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Living Room / Re: Help (I'm stuck, I'm posting this everywhere)
« on: April 04, 2020, 01:35 PM »
I'm one and the same.

Living Room / Help (I'm stuck, I'm posting this everywhere)
« on: April 04, 2020, 11:57 AM »
The truth is I've been living a double faced lie this five years.

To the general population, I'm your typical internet netizen minus maybe a lack of general skills here and there about the most basic of knowledge. finally caught up to me. I'll quote this forum with a translated version of my problem that was posted in a Free Legal Advice Facebook Group for the Philippines.

(Note: I have never received any advises at all. That group didn't. Mad in Asia rejected my submission. My time is running close.)

I've been released back and forth for 5 years in a psychiatric ward.

There has been no consistent reason and that's why my parents and my relatives could gang up on me because all they have to do is misplace the records and not one psychiatrist ever asked for a genogram. It took a person named Angelo Subida who the local ambulance doesn't consider an authority to keep me from being sent inside to even suggest these words to my parents.

The evidence for my entrance is so thin that each of my medications were changed everytime.

Psychiatrists would tell me I would never be sent back in. They don't believe me the first time, the second time and so on and so forth.

I was forced to contact the Commission of Human Rights but as I would discover when I did this for a friend who was inside - they would never update me.

I'm monitored right now and this latest psych ward suggested I have a regular companion. A companion that would prevent me from seeking an attorney.

I couldn't amass a large enough money to file a suit but more importantly no matter who I sought whether it's the Philippines Ethics Commission or the Department of Social Welfare and Development, only one name pops up: A Miss Janice Cambri.

On the surface the name is so appealing. The only person to argue for psych ward involuntary incarceration to be torture during the Mental Health Act hearing.

In truth, she didn't protect me during 2018 when I think I last posted here. I was inside a psychiatric ward for 1 year and 3 months after that.

Her advises were replays of her old advice when I was helping my friend. Seek the CHR. When I mentioned it didn't work, she replied and revered to a relative of hers that works at a PAO...except there was no address on where to seek that relative.

She even insisted that she was burnt out from the hearing (which I can understand) but she laid it out on me by saying she's not my counselor despite the urgency of my circumstances.

When the inevitable came...just as every year before that, I was sent inside: No one came. One policeman couldn't arrest me so told me to just sit on a chair and I did and that's why I have no record,

...but that's also why the ambulance staff under the hospital Trans-med could abduct later on. Because I was sitting on a chair and not moving until they arrived and I argued for my human rights to which I was told flat out: I don't care about your human rights.

Then that's when things slid and I fought. While I was showing them Angelo Subida's appearance on UNTV they would take advantage, 4-6 ppl and lift me up. One body part at a time. They broke discussion and so I fought and inside that place, even as I have swollen body parts and the doctor inside says put a warm compress to it: the nurses never did.

I am on temporary discharge. These words came specifically from the mouth of the head nurse.

As soon as CoVid lockdown is over. I am at risk of being sent back in immediately.

Even when I'm not, I have history of being sent back in every year.

My time is running. I need a lawyer but no lawyer wants to listen to me because I cannot pay online.

My parents have always held me hostage. I have only freed myself slowly.


After my second psych ward, I went into gambling. I didn't accumulate loans but I wasn't great.

Around the same time, I was starting an independent film which allowed me to not only utilize most of my allowance but later on know how to convince the psychiatrist to allow me to live away from my parents except Saturday and Sunday.

In the meantime, online I offered to do something back then for the topic of productivity and I still haven't moved the money from my account here.

In my PokerStars account, I similarly went for broke. My parents did not allow me to have credit cards but they allow me to use theirs.

That got cancelled later on because they sent me at precisely the moment I used those cards to ask for help via Patreon.

This meant that I was at risk of being labelled a gambling addict and other things but I was in a psych ward back then that I rushed to recommend.

It meant my stay went from:

1. Their halfway house - 1 year and a half inside
2. My recommended psych ward - 4 months voluntary for ECT
3. Same psych ward - 6 months.
4. Same psych ward - 2 months.

...but this time they changed the place. The family therapist and my parents insisted it was because the psych was expensive but this psych ward costs 45,000 php per month.

How long was I there thus far?

1 year and 3 months counting...until CoVid.

After I got discharged, Janice Cambri doesn't reply.

No one does (but I didn't have much before either).

She did tell me, when you get sent to a psych ward after the Mental Health Act you can apply for torture. I wasn't sure if she was serious but this fifth fits the bill.

I don't know how I will take advantage of the situation though.

Police has historically helped parents so I don't even know how to call 9-11. The way I was sent back to their home, they looted the place I was renting and made sure I have no identification cards that are enough to even get out during quarantine.

Every form from the money the government will give is handed to me and made for me to sign and thumb mark.

Same pattern with every government ID I had before. They have control. I only have money.

Money from gambling enough to put me on the red but also to hire a lawyer but I don't know how I will reach said lawyer because I tried contacting some and trust me they are not willing to give even free consultation for my situation and my past experience with free consultation has been bad.

I have only one chance and that's to be able to withdraw money from my bank account and pay a person face to face and yet that's talking money.

I don't know how to escape my room. I'm not the fittest of person. They can use this against me permanently and I'm living off the sentencing for a guard dog not yet being authorized by the family therapist.

I'm in a really tough spot. I'm using my real name. Fuck everything right now. I'm even going to post this to every celebrity's Twitter account.
-Marvin Lu Hui

You were always good to me DC. As much as I'm in need of cash (online ones), this is not a call to action for one.

I needed a place where I can post this without anyone knowing thus far.

I've been playing a hit and run game with my youtube posts mostly ranting but my Facebook profile having more calm voice (while still slowly delivering the danger) and it's just not working.

Nobody has volunteered. I have a so called friend who is a lawyer but he's waiting for the lockdown to be over "just to hear my story".

I need as strong argument as I can right now. None of these: let me try to counsel you and let's see what we can do.

Living Room / Re: How has everyone been?
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:38 PM »
I'll try to address this later or in a future post IainB but I just finished listening to ContraPoints' Discord Hang Out right now and I need to rest and later I have to prepare for a 15 minute talk with Dr. Debra Soh in Patreon.

Living Room / Re: How has everyone been?
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:06 AM »
Well I'm the only person I know of that associated with the term in this forum back when I was active but not many Hikkis are active online posters. Even I mostly have tons of posts cause of GOE and my ignorance of software concepts and found a home here in DC.

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:17 PM »

mhhmm...miss you so much DC forum preview text box  :-*

Living Room / Re: How has everyone been?
« on: September 27, 2018, 09:43 PM »
Rough but kicking. Had to unearth some old posts of mine for this thread:


So I thought I'd check in with everyone.

Living Room / How has everyone been?
« on: September 27, 2018, 09:17 PM »
Haven't been following anyone here in years but I think AppApp is in the big leagues now. (Could no longer find the old Cranial Soup blog articles)

Not sure about tomos, 40hz, mouser and IainB and every other DC members I rarely converse with but may have used their software like skwire.

True although lately the trend leans more towards attracting a base of fans/non-customers who want to give you their money before they receive the product.

Studios nowadays are even pre-planning sequels for movies that are just about to be released.


League of Legends players are often young, so according to these specialists they should be easy to exploit for cash. Think of all that money Riot is "losing" by not putting the screws to their players! This is where we are as an industry: A company has taken the free-to-play model, created an implementation that is fair to players, and our response is to criticize the fact they don't get enough.

The most popular game in the world, in other words, isn't good enough.

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher." This was in a letter to Nintendo's Satoru Iwata.

League of Legends critics are trying to sell themselves, not fix the game

I'm honestly out of the loop but it's an interesting commentary on the success of a free to play system.

I just don't know LoL. I don't know if their premium content are like DLCs (which I hate). I don't even care to watch the videos because I don't think this is one of those games that have a semblance of a plot.

I have experiences with Free 2 Play system and what always eluded me is how much interest there is for competitive multiplayer games of the rts or 1st person shooter variety but barely any work for selling free chapters that resemble something like Guild Wars but with an actual original story. Then again, with DLC, the breach between single player games and multiplayer pay option seems fulfilled. If you want a true single player pay experience, you have to stick with following indie game blogs. If you want true DLCs, you have to follow crowdfunding threads and modding sites.

All way too much for me. This is one of those things that could really use a single feed that captures multiple blogs and modding news sites.

Living Room / Her experience at Hackathon
« on: August 12, 2014, 04:33 PM »

Full article

Hacker News comments

Notable comment:

The best kind of hackathon project is to demonstrate a new technology. Facebook wouldn’t win a Hackathon, most social networks wouldn't, because technologically, they aren't that interesting. I am glad that you didn't spend much time business/revenue model or market research. I got it wrong the first time I joined a hackathon

I don't have any experience at this so maybe you guys can chime in?

3rd idea is approved

Full description:

To-do lists are outdated. The texts are stuck on one list or folder. The only other way of filtering are through tags. What if, instead of a mindmap, you get several virtual bowls. A bowl that not only serves as your to-do list but also your reminders, your document attachments, your contacts, your app groups, your voice notes and finally your brain?

Forget e-mail inboxes, import e-mail messages into a bowl "that mixes" according to your needs.

Forget to-do lists, share to-do recipes with your team or friend.

Forget brainstorming on one map: Mix and match different ideas per bowl rather than clumsily per map.

Take advantage of the touch gestures of a mobile app instead of replicating a desktop software. Help open the world: Todo Mix!

Purpose of Idea: To go where to-do list mobile apps have yet gone before.

Features List:

Gesture based task management
Visual feedback of items
Relaxing ripples when adding tasks
File attachment
Unique "not per item" sharing

Target market: people who want to share recipes, people who need a new way to view their tasks, groups that want their own personal touches in their to-do

Barriers to entry: It's too massive to explain succinctly. You are essentially taking BumpTop movement...( ...turn it into a bowl. Get developers to find the appeal in ingredient



What excites you about working in WebRTC?

WebRTC is a technology that immediately impressed me. I have many years developing software solutions and I have followed the evolution of technologies. A few years ago to be able to use a webcam or a microphone in a software solution, were necessary to install the products of third-party plugins, made with heavy technologies such as Flash or Java applets. And now with WebRTC, thanks to a simple call to getUserMedia saves hours of development work.


What signaling have you decided to integrate on top of WebRTC?

As for my choice of framework that implements the technology I decided to use PeerJS. PeerJS uses PeerServer a simple custom nodejs server for session metadata and candidate signaling. My choice was driven by the fact that I thought that the framework was mature because it was chosen as a basis for development by the Japanese company NTT. They created Skyway that is based on PeerJS.


Backend. What technologies and architecture are you using there?

The backend system is implemented in Java in particular I used the Spring framework. I do not use any database at the moment since the system does not retain any information about the participants and the data exchanged. Most of the application lives in the Client side

Living Room / Re: Movies or films you've seen lately
« on: August 12, 2014, 01:20 PM »

A Netflix original documentary, "The Square" is a riveting, deeply human chronicle of the Egyptian protest movement from the 2011 overthrow of military leader Hosni Mubarak through the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in 2013. "The Square" premieres January 17, 2014 in all Netflix territories, and in select cities within the United States.

Spoiler: The film does not end well

The flaw here it seems is that one sees through the limitation of the "vehicle" simulations and insists on the lack of feedback while ignoring the caveat that "simulators done well" can invoke another side of realistic feedback far removed from reality.

For example: you might not get the danger feedback from your average shooting simulator but you do get disgust from a more focused subject shooter such as JFK reloaded

The list goes on and on...

You might not feel the passage of time as a dictator but you will feel the moral dilemma in bribing a citizen as a dictator in Tropico 5

You might not feel the real life rundown of the election but you will realize how easy and tempting to pander to voters in Democracy 3.

You might not get the grassroots on the ground feel of A Force More Powerful but you will discover the dire helpless feeling in the back of your head whenever the status quo suppresses your run-off-the mill platforms in bringing the government down.

The key idea here is that flight simulators barely scratches the world of simulators.

There are fantasy simulators like the Sims where people torture people and to an extent flight simulators fall under this in that you create one job and the player either simulates it or hack it to be something else more fantastic.

On the other spectrum, there are simulators that are not about simulating the task but instead are about stimulating the disengaged mind.

To achieve this, one does not build from the task but instead builds into the dopamine- the drug of wanting.

General Software Discussion / Panamax: Docker Management for Humans
« on: August 12, 2014, 11:57 AM »

Installation Instructions:

Currently, Panamax is in BETA and is supported on Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

Installation requirements:

VirtualBox 4.2 or higher
Vagrant 1.6 or higher
The Panamax installer creates a VM in VirtualBox called panamax-vm. This VM is built on CoreOS.
Release Notes


I've recently discovered Applits

It's a social voting site that claims to make your ideas happen.

It works via voting and the app that gets the most votes goes into a list where developers and designers communicate to make the idea happen and you get a percentage of the profits.

This isn't much of a website review and I'm guessing, for developers, not many would like the thought of sharing an idea that might get stolen.

Can't say I blame you but for someone like me who has more ideas than skills, I find it reassuring that someone out there might make my ideas happen.

At the very least, I hope some users find some use to the page. Maybe an inspiration for a NANY project or an unexpected view of what some people's desire are.

Cheap spam:

Currently my ideas (2 public, 1 waiting for approval) need some vote so please kindly donate a vote or comment in the page or hell comment on this thread without signing up.

Why Oh Why Me?! Social Writer

The Extreme Undead To-do List

Excellent timing. The Lastpass website is down currently.

For web rss, netvibes have become my old reliable. I find newer rss readers follow the Google Reader mantra of not capturing old articles in feeds and it has come to a point nowadays where I just write down the website if I want to find new articles.

The more I try to learn some small quibble about coding, the more I stray towards the end product.

I say this because it just seems like the gap between newbie code and "programs I want to use" seem so distant that I've been trying to settle on a finished "something" as that end goal and fuck the complexity I'm heading here cause I can't catch up. I just want a software that would be closer to an engine that would restrict all I have to learn in one neat bordered down circle without trying to move to the new thing.

In a way it's an extension to this Stack Exchange post I wrote that was considered too broad.


Basically my story is that I've decided to dedicate my life to developing a casual text editor and then branch it towards a different niche such as novel writing/outlining/to-do lists.

Despite my lack of coding knowledge, I get nightmares when I read posts like this:

nvALT’s fast note creation and retrieval got me hooked years ago and it didn’t wear off. >The application didn’t slow down even a bit when my archive grew to 3000 notes. I know >that ResophNotes coughed heavily at 1000 notes when I tried it.

A bit of context for those who don't know the app. nvALT is an alternative to Notational Velocity which is a Markdown outliner on a Mac as far as I can tell. Resophnotes is a windows program that just syncs the notes.


Fear #1: How do I get the intuition to know that I'm not headed (learning-wise) towards a software design that would choke. It's like that question about scale for websites only I fear it's extra hard especially if I someday decide to move onto desktop version of a web application.

I know there's got to be a coding specific question to this but looking at the state of open source software, I just don't see how baby stepping into a coding language would get me to figure this out by stumbling into it. After all, most open source software on text inputs are either basic or memory hogging and there's been more innovation done in text editors like WriteMonkey and Sublime Text but equally these software aren't focused on casual usage.

Fear #2: The Mac/Apple effect

I just don't get how there are more casual to-do and note software for the Mac and IOS than there is for Windows.

I primarily use Windows so there's that fear that I might somehow end up with an end program design that's limited like the Windows version of Scrivener instead of something full like the Mac edition

Fear #3: Feature un-creep

The thing with a casual audience is it's tricky to pursue a feature. For example: Some like markdown, others don't. Then there are innovations now focusing on variants of the same feature.

My worry is that I don't know how to research the future of text and I'm worried that I just don't know how to figure the coding paths to get to those features.


There's only 1 Outliner 4d and I don't know it's development history.

There's only 1 Scrivener and I don't know it's development history.

There's only 1 Workflowy and I don't know it's development history.

The conscious part of my brain says I shouldn't ask until I get to know how to code but the concept part of my brain screams:

If these were answers I would eventually learn as I dig deep into coding then why aren't there copycat features of these programs considering the bulk of programmers out there?!

Ok on to Part 2:

I'm picking Presto because it can handle tons of browser tabs which means it can handle tons of dynamic screens that can do what MakaGiga does minus the Java hog.

It already supports panels for notes and it would be a minor tweak to turn it into an outliner which it already coincidentally supports with the window menu except only for tabs.

It already has built in rocker gestures, mouse gestures and smart paste from note features which simplifies but is a good alternative for wiki-linking.

Speed dials built in means it can support Trello like boards but at the same time the MDI means you can create cascading outlines, tiled notes, sessions and it already supports an extension base.

The one con about leaving it in the dust seems to be the web browser which a PIM/To-do List/Outliner don't have to deal with except by opening in a new browser which ironically is possible seeing as Presto is still more lightweight than heavy Java programs.

In the end though, it's the fact that I have not seen any other full blown multi-purpose desktop software that can support so many features without eating up the memory. It was feature creep without the feature creep memory hog engine. All this just seems to add up towards the last hail mary end goal for a productivity software with my needs. I just don't have the knowledge yet to know if it's viable and why or why not. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I know there have been pleas for open sourcing the engine and some Firefox extensions can mimic Opera but the overall look is just not the same as the overall capability of the Presto engine to be light to middle hogging the computer.

That would first have to assume that one knows the software to keep track of in the first place.

The blog is more about software one has ignored and just recently discovered to have a new feature unique to it or an old unique software that's been around but I've never heard of until now.

I would have imagined virtual folders to be something normal for tag-based systems. Maybe I used the wrong word. What I mean is custom views (file listings) based on a user-defined search specification, based on tags of course. For instance, the query may request the list of all files that have tags tag1 and tag2 but not tag3.
The resulting listing is what I was calling (maybe wrongly) "virtual folders".

Edit: to be proper "virtual folders", I think that probably they will need to be sort of permanent (i.e. until they are deleted). Of course they would have to update themselves automatically.

Ahh yes I misunderstood. What you are referring to are found in RemembertheMilk. They are called Smart Lists


Blog content:

Forgive me for being brash but it has come to my attention how hard it is to keep up with new and old software nowadays. (Mostly old)

I cite for example the recent drop off of Springpad and the Google Group that has formed beneath its corpse.

Can anyone tell me how else users would have discover all the new web clipping sites posted in the web if the users (as well as creators posting their cloud service links) if it wasn't for one popular dead service blooming into a group of users looking to migrate elsewhere and becoming a large enough userbase that would lead to blogs like Lifehacker popularizing the group?

Anyways I don't know the best source for finding out the software listed in the web but my main source DonationCoder did not list these services so here I am turning what was originally a forum thread where users could put in old apps that they just recently discovered and giving up on the idea and turning the entire thing into a blog instead. (Hopefully keeps an archive of blog posts once this trial expires.)

Well nowadays there's different functionalities of tags depending on the service.

Plus wanting virtual folders then I can't imagine there's a software out there that has both unless you mean something like Evernote Notebooks.

I haven't tested any software but this seems advanced:

Personally the tag manager I use the most is Tobu and online it's Workflowy. Neither supports virtual folders though.

For ideas, imagine an emotional tag that syncs with another tag. Basically turning one tag into an off/on button and the other tag into a container for two different sets of tags.

PBOL / The road to making this the best program of it's genre
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:30 PM »
View the end goal number alongside the current progress bar AnotherOneDone

Change the font size of bars based on importance Droptask

Auto-generate progress bars by dragging url/url inside url Dragdis

Add sound effects for every manual addition of the progress bar not just the end

Add linked progress bar that reduces a full progress bar for every time there's an increase in the other progress bar Gamification/Pomodorium

Add leaderboards of progress bar tasks completed Gamification

Add vertical bars between spaces of columns for longer paragraphs Trello

Autofill progress bar name for new progress bar when a finished progress bar ends Lastpass

Autohide multiple progress bars with a click of a button and replace it with a singular space that individually opens those bars one by one OneTab

Only set a limited number of progress bars to open on startup

Create sub-progress bars that pauses the main progress bar unless the sub-progress bar gets completed Goalscape

Create a visible log of previously finished/hidden progress bars TheBrain

Singular progress bar that switches when the right mouse button is held and then swiped Sleipnir Browser

Sleep dial tabs Scrivener corkboard

Add karma/daily score board based on your progress Todoist/DayScore/Success Log/Fail Log

Add sounds based on progress bar Coffitivity/Soundrown

Combine PopUp Wisdom with completed progress bar

Change progress bar color based on hotkey - preferably different from current colors to differentiate between interruptions, breaks, side projects Noteliner

Offer a type box to quick create dated progress bars coolendar

Add the option of asking a question at the end or beginning of a progress bar IMQuit Addiction for Android

Add a progress bar that starts at the middle and can be dragged to negative or positive Treed! for Ipad

Set gesture to auto-minimize Progress Bar and optionally set time for it to reappear

Tabulous Firefox Extension

Click the drop down arrow besides the square and then save all tabs.

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