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Author Topic: Nice Program that Review Missed: Copernic Tracker  (Read 11322 times)


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Nice Program that Review Missed: Copernic Tracker
« on: April 18, 2005, 12:58 AM »
A very nice program that the review missed: Copernic Tracker

The user interface is one of the most elegant i've seen - very modern and elegant.

It's a very friendly program, but also quite powerful.  It has very flexible scheduling and a very very cool set of options for notifying you when pages change (very cool little fade-in window).

Copernic has a page login feature, an ability to POST data, and a custom user agent (though no custom referer).  These are very welcome features though they cannot compare to the equivelent features in Website Watcher.

The one thing sadly missing from Copernic Tracker is the same thing missing from Chek&Get, which is the ability to specify avoid and watch string patterns, which we have found is critical to avoiding spurious changes in pages due to advertisements, etc.

There is one place where Copernic Tracker really blows away the other programs -  an incredibly wonderful feature where you can easily switch between views of older versions of a page.  Check&get has the ability to save older copies but no other tool that i've seen does this as well as Copernic Tracker.

This is a great feature, and if you're in a situation where it would be useful to easily switch among several of the past versions of a page, Copernic Tracker may be exactly what you are looking for.

As of 4/18/05, Copernic Tracker is $50.
Copernic also makes a bunch of other highly respected programs, including powerful Desktop and Internet Search tools.

Homepage: http://www.copernic....s/tracker/index.html
Trial Download: http://www.copernic....racker-download.html
Demo Movie: http://www.copernic....acker/tour/demo.html
Feature List: http://www.copernic....racker-features.html


btw - I have updated the review to add this new program, and have started a new procedure; the archive index will now list the date of last modification of any review ( https://www.donation...s/Archive/index.html ) and reviews themselves will have a sidebar entry at top left with version change info, so you can quickly view modifications.

ps. - Thank you to the person who alerted me that our review missed this program; if anyone ever finds a program we missed do not hesitate to mail me or post on the forum, and as we have said before, feel free to let companies know if you think they would like to make a post in our forums saying why they think we misunderstood or underrated a feature of their program.
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Missing in Review? Orbiscope Tracker
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2006, 11:42 PM »
Just a couple of tools.  I ask about them because:

Orbiscope Tracker:
This looks like a pretty good tool:
all in all it seems to have most of what the other programs have, but two features I find of particular interest are:
a)  web page field tracker (e.g. stock price, product price / availability, etc.) and
b)  an image change tracker. 

Also does anyone know of a tool that will monitor the changes and combine this with extraction.  For example, if you're monitoring for a book list for availability and pricing and user rating from Amazon, and you only want to update your database when it does change?