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Post New Requests Here / Re: Wish list program
« on: January 02, 2009, 02:05 PM »
Wow, what can I say, every possible thing I could have wanted in this little app is now here lol. Awesome work, thanks a lot. I feel special, don't think anyone has ever made software based on my request before.

The combo box idea is perfect and completely replaces the need for the tabs. I simply love the simplicity and functionality of the program, very good work :D.

About the profiles, I have found a couple of bugs but I feel it should be fairly easy to fix.

The "Default Profile" setting seems to always result in a file not found error. Further, if you try to add items to the default profile, switch to a different profile, then switch back, you get a file not found error and the items added to "Default Profile" appear to be missing.

When going to "save" a profile, you are essentially having to create a copy of your current wishlist in order to make a new one. This is actually a pretty cool idea/feature in my book, but I can see how it would be annoying if you had no blank profiles open to resave as a new wishlist. My idea for a solution is either A) add a "new" button, or B) add a "New ..." option to the combo box. The button would probably be ideal, but you may not want to crowd your interface in which case adding new ... to the end/beginning of the combo box would suffice. The reason I say a button would be ideal is it would be difficult to utilize the ability to 'scroll through' profiles using the mouse wheel, something I thought was nice.

Also, if you go to delete your "Default Profile", it may be more appropriate to clear the data in it rather than actually interpreting it as deleting the profile all together and refusing.

Finally, this is purely a matter of preference, but I'd probably prefer it if the profiles when saving began saving in the same folder of the program, but not very important. What I do think would be nice though is the ability to associate the .wpl extension with Wishlist. This would allow for users to store wishlists, then open them as any document rather than the need to find the program first. This would make storing the wishlists in my documents make a bit more sense (currently, if you try to open a .wpl file with wishlist it simply launches wishlist as if you had opened it independently.)

I think that's about everything I can think to say for now, if I forgot anything I'll reply again

General Review Discussion / Re: VPN/SSH Tunneling software
« on: January 01, 2009, 02:23 PM »
I can't believe that hamachi has not been mentioned in this post. It is free, and the best VPN software out there when it comes to 0-configuration

Edit: I'm an idiot, just overlooked it.

Weird how people have bashed it here though o_O. I know the creator of hamachi personally and I can personally verify that the software is 100% legitimate (as is the company that acquired it, LogMeIn) and has not made any claims that it does not back up 100%. If you have any questions about it, I'd be very glad to assist you with it. Anything I couldn't answer, I could ask Alex, the creator, but I seriously doubt there are questions about it that I couldn't answer myself as I did support for hamachi for nearly a year.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Wish list program
« on: January 01, 2009, 11:32 AM »
Well, I'm back and I will now write up my synopsis of your software :P hehe.

First I'd like to say, I love it and it is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It works as it is currently perfectly fine and is everything I hoped for. Since if I were in your position I might be interested in ideas for improvement, I will provide my suggestions, but remember these are just ideas, some may be off the wall useless but are included incase you're interested (perhaps a different idea will spawn from them).

To others using the software, what I've done is made a couple of folders with a copy of the program in the folders, as of right now all I have is the folders "short term" and "long term". A short term wish list example would be a shopping list. I know it says wish list, but that doesn't mean it can't be used for grocery shopping as well :D

  • The ability to edit an entry
  • Ability to check things off rather than just delete them
  • An added general "note" column for a customized note, perhaps the link column could just be renamed and used for whatever the user wants rather than a link
  • Adding a couple of more priority levels might be a nice addition
  • The ability to save/load different wishlists may be a nice addition.

  • Make it resizable - I could imagine this app may be hard or impossible to use on a computer with a tiny screen, if the limiting factor is the background graphic you could either tile it or allow you to make it smaller but no bigger than the background.
  • For some reason the text all has a gray background on my computer. Perhaps it is my settings in windows, I have it set to pretty bland graphics (windows xp, and this color does not reflect my desktop background as I thought it did. All of my colors in windows are set to be grayscale, though).
    Edit: I changed my visual themes from the stripped down version to pretty and there is no longer the gray background behind text problem. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine what setting caused the conflict.

  • This may be difficult to do, but the ability to do a generic text search might be very useful as a wishlist grows pages long.
  • In version 9, tabs with different wishlists would actually be sweet.
  • Perhaps Wishlist wasn't the best description of what I was talking about, if you can think of a better name perhaps it would appeal to more people but I have no idea

Lastly, I have a question, is there a limitation to how big the wishlist can be? I don't intend on having over 64,000 entries or anything, but if there is a limit I'd like to keep that in the back of my mind incase I ever do go crazy with it haha.

Living Room / Re: Vista has gone nuts: [Major] Help please?
« on: January 01, 2009, 10:59 AM »
I concur with the AV, the first 2 problems actually seem to be AV related, but just a guess.

Let me explain myself a little deeper, since knowing the source of the problem will sometimes provide helpful clues as to what is happening.

The menu's freezing up the way they are (problems 1/2)  appear to be access problems. The menu freezes likely because of 1 of 2 things happening. 1) it could be a physical limitation, like lets say windows needs to access a network drive that is mapped over a VPN which travels at 5-10KB/s, this would slow down your computer immensely. The second reason could be a hardware/software limiting access to such a thing. A common example in that case would be an anti-virus, scanning your computer before allowing you to access it. Anything that needs to scan it before releasing it would apply though. If you have some malicious software it could very well be doing the same thing.

I don't know if this is the case or not, but I will warn you that your symptoms all seem to point to a still present spyware/virus infestation. The problem is, once a computer has been compromised, spyware/viruses can cover themselves up using rootkit technology. I would do some rootkit scanning if you can. If you have an anti-virus software that lets you boot from a disk, boot your system from that disk then do the scanning. Fair warning, if you do find something it may not always be best to simply select clean in a situation like this. You should look up the particular infection and learn how it can best be removed, since sometimes simply deleting the files can cause your system not to boot. If that's a desired effect though, by all means.

Good luck, I hope this advice has given you a direction to take on it. It definitely sounds access related though; atleast the first 2. The second 2 just sound like off the wall broken windows (normally due to malicious software).

I'm 23 years old, my name is Chad, I'm male, married, a Christian, and currently living in Knoxville, TN. I say currently because I have lived many places and may be moving again shortly. I have no real profession yet and am currently unemployed :(. I have full intent of going to college to change all of that, but I have been finding that immensely difficult. Apparently, the government does not provide support to those living in their parents house, so I need to move out on my own but haven't yet gotten the means to do that. I suppose they figure my parents are supporting me, lol. One good look at my father's tax history would disprove that theory but that's life as the saying goes.

My background in computers and such is basically all self taught to some degree or another. I did take A+, Net+, and Cisco CCNA up to year 3 in school, but honestly those things are useless in practical day to day circumstances. Most of my solid knowledge about computers and such comes from reading literature about computers and operating systems. I've read the course material to have many Linux and other certifications (NTFS forensics as well, if that's even a certification one can get).

I have programmed little unfortunately, but what I have done has taught me a lot about the concept of programming and in turn I was able to teach a friend who had been programming for a while to program better. I guess my point is that I know the concepts, just not the language. I made a really dynamic game of pong on the TI-89+ which I called crapong. Unfortunately, that name was already taken but I didn't know that at the time lol. I studied but never learned Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, C, C++, and BASIC. I suppose I just got so far and ended up not going through due to laziness, getting distracted, etc. The one language that I did learn I learned by simply looking at example code and changing it to my liking (I'm convinced this is the best way to start learning a programming language, atleast if you can go through it the way I was able to). That would be mIRC scripting. I know it seems weird as a language to learn, it's just what I learned and it has made it immensely difficult to go to any other language since I know it so well. It sounds silly to say, but I can do nearly anything I've ever really wanted to do on a computer in mIRC scripting, so I have had a very difficult time learning other languages.

I am still in search of finding the right career for me, that will allow me to express my creativity, express my ability to teach others, and allow me to continue to grow in knowledge about computer related things or all things in general. These are really the things that matter most to me, I would truly hate a job where learning is not a part of it. I am constantly wanting to learn and grow in my knowledge about things, but seem to find less and less time to do so these days being married and having the stresses that come with it. I suppose one could say I am a bit of a knowledge-aholic, as I don't believe I will have ever learned enough to completely satisfy my desire to learn. Some people call me a renaissance man as I seem to be able to do just about anything somewhat well, or atleast know a 'more than average' amount about many subjects, however, a specialization in one hasn't truly surfaced just yet.

I guess that is me in a nutshell. I know there probably isn't anyone here interested enough to read it, but there it is just incase lol.

Google has been bothering me more and more lately. I have always hated For many years, I thought it to be one of the most morally inept companies on the internet. Since Google merged (took over, w/e) with them, I have lost about every shred of hope for google. When this happened, I tried very hard to use other services that offer what google does, and I have since been reminded that I use google because there is no alternative. Yahoo has a terrible fugly interface that takes a long time to load in many cases, and the search results aren't much better.

Google did 1 thing right that no one has done in the search engine industry before, they put the customer's needs first rather than their advertising needs first. Google has successfully pulled off a huge monopoly, and my trigger finger is itchy to change to a different service for internet search and e-mail... But unfortunately there are no viable alternatives. Gmail is a long shot better than the next best. (unless there is one I have overlooked, of course, so if you have suggestions feel free to blurt them out :P)

I hope that competition will bring out the competition's desire to be like google, they obviously have a winning solution.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Wish list program
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:12 PM »
Wow, thanks! I will most definitely use it. As of right now, I'm on my way to do some things in town. I will look when I get back

Post New Requests Here / Re: Wish list program
« on: December 30, 2008, 10:43 PM »
Thanks, I'll give it a shot :D

Living Room / Re: Why Windows Rules: the QWERTY phenomenon?
« on: December 30, 2008, 10:29 PM »
Sorry if my post wasn't completely accurate. My studies on the workings of linux are aging and it's showing. My memories of it are beginning to fade and I can no longer present a 100% accurate to book argument about it, and I am too lazy to research the topics as they come up.

Ultimately, I don't see any of you doing much better, however. I wont go through and quote all of your quotes as you did mine, because I value my time more than that. The arguments brought up against what I have had to say, however, are pretty weak. There is a power with Linux, just admit that. I have admitted that Windows is better in many aspects, so I don't see why you can't throw Linux a bone too.

I wont argue with people who are unable to think from a neutral standpoint on the subject, as I am willing and able to do. I say these things not as a linux or windows advocate, I actually hate both equally. Mac is no where near something I love, either. I have an appreciation for all operating systems, but there isn't one that I truly love beyond others. Are there OS's I think are better? Yea, I clearly stated that in the beginning of my post when I said that Linux is better, and I truly still think it is. Some of my examples may be flawed, but there are a million more where they come from. Ultimately, Linux puts power in the hands of its users, whereas Windows does not, and this is where the power of Linux comes into play. Linux does many things way differently... And in many ways, "better". Linux is normally the first to adopt new things such as IPv6, and is inherently more secure.

Your whole analogy about a more complicated mouse trap verses a more complicated trap is absolutely positively untrue. If you disagree yourself, then why does Windows Vista try to implement new administration features which mirror that of the way Linux has worked from its outset? Linux and BSD have both worked very well to box things in, keep things seperate, jailed, etc. While Windows has more or less been on a model of personal computer 1 account 1 user etc. Sure it has multiple user accounts, but support for multiple users and multiple access privileges on a PC are very weak, especially when compared to strong user systems such as any *NIX style OS.

BTW, sorry about being wrong about preemptive multitasking not being available on Windows. I am well capable of making mistakes, and did not intend for my post here to be taken as a college thesis. Had I truly been wanting to make a case of windows vs linux, I would certainly give it more time and attention as well as site all of my sources. That isn't my intent, rather my intent is to let others know my *opinion* (take it or leave it) about the topic. Quickly stated, my opinion is that in many ways Linux is better (and therefore is overall *better*), but I also feel it will never take over as a dominant operating system. Disagree all you like, but truth does indeed support my opinion of it.

Finally, I'd like to say just because I believe Linux is overall "better" than Windows doesn't mean I dislike Windows, or believe it's a terrible OS. I feel it will stay in the lead, and I am more than happy with it doing that. I like windows, and I really don't think its ease of use is behind anything. Windows is a master at allowing a user to truly feel in control, even of powerful easy to do tweaks and such without a heck of a lot of knowledge or effort on the users behalf. The same is most definitely not true (in my opinion) when it comes to Linux.

Post New Requests Here / Wish list program
« on: December 30, 2008, 09:52 PM »
Maybe something like this exists, but my searches came up negative :(. Basically, all I want is a wish list program. This is essentially an itemized list of things I "want", which I can include details about including price, any http link, and even a price or price range all at my own option of course.

Sometimes my explainations aren't the best, and other people have better ideas anyway, so allow me to explain why I am wanting this program incase there is a better way to get such a thing.

Basically, I'm extremely strapped for cash right now. I have accumulated a bit of debt, and I have been unemployed since April of this year. My wife has gotten a job, thankfully, but the problem is, there isn't much cash coming in and we have a lot of needs.

Since we have so many things we *need*, we have to choose each paycheck what we will spend it on. This can be challenging when there are so many small things that we need and want to get, so sometimes we end up overseeing or forgetting important things that we wanted to get. Basically I'd just like to get kindof a 'master wishlist' going on, which basically is a way to input items and put some details about them such as price and importance, then order them in a way that I will purchase the things that are important/urgent and cheap first, then things that aren't urgent but important, then things that are urgent but not important, and lastly things that are neither important/urgent or cheap.

Maybe ultimately what I am looking for is budgeting software which will allow for such a thing? If you have any suggestions at all, this would help me tremendously. Thanks so much for your consideration! :D

Living Room / Re: Why Windows Rules: the QWERTY phenomenon?
« on: December 30, 2008, 03:35 PM »
You guys may not have the balls to say that "linux is better", but I certainly do. There are thousands of quantitative reasons, which can be very easily argued among computer science literate individuals of why linux and the linux kernel is _FAR_ superior to windows. This isn't just something computer scientists argue that means nothing to the end user, it just means that the regular computer user simply does not understand these concepts, and if they did they would probably just revolt with senseless nonsense like "so, that's not important", when if properly adopted it would be very important.

Here are a few reasons why linux is far superior to windows in design. First and foremost, linux has found what is wrong with windows and fixed it. This is something linux can do because users of linux are phenomenal at fast adaptation of changes in standards. Windows users, however, are phenomenal at slow-to-no adaptation of new standards. If a change in windows will negatively affect a business, it will not happen in windows. Linux, however, is different. This is just a concept, lets get to tooth and nail differences that make one superior.

Preemptive multitasking. Basically means linux can not crash unless the kernel crashes. Very important for many reasons. How many times you had to reboot your computer because of a hung app? Even though it's gotten better, windows still yet does not use preemptive multitasking. Windows relies on processes being 'polite', and giving the processor to each other when needed, while the linux kernel gives a process a set time for holding the processor before the kernel retrieves the processor back. No matter the 'opinion' of the process, it can not hold the processor longer than it has been allotted.

Everything is a program. Meaning, Linux can be less than 2MB in size for a fully functional Linux operating system. Windows can't do this, not even its compact edition.

Portability. Linux can be ran, easily and natively, on basically every CPU architecture made. It can run on a powerpc mac, it can run on x86 windows processor, a RISC chip in mobile devices, the list goes on. This is something that windows and mac both can definitely not say. Yea, it can be ported, but this takes a long tedious time. The linux kernel just needs recompiling with the drivers for the device loaded. This calls for rapid deployment on a very wide range of new devices.

Linux can be as big or as little as necessary (see portability), meaning it can pretty much run on any computer ever made, or any embedded device, for that matter. One look at Windows Vista requirements, and it becomes obvious to you very quickly that Vista was not designed with older PC's in mind. Windows XP, for that matter, has quite steep system requirements when compared to its predecessor Win98. I know you're going to say windows has gotten better, and hardware has too, making it make sense to require more resources.... save it, I'm not an idiot, I know this. What you fail to realize though is that basically this means older PC's can't run anything but windows 98, which is no longer supported officially by microsoft meaning that viruses and so on run rampid. Basically this means there is no way in a 'windows-user' mind to be able to use an old PC such as that. Suddenly, this means that the computer is useless and must be thrown out. What was that about saving the environment you were just on about? Do you realize just how many toxins are in PC's? Especially older ones.

There are many other reasons, but I'm too lazy to go on and I need to get some things done before the sun goes down. My primary point in this whole thing is that Linux *IS* better, in many ways than windows. As far as design, it's basically like comparing a regular built house to a hurricane resistant built home on the coast of Miami. Yea, one can argue (lol) that the regular house is "better", since "better" is a relative term, but from an engineering standpoint there is absolutely positively no comparison.

The primary reasons Windows excels beyond Linux so well is because it is made with commercialism as its number 1 concern. Linux, however, is not. Therefore, it may never be commercially fit (unless that very thing changes). Linux has too many arguments, and has a problem with coordination and no "feature freezes" of the linux operating system as a whole. If you simply say you are using linux, this means nothing at all as Linux is not unified. If you say "I'm using windows XP", however, that really means something because windows XP is a very strongly unified body of code. This is the simple and pure advantage windows has on linux, and its so strong that while linux may get bigger, I seriously doubt it will ever take over unless there is commercialism as a primary driving means. Commercialism prioritizes things that linux not only does not care about, but outright refutes, such as everyone using one way to do something. It only takes 1 linux user thinking there is a better way and making that 'better way' to create 2 ways to do something, meaning after you are doing something that requires a program standing on the shoulders of 20 apps, you have something to the effect of 20^2 different software configurations to get to that point, and any number of things could be going wrong. This essentially makes it so that people are damn near impossible to figure out exactly what the problem is with their linux system and how to fix it the best way. This is difficult even in the extremely unified windows and many times results in a system restore/reformat. Linux just makes it exponentially harder due to its lack of unification.

It's because of these reasons that Linux is not well adapted, and it's because of that reason that commercial developers care very little about their software running on Linux. This puts Linux at a double fatal downfall. Few things are designed for it, hardware or software, and Linux does not care for commercialism currently meaning it will never grow to become a commercial product.

Mirc Script Pack / Re: Kamel's little mIRC snippets
« on: December 30, 2008, 02:43 PM »
Note: The following functions only work on networks with services like nickserv and chanserv etc. The donation coder IRC channel is not currently on a network with those types of services, so these functions while it will not hurt to have them will likely not be used by you unless you are using a network which uses these types of services.

/alias identify .msg nickserv identify $$1-

Usage: /identify password

Explanation: Simply adds a /identify function that allows you to identify to nickserv without it showing your password on your screen after typing it. You could replace "$$1-" with your password in order to just type /identify and it type your password for you, but i personally prefer not to include my password in mIRC anywhere so that it isn't stolen by some external program.

/alias ns msg nickserv $1-
/alias cs msg chanserv $1-
/alias hs msg hostserv $1-
/alias ms msg memoserv $1-

Usage: /ns text to send to nickserv

Explanation: type /ns /cs etc for common network services, such as nickserv, chanserv, etc. many networks support this by default, but not all of them. This is good for a couple of reasons, first being if you accidentally typo /msg nickserve identify password for instance, someone could be on the nickname "nickserve" and end up receiving your password. The other advantage is obviously the ease of typing way less characters to get done what you would like to do.

JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Grid on Linux?
« on: December 13, 2008, 04:08 PM »
I'm sorry for asking because I am having much trouble figuring it out. Is it possible to use grid on linux? I am using a Acer Aspire One linux based laptop and would love to have grid on it.

Any info would be great

I also used to use HTTrack, but recently have not been able to get it to work properly for whatever reason (I presume it's a PEBKAC, but you must admit the program isn't the easiest thing to configure). Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a shot.

Mirc Script Pack / Kamel's little mIRC snippets
« on: December 04, 2008, 09:54 PM »
I seriously doubt any of these will be huge ground breaking things, but it turns out I always have some very basic snippets that I always use since many of these things mIRC should have included.

I will start with the one I just noticed I didn't have today and quickly wrote. No doubt this has been made by many authors before, but I did make it on my own and would like to share. I will update this post as I find myself using more simple things such as this.

How to use these:

If the 'code' part begins with "/alias", copy+paste that line in to any open mIRC window with an input box. Upon successful completion, you should get a message saying either "Added X alias" or "Updated X alias", X being the name of the alias (in this example, the alias name is topic). If it looks like code which does not have a / or /alias at the beginning, then you insert it by hitting alt+r for remote editor, and then add it to the bottom of the text (if any) in the window that alt+r brings up.

/alias topic if (!$isid) { if ($1) topic $$1- | else echo -a $chan(#).topic } | else topic $1-

Explanation: If you type /topic without anything else, it will echo to you the current topic. If it is called as an identifier (is this even possible?) it will act as normal. If you type /topic with anything after it, it will act as standard mIRC would act.

I don't know how much I can help, but I'd be glad to beta test etc if you like me to.

I have a problem with duplicate files myself due to having a large network of computers and constantly backing up and reformatting machines etc. Sometimes I can get lots of residue of older files built up that is hard to wade through.

Let me know if you're interested. Just a heads up though, i seriously doubt I will buy your product :(. I am under very heavy financial stress being out of a job and all.

i had a really nice post written up and lost it. Sometimes, a pic says a thousand words though so check out this picture and see if it helps you understand more.

Used imageshack, hope it shows up. If not, clicky

And pls don't make fun of my bad paint skills :(

Nothing? :(

If you're having trouble understanding what I'm asking about please say so and I'll try and explain myself further.

Living Room / Re: Why Windows Rules: the QWERTY phenomenon?
« on: November 26, 2008, 02:39 PM »
There is a huge difference between keyboards and this IMO. You can easily learn new operating systems (we didn't all start on vista, afterall, many of us started on windows 95 or even DOS). Learning to type on a different keyboard arrangement such as DVOARK (most likely the wrong word, but work with me here Edit: did have it wrong, the v and o were switched, fixed now) is synonymous with learning to speak a new language in many ways. It's something that comes natural and has to do with the physical movement of your body.

I think that there is a lot of truth to the article, but I think the analogy that it's the same thing as the QWERTY adaptation is a bit of an exaggeration. I do believe that if new PC's came with linux more than other OS's, it would make adaptation go at an amazing rate. I believe that linux on a new PC, especially if it meant a few bucks knocked off of the bottom line, would mean that people would really begin to switch. There are few motivators as strong as money in America.

Here is another screenshot, which may be a bit more descriptive (and I'm nearly finished adding all subdirs etc to the sendto menu)

Edit: seems the attach function isn't working well for me, so I'll try and use imageshack

Edit: I just did an exhaustive look at the options etc, and concluded the same thing. FBX doesn't really have too many features, so I am pretty sure I'm not overlooking it.

Hey thanks for the suggestion. I happen to know that filebox extender is _not_ what I am looking for because I am a very happy user of filebox extender and have been for some time :).

While I highly recommend the program to others, it doesn't do what I need because it does not have a tree option (unless I'm totally overlooking it, but I _have_ looked, a lot). You can make a list of your files, but there are 2 problems. 1) It doesn't auto-update, so if you'd like to add a directory structure, you have to manually add every entry, then remove those as they go away, presenting much the same problem that I am having currently with my SendTo menu. And, 2) It does not offer directory tree that I know of, so adding the huge directory tree that I have would make it literally scroll 2 pages. This would make it no more convenient than what I already have.

It's excellent for having 'favorites', and has enriched my computing experience yet, but I am looking for something more. Directory trees via a click menu are a huge possibility that I think has been overlooked, correct me if I'm mistaken though.

This may only be doable from the system tray, I'm unsure. I would still use it a lot though.

Basically, what I am looking for is instead of a shortcut to a folder, a directory tree where you can navigate to the folder you'd like to open in explorer (or perhaps right click to copy the full directory path to the clipboard).

For example, I have a ton of folders that organize all of my crap. I like my directory system but sometimes I have to go through a mass of directories to get to the specific folder I need. Here is an example:

(Note: The root directory I use is called Files)

Files > Media > Visual > Motion > Anime > Chobits

Normally, I'd have to click a shortcut to files, then double click media, then double click visual, you get the idea. Some may be saying just enable the single click opens a folder option, but I completely despise that functionality. Not to mention it would save me minimal time since there is still a great deal of mouse travel involved.

I have attached a screenshot of how I have my sendto menu set up to work, basically I would want a shortcut that looks just like the sendto menu with a couple of exceptions. First, it would be excellent if you could actually click a folder to be referring to that actual folder, rather than having to have a copy of 2 of each one to go into the dir and another to use that particular dir. Second, if you'd really wanna get fancy (but, not really necessary) adding a "New Folder" button, or even slim bar at the bottom would be really useful.

The second half of what I am talking about (I think it could be done with the same program, but I really don't know o_O) is basically the exact same thing, where you can add a directory or directories to the sendto menu including its subdirectories (possibly add an option for how many directories deep to go, but I am perfectly fine with unlimited). This would be so nice to not have to go through the pain and misery of making it all manually. Also with some folders, they change all the time so keeping them manually updated is basically impossible (like the anime folder in my example).

Does that explain what I need well enough? If not, perhaps I can explain more just let me know. This is something that would enrich my computing experience so much I would really be willing to pay for it.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Open Containing Folder
« on: November 25, 2008, 07:13 PM »
what he means is, let's say you have a program running on your screen, like notepad or maybe some program started at windows boot time.  so now he's saying it would be nice to have an easy way to jump to that program's directory on disk.

i guess there are process explorers that will do this -- just seems like one of those ideas that should be built into windows so that you could click on a window of a running program somewhere and say "take me to this program's home directory".

Sorry for not reading every reply... someone may have noted this, but this actually IS built in to vista. It makes a ton of sense to me to be able to jump to the directory of a shortcut. Can't wait to see this made if it hasn't already been.

using pls files would also probably have the advantage that:
it would launch winamp if not running, or leave winamp running and just open stream if it was already running (like a browser).

Sorry for posting so many times in a row! This is exactly the manner in which winamp works when invoking from the command line in the way I mentioned earlier. Sending messages to winamp is actually quite trivial, they have made it very easy for external programs etc to control and use winamp from my understanding.

What I did was create bookmarks (in both Winamp and AIMP) for all the stations listed at It takes a couple of clicks to get to a bookmark, but it's still pretty quick.

An easy solution using FARR would be to right-click and save-as all the links to the stations listed on that SkyFM page, each with a unique name, e.g. "salsa.pls", and put those files where FARR can find them. FARR would then launch whatever player is registered for handling pls playlist fles.

(I love Sky.FM!)

Unfortunately, I don't believe the version of winamp I use supports bookmarks. I hate winamp pro. As a matter of fact, I've yet to find a media player for windows that is satisfactory (however, I love the linux xmms player).

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