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Author Topic: 76 Windows managers available for evaluation on a single CD!  (Read 4229 times)


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A short while ago I was trying to remember the name of a certain distro that had several WMs available, and that was intended to allow a user to evaluate them in a handy manner.

I couldn't remember the name of it then. But Distrowatch just refreshed my memory. It's called: LinuxBBQ and packs 76 (and counting) different desktops to try.

From the website:

What is LinuxBBQ?

         LinuxBBQ is a multi-purpose operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux "sid" branch,
                        spiced up with kernels and tools from siduction, grml and LinuxMint.
                        The BBQ offers different flavours and desktops to build up from ("Roast Your Own") that
         can be customized and remixed by the user. Community contributions are consequently implemented.
         Furthermore, special purpose desktop solutions are being actively developed and released.
         The editions - coming in different setups of WM/DE and applications - are designed
                        to be configured and customized by the end-user.
                        Redistributable ISOs that are bootable from USB, CD or DVD can be easily produced in short time.

Why LinuxBBQ?

         We believe the entirety of the Linux landscape has its worth to the general Linux community,
                        and it would be silly to exclude a certain WM/DE or application based upon little more than
                        prejudice and hearsay. So, we allow users an easy way to try them all out,
         but each with a setup that will work (and work well) on nearly every computer out
                        there (with some unavoidable exceptions of course), and we encourage users to "Roast Your Own".
                        Naturally, this means the inclusion of proprietary elements. We are well aware this goes against
                        the grain of the common FOSS ideas, but frankly, we care more for actually getting a working system
         than for sitting behind our wifi-less computers as the victors of idealism.

Note that this isn't a distro that's intended to be used "as is." But it can serve as the base in order to "roast your own" Linux banquet. It's more of an experimental or educational evaluation platform and toolbox. The maintainers warn:

Why is LinuxBBQ not recommended for me?

         We do not say that LinuxBBQ is the best distro under the sun - quite the opposite.
                        It will most probably not fit the average users needs.
                        There are many, many reasons not to come to BBQ-Land.

         1) LinuxBBQ is more or less default Debian Unstable  
         2) You will probably not have "plug-and-play" out of the box, for example
                           your printer needs to be set up via CUPS (and CUPS is also not pre-installed) - in our
                           opinion not everybody needs to have all services and daemons ticking in the background.
                           If you need additional services, you will have to set them up by yourself.
                           Of course the BBQ staff is happy to help you.
                           But think twice if you want to get your hands *greasy*.
         3) You have to edit configuration files to make things look like you want them and you will
                           need to spend countless hours customizing the look & feel. Believe us, you will probably
                           want to go back to the "fast-food" distros, and enjoy the defaults there.
         4) The BBQ philosophy is: provide the meat, let the user season. So, you will have to download
                           your favourite applications. They are partly coming from experimental sources and carry much
                           higher version numbers than what you find in Debian Stable. If you don't want to run the
                           newest GIMP, Inkscape, Iceweasel browser or WINE, look somewhere else.

Definitely not for the complete novice. However, those with some Linux experience under their belts can have a lot of fun, and possibly learn a few things sampling all the goodies LinuxBBQ brings to the table.

More at the LinuxBBQ website. Find it here.


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Re: 76 Windows managers available for evaluation on a single CD!
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 09:25 PM »
Stream-of-consciousness log...

Booting the default option didn't seem to go anywhere here using VirtualBox, but choosing the vga option worked :)

To log in...username / password: bbq / bbq

Choose 'r' for README and take a picture for later reference or for those with decent cognitive abilities, read and remember -- type 'q' to exit.

Log in again and choose 't' for "Start X session", and choose some window manager.

The Ctrl-Alt-Backspace key sequence seems handy to exit the current window manager -- choose another window manager if still curious.

Looks like they used xbindkeys to get many(?) of their window manager setups to use a common set of key sequences -- nice.

On a side note, if any one knows how to achieve alt-tab like behavior from the command line (so this can be set up via xbindkeys), I'd appreciate hearing how :)
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