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Living Room / Re: Question about the "spam/advertising links" rule
« on: September 19, 2007, 03:29 AM »
Am I correct? By inserting a link into your signature you can load stuff from another site?

Living Room / Re: Forum Signature Spam: Let's discuss how to handle..
« on: September 13, 2007, 05:46 AM »
I agree with mouser and his idea of a minimum post restriction. But i would expand that with a minimum time restriction: You need to be registered at least one month before your signature becomes active or you even can define one. Both sanctions have the advantage that they can be scripted and don't need someone to monitor this.

Btw, i don't like images in signatures, too.

Btw, there a lot of useful classes which can be very helpful. What i use very much is the Apache commons project, in particular the lang project (JavaDoc) which contains "Utils" packages, e.g. ArrayUtils which has a toObject() method that converts an int[] to Integer[].
The package that i use on every Project (when possible) is StringUtils. I coundn't live without StringUtils.defaultString() and StringUtils.isBlank().

nearly there ;-)
  int[] ints = new int[]{1,2,3,4,5};
  Integer[] intObjects = new Integer[ ints.length ];
  for( int i = 0; i < ints.length; ++i )
  intObjects[ i ] = new Integer( ints[ i ] );

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Find the owner program of a hotkey
« on: September 10, 2007, 04:46 PM »
Maybe Keyboard Shortcuts or Clavier are able to do this? I didn't test them, it's just an idea.

I had a similar chalenge with starting my VMWare server. I solved this with an Autohotkey Script (see below). Once it worked correctly, i compiled it to an executable and put a shortcut to my desktop.

Obviously you must adjust the script. It uses german texts and the vmware service names and an authentication dialog. But you should get the idea. If you need help, i'll help you.

serviceNames = Registration Service,Authorization Service,DHCP Service,NAT Service,Virtual Mount Manager Extended
services = vmserverdWin32|Registration Service,VMAuthdService|Authorization Service,VMnetDHCP|DHCP Service,VMware NAT Service|NAT Service,vmount2|Virtual Mount Manager

Gui, Add, Text,, Benutzername:
Gui, Add, Text,, Passwort:
Gui, Add, Edit, vUsername ym
Gui, Add, Edit, vPassw Password
Gui, Add, Button, default, OK
Gui, Show,, Geben Sie die Logindaten ein
return ;

Gui, Submit

RunAs, %Username%, %Passw%
; Check that the Login was correct
If ErrorLevel=ERROR
  goto AskPassword

p := 0
Progress, fs10 fm10 zy20
Loop, parse, services, `,
  StringSplit, service, A_LoopField, |,
  ; MsgBox, 1, Parsing result, Service ID = %service1% `, Service Name = %service2%
  ; IfMsgBox Cancel
  ;   ExitApp
  Progress, %p%, Starte %service2%, Starte VMWare
runwait, sc start %service1%,,hide
p := p + 20
Progress, Off
RunAs ; Reset to interactive user


RunAs, %Username%, %Passw%

servicesToStop = vmserverdWin32|Registration Service,VMAuthdService|Authorization Service,VMnetDHCP|DHCP Service,VMware NAT Service|NAT Service,vmount2|Virtual Mount Manager,IISADMIN|IIS Admin

p := 0
Progress, fs10 fm10 zy20
Loop, parse, servicesToStop, `,
  StringSplit, service, A_LoopField, |,
  Progress, %p%, Stoppe %service2%, Stoppe VMWare
runwait, sc stop %service1%,,hide
p := p + 16
Progress, Off
RunAs ; Reset to interactive user

Sounds interesting. I'll have a look at it. Another free alternative is OpenWorkbench.

Open Workbench is an open source desktop application that provides robust project scheduling and management functionality. Already the scheduling standard for more than 100,000 project managers worldwide, Open Workbench is a free and powerful alternative to Microsoft Project.

I tested it and it met my (marginal) requirements.

General Software Discussion / Re: Top 3 programs you use
« on: August 11, 2007, 04:11 AM »
0. Firefox. Ok, browsers have been banned, but it's really the first application i start, so:

1. VMWare Server
3. Eclipse


For Perl & Python, nothing I tried came even close to Komodo IDE (  It's the only IDE for these languages that I tried that had any semblance of a modern debugger (ie., one like Visual Studio for C/++).  It was able to debug my Perl scripts running in IIS with essentially no configuration on my part.  Any other tool basically didn't aupport IIS debugging or required configuring the security/account that IIS ran under or other such headaches.  Also it integrates very nicely into FireFox for debugging client-side Javascript.  The big drawback to it is that it costs $300.  I've heard good things about Eclipse for Perl, python (and pretty much any language out there), but I've never even tried it, so I can''t say.  There's a free variant of Komodo (called Komodo Edit), but it doesn't have the debugger, which is what the main attraction of Komodo IDE was for me.

I tried the 30 days download of Komodo because i looked for an IDE for Python and PHP. What i didn't manage is the autocompletion of my own classes. I imported the source of MoinMoin ( as test, but the autocompletion for these imported classes didn't work. Only for the builtin set. As far as i understood one has to export the files somehow as autocompletion file and import this file once more?!  :-\

300$ sounds expensive on the first look, but i think that a good piece of software can be worth the price.

Living Room / Re: Recreate yourself: simpson style!
« on: July 20, 2007, 04:46 PM »
Hihi, i like the simpsons. :D

Anyone ever play "The Typing of the Dead"?

I wish i could ;-)
Though i know a PC version has been published in Europe it is extremly rare. Software stores don't have it and even EBay doesn't help much. Most biddings are in USA and all are expensive. The usual price seems to be 40-50 EUR, even second-handed. Argh.

@taichimaster: splendid  :Thmbsup:

Best Text Editor / Re: Boxer Text Editor
« on: July 03, 2007, 01:32 AM »
Hm, i downloaded the trial version and it looks like Boxer doesn't support UTF.  :huh:
UTF-8 files are displayed incorrectly (ANSI i suppose) and UTF-16 files are handled as binaries.

General Software Discussion / Re: RegexBuddy 3 released
« on: June 17, 2007, 03:49 AM »
I was surprised about the bought-on-June-12 rule on the webpage, because i ordered RegexBuddy 2 at 2007-05-27 and they offered me an update to v3 for free.  Thanks Jan, Ji-haa :D :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / RegexBuddy 3 released
« on: June 16, 2007, 05:20 AM »
This week JGSoft released version 3 of Regexbuddy

Though Regexbuddy is not free (29.95 EUR) i thought somebody might be interested about this, because Regexbuddy has been mentioned in several threads.

The complete release notes are below, the most obvious changes are
  • several layouts available, e.g. a dual monitor layout.
  • "debug from here"
  • "list all with full details"
  • Open url for getting test data
  • Integrated forum software

New features:

    * COM interface: Debug method to show the debugger output at a particular byte position in the test data.
    * COM interface: InitAction and FinishAction can now pass a list of actions to populate and retrieve the whole History list. The caption of the History panel will change to "List for appname" when InitAction is used this way.
    * COM interface: New variant structure with FreeSpacing and Flavor fields.
    * COM interface: ability to specify test data or the path to a test file to be loaded into the Test tab.
    * COM interface: function to disable certain options; e.g. EditPad Pro and PowerGREP force the JGsoft regex flavor with "^$ match at line breaks" turned off.
    * COM interface: support for additional programming languages when passing regular expressions as strings.
    * Command line interface: -testclipboard parameter to paste the contents of the clipboard into the Test tab.
    * Command line interface: -testfile parameter to load a file into the Test tab.
    * Command line interface: Additional parameters for passing regexes as strings in various programming languages.
    * Copy/paste C# strings, which uses verbatim strings when appropriate.
    * Copy/paste: Support for all the string styles used by the programming languages newly supported on the Use tab.
    * Create: Indicate features used in the regular expression that are available in some flavors, but not in the selected flavor. Double-clicking such an error replaces it with the equivalent syntax (if any) in the selected flavor.
    * Debug Everywhere: Runs the debugger at each position in the test subject, rather than only at the current position of the text cursor.
    * Debug Till End: Runs the debugger from the current position of the cursor until the end of the test subject.
    * Flavors: RegexBuddy now has the unique ability to emulate the limitations of all the regular expression flavors that it supports. Simply select the flavor you're working with on the main toolbar.
    * Forum: Discuss and share regular expressions with other RegexBuddy users.
    * Fully modular interface: the tabs in RegexBuddy 2 are now panels that can be arranged in tabs, side by side or made to float independently. The layout is automatically remembered between RegexBuddy sessions.
    * GREP: Button to open the file in EditPad or another editor instead of the Test pane.
    * GREP: Keyboard shortcuts for preview, execute and quick execute like in PowerGREP.
    * History: List of regular expressions to easily compare different regular expressions in a single RegexBuddy session.
    * Insert Token: Unicode blocks.
    * Insert Token: Unicode properties.
    * Insert Token: Unicode properties, scripts and blocks can now be added directly when adding or editing character classes.
    * Insert Token: Unicode scripts.
    * Library: Export without test data and comments but with a unique ID for each regex, so the library can be used as a data file for applications as an alternative to hard-coding regular expressions.
    * Library: Store test data with each regular expression.
    * Preferences, Editor: Option to toggle word wrap in the "test" editors.
    * Preferences: Option to configure whether code snippets on the Use tab use spaces or tabs, and how many, for indentation.
    * Preferences: Option to remember the GREP settings.
    * Preferences: Option to remember the test data between RegexBuddy sessions.
    * Preferences: Regex tree font on the Create page.
    * Regex: (?n) explicit capture modifier, as supported by the .NET framework.
    * Regex: Ability to select a regex flavor to make RegexBuddy mimic the syntax and limitations of the selected flavor.
    * Regex: Character class subtraction, as supported by XML schema and the .NET framework.
    * Regex: Dummy support for PCRE callouts (?C1) through (?C255) when the flavor is set to "PCRE".
    * Regex: Free-spacing option and (?x) free-spacing mode modifier.
    * Regex: POSIX character classes.
    * Regex: \Q..\E escape sequence for escaping a string of metacharacters.
    * Regex: \cA through \cZ ASCII control characters Ctrl+A through Ctrl+Z; equivalent of \x01 through \x1A; can be used inside and outside character classes.
    * Regex: \p{Arabic} through \p{Yi} tokens for matching any character in a particular Unicode script; \p{IsArabic} syntax also supported.
    * Regex: \p{InBasicLatin} through \p{InSpecials} tokens for matching any character in a particular Unicode block; \p{IsBasicLatin} and \p{BasicLatin} alternatives also supported; BasicLatin can also be written as Basic_Latin, Basic-Latin and Basic Latin.
    * Regex: \p{IsL} and \P{IsL} alternative syntax to \p{L} and \P{L}; using the \p{IsL} syntax is not recommended, as \p{L} has much wider support; RegexBuddy supports it for compatibility with Perl and Java which support both \p{L} and \p{IsL}.
    * Regex: \p{^...} syntax as an alternative syntax to \P{...}; using the \p{^...} syntax is not recommended, as only Perl supports it; Perl also supports \P{...}; RegexBuddy only supports it for Perl compatibility.
    * Regex: \x{FFFF} alternative to \uFFFF. This syntax is used by Perl. While \uFFFF must always specify 4 hex digits, the \x{FFFF} syntax allows leading zeros to be omitted.
    * Replace: Support for $&, $`, $', $_ and $+ and corresponding backslash versions.
    * Test: Hexadecimal mode.
    * Test: List All option to show all capturing groups in columns.
    * Test: List All option to show match details folded under each match.
    * Test: List All subitem to list lines or pages without matches when processing the subject line by line or page by page.
    * Test: Open a URL to test a regex on the HTML source of a web page.
    * Test: Option to process the test subject line by line. This makes RegexBuddy behave like traditional grep, and also makes it easier to test a regex against multiple subjects, one on each line.
    * Test: Option to process the test subject page by page, so page breaks can be used to delimit multiple subject strings.
    * Test: Save test data into a text file.
    * Test: The Replace button now has an option to produce a list of replacements, without the unmatched text.
    * Undo and redo buttons that undo changes made to the regular expression and replacement text, either directly or via the Insert Token command.
    * Use: Customizable templates to create and edit code snippets for programming languages that use one of the regex flavors supported by RegexBuddy.
    * Use: If the regex flavor selected in the main toolbar does not correspond with the regex flavor needed by the programming language selected on the Use tab, RegexBuddy will automatically convert it to the needed flavor, or show an error if it can't.
    * Use: MySQL.
    * Use: Oracle.
    * Use: PostgreSQL.
    * Use: String literal with RegexBuddy's regex tree.
    * Use: Tcl.
    * Use: XML Schema.


    * Copy/paste: All the different string styles are now listed in submenus, with the string styles corresponding to the selected regex flavor and/or programming language listed directly in the Copy and Paste menus.
    * Create: Eliminate duplicates from "match a character in the list" for character classes, to make it clearer that a character class matches characters instead of words.
    * Debug: If the only output is backtrack; match attempt failed, explain that the match was only attempted at the current cursor location.
    * GREP: .rbg files now use an XML-based format that can be easily created and read in other applications. RegexBuddy 3 can read binary .rbg files saved by RegexBuddy 2, but can only write the new XML-based format.
    * GREP: Show the number of matches per file and the clickable file header on one line. This halves the number of lines needed when not showing match details (e.g. after a "quick execute"), and leaves the total visible when collapsing file nodes.
    * Insert Token, Anchors: Label the menu items for ^ and $ as "beginning/end of line" and make them turn on the "^ and $ match at line breaks" option.
    * Insert Token: ASCII character map now allows you to select the code page to be displayed.
    * Insert Token: Unicode character map now indicates code point numbers in a tooltip.
    * Library: .rbl files now use an XML-based format that can be easily read in other applications. RegexBuddy 3 can read binary .rbl files saved by RegexBuddy 1 and 2, but can only write the new XML-based format.
    * Library: Using a regular expression from the library now keeps the previous regex in the history list, making it easy to revert to it.
    * Test: Highlight backreferences in the match details. When double-clicking a backreference, highlight that backreference in the results.
    * Use: C# code snippets should use verbatim strings when the regex contains backslashes or free-spacing line breaks.
    * Use: Comments with RegexBuddy tree should indicate matching options.
    * Use: PHP preg operators now add the /u modifier if your regular expression uses a Unicode token.

-RegexBuddy Homepage

General Software Discussion / Re: Stellarium 0.9.0 Released!
« on: June 11, 2007, 01:43 PM »
If you run XP, I see there's a new ATI driver out that's even newer...worth a try?
-cranioscopical (June 10, 2007, 07:33 PM)
Yep, good point. Thanks for the hint.

A DirectX update may also be wise.
Uhh, ohh. Does this really help? I think this application is written using the Qt library ( and uses OpenGl, not DirectX.

General Software Discussion / Re: The great defrag shootout
« on: June 11, 2007, 01:36 PM »
Whow, an excellent article.  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Re: Stellarium 0.9.0 Released!
« on: June 10, 2007, 03:53 PM »
for the sake of completeness: It is an ATI card, Saphire Radeon 9600 XT

General Software Discussion / Re: Stellarium 0.9.0 Released!
« on: June 10, 2007, 04:20 AM »
Hm, looks nice but doesn't work on my workstation:
The installation was fine, then i opened the application. Whow, nice looking panorama of a meadow in Paris.  :Thmbsup:
I opened the settings dialog an began to change the coordinates, when it frozed. I opened the task manager (it started on my second monitor) and it reported stellarium with 100% cpu. After one minute i decided to kill the process. Surprise, surprise, the GUI on my first monitor didn't refreshed.
The frozen stellarium stayed whatever it tried though the process was killed. So it looked like the graphic card or graphic driver has been crashed. An unhappy situation, because the monitor with the frozen GUI is my primary monitor. You learn how important the primary monitor is as soon as you don't have one.
I logged out using the task manager, which was a stupid idea because after you log out just the primary monitor is used from Windows. So i had not possibility to safely reboot (no logout dialog). Finally i pushed the power button of my workstation.

AutoHotkey / Re: AutoHotkey- alternative?
« on: May 30, 2007, 12:49 PM »
Funny that you mention ahk as easy to learn, even for non coding persons. I am a coding person and it took me ages to write an ahk script. AFAIR it has a "new" and an "old" syntax, which was confusing, and it's parser was very sensible to whitespaces in the code. If you feel ahk easy to learn, you can definitely move without a problem to any other language.  You should take into account: java, python, perl, javascript, even c/c++, maybe c# (Mono) and a lot of others.

On the other hands side, the recording and replay stuff of ahk is suberb.

Here is a german one: The translation of dreckstool is filthy tool. You can only vote, but sometimes that is enough for venting your's anger.  ;)

Whow, a FARR plugin would be cool. I reckon the code for impersonating to an administrator account can easily ported, as it consists mostly of Win Api calls.

@all: Thanks for your positive comments. :)

ServicesCtl is a little application which enables you to start and stop services from the traybar. I wrote it because i develop for different databases and was annoyed how cumbersomely it is to start and stop services. It stays in the traybar and offers short links in its context menu to start and stop selected services.

The applications homepage is, the download link for the version 1.0 is http://www.olaf-groe...tl_1-0-0-0_setup.exe. I'm anxious to hear your feedback.

The web page is currently only available in german, but the application has german and english resources.

P.S.: System requirement is .Net 2.0

EDIT: A zip file without installer is available: Just unzip to use it. Thanks to lanux128 for pointing this out.

General Software Discussion / Re: mtExplorer
« on: April 01, 2007, 03:59 AM »
One major drawback of mtexplorer is that it doesn't support deep directory structures: Saving of the paths doesn't work when the path includes more than 2 subdirectories.
Example: The path c:\Temp\rcptimetracker can be saved successfully, but the path C:\Temp\rcptimetracker\com fails meaning that the Path is reset to Desktop upon the next application start.

I emailed jack about this last september including a suggestion to support drag and drop into the adress bar and he promised to consider this in a future version.

btw one of the things at the top of my todo list for screenshot captor is improved frames for things like torn edge effects, etc.

as for non-rectangular regions, im still working on that.

Excellent. Thanks, mouser.

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