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I am sorry. I should have PMed wreckedcarzz. Maybe the management will be kind enough to delete the messages I posted in this thread?

Living Room / Re: Pirating abandoned content?
« on: May 16, 2008, 08:30 PM »

the thing I am enjoying most about this thread is that almost everybody is looking at the question from the standpoint of "what's fair?" Not what is best for this or that company, not would adhere to this or that law (which depending on what country we're talking about, was probably written by this or that company), not even trying to decide what would be most compliant with one or another religious doctrines - just "what's fair?"

What is fair to the author, what is fair to the aspiring reader.

My own view, by the way, which I don't think I bothered to insert into any of my 7000 word treatises, is that abandoned is abandoned, as in I left it on the park bench. Enjoy.

And how can one better honor an author than by reading his work? Even if you read it in a library or obtain an electronic copy of it from the personal home page of a 13 year old in Ulan Bator.

If you don't have a way to pay an author for an abandoned work, the work itself might give you some clues about other people the author would like to see get some money. If you can afford it, send them some.

Or if it is something like that math textbook, maybe you could send money to an org that provides books to people who don't have them!

Just because you can't pay the author doesn't mean you can't pay it forward.   :P


wreckedcarzz, you mean use the browser to ftp the files to my desktop and the ftp client to upload them back?

I didn't know we could still ftp in browsers at all anymore! I will google this! Thank you!

Living Room / Re: Pirating abandoned content?
« on: May 16, 2008, 02:01 PM »
what if you were a poor author, with poor student children to feed, clothe and educate, who needs the money because his book on maths is highly dis-regarded?

One of the things I would like to see is a transition to authors becoming their own publishers, which is much easier to do with e-books.

The way it is now, the publisher a lot of say about how much money the author gets from sales of his books, and I think that putting that say back into the author's hands would be a good thing.

I don't pretend to know how any of this will shake out - applying traditional anything, from business models to laws and back again to the reality of it all being free for the taking  is kind of like if someone brought you a pair of shoes that you wore as a baby and told you to put them on!

One of the things that makes it so fascinating to read the different points of view is that invariably so much of it keeps coming back to culture.

In some cultures, people are glad to sacrifice even the health and futures of their own children if they can help large companies become stronger. In other cultures, medical treatment would not be seen as a commercial product at all, but a basic human right, and it would be unthinkable to have people losing their savings, even their homes, because they or a family member had a serious injury or illness.

Both sides have very strong beliefs, and both sides might say that the other side is "wrong." Such is the nature of culture and belief!

With issues like intellectual property, it is no different. Some cultures include very strong beliefs about it, for other cultures, it is more of a huh? File not found - which would translate, in terms of behavior, to strong beliefs in a different direction.

So, will it boil down to a question of numbers? To what percentage of the planet are culturally inclined toward a strong belief in intellectual property as a concept?

In other situations, we would have to say, well, that would depend on what those cultures have. If they have more money, and again depending on culture, weapons, then even people whose beliefs  might be different could be obliged to submit to the cavedude with the bigger rock, as it were.

But what makes this all so fascinating is that here, we are talking about actual individuals having more autonomy in their behavior, and that behavior not really being as controllable by a government, or even large companies, as is the case in other areas.

In the other rant, one example I used had to do with countries whose governments might want the  citizens to visit only websites that reside on servers in that country, or just want them to avoid visiting other websites, and go to great lengths and employ some very talented people to effect that programatically.

But there are other people who are not affiliated with any government, who are also very talented, who will come up with a workaround for the citizens of that country who would like to visit any website they wish to!

Or take the example of a very large company that wishes to track your surfing behavior, and they have so much money that they are able to get other companies, whose websites are very popular, to install their software to that end.

And how many of us have such companies in our hosts file? Even that big, huge company, who might even send representatives into legislatures to write laws that all must obey could be receiving either nothing, or junk data from the computer of a poor person, and there is nothing they can do about it!

There is so much knowledge in the heads and hands of so many ordinary people now, all over the world, that I am not even sure that the companies could shut down the internet, if they ever did feel that it would be more profitable for them to do so!

Just ponder that!

Living Room / Re: Pirating abandoned content?
« on: May 15, 2008, 07:22 PM »

mouser, I secretly believe that one day, it will be like that. I committed a long and occasionally semi-coherent rant on this subject in the Software Ethics thread, if you should ever find yourself  suffering from insomnia.


I am biologically incapable of resisting offers of Free Computer Help

wreckedcarzz, I don't know if this falls outside your area of expertise, I will post the problem here in case it does, but falls inside somebody else's area, and they want to take a shot at it.

If you, or anybody else, has a solution idea, please PM me so that the thread will not be hijacked any worse than I am doing now by posting this at all.

Here is the situation:

A website consists of html files, with the exception of 3 .asp pages.

When I ftp the files (I use FileZilla or WS-ftp, and yes, I do it ASCII) to my computer, and open them in my browser, whether FireFox or Internet Exploder, instead of displaying correctly, the asp code is splattered all over the place as if it had thrown up on itself, and if I put the file back into the website's directory, so it remains, even though I have not even touched the file.

This is the case even if I have not even opened the file at all, even in a regular text editor. Just the very act of being ftped to my computer turns the file into a hot mess.

This makes it impossible, obviously, for me to make even the slightest changes to the non-asp code parts of the pages.

I have been spinning my wheels for weeks, googling to see if anyone else has ever had such a problem, and if so, how they solved it, but to no avail.

(Attempts to edit php files are similarly plagued. With php files, Internet Exploder even tells me it does not know how to open them, though on the web, it has no problem. And if I tell it that either FireFox or Exploder is to open them, in Exploder all I get is the page source, and in Firefox, vomited  code like I get with asp files.)

Again, this is only when the files have been ftped to my machine, on the web, both browsers display asp and php pages just fine.

I am running Windows XP SP3, but the problem was there even before the SP 3 update, so I am sure it is not related to that.

I apologize for inserting such an off-topic topic, but it did say "free computer help," words that should probably not be typed anywhere I can see them.

And thanks to any and all who have any ideas. I do not care how stupid I will feel if someone tells me some totally basic thing I have failed to click somewhere. I have never claimed clue ownership.

Living Room / Re: Pirating abandoned content?
« on: May 15, 2008, 05:51 PM »
What an interesting question! I am enjoying reading all the different views so much that I have committed an involuntary Convoluted Question Spill:

To what extent, if any, does the act of abandonment constitute a waiver of the author's claim to rights of "intellectual property?"

At what point, if any, would such work become "freeware" or in the case of software, even "open source" by default?

Does the reason for the abandonment matter? Does the author have an obligation to make some sort of declaration of abandonment, in which s/he states which, if any, rights are reserved and which are abandoned along with the item?

And if you believe the author does have such an obligation, if the author dies, do his heirs, if any, inherit that obligation with regard to abandoned work, just as they may inherit the royalties from the author's "non-abandoned" work?

Variations on CWuestefeld's book question -  To a person with low vision, a paper version of the book might be useless. The only way they can read it is in electronic form, where they can increase the size of the text, or magnify the whole thing, making it much more comfortably readable to them than they could even if they bought a paper book and put one of those awful plastic sheet things on it.

Or what if their vision is fine, but an electronic book is a much better match for the reality of their lifestyle?

Do today's readers have the right to a reasonable expectation that authors and publishers will make books available for purchase in electronic as well as paper form?

mouser, I will go you one better. The poor student who obtains the textbook via unofficial channels is doing two good deeds: he is improving society as a whole by adding another educated person to it, and he is also reducing the harm done and bad karma accrued by whatever combination of entities have failed to make the book available without charge to students who cannot afford it!

Living Room / Re: What to do when you receive bootleg videos?
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:12 PM »

I will be the minority opinion holder and suggest that you talk to the seller a little bit, to rule out the possibility that s/he might have purchased something that was fraudulently labeled, and just thrown it up on eBay.

It is true that you might be dealing with someone who deliberately seeks to mislead people about what they are selling, but you might also be dealing with someone who is not that knowledgeable or sophisticated, and if that is the case, you could have the opportunity for what educators would call a "teaching moment," meaning that you might be able to do the person a favor by educating them a little bit about it all, maybe give them some pointers to sites that they can visit to learn more about it, etc.

So whether you should tell eBay would, to me, depend on whether you would be "ratting" on a person who was knowingly engaging in shady business practices, or someone who is just as much a victim of those practices as you are!

Living Room / Re: Do you collect anything?
« on: May 14, 2008, 04:34 PM »

Oh, Darwin, I am sure they would, people here are so nice!  :-*

But I am an incorrigible and pathologically inflexible internet anonymity extremist and an absolute separator of online and offline everything, so as achingly tempting as that idea is, the Dirts of the World Collection contributors will have to continue to come from the offline side of the aisle.

Living Room / Re: Do you collect anything?
« on: May 14, 2008, 04:29 AM »

I collect Dirts of the World.

A long time ago, I started asking anybody who was going anywhere to bring me back some dirt. Most people just put a little bit into the film cans people used back then, but sometimes they will put it in a little decorative box or container from the country, so I get a bonus present!

And a couple went above and beyond - my collection includes a little chip of the Coliseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China, and a bit of dirt from Jim Morrison's grave. (Yes, if everybody did that, it would be just awful, and nobody should ever do it, and I never asked for anything but dirt from the country so don't hate. All countries have plenty of dirt.)

In recent years, of course, the dirt has to be sort of smuggled, so what people will usually do is - hmm. I still have some countries left to go, so maybe it will be better if I do not go into strategies.

Visitors from here and there are always tickled to see a little bottle with their country's dirt, and when I plant something that originated in a particular country, I can put a tiny, tiny pinch of dirt from there in to help it grow and give it good luck!

But the best part is to always have so much of the whole world right here with me, and I like to think that all the dirts are as excited as I am when a new one arrives.

It will probably take my whole life, but I hope that by the I am old, I will have dirt from every country - the world on a shelf!   :)


Thanks Sri! Ever since mouser was nice enough to reveal that I had been shamefully underestimating Tab Mix Plus, I have been poring over it, and learning something new every day.

And I figured that posting my new groaning smorgasbord of extensions would result in my learning something else about at least one of them!

If I hang out here long enough, the day may come when I might even have to give back my Totally Clueless card.   :)


You know, when I first found this place a couple of weeks ago, I had maybe 3 Firefox extensions, and an eager hope that the privilege of being allowed to plunder such treasure trove of knowledge and general genius would result in my being able to REDUCE that three down to one. Maybe even zero.

I was right about the treasure trove of genius etc, but as for reducing my Firefox extensions?

Just look!
<li><a href="">Adblock Plus</a>
<li><a href="">Advanced Dork:</a>
<li><a href="http://www.ginatrapa...irefox/bettergmail2/">Better Gmail 2 0.3.5</a>
<li><a href="">ColorfulTabs 2.0.11</a>
<li><a href="">ColorZilla 1.0</a>
<li><a href="">CoLT 2.4.0</a>
<li><a href="">CustomizeGoogle 0.72</a>
<li><a href="">Extension List Dumper 1.13.1</a>
<li><a href="">Fasterfox 2.0.0</a>
<li><a href="">Gmail Manager 0.5.4</a>
<li><a href="">IE Tab</a>
<li><a href="">KeyScrambler 1.3.3</a>
<li><a href="http://forums.mozill...ewtopic.php?t=118365">Open link in... 1.4.1</a>
<li><a href="">Right-Click-Link 1.1.3</a>
<li><a href="https://addons.mozil...S/firefox/addon/4258">Tab Effect 1.1</a>
<li><a href="">Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6</a>
<li><a href="">Toolbar Buttons</a>
<li><a href="http://www.supernova...absbutton/index.html">Undo Closed Tabs Button 2.0.0</a>
<li><a href="">WOT 20080421</a>

There is a procedure for copying one Windows XP Pro user profile to another. There are articles about how to do it on the Microsoft site, and the internets are chock-a-block with echoes and paraphrases of those articles, and all of them are just as incomprehensible as the original one on the Microsoft site.

The goal of the Magical XP User Copy Machine is to allow us to copy the current user, that is fixed just like we like it, and then change our desktop icons and wallpaper, thus giving us a choice of outfits when we start Windows, just like when we open our closets and decide what we would like to wear that day.

What should be a simple and straightforward matter of a click or two to accomplish what is in my view, a most reasonable thing people would want to do, is a multi-step, confusing and complicated process, with lots of chances for a clueless person, or even a clueful one who is distracted or in a hurry, to mess things up.

The Intended End User is a person of my own formidable level of cluelessness or greater, and also Authentic Power-Usin' Nerds who are just very busy with important and ponderous tasks, but who are also human and might like a costume change now and then, without having to commit a complete valve and ring job to get it.

Another thing about the Intended End User - we may be clueless, but we are not so clueless that we do not realize that putting stuff like WindowBlinds on our machines is going to mean paying out a lot of system resources for what is a purely cosmetic function - even if it does not mess our computers up, which, if you google around, you will see that this is not a rare occurrence.

And we probably don't have a lot of icons on our desktop.

For instance, I have just a few broad category folder icons, and inside each one is a whole mess of subfolders and stuff. So if we get a copy of our current user, we are not going to have to spend all day just changing those icons and wallpaper.

But even if we do have a lot of icons, this program would still save a lot of time. Because  while we the Clueless Intended End Users may want the program to achieve a cosmetic goal, the business of copying users is not about cosmetics at all, but about stuff we do not begin to understand. All those settings and things.

So here is how the Magical XP User Copy Machine would work, in an ideal world.

You would simply click "copy current profile to" and make up a name for the new user, type that in the blank, and sit back.

Then a thing would pop up telling you that you were successfully logged into your new user, and from there you could change your wallpaper and your handful of icons. Now you have a whole new look, and next time you start windows, you can log in to whichever user you want, depending on what colors, etc, you are in the mood for, and all of those mysterious settings that we the Clueless Intended End Users don't understand, or probably even know about, have been magically and safely copied, including all our Firefox stuff, which we had finally gotten just like we wanted it. At least for today.

The program would also have a sync feature, so that if, while wearing our pink clothes, we install something or change some preference or setting somewhere or other, at the end of the day, when we do things like update and  run our antivirus and Malware Bytes, we can also click our Magical XP User Copy Machine, and click Sync with, and check off all the users we want whatever we did that day to sync with.

This would also give us the option of keeping one or more like they were yesterday, in case it turns out we don't like whatever I changed today, but being Clueless Intended End Users, we will of course, either have forgotten what that was or not be able to find it.

Is this something that someone here could whip up in a minute or two? Or is it all more complicated than I ever dreamed or imagined, like my last week's idea about context menus?

Or does it already exist but I just didn't find it, either because I did a sucky job of googling, or google did a sucky job of finding it for me even though I googled just fine?

Skrommel's Software / Re: Suggestion for TicTocTitle
« on: May 10, 2008, 05:31 PM »

I would like to thank philanthropist Skrommel for this fine program.

I had been googling high and low for such a thing, and to no avail! All I could find were elaborate clock things that did waay more than I wanted, which was just what TicTocTitle does - perch comfortably in the title bar and declare the time and date!

It was especially affirming to be able to choose color, font, and format, as well as position it to be cozily near my FileBox Extender buttons, but without engaging in territorial expansion and possibly frightening them.

The process for doing this was so simple and fun that even I was able to do it, and in less than a day, and am now pleased to announce that I have dismissed my status bar clock (which wouldn't even do the date without demanding to be presented with a gift of real estate), and am enjoying training myself to look up at the title bar, and  see the time AND the date where I always wanted to see it, and where Windows should have put it in the first place!

I have two suggestions. One, I don't know if you can do anything about, but I feel that I should have found TicTocTitle before I ever found this place, simply by googling "title bar clock freeware" or some such, which will return a program that purports to do this, but if you click on it, it says that the author's home page is "not available."

Oh, yeah, I am so going to download software I know nothing about written by a mysterious and anonymous author who wishes to hide from the public. As if!

So, TicTocTitle, in my opinion, needs to be more easily findable by basic googling.

My second suggestion is related to tellme's request.

Would you ever consider adding a "start when Windows starts" option to the settings, for the benefit of those who are going to get all confused and possibly hurt our noses trying to make that happen the old fashioned way?

I have no words to describe how unusual such a request - such an idea - is for me. Ever since I obtained this computer, I have been busily REMOVING things from startup, and have it pared down to only the bare essentials. I never imagined that there would be anything I would wish to ADD.

But I consider TicTocClock to be a bare essential, and that is HUGE!

Thank you again, for making such a nice thing and sharing it with earth residents!

Consider yourself accoladed with garlands of roses and the fattest of marshmallow frosting-havin' cupcakes!

General Software Discussion / Re: Software Ethics
« on: May 09, 2008, 06:29 AM »
I think you are right that most people who can - and I would add who actually USE a particular program - are more than willing to pay for it!

But let's take, for example, Adobe Photoshop. Of all the copies of that program that are downloaded daily, how many of the people who download it are A) able to purchase it, and B) really going to use it?

I have heard, and can't really refute, the argument that the small-scale bottom-feeding freelancer who downloads photoshop via "unofficial" channels, if s/he is hired one day to work for a company, is most likely to choose Photoshop as the image editing software for the company's advertising department, and thus cause Adobe to make a multi-license sale, but that is not going to be a very large percentage of all those people who are downloading it.

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that probably 90% of the people who download Photoshop not only are never in a position to cause their boss to buy even one copy, but after fooling with it enough to see that there is a pretty steep learning curve involved, simply leave it in their Program Files folder and forget about it. (And go download some other wildly popular program that they will probably never even learn to use!)

So Adobe's flagship product, like all its products, and like just about every other piece of "commerical" software, including the Windows operating system itself, is freely available to the general public at no cost, and there is not really anything that the software companies can do about that.

I know that there are all kinds of plans and schemes and task forces and digital millennium pronouncements, and that has been the case for some time, and I imagine will continue to be the case for some time, and no doubt all that provides the people who are involved with a very real psychological benefit.

But there is not really any way to change that downloadable reality.

You mentioned honesty, and a lot of the discussions I have seen on this subject, especially those where most of the participants are from the US or Europe, will sooner or later get into the subject of intellectual property, and ethics as related to that. For many people, to download Photoshop without paying for it constitutes theft - the theft of intellectual property. That is, for them, a core value, it is part of their cultural context, and the laws in the US reflect that cultural norm, that core value.

But you might discuss the subject with someone from a different culture, and their view could be completely different! To that person, honesty might not even enter into the picture. Their concept of honesty might be completely different from yours - and both views equally irrelevant to the ones and zeros that populate the download directories all over the globe!

Although some governments have tried, and continue to try, dividing the web up according to cultural tradition, value systems, and legal jurisdictions, or isolating particular populations from the larger body of internet citizenry, does not seem to be working out, and I do not intend that to be a diss against the very bright and talented people in any particular country who have done such hard work on those kinds of projects, nor those who are just as talented and work just as hard on "copy protection."

It is just that there are many, many people who use the internet, many, many people who click mice, and whatever programmatic strategy I might come up with to, for instance, prevent you from viewing web pages that reside on servers outside of say, Malaysia, somebody somewhere in the world is going to develop a workaround for that, and make that workaround available to you, even if your computer literacy stops at checking your email and a couple of favorite websites.

Similarly, whatver scheme I devise to prevent you from being able to run a copy of Photoshop that you download from a website not authorized by Adobe to offer the program for download, somebody somewhere is going to come up with a workaround for THAT, and so on.

The web, unlike laws, or beliefs, or cultures, is universal! And it is that universality that is presenting entire industries with the challenge of developing new ways of doing things on a very fundamental level, in order to adapt to these new realities.

Meanwhile, the open source Gimp project continues to steadily improve, and come closer to being a truly realistic replacement for Photoshop, and a larger percentage of people who download the GImp are actually going to use it, despite its learning curve, and the ones that can DO support it.

There is already a Gimp product, Gimpshop, that openly seeks to resemble Photoshop more closely, and I think that we can expect to see that march apace, and in a couple of years, Gimpshop will attain or surpass Open Office in its "open source alternativehood," precisely because as you say, most people are willing to support good software - Whether they would consider it dishonest to download Photoshop or not, those with the skills would definitely embrace the opportunity to be part of a project whose goal is to produce image editing software that is BETTER than Photoshop!

In other words, that very universality of the web that challenges all those traditional business models has the potential, in my opinion, to form itself into a new and, to use one of my pet peeve born-cliche memes, "reality-based" model.

Hm. Thanks for telling me about that! I am thinking of changing to it and that one whose link I can't remember for save directory list, which is my only 12 ghosts-havin' reason that HPathCopyShExt is missing.

Technically, it would be installing 2 things to replace one, but the two things together would be so much smaller.

The absurd but not quite delicious irony of my current agenda is that on my rustic old squirrel-powered machine, I never even attempted to reduce things. On the contrary, I was the poster child for pathological software hoarding and downloading promiscuity, it is only now that I have this modern screamin monster truck of a puter (that will be rustic and squirrel-powered in a year) that I have become so determined to be coy and hard-to-get.

But this site continues to slice up and make sandwiches of that determination. Just today, a quick perusal to some of the "best of 2007 links" resulted in my installing 2 or 3 more Firefox extensions, none of which I can justify on anything close to grounds of real and demonstrable need. To my credit, I already disabled one - a behemoth of a thing that turns Gmail into an adrive alternative, and lets you click about 5 times just so you can play a song that you stored on your Gmail-linked adrive clone, instead of just reaching down into a43 and clicking the song once.

It's a sickness, I tell you! A sickness!

Thank You! I have bookmarked interclue, although I know in my heart that like the Power Pro thing, it is probably more firepower than I truly need.

I have my reading cut out for me, I have decided that the best way to make amends to Tab Mix Plus for my previous cavalier attitude is to get to know it, and that is keeping me busy.

You know I came here thinking it would be a good place to help me in my mission to streamline and downsize, yet everywhere I turn, there is something tempting me to go back to my old ways and download first and ask questions later.

But I will be strong, and resist.

You know the shopping rule about not letting yourself buy it unless you can name at least 3 existing outfits that it will truly improve and go with?

Well, I am doing a similar thing here. Before I download it, whatever it is, I  have to study it enough to know that it will replace something I already have, preferably more than one thing. And  do so with a daintier footprint and appetite.

It is a daunting challenge. We will see how long I can stick to it  :P


Oh Thank You! I had no idea there was an xtree fan page!

What a delightful walk down memory lane!

I am learning so much here!

General Software Discussion / Re: Software Ethics
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:28 AM »

Well, obviously, I do not know nearly as much about all this as you all do, but I do know that one of the reasons that I am so increasingly drawn to freeware and open source software is that larger picture  - on the one hand, there are people doing work for which they deserve to be paid.

On the other hand, the products produced by that work are freely available to the end user at no cost.

So from whence shall the money come to pay the people doing the work?

It is one thing to debate the ethics and shoulds and shouldn'ts, and Lord knows there is no shortage of such debates.

The problem is that while the debates rage, and the sermonizers sermonize, there are still people working to produce stuff that is there for the taking by the end user.

So clearly, there are some extremely large elephants to be recognized and led out of many, many drawing rooms, and a whole lot of complicated economic questions and fundamental profit models of entire industries that need to be worked out, and I am not the person to do it.

But as a user, I like the open source idea, and I think it has a very interesting future.


Yes, I use 13 Ghost and that file menu thing, and between them they got rid of most of them. Some of them you have to do inside the program, like WinRar will put about 87 different ones, but at least they give you the option to turn them off, some programs don't!


I used Power Desk for years and years, but discovered in The Great Upgrade that 5 didn't work as well on XP, and I looked at 6 but it was just so big and bloaty, so I tried a whole mess of them and most of the time now I use a43 but occasionally I will use ultraexplorer or the freeware version of the xplorer2 thing.

I don't like any of the norton-inspired double pane ones, though I respect all faith traditions.

In the olden days, I liked xtree best.


I have not had any problems with Revo Uninstaller

It is freeware and it uses the program's uninstaller first, and then after that, if you want it to, it will go look everywhere and see what is left, and show it to you and ask if you want to remove it.


Thank you lanux! I have a lot of reading to do! I have shamefully underestimated Tabs Mix Plus, and  have resolved to invite it to lunch and apologize to it.

Since mouser was kind enough to bring this to my attention, I have installed both color tabs and Tab Effects, and https://addons.mozil...S/firefox/addon/4258 Tab Effect, and I have to confess that Tab Effect has totally turned my head and wowed me. It is really embarrassing, after talking so much about streamlining and minimizing, as if I were above all that.

But you just have to get Tab Effect, and if it makes you bounce and dissolve into helpless giggles of delight, nobody has to know about it.

What a fabulous question!

Now this is an old thread, but I think it would be interesting to know about what has changed for  people who posted or read it a year, even two years ago.

The ones I always have open are:


And FileBox Extender, if that counts, although I think that gets into what is always running which is a whole nother show.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if somebody made a Firefox extension that was a real everyday jeans text editor and then made another one that was a file manager!

If we are obliged to run a squillion Firefox extensions anyway, why not have some to replace EditPlus and a43, is what I am thinking.

But this is not the place for such musings, I digressed. I'm sorry.

So, for the ones who posted or just read it long ago, is your answer still the same?

And for people who are new like me, what applications do you live in?


Thank you, Alex, for such a nice explanation of it all. You did such a good job, I even understood some of it.

I really did not know it was so complicated.

Right now, I am using File Menu Tools or something like that to get rid of all the items I don't want.

If I want to try Fast Explorer, and I do, would I need to uninstall that other one first? Would there be a conflict if I don't?

Oh, and I almost forgot, I also have a vintage version of 12 ghosts just to get "copy file name" and "copy path" and "save directory list" because I know that all those things are available separately, but I didn't want to have to install 3 different ones, and I just recently experienced my first equipment and operating system upgrade in about 150 years, so I am trying to learn the modern ways, but my goal is to minimize system resource use, including space, and see how few programs I can have running, and wherever possible, use freeware.

So Fast Explorer is beckoning me, its head cocked to one side, little half smile, it is voguing a little bit, giving me those looks and stuff, but I have had software conflicts before, so that is why I am being so cautious and asking questions.

Sure, I used to just download anything that had a link, but I am just too old for that now.

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