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Author Topic: Set the default save for a webpage to mht format.  (Read 3999 times)


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Set the default save for a webpage to mht format.
« on: July 03, 2014, 01:04 AM »
This one I had thought would be the Big Kahuna for my "always wanting to have to all" file download info.  I had been playing around with the file save on a webpage to be able to read through some of the scripts when it dawned on me that the Mht format was an Excellent and compact way to save... Everything!  It saves ALL the links, all the data, all the related hyper links and just about everything a researcher could ask for when sifting through all the diamonds in the rough trying to find a solution to a problem.
When I go on these "scavenger hunts" I usually get in a "Don't stop till you drop" fluing from hyperlinmk to hyperlink in a cvhase to find the "Ultimate Solutition'
This inevitably results in downloading at least 40 different apps, scripts, programs, you name it.  I have asked many timed for a way to link all these interesting downloads in some way that I could find them when needed as the original Search inevitably morphs into totally different questions that had nothing to do with my original need but they ALL look like something one day I would like to know more about.
I guess I am a Knowledge Junkie :)  I should go "On The Wagon" and limit my drinks from the well of Internet Knowledge to one or two per week but..
AThere is so m,uch out there.
Anyway, the problem at hand was HOW would I EVER find out what I was thinking at the time much less find my way back to where I downloaded a file named "XD12objldv2.3a.exe" or some other weird acronym but at the time, the info on the page was enough to make me SURE I was going to need that info to create HG Wells Time Machine or some other.

Anyway, Lo and Behold, the simple .mht" web-archive file was a Gift from the Gods.  It had EVERYTHING including the references that got me there and the text that caught my eyte.  Imaginer my dismay to finf out that Default "Save As" for a Webpage was some clunky multi file/folder setup until i accidentally saved one as an "mht".
NOW I had a way to0 not only get everything I wanted but it the default name for the webpage mht file was descriptive enough to be used as a search tool.
A directory full of these mht files would be an invaluable resource and could be sorted by fate or contents of the filename. They contrain the actual working hyperlinks to re download any files I did not take time to get the first go-round

Now, i only needed way to :
1: make the mht format the DEfault format for Save As.  Yes, I know I can create a Save as Mht Button for the browser (IE anyway) and i did. Wehen i can remember to use it.  Old habits die hard.  Save as was the only way I had till then.
2:  find a way to gert it all.  Be able to search "textually" within the mht without having to open each one.
3:  create some kind of special Searchable MHt reference database (that was the reason for the read the words inside without having to open)
The end result of a search would give me all the knowledge I had gleaned from previous "rampages" where the only thing I wanted was a way to be able to get back to anything i saw that looked to be interesting or likely to be needed one day. 
And preferably keep them all in a single folder by default.  Like Favorites for MHT files.

And being paranoid, i probably would be downloading at least one or more of the resources on the pages I found so a way to link those downloads back to the mht file I created from the site where i got them would be very handy.

zI figured i better ask fore the Starts so I might at least get the Moon,  :)  Anybody have any ideas?  First step is figure out WHY SOMETIMES IE and other browser will do a site in mht and then keep using mht until for an unknown reason it shift back to html.  Seconfd step is find a way to put the downloads from that mht-file into a folder by the name of the file.

All of this could go under "Scavenger Hunt"  :)
i can see how to create the folder by the name of the mht.  I can see how to get the mht into that folder.  I can even see how to get any DL's from that "mht" to be stored in the same folder so the Downloads and the page itself are all indexed into folders named by the words that were of interest.
I just don't see an easy way to script this al out , I would have to do each one manually.
And what;s the fun in that?

This might be a little bit over the top for a Coding Snack.  But thanks

Stoic Joker

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Re: Set the default save for a webpage to mht format.
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 07:07 AM »
Posting in a hurry, but this looked promising: