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  • November 20, 2019, 05:00 PM
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Author Topic: Mac Mini audio weirdness  (Read 1623 times)


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Mac Mini audio weirdness
« on: January 10, 2010, 05:24 PM »
Hey all!

my mac mini has this peculiar habit of powering on/off the audio as it is requested by the OS.  if i play a movie or music or anything, it's fine. but once there's no audio request from the os for about a minute (maybe less) it powers down the output resulting in an annoying click or pop in the speakers (just like if you manually turn them off) and then when any other sound is played (either by clicking something, emptying trash... ANY sound) it clicks the output back ON which leads to yet another annoying click/pop from my speakers. thinking that this is some kind of 'green-friendly' power setting that shuts the port down while not being used, i tried snooping around the preferences to change such a setting to be ALWAYS ON as to eliminate this annoying popping/clicking of my speakers all day long.  i was unable to find any such thing.  i've tried googling this issue but haven't come up with much outside of ppl having NO SOUND issues due to a poorly seated plug, but as this is straight from the factory and the sound does work just fine while playing constant sources (music/videos) i doubt this is the case.

if anyone can help with this issue i'd be greatly appreciative as i'm completely new to this mac format.


this may be well known and frustrating for those of you who are adept in mac, but i'm just learning. i started poking around in these preference files (which are just xml files that hold individual app and systems prefs) haven't found anything yet, but i would think that if there is such an editable setting it'd either be in here or would need to be added into one of these files.  i've since learned of an app that reads all pref files in a nice little GUI called plist edit.  i actually broke down and called apple support.  they had no quick solution to this and told me i'd hear back from them within a couple days or so with a fix (hopefully).  i'll keep this thread updated if i get a solution
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