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Last post Author Topic: DONE: Split .txts into smaller ones when there is a space line  (Read 40699 times)


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Re: DONE: Split .txts into smaller ones when there is a space line
« Reply #25 on: April 16, 2018, 04:51 PM »
Hi Skwire,
Apologies for the lateness of this reply; my work/business travel has been rather busy lately.
no problem at all!

The only caveat is that there is a finite amount of text that you can pass on the commandline like that so you will have experiment a bit and see what you can get away with.
Well, this is not a mandatory way, it was more a first thought. May be then it would make more sense to pass an input directory as a parameter where the files to be processed reside.
(I do not need this recursively but if it's a snatch with fingers for you I wouldn't mind... ;o) ). E.g.:
[-r] -i "c:\documents\"
I could also work without parameters at all (just an extra browse dialog for input dir and may be a checkbox for recursive and remembering these states too by saving them in the .ini file). It just would be more flexibel with params. Do what is easier for you!

Yes, I can do this as well.  As you've already mentioned, the app will only be able to handle text-based files, i.e., no Word docs, etc.  I will try to get to this next week as I don't travel but, if I don't have anything by next weekend, feel free to remind me in this thread.
Great! Yes, of course, no files with headers, macros and stuff like that, only pure text files.
Btw, UTF-8 is supported regarding the split string, too?

Ehmm... just one more thing:
Right now, you are giving those split files all the same prefix "File_".
Is it possible to keep the name and endings of input files?
So if a file is named "takethis.txt" it'll produce takethis_01.txt, takethis_02.txt and so on.
"takethat.rst" produces takethat_01.rst, takethat_02.rst and so on accordingly.

As I already said, I can wait, so take your time. It's your free time anyway!
Thanks again!

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