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General Software Discussion / Re: how do you write a .chm file?
« on: August 18, 2007, 01:26 PM »
or if like me you like the easy life

$459.00   :o
The easy life seems to be an expensive life!

Not really... $459.00 is quite reasonable considering what it delivers... The question is whether you need that power or not.

The ability to produce CHM, HLP, PDF, XML, RTF, and other formats all from the same source is so worth it. Here's why...

You have a help file where you're creating a CHM. But you decide that you need it done for the web. The help is say 100 pages long. How long does it take, and how much is your time worth? Remember that you need to do this manually each time...

Next, you need it in PDF format... Same as above...

Now you need to do this all for every release! OUCH! You just screwed yourself for time if you didn't plan ahead and get a solution like H&M.

It's all about saving time and being more productive. Tools like H&M are always expensive for a very real reason. They save money and pay for themselves.

However, a lot of people don't need them. I don't use H&M for GDT's docs because they're short and I don't need that much power. At the dayjob, I really need it badly.

Besides - Alexsander is a fun guy after a few glasses of wine! :P

Exactly  :)

The important part is the '+' in the name. If you need to publish the same content in more than one format it's a breeze. It only needs to save about 5 days worth of development time before it's paid for itself.

Living Room / Re: Acceptable expletives
« on: August 17, 2007, 02:17 PM »
I know someone who renamed his kitten 'Cooking Fat' in celebration of the number of times she was standing exactly where he wanted to step while holding a tray of hot food.  ;)

You're welcome  :)

Ah, now this is where I can save you some heartache :)

This is from memory as I'm not at work right now so I'll just give you the outline.

  • Create a category called 'ArchiveInTime' or similar.
  • Create a rule.
  • Set the rule to run on Startup rather than on the usual 'Mail Received'
  • Set a condition so that IF delivered date is earlier than -35 days before today AND category is ArchiveInTime
  • Add action Move To Archive

You have to make it -35 days not 35 days. The description that appears after you correctly set the rule looks confusing: it says LESS than 35 days before today when it actually means EARLIER than. Careless programming  >:(

Then when you get a message you think you're going to want to keep, set the category and it'll stay in the mailbox for a month then magically archive itself. If you change your mind before the month's up, just untick the category from the message.

Remember this is a Startup rule so if you don't start GW for 10 days you may miss some of the messages, so make sure you do a manual archive if you're going to be away more than a week.

And test it on some stuff that doesn't matter first too  :)

Well, I can understand that - it's Novell after all  ;)

My condolences from a fellow GroupWise victim.  :(

And I don't even get to use an up to date version either  :mad:

I don't think that would be so useful - after all CamStudio does that really well and is freeware.

What would be fantastic would be something similar only for creating animated gifs.

Typical application I've got in mind: for adding in to html help documents to illustrate a short simple process. Animated gifs are ideal for this as they use next to no memory and don't rely on the user having the right swf or avi player.

Haven't played in word for years really, but wouldn't it work to assign everything to a style or two that used kosher fonts? Or maybe copy/paste/copy using notepad to remove formatting & assign styles afterwards?
Yes, it's often best to design your layout using styles in a template, and your content separately - in a text editor or another Word document.

I got the impression that the OP had invested a lot of time into getting the layout design right and just wanted to fix a few rogue styles without starting from scratch.

But as the OP seems to have gone all quiet I can't be sure  ;)

Living Room / Re: How to choose a credit card?
« on: August 07, 2007, 12:57 PM »
Get the one that looks best  :)

When you're in a shop buying lots of funky stuff the last thing you want is public humiliation when you whip out a CapitalOne or other such monstrosity  ;)

Well I'm trying to update my files in my backups (just a backup of music and images I've taken). In Vista and Ubuntu the default copying and pasting is smarter. If I copy and paste, I can choose to ignore existing files that way avoiding the trouble of having to recopy and repasting them.

But in XP I can't seem to do that. It just gives me the option to copy over the existing file/folder, copy over all existing files/folders, no, or cancel.

No seems to do the same thing as cancel.

I'm looking for an application where I can tell it to "ignore the existing files and just copy and paste the new ones over".

Err, how about: Windows XP  ;)

It's not obvious, but hold SHIFT down while you click 'No' and it'll do just what you're after.  :)

Why they couldn't have put a button in the dialogue box that does this is a complete mystery  :huh:

Living Room / Re: I have to confess
« on: July 30, 2007, 12:49 PM »
Signed up with Branson then?  ;)

Could you tweak the crosshairs in the zoom tab in the navigational panel so that they line up with the edge of the pixel rather than the centre?


It's not obvious whether the pixel selected will be in our out of the selection.

Thanks  :D

How did you get on jdd?

Screenshot Captor / Re: Wow! Goodbye SnagIt
« on: July 16, 2007, 01:06 PM »
I agree, though I do still keep SnagIt because it's much better at identifying individual objects, and objects within objects (buttons, toolbar with buttons, pane with toolbar with buttons) than SSC.

Its profiles are pretty good too.

And it does .avi recording, though admittedly it's not exactly tricky to find freeware that's just as good.

But it's still SSC in Startup and SnagIt in the QuickLaunch  :)

Me too  :)

You're not doing it correctly then.  ;)

Read my 2nd post again  :)

So how many styles show up in use?

Which version of Word are you using?

Did you copy & paste into the document or create it from scratch?

How long is the document?

Just had a look at Word 2k+3 and it's a whole lot easier  :)

(My company uses 2K so I mostly stick with that as I'm easily confused  :-[    )

  • Choose Format, Styles and Formatting
  • In the panel that appears (usually on the right) there's a Show dropdown
  • Select Formatting In Use
  • Where text of a particular style has had its format changed, the style will be called e.g. Body Text + Times New Roman or Body Text + 12 point to indicate the changes.
  • Right click the rogue style and you can select all instances of it
  • That means you can apply a correct style immediately to everything
  • You can also delete a style + whatever and it'll automatically format the text using the base style

Of course, if you didn't use styles in the first place, you'll have a whole heap of them to go through  :)

Oh, and the Check Formatting Consistency tool is rubbish  ;)

Dead easy  :)

This is for Word 2k, I'm sure it works on 2k+3 and 2k+7:

  • CTRL-F to open the Find/Replace box
  • Click the Replace tab
  • Click More to expand the list of options
  • Click Format and select Font from the drop down
  • Select the evil intruder font
  • Click in the Replace With box
  • Click Format and select Font from the drop down
  • Select the lovely replacement font
  • Click Replace All - if you're brave

Though you'd need to do that for each rogue font.

You can do a find & replace for a font size in the same way.

Ways of getting around having to do this in the first place:

  • Use styles
  • Copy an external text via a text editor and Paste Special, Unformatted so you don't bring in dodgy external formatting
  • Use styles
  • Did I mention styles?

As far as I know you can't tell Word 2k to only allow a doc to use certain styles, and you can't prevent it from changing the format of text in a particular style (except by making the style autoupdate, which isn't the same thing)

I believe Word 2k+7 can, sort of, but haven't used it enough to be sure.

I also believe that 2k+3 and 2k+7 have ways to check formatting consistency though how that works I have no idea.  :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: Excel formula help?
« on: June 28, 2007, 12:14 PM »
Hmmm, Excel doesn't like records being spread over more than one row. Can't think of an easy way off the top of my head.

How tricky would it be to create say 5 extra columns for any extra websites and move the extra websites into there, so there's a single row for each person?

I remember seeing him in the first round of auditions - where they mix in the hilariously bad acts with the real talent.

This nervous, sweaty man in a cheap suit shambled onto the stage, looking exactly like you'd expect an underachiever who worked in a mobile phone shop to look.

He then said he was going to sing opera, and I just thought 'how bad is this going to be?'.

Except when he started singing it just blew me away; you could see he was taken to another world when he was singing.

By the time he'd finished, I was crying with emotion. Though I did cry for Connie. And the baton twirler. And the guy looking after his brothers kids. And a few more besides ...

Incidentally, why were Simon and Piers so nice to all the acts? Even the really bad ones didn't get the mauling they'd get on X Factor.  :tellme:

Did you get the licence key for version I'm having the same problem. If you could email it to me I would be very greatful and willing to help anyway possible. Thank you.

email: [email address removed by Carol Haynes]

Must ... resist ... urge ... to ... post ... email ... address ... onto ... spam-magnet ... newsgroup  :mad:

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