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  • Wednesday October 4, 2023, 1:11 am
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Author Topic: Website using cshtml - Razor - IIS-7 and maybe dotnet4.0  (Read 3918 times)


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Website using cshtml - Razor - IIS-7 and maybe dotnet4.0
« on: October 27, 2013, 11:54 AM »
This is totally a "question" not  aneed for a program but to  gain enough knowledge to finish a job.
This company bought a new software package that allows their service people to connect to their ServiceReport software via web through an SSL connection.  The people inside the office also use the same software but they enter it from a  link on their local systems.  The remote module is for the techs in the field.  They connect to a web-address that uses a static IP configured in IIS7 server 2008R2.  The main program uses  a SQL database but that part is working for the people inside already.
The problems came up when I tried to connect through the outside via web.  First, the software they use is a little on the "under-supported" side.  If iyt works on the inside, the rest is up to their local IT guy (me).  But they have changed their setup at east twice since I began 2 weeks ago as they found problems with Windows 8. 
That was just to give you some insight as to why I can't just call their tech support to get an answer.  I did.  Their reply was they don't know anything about how it works basically.
The site they connect to is written with a program called RAZOR which I am not familiar with.  ALL the code has .cshtml extensions which will not open with any browser I have tried and the best I can get is various "550", "403"  error codes.  Yet I have followed to the letter the instructions they sent. (which were written for windows XP!)  They do not even mention the need for dotnet40  I found that out by accident.  Their installer puts in dotnet3.5.

OK.  My question is this:  Does anyone know if their is a way to convert CSHTML to normal HTML so I can at least figure out what file is the one for website entry
(it isn't "index.anything'  or if it is, their software installer doesn't create it).   This is nothing more than a password protected gateway into their service module from the internet.  The only program I have worked with like it also uses SQL database etc. but the users connect via VPN.  In that program each user once connected through a secure VPN then connects to the main program database and uses their own copy of the client software.

Right now, I am just trying to get this "cshtml" website to open even using localhost. I can access the system via the web-address but after that it isn't binding to the correct files to open a web-login
I would even be happy to load this thing onto APACHE under Windows 7