I am using programs I need for work that have never been upgraded for later Win Versions. WinXP is actually the master sys to network all computers running later systems. WinXP still proves to be the most stable system. Win7,8, and even 10 are crashing (not often of course!) WinXP doesn't. The system runs 12 hours 7 days at average. The only problem is now to not get good graphic cards anymore that would run with XP. So far I failed to find an nvdia for my system. The old graphic card gets weaker and weaker, it won't supply any more dual screen, and when it fails completely, that would be the end of my XPeriance. Very sad!

Sounds like you would enjoy this:

It's a team effort to keep xp running on modern hardware.

The one that comes to mind for me is WordStar, a ground breaking word processor from back in the character-mode CP/M & DOS days.  It didn't successfully make the jump to graphical environments.  They got killed by WordPerfect and MS Word.

Pioneered the use of the ESDX 'diamond' for cursor movement (when the Ctrl key was held down).  Way back then keyboards didn't always have dedicated arrow keys.  Made far more sense to me than Vi's HLJK scheme. 

I just threw out an old manual/floppy box from the 80's that I had kept around for nostalgia reasons.

"ESDX 'diamond' for cursor movement (when the Ctrl key was held down" can you clarify what this means?  Also whats stopping someone from writing an addon for wordperfect to do the same?

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