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Just reinstalled Windows 10 and as I'm using a Live account W10 has set the My Documents folder to my OneDrive

So FARR is storing config files in OneDrive, which I don't want, especially because the troubleshooting log often has trouble syncing.

So I closed FARR and edited the ConfigDir.ini file by adding the following line at the end, without comment slashes

Copied all the config files across and removed the initial config folder on OneDrive.

But FARR seems to be ignoring this and has created a new 'first run' folder in OneDrive.

I can obviously close and move the config files back so I don't lose my settings, but what am I doing wrong?


A free online Flash or Shockwave game, around 8 years ago.

Octagonal shaped playing area with a cross made of pegs in the middle, you and your computer opponent had some marbles that started out on either side of the cross. You had to aim your marbles into a goal which was a hole on your opponents side of the cross while protecting your own goal from your opponent.

I seem to remember there was a bug in that if you lost it announced you'd won, and vice versa.

Great gameplay, and way ahead of its time - you lost your game if your internet connection went down, just like the fancy modern games do ;)

ProcessTamer / Feature request : safer right click termination
« on: January 21, 2010, 04:53 PM »
Hi Mouser

Just discovered that it's easy to terminate the wrong process if between right-clicking and choosing Close This Process the list order changes, or the process drops off the list because it goes below the threshold. PT closes the process that the mouse is now over, not the one that was originally clicked on.

How about freezing the list while the right click menu is open?


Find And Run Robot / Aliases - Dumb Newbie Question :)
« on: October 09, 2009, 05:49 PM »
This is probably going to sound so stupid, but here goes anyway  :-[

Let's imagine that I have a shortcut called µTorrent, and let's also imagine that I don't have a µ key on my keyboard. Finally, imagine that I always get surprised when I type utorrent into FARR and don't get any results.

How can I tell FARR to look for µTorrent when I type utorrent?

RingTFM has made me even more confused I'm afraid  :D

You may rate this question for stupidity on a scale of 1 to 10  ;)

Thank you  :)

LaunchBar Commander / Explore sub folder part way down a folder node?
« on: September 04, 2008, 03:46 PM »
When following a folder node along, sometimes I don't want to open a document within the final subfolder, but open an Explorer window (or in my case a Dopus lister) showing the contents of a subfolder higher up the tree.

Is that possible? I can't figure out a way to do it if it is  :D


How about popping up a tooltip with file properties when you hover an icon in the results list?

I open music files using FARR and it would be helpful to see bitrate and other information before playing a song.

It obviously presents just as much threat as an autohotkey script  :huh:

I've sent it off to them for testing - this is just a warning for you.

Got a minor but slightly annoying bug for you  ;) I couldn't see any other reports of it.

v2.00.145, using XP fully updated with standard display settings.

I've noticed that when 'Switch from Large to Small Icons on Dirlist' setting is ticked FARR cuts off the last result from the view, though you can scroll down. If there's only one matching result you don't see any results.

Unticking it corrects the problem.

It seems to also apply to combinations of dirs and files.

A couple of screenshots attached plus one showing my display options. Changing the skins or not using skins at all don't make a difference.

Thanks  :)

Can anyone help me with this?

O&O Defrag insists that a service called "O&O Defrag"  is running before working. But it's too dumb to start the service if it's set to manual  :huh:

And since I'll only be using it occasionally I want my memory for other things.

So I want to create a batch file (or similar) that does:

net start "O&O Defrag"
run O&O (as if I'd double clicked on the xp icon)
waits for O&O to finish
net stop "O&O Defrag"

Oh, and does it all invisibly so as far as I'm concerned I'm just double clicking an icon, and closing the program as I usually would, and ending with no program and no service running without any command windows cluttering up the place.

Is that easy to do for someone with no programming skills? I.e. me?   :D

Thanks  :)

Could you tweak the crosshairs in the zoom tab in the navigational panel so that they line up with the edge of the pixel rather than the centre?


It's not obvious whether the pixel selected will be in our out of the selection.

Thanks  :D

Norton Ghost installs a windows xp service, which I assume controls its backup scheduler. But I start my backups on demand so don't need it.

The problem is, if I stop the service through WinPatrol, Ghost just starts it again next time it runs.  :mad:

I've discovered I can use
sc stop "norton ghost"

to stop it - so is there any way I can make that command automatically happen once Ghost has completed its shutdown?

Thanks  :D

Screenshot Captor / CTRL-Click not capturing regions in RedBox mode
« on: February 11, 2007, 03:19 PM »
Haven't needed to do a region capture for a while - and now it seems that it's not working  :(

When I've got my region correct CTRL-clicking doesn't do anything. I can right click and select 'capture object now' from the context menu but this superimposes the menu line on the capture image - example attached.

I know the keys are working fine as I see the XP concentric lines zooming on the mouse pointer when I release CTRL. I can't be sure that nothing else is hijacking CTRL-click though nothing else seems to happen in any other app.

I'm using v2.30.04 but I've just had a look at my laptop which uses v2.28.06 and I get the same issue.

Everything works fine without RedBox.

Oh, and no, I don't have the delay on  ;)

Any suggestions?

Thanks  :)

Find And Run Robot / Is it possible to change the system tray icon?
« on: November 13, 2006, 01:23 PM »
I keep on right-clicking on it thinking it's the Bluetooth icon  :-[

Found an odd 'bug' - at least I think it's a bug  :-\

Just installed SsC on a PC with a Microsoft Digital Media keyboard, which has some extra programmable hotkeys, and uses Intellitype Pro 5.5 (the latest version) to control them.

Whenever I press one of the hotkeys, SsC clicks and captures the screen.  :huh:

The hotkey still works though.

I'm not sure if it's an 'Entire Workspace' or 'Current Screen' capture as I only have 1 monitor. I don't think it's a hotkey thing - changing the hotkeys for either has no effect, and if I close SsC and run SnagIt with identical hotkeys SnagIt doesn't try to capture anything.

Only a minor irritation - but an irritation nonetheless  :)

Any thoughts?

Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / 2-xl : The Campest Thing Ever !
« on: November 09, 2006, 06:03 PM »
I am absolutely loving 2-XL  :-*

It has to be the campest thing on the internet ever  ;D - and believe me, that's saying something  :)

Congratulations on the simulator Mouser - it's hilarious  :)

This may be a stupid question, but:

I want to install Screenshot Captor on my work PC. I don't want the license screen to show my personal forum name. Do I need to set up a new forum account so I can generate a 'depersonalised' license key?

Thanks  :)

Screenshot Captor / Problems capturing objects
« on: October 27, 2006, 01:02 PM »
When I try to capture an object in (say) Firefox using Snagit 7, I can capture an individual icon:

Screenshot - 27_10_2006 , 18_43_50.png

But in Screenshot Captor I can't get anywhere near as close:

Screenshot - 27_10_2006 , 00_02_55.png

What am I doing wrong? If I can't capture individual objects this might be a showstopper for me  :(


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