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  • Tuesday February 27, 2024, 9:24 pm
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Author Topic: Valentines sale - NOLO PRESS 40% off all items and NO STARCH PRESS has 40% off  (Read 2901 times)


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Received an email today stating that everything is now 40% off at nolo.

store link

NOTE: The NOLO discounts decrease in value, everyday. So the sooner you purchase a nolo product (of interest) the bigger discount you'll receive.
Discounts decrease as the sale ending date draws nearer.
1.  40% OFF   
Use promo code:
Valid Feb 15-19

2. 30% OFF
Use promo code:
Valid Feb 20-22

3. 25% OFF
Use promo code:
Valid Feb 23-26

Thumbnail pics, showing all sales dates and sales discounts per date, should appear below.

nolo press 40-percent sale 2-15-018.jpgValentines sale - NOLO PRESS 40% off all items and NO STARCH PRESS has 40% off


No Starch Press

40% off
because we love you

This Valentine's Day, take 40% off
everything at
through February 16, 2018.

with <3,
Your Friends from No Starch


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Just wanted to say that the NOLO books are some of the best readable legal books for the layperson.


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I bought several over the holidays, during their 50% off sale. Some were in fact to address family matter legal issues.

The ONLY problem on my end was I probably overdid it.

The problems on NOLO's end was they sent 2, disproportionately weighted shipping boxes for my order's shipment.
Common sense would dictate that they'd balance out the 2 S&H weights involved, but NO!

- 2 normal sized books inside of  one box. A box the size of USPS Medium flat rate box.
- the remainder of the order's other books were all stuffed inside of the other box. A box, which I might add that was MASSIVELY HEAVY [nearly a 2 person lift] box.
(size wise, it was like a home depot moving box, that's like 16" x 16" x 12" in size. Then imagine that someone proceeds to dump a whole collection of the old-school, printed, hard bound  encyclopedia's from like 1980-something. That sort of weight adds up, even if you HAVE a hand truck)

Nolo's box had  CLEARLY NO WARNING labels regarding it's weight and safely lifting it [not even for the carriers involved in the boxe's transit across country, to reach my doorstep]
such as:
  • -a "Heavy" label
  • -2-person lift label
  • - use proper lifting techniques label[/b]

Despite their lack of knowledgeable packing and shipping insight and/or techniques,  I was very happy with the overall deal, during BF through Christmas time [50% off, if I remember correctly].

Almost the same with No Starch Press, except they had been running a July 4th sale and so their  sales were more spread out. Not just a sales period that had been shoe-horned into a timeframe of days between BF and cyber monday.

I didn't buy the same amount of books from No Starch, but at least the book pkg/box was a 1 person lift  :D

Nice thing about either book vendor is you normally have access to a eBook version, as a so called "Early Release Edition".
Plus, a PDF or ebook or mobi is probably easier to run SEARCH functions against, vs. the paperback book.
Making them easier to study and locate specific topics within.

I did point out to NOLO, that while I appreciated their great holiday  50% discount they extended to all buyers,. they really need to consider how they pkg orders. Like, why not utilize 2 medium weight boxes vs. 1 lightweight and one super-heavy.
(I literally had to ROLL the HEAVY box up the front doorsteps, over the threshold and across the floor, as I was the only one home at the time).

Other than that, both places , Nolo & No Starch press, are both stand up companies, when it comes to IT related knowledge and/or training books,videos and ebooks.