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  • Tuesday November 24, 2020, 9:15 am
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Author Topic: Suggestions: area selection, hotkeys, mousepointer, hidden windows, multilingual  (Read 4377 times)


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Hello everybody,

just discovered Screenshot Captor some days ago on my "quest" for a good screen capture program that is optimal for creating software documentation and is free for commercial use (donating is no problem).

The last two days I checked out 2.01.06 even more deeply and have some small suggestions for it:

1. Area selection for specific object/windows object)
It is a great advantage to have a frame around the underlying object during selection.
Example: The way MWSnap does it is really fine.

2. Hotkeys
A pop-up if not all hotkeys could be registered on startup.
Example: MWSnap does this and even marks the unregistered hotkeys red in the options.

3. Picture processing
Adding a mouse pointer would be cool, if you couldn't get it because of area selection via mouse or you forgot to enable the option.
Example: GrabCaptureScreen does this quite fine and MWSnap also has it.

4. Capturing hidden windows
I also tested Screen Grab Pro which has an amazing feature: a list of all windows to capture, no matter if it is hidden or not (see menu "Current windows").
This is a very unique feature, which may help you in some weird situations.

5. Multiple language support
Supporting multiple languages would be cool to give users with no English knowledge (if these exist) the possibility to use it correctly.
Example: MWSnap supports several languages.

Although this seems to be a huge list of improvements, Screenshot Captor is by far the best screen capturing program around, because it has nearly no shortcoming and those very useful picture processing features. But you can always make a good program better.

Thanks for this great program.


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Hi maddes, welcome.

Point 1 is already discussed, great one more want this  :D

Point 3: check out the "White Cursor" on the right side, the the "Picture"pic,
than "cursors" from the drop down list


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thanks for the ideas maddes,

as stefan says, #1 is planned, after some more things are fixed up and improved.
#2, let me think about
#3 sc has greate support for adding little cliparts like cursors - it comes with many and we are making more all the time (thanks to stefan!); click the clipart button and as stefan says select "cursors" fromt he dropdown, then double click one to put in on screen and move it to where you want.
#4 could you explain how one would use that?
#5 i hope to add good multilanguages support to all of the donationcoder apps as soon as i can get a breath from improving them - we have many international users and i would love to be able to put our programs in their native languages and take advantage of many of the kind offers to help with translations.

keep the suggestions coming, there will be updates soon on all dc apps - i've been working on site scripts for last 2 weeks and im dying to get back to proper c++ coding  >:(


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That would be great, as it is annoying to guess what part of the window you get when clicking.

Ups, didn't recognize the cliparts.
The other screen capture programs I tested do not have such excessive post processing features, hence adding a mouse pointer was directly seeable in their menus.

Not a very important feature, I just found it a nice idea.
But I remember that once a Win95 program didn't allow me to show a window on the desktop. It was automatically minimized.
Also it's just another way to select a window for capturing.

Greetings from Germany

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