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  • October 17, 2019, 01:26 PM
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Author Topic: (Lots of images) Review: 42Goals finally becomes a one of a kind web application  (Read 2405 times)

Paul Keith

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42goals started out as a less recognized more powerful version of Joe's Goals.

As you can see from the screenshot, the options are a lot more diverse than that of Joe's Goals and other habit trackers but don't worry - it defaults to the basic counter set up and all you just need is to type your task name and hit save and you get the same simplicity of Joe's Goals.

Unique features

Icon search

Icon search is very hit and miss. Constantly chucking out errors and sometimes forcing you to go back to the main page before you can get your icon search results back but when it works, you get tons of icons to choose from at the price of free and since you only ever need to get a custom icon once for each task, it's not really that annoying.

Note: When you first open the task list, there are preset icons that are always there so it's not like you have to search and wait just to get an icon for your task.

Additional Parameters:

The main appeal of 42goals. Note that I didn't verify if the stats really work but here is the latest fix sheet from their blog:

Bug fixes and etc.
  • Fixed sorting goals
  • Fixed wrong counting of monthly values
  • Fixed wrong data aggregation when building charts
  • Performance enhancements

Some alternative suggestions of what to put for unit of measurements: pages/rounds/breaks/cup/sequence/argument


I don't use this much but as you can see, it has enough elements to serve as a recurring reminder application also.

Chart settings:

There's a cool new feature later for this but for now this is the last of the unique settings that 42goals offer seeing as it's very rare for any free application to have charts at all.

Notes in an icon:

Unlike Joe's Logbook, notes are built into a pop-up and I don't really know if you can see the note elsewhere in a list but whenever you reclick the icon, it will show the notes you wrote there. (but be sure to click the green check icon to save the note!)

Btw the image not loading there? I didn't pick an icon so that's probably the reason for why it looks that way.

Boosted Edition:

One thing nice about 42goals is that it doesn't list the premium features but instead treats the features like most premium desktop software where certain features are locked so you know you're not being sold on a feature you're not sure you really need.


Click on any of the star and you get this screen:

Which leads to this screen:

A full version that you can play around with with no time limits

Features include:
a timer (stopwatch) and multiple tabs

Going One of a Kind: Click on Link for official blog update post


This is how it looks blank:

Alot of these are meant for public profile sharing but in reality these features could just as serve to allow you to have a personal habit tracker private diary of your tasks.

The goal tab alone is like a +1 sub-tab without having to pay for the premium edition of the application.
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