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  • February 18, 2020, 04:33 AM
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This sound a bit challenging, i could try to create a program with this behavior, tell me if i am wrong on any line:

boot phase:
1. create a program thats only icon driven (notification area where the clock is)
2. ability to auto-load my app when windows boot
3. load last settings in memory
4. wait some time to give windows a chance to load other auto-loaded applications
5. as soon as a new process is loaded check if my app has a setting stored and force new window to be moved to stored position

icon phase
1. create minimal menu entries like "save current positions", "auto load my app on/off", "reset settings"

shut down phase:
1. let my app wait until windows shuts down
2. crawl thru all current active windows and remember their position
3. let windows shut down normal

problematic phase where i dont know yet how to handle:
1. applications that are minimized could be a problem since their positions arent revealed
2. applications that are just notification icons (like my own app), same as above

future phase:
1. maby create a window where you can see and edit stored settings...
2. maby create a window where you could choose wich windows you like to save manual...
3. other stuff that you like to have...

would such a thing be a solution to your request?

ps: the app that i create has nothing to do with desktop coral, it's standalone on it's own.

Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / Re: Rewriting 2xl simulator in html5
« on: January 29, 2020, 03:25 AM »
Due time conflict i cant accept to fully integrate my skills for a complete project but i can offer you help to program javascript code (if it would help)

Just let me know.


I do really liked Plague Inc: The Board Game. (about $30 on Amazon)
More Board Games i did not bought 2019  :-[

Hi, RAD Studio (Delphi) is a language wich can compile for all major platforms, but only accepts C++ or Pascal format.
Visual Code might also do what you wrote.


What I have investigated is that I am not able to fix.
The lines how it get's it's stuff are programmed "okay" but it seems that they do not send "one file/stream" instead they send many small garbled packages where I do not know how to glue them together to be one file afterwards again.
It looks like they send raw data for their own player.
If you know fresh API's to solve that, let me know.

I am sorry!

The program I am trying to configure is from 2001 April
So I can't scale the font with the mouse wheel
Scaling ability is a programmers feature not a standard, even if nowadays many apps can do.

I have goldmine under virtualbox, but I need sometimes to see registers and made look up from the system....
Simply set up another virtual machine, just for your "i want that app upscaled"-thingy  :Thmbsup:

After thinking a bit on your problem i might have a good working solution.
Install VMware/Hyper-V/VirtualBox or similar.
Install targets program OS and the target itself.
Adjust the windows setting (125% you said).
From now on you have just this app upscaled and the rest is still like it was.

50-100GB free space on a drive
6-8GB RAM, 2-4GB for virtual machine
time to install and set everything up.

Does that method solve your problem?

Resize a Font individual to a specific size can only be done, aslong i know, by application itself.
Windows just brings either reset all for one dpi/size or use screen magnify.
For some quick results, there might be a chance to AHK it, but AHK aint my territory so i can only help to program a resizer but for that i would need a minimalistic portable version of your target program.

Since me is a Delphi Fan, I am currently downloading, watch this evening on it and write more when done.
Wich Delphi Version are you using (if it matters....)

Since the stuff AHK is able to do it should stay permanent as a virus/trojan/alert.
Just my humble opinion.
As always you can "trust" them after testing things out.
If you want "virus-free**", simply code the mechanism by yourself or ask how-to and you get help.
Another way would be to self-sign the .exe, than users get a "non-valid" signature warning instead of a possible infected file warning.
Or finally buy a real signed license for each .exe you give away...

** in no way i do mean that AHK is virus, but the abilities are in such a wide range, doing positive or negative things...

General Software Discussion / Re: youtube downloader?
« on: December 11, 2019, 05:16 AM »
youtube-dl and no browser window.
Best an very ease to handle.
In my case, running in a VM a Linux just for doing this task :-)
Working with alias may help to reduce syntax with just one argument, two aliases if just audio is required :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Good Freeware Video Editor?
« on: December 06, 2019, 01:46 AM »
For Windows and Mac:
I really dont know if it support the wanted feature, but in general it is a sweet tool and for a few days even for free. <- Original Link
german <- Free Giveaway Version

Open 2nd link
click "Download Vollversion"
another window open
click "Download Server xyz"

When all went good, you have received a .zip file.
Inside .zip archive is a .pdf and a .exe
Install product by executing .exe
Open .pdf and type inside VideoProc "Register" screen the number from .pdf.

Have fun and enjoy :)

Be aware, the license key is meant for the .exe inside .zip only and cant be used with later versions...!
So do not update VideoProc unless you buy it.

BTW: VideoProc uses Hardware accelerated GPU encoding/decoding, thats why i use it :-]

General Software Discussion / Re: Hosting photos on your own site
« on: November 01, 2019, 05:15 AM »
I have not tested it by myself, just read a bit into... you might like it
it looks to be free

There you can create slideshows or other style arts based on given templates.

Idea: add function to morph 2 (or a set of more?) images as an animated gif output? (maby with a "resolution tweaker" if images dont match or set to specific width*height output?)

Q: Wich was the first animal on Earth?
A: Zebra
Q: Why?
A: It's black and white :D

Living Room / Re: Cooking with tourettes
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:50 AM »
i am sorry for my message and removed it.

Coding Snacks / Re: Killing app the way Alfred can in OSX
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:41 AM »
For Windows i personal support and use this piece of software "Process Hacker"

Here is a link to sources or installer or creator  :P

Process Hacker main page

(other tools often have access violations, this one has its own hook to really get access to everything)

ps: take care what you do, in hook mode you can kill everything up to a windows blue screen of death!
pps: you are not limited to kill processes, you can also kill services etc.... again, take care!

Living Room / Re: DC on Discord :O
« on: October 21, 2019, 09:22 AM »
Either they do not accept germans or no temp mail  :-\
Just wanted to drop a "Hi!"

but anytime i hear a hard drive clicking, i immediately order a new replacement drive.  ill have it sitting there ready, because with clicking you never know.  sometimes ill end up with 2-3 extra drives, but totally worth it for that one time when it fails.
a wise man would also start backup/clone of "maby" defect drive(s)
used or unused dont matter, what you have, nobody can take away.... whats lost is .... bye  :'(

(okay, if you pay alot of money, some pro's can rebuild hdd content from a headcrashed drive)

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: Chat LAN Client
« on: October 17, 2019, 01:37 AM »

What i did:
CLC -- file -- open another instance
The first instance's message is OK
But the second instance's message is always "Enter Text to be send in here..."
That's no bug, that is normal.
Another Instance is nothing more than (like name suggest) another instance.
Like if you doubleclick clc.exe to run it twice, triple quattro times....
I've included this to run clc.exe again if i open/join another room.
Just a small helper (same like in cls.exe "open clc instance")
(....soon this is obsolete anyway, since i am working on "many rooms in one application" code...)

Tell me please wich reaction you supposed should happen, thanks!

Thanks for testing!

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: Chat LAN Client
« on: October 16, 2019, 01:47 AM »
New version with a bad bug, but i would like to show what i've done so far.
Take care, they are not compatible.

Current version: 0.0.4

Have fun exploring new features.

Bug is: it wont send all multilines correct.... very very soon fixed!

Main feature now is, the Server is a server (not a chat client anymore), and clients are what they should be :)
Server traffic reduced dramatical since i do now client-to-client transmissions (except BroadCast feature)

Thank you for warning!

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Chat LAN Client
« on: September 30, 2019, 05:29 AM »
Welcome to my little chatty fun project!

What's the point: hmmm Chat!  :-*

Little more information:
You will need the Server file for the Server and the Client for the Clients, sound good, right?  :]
ATM no security, all transmission is pure !!!
No file send/receive possible, soon!

How to:
Run server application on Server, press 'Start' (firewall might pop up to ask for permission)
Server Bug: ATM a wrong IP for server is returned, so get it via "cmd -> ipconfig" or elsewhere.

Run Client application, press menu "Tools -> Configuration" and enter the port and IP from Server application.
Press "Store settings", back in main press "connect", if everything setted up okay, you will know it  :Thmbsup:

Things on my ToDo list:
  - show correct IP on Server application
  - implement UPD Data transmission for files
  - implement "Rooms & Private Chats"
  - implement security in severall ways (help -> manual shows a bit wich things i plan)
  - Change Name of Applications  :P

Have fun, i'm ready for critic, hate and love or other suggestions  :D

Hi there scriptkid, there is no secure way to change an applications caption/title except by "WinSpy" things like publicdomain does.

File has crc checks inside = file would become corrupted.
File is packed (exe packer) = you cant find proper offset.

Another limitation by exe patching would be, caption/title (yes, there are two of them) new name must be same length or shorter, but never longer than original.

Sorry to kill your dream/wish for a permanent patching mechanism.

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