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Author Topic: VueMinder Calendar Pro - 50% Discount  (Read 2801 times)


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VueMinder Calendar Pro - 50% Discount
« on: December 20, 2009, 03:23 PM »
Hello, I'm Dan Chartrand from VueSoft. If you're looking for a great calendar and reminder program for the coming year, check out VueMinder Calendar Pro. It is packed with many thoughtful and innovative features. You can find out more about it here.

VueMinder Calendar Pro is on sale this week for $19.95 USD, instead of the regular $39.95. This offer will end on December 26. To receive the discount, you can order by clicking here, or by using the "Buy Now" button from within the trial version. The trial version can be downloaded here.

Also, because VueSoft is committed to helping to make the world a better place, we provide licenses for FREE to churches and charitable 501(c)(3) organizations. And for those that purchase, VueSoft donates 10% of the proceeds to charity.

Merry Christmas!

Steven Avery

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Re: VueMinder Calendar Pro - 50% Discount
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2009, 06:02 PM »
Hi Folks,

Sound good Dan.  Tomorrows the day. I just did a little ad hoc compare of you and Rainlendar, and I decided you are more my style.  Lots of ease-of-use niceties.  Stuff like adding and changing categories and events is all smooth. Calendar viewing mode toggles are very easy.

I see the Pro has some stuff I really need, too. About five of the features.

And I am curious how strong "event" style lists are, since in Lite you have nothing on that.  Compact lists of events (eg. high priority programming) outside of the calendar picture mode. Looks like Pro only. (I used up my demo a while back.)

A feature that would be nice is to go into a "Recurring event" and then be able to see the lists of dates in the events (say "Third Tuesday" you would see January 20, Feb, 18..etc) and then navigate to each event to change them individually.  Rather than getting to them from the calendar view.

A big help would be to save a view or a printout format.  I did not see that in Lite, or mentioned in Pro.  If you get sophisticated in setting up a view .. say Calendars Steven and Spirit for categories Radio and Webinar and Paltalk, Priority medium and high (just to get fancy, I think you can do that, at least in view, maybe in printout) then if you can save that view and name it and bring it up later .. very nice. Theoretically, even print formatting decisions as well. Has this come up in your techie discussions ?

I realize you do not try to do too much on ToDo lists, and I can accept that. My dreams that programs have the ultimate strengths of both combined have turned out to be a bit on the unrealistic side. Similarly with PIM capabilities.  I realize some PIMs have servicable integration (perhaps Chaos 32) but I think I am more simple calendar and alarm and notify oriented now (your strengths).  Since I use Linkman as my de facto PIM now, for names and phone #s, a PIM is a bit redundant. And I am moving away from ToDo stuff as well. What gets done, get done.  GTU .. Getting Things Undone.

You have a very nice "Description" editor, however the URL of an event is so basic in a calendar that it might do better in a dedicated field in the front.

A phone # ?  low priority.  The url can take you to the event in a flash and use would be rare enuf that the description field is fine. Let the PIMs be PIMs.

There also is the idea of "dup-ping" an existing event on another day.  Drag-and-drop is always fun. Ok, this may be more show-pizazz than necessary, but it is a thought.


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