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Author Topic: [NANY 2019] - unnamed Wallpaper Tool - [suggestions welcome]  (Read 5437 times)


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Dear DC Community,

I would like to introduce a small program.
the idea comes from this thread initiated by Curt.

In short, as a request i did a small tool that opens associated program with current set Wallpaper.

Current Manual:
Welcome to Open Wallpaper v1.1
(c)reated by KodeZwerg for DC in 2018

-Curt Edition-

Extract the OpenWallpaper.7z anywhere
if you like it in "Program", take care to choose correct location!
32bit belongs in here \Program Files (x86)\
64bit belongs in here \Program Files\

Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
A Dialog will appear, click [OK], thats it.
From this point you can right click on desktop and choose "Open Wallpaper".
This would run any associated application according to fileextension found.

Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
Choose [No], delete OpenWallpaper.exe, thats it.

Updating Registry:
(needed if you copy OpenWallpaper.exe elsewhere or rename it)
Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
Choose [Yes], thats it.

you can pre-test application by run "OpenWallpaper.exe -open", if it succeed you can follow above guide.

add 32 or 64 for .exe name according to your version
the "Curt" Edition will be used as Preview in here: 32bit or 64bit (you will need 7zip or compatible to extract)
Thats how it looks after successful installation: Screenshot - 16_10.jpg

In theory it should work with any Windows Version where this application can be run on. I removed Windows 8+ as requirement and added downward compability support.

Whats my future plans with it?
I will convert whole app to a context menu handler (such do support submenu)
Since this is a fresh territory to me, i might have a bumpy start that might be buggy, please have respect with me.
Add Multi-Monitor support.
SubMenu would contain:
- Open in Explorer
- Open Image
- Edit Image (i need to investigate system registry to do such, i might find more options that shell offers to do, like Print)
- Set New Image (that would open a filedialog to locate a picture)
- Copy Filename
- show Filename (that would OSD current filename)
- hide Filename
- remove Menu (that would my way to let you remove my thing)
(i dont know yet exactly how to support multi monitor within SubMenu, let me suprise you, i am happy to find out)
if all goes well, i think adding image display mode change like Windows 10 offers "can" be possible (stretch/fit/default etc)
Later editions could contain some "Add Text" feature etc etc etc, whatever is needed i try to realize.

or i do a real application with GUI and bling bling, you as community decide wich way this project should go. SysTray app would also possible, or a mix :-)
I am happy to do and offer all Delphi coders to share code.

you can reach me more direct in DC's IRC #DonationCoder channel on
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Re: [NANY 2019] - unnamed Wallpaper Tool - [suggestions welcome]
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 05:58 AM »
i was told that i forgot to mention, those test applications, you just need either 32 or 64, the 32bit should work on any machine, 64bit limited to 64bit OS.

final product might have install.exe to let you choose or plain 32bit :)
(for such kind of application i see no real advantage/usage that it should be 64bit)

if no replies are comming, i will put my nose in books and read more about context menu handlers :-)


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Re: [NANY 2019] - unnamed Wallpaper Tool - [suggestions welcome]
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2018, 05:34 AM »
Hi .o/

I'm surprised that noone has answered to this yet. Anyway, here are a few suggestions for the program's name :

- Send Wallpaper To
- Wallpaper Action
- Wallpaper Toolkit
- With Wallpaper Do
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Re: [NANY 2019] - unnamed Wallpaper Tool - [suggestions welcome]
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2018, 04:27 PM »
Seeing as Curt suggested it...a fun name would be "Curtains" (Open your curtains so your wallpaper can be seen!)