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Author Topic: WSUS Offline Update 11.1.1 not downloading Updates for Win7?  (Read 3929 times)


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WSUS Offline Update 11.1.1 not downloading Updates for Win7?
« on: February 01, 2018, 02:46 AM »
Hello, i need some suggestion in this post.
I want to download updates for Win7(32bit) for offline installation.
It really doesn't bother me if i do not update; i am not big on it.
But i kind a searched and found a tool that does that.
The tool is called WSUS Offline Update 11.1.1
The site:
Last time i did was the first time i updated and it also downloaded an update that significantly improved the display in the screen.
In small ways.Instead of backing up and doing all those thing, i thought why not download Updates that is installable in offline mode.
But i am having problem with this, it doesn't go beyond this error.
Error with WSUS Offline Update 11.1.1.jpgWSUS Offline Update 11.1.1 not downloading Updates for Win7?
So can anyone who has done some kind of Update know about this problem.
You could download this tool and try it for yourself.
Other tools that could do offline Update: https://www.raymond....line-windows-update/
Hope you understood it.
OS:Win XP SP3 and Win7 Pro


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Re: WSUS Offline Update 11.1.1 not downloading Updates for Win7?
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 05:11 AM »
Have you tried to remove all updates/patches/downloads that are linked to sysinternals and retry? All the tools on the SysInternals website are also available as separate downloads, but also as one whole zipped archive. Then it is called: SysInternals Suite  and this 23MByte download (give or take) shouldn't be a problem, even for bandwidth starved types of internet connection anywhere in the world.

Personally, I always download the suite whenever there is a new version of it, because I deem this software to be essential on any Windows installation. As far as I know, any of the software from SysInternals is updated irregularly, so you don't need to redownload the same tools over and over whenever you decide to use WSUS.

When taking a look at your screenshot, it appears that the WSUS software is not able to download directly from the sysinternals website. Whether that is a configuration problem on their end or on yours, is not that clear. Not to be offensive or anything, but it is more likely that the configuration mistake occurs on your end.

Please take into account that it won't be long anymore before Microsoft pulls the support plug on Windows 7 very soon, meaning that Microsoft completely stops making any patch/update/download for Windows 7. Microsoft really wants you to migrate to Windows 10 and without any type of support for Windows 7, you probably should...from a security standpoint, at least. Then there is the debate about (lack of) privacy with Windows 10...but that is a different can of worms...and there appears to be no end to that supply of cans in the future.

Anyway, after support for Windows 7 stops, your problems with Windows 7 updates through WSUS will automatically stop too. You might consider that the proverbial 'silver lining'.