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Author Topic: Fileupload with Browser and Progressbar  (Read 7943 times)


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Fileupload with Browser and Progressbar
« on: July 29, 2008, 06:58 AM »
Hi there DCs,

a few days ago i was in need to implement a file upload capability in one of my web applications. It should work on clientside without any special programs like a FTPClient or sth. like that. Only with the pure, available on every PC, webbrowser.

The ugly side of the story was, that uploads with browsers sucks. You have no real progress tracking. But i like to have this feature. So i researched a bit and learned that is isn't possible with only PHP right out of the box, if you haven't installed PHP V 5.2 or higher on your server or use some patched unofficial PHP corefiles. In the 5.2+ versions of PHP there are hook functions built in to monitor http uploads. But i was stuck with PHP 5.1.2, so no hooks for poor JoTo and i reject to use unofficial hacked core files.  :(

So i accepted to have a hybrid solution with a combination of PHP and Perl/CGI that can do the trick. I searched a bit further and found a wonderful component named XUpload from Sibsoft. I downloaded the thingy and it worked for me, right out of the box, after a short and easy install. So i decided to share this information with you all, in the case someone is in need also in the future.

Features i liked:
<li>A continuous realtime progress bar and information about uploaded amount in percent and KB, upload speed, used as well as remaining time</li>
<li>Handles big files also (i tested it up to 600MB yet)</li>
<li>The upload page and the embedded form, as well as the upload status window, are very customizable using a template system and CSS</li>
<li>The upload form is extensible with as many user defined fields as you wish</li>
<li>The upload CGI is fully transparent and you can redirect all form data, after the upload finishes, to any URI you want (to process the uploaddata yourself - e.g. like me to my PHP script again to send a notify email about the upload</li>
and best of all: IT'S COMPLETELY FREE

The older version 2.6 of XUpload is free. There is also a PRO Version 3.0 of XUpload with many more features (, page inline progressbar, ...) for purchase at $37 per domain. But even the free version is very usable for most cases and can be used for as many domains as you wish.

Learn more and have a live demo of XUpload at the developers homepage:


xupload_status.pngFileupload with Browser and Progressbar<br />
A screenshot of my customized XUpload statuswindow in my web application in action.

Hope this information may help anyone on Terra in System Sol.  ;D

CU all

That's NOT an advertisment! I am not affiliated with SibSoft in any way. I don't get anything from them if you purchase their PRO version. And the free version is so good that i must say: Try the free and rethink if you really need the purchase of the PRO and if you need, feel free to do so. I am only a regular user of their free component and find it awesome. That's all folks.


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Re: Fileupload with Browser and Progressbar
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2008, 07:39 AM »
Very nice find -- could be useful.  :up: