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  • January 23, 2020, 09:24 PM
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Author Topic: Suggestion for TicTocTitle  (Read 5581 times)


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Suggestion for TicTocTitle
« on: December 07, 2005, 02:29 PM »
A couple of things I'd like to see is to have it optionally do two things:

1. If there's no open window, NOT to display the date/time string on the desktop.

2. Hide the icon on the system tray so it's not displayed.

Thanks.  This thing is replacing a 19Meg program, freeing up system memory and resources.


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Re: Suggestion for TicTocTitle
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2008, 05:31 PM »

I would like to thank philanthropist Skrommel for this fine program.

I had been googling high and low for such a thing, and to no avail! All I could find were elaborate clock things that did waay more than I wanted, which was just what TicTocTitle does - perch comfortably in the title bar and declare the time and date!

It was especially affirming to be able to choose color, font, and format, as well as position it to be cozily near my FileBox Extender buttons, but without engaging in territorial expansion and possibly frightening them.

The process for doing this was so simple and fun that even I was able to do it, and in less than a day, and am now pleased to announce that I have dismissed my status bar clock (which wouldn't even do the date without demanding to be presented with a gift of real estate), and am enjoying training myself to look up at the title bar, and  see the time AND the date where I always wanted to see it, and where Windows should have put it in the first place!

I have two suggestions. One, I don't know if you can do anything about, but I feel that I should have found TicTocTitle before I ever found this place, simply by googling "title bar clock freeware" or some such, which will return a program that purports to do this, but if you click on it, it says that the author's home page is "not available."

Oh, yeah, I am so going to download software I know nothing about written by a mysterious and anonymous author who wishes to hide from the public. As if!

So, TicTocTitle, in my opinion, needs to be more easily findable by basic googling.

My second suggestion is related to tellme's request.

Would you ever consider adding a "start when Windows starts" option to the settings, for the benefit of those who are going to get all confused and possibly hurt our noses trying to make that happen the old fashioned way?

I have no words to describe how unusual such a request - such an idea - is for me. Ever since I obtained this computer, I have been busily REMOVING things from startup, and have it pared down to only the bare essentials. I never imagined that there would be anything I would wish to ADD.

But I consider TicTocClock to be a bare essential, and that is HUGE!

Thank you again, for making such a nice thing and sharing it with earth residents!

Consider yourself accoladed with garlands of roses and the fattest of marshmallow frosting-havin' cupcakes!
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