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let me ask you this.. is there a commandline you could invoke that would open winamp and tell it to go to those stations you mention?
or, is there some windows messages you can send to winamp to cause it to do that?

Simply doing for instance, winamp.exe "" will open the appropriate file. There is not really a good reason to store the playlist files locally since if the playlist files aren't available at the specified location, the radio itself wont be available either.

Is it easy to make FARR aliases to do things as this? Could I make it automatic, or would I have to include an alias for handling each and every radio station on sky/di?

Thanks guys, gives me some 'food for thought'. I need to clear some other things from my plate before beginning this, but I'd really like to do this. I'll definitely share my work if I am able to get this, glad to see I'm not the only di/sky user here tranglos :D

lol@ "cleaned by deletion" - why can't the monkeys just call it deleted?

I personally feel it's a really bad/dangerous choice to let an AV whack off files on its own without prompting the user for action, you never know what'll scare it next.

I actually had an AV remove a whole custom folder of things a friend helped me make for remotely controlling my PC. The AV (I think it was norton ironically enough) listed them as "hacking tools" and removed them without asking, gone forever. What the AV does when it finds what it THINKS are 'infections' is one of my #1 concerns when finding an AV now.

Post New Requests Here / DI.FM/SKY.FM Aliases/quick launch via FARR
« on: November 19, 2008, 10:52 PM »
I am a huge fan of and (basically the same place). I love the music, but I scan through their stations a lot. I noticed, it is annoying that every time I play a different radio station I have to reopen their service etc. What I'd like to do is learn how to make my own aliases so that I can use find and run robot to launch winamp with the corresponding radio station. For instance: eurodance aac

Should open's eurodance station the aac version. vocal trance mp3

Should open the vocal trance station, the mp3 stream.

Is there an easy way to do this? I have thought about manually editing the playlist to add all of the stations I want, but then again I listen to some pretty crazy ones when I'm in those weird moods (such as salsa) that I truly would only want when I specifically request it, rather than having it on a playlist that it may auto jump to if the buffer runs out.

Would this be fairly easy to do? I am thinking it is, but perhaps I'm very wrong.

I see, hadn't thought about performance problems. I will look into using Edge Grid, didn't know about it.

I was just thinking, I would love to use grid for instant messenger programs, since so many small windows can get difficult to manage. Then I realized, that would get very annoying to have to switch my grid type every time I wanted to switch between using grid to manage my programming and manage my instant messenger windows etc. Thinking further, I thought you know, each type of program I use can usually use grid in a slightly different manner. Most of these can very easily be defined by the window name. Here is an example of what I am referring to.

Grid associations:
*Mozilla Firefox: browser.grid
*WordPad: 3-part.grid
*: 4-part.grid

Totally bogus example, but I believe perhaps you get what I mean. I think this would allow you to have lots of control over your grid and add much more automation to the process. I also get the feeling that implementing such a system would be very trivial as in the little programming I've done, I seem to remember that capturing the window name is very trivial. As a side-note, you should be able to change the order, therefore if you were to move the *: entry to the top, everything would use 4-part.grid.

Edit: Please don't laugh, my next suggestions appears to already be there in exactly the way I suggested it o_O. I still don't know how to use this feature :(. I will continue to read through the help, but for the time being I will leave my suggestion as it doesn't appear to work exactly the way I was hoping for.

My other idea may already be implemented, but it is to have like a command to expand onto other 'grid panes'. For instance, using a 4-part grid all equally sized like 4-part.grid that comes with grid, and you would like to have a window take the entire left-hand side of the screen. Rather than changing grids, or manually moving the bottom part of the window downwards to suit your needs, you could first activate grid by the standard method, click left corner of program then drag, then while still holding left click, also right click and trigger expansion mode. This would basically mean if I were to then move the mouse down a specified amount (say, 15 pixels), it will expand the grid box to the next grid under it. Then if I were to continue holding both mouse buttons and move right, it would expand the window to the right onto the grid to the right side (Note: If detecting what grid panes are under or to the right is too difficult as I believe I recall reading, perhaps one could just make it expand to the edge of the screen). I believe this would increase productivity with grid quite a bit, but perhaps that feature already exists somehow? If so, please explain. I am still a newbie to this whole thing.

Thanks a lot :D

Actually, there is a way to deal with this. In the terms and conditions of your message board, you can force agreement of terms and conditions before allowing registration. In those terms and conditions, add a line that states

"Posting messages, public, private, or otherwise, for the purpose of advertisement, is against the terms of service and can result in an immediate and permanent ban along with removal of any/all of the content contributed by the user. Any post made here (, be it the opinion of the user or not, which was posted in return for any product, service, or financial reward is strictly prohibited by the terms of service."

I just made that up, so it hasn't been thoroughly checked for any 'loopholes' or anything, but it would most definitely be a start to get rid of this. Businesses have to play by the rules, and this form of advertisement should be illegal. If for no other reason, because the forum owner should be responsible for the price of advertisement on the said board. If a person is paid to advertise something on the message boards, the owner of the forums who has paid money and put his sweat into making a successful message board is completely left out of any dividends received by the advertising.

If I were to ever do a review website (something I've wanted to do several times, actually) I would add a mission statement to the front page explaining my policy in detail about receiving money and kickbacks from companies regarding their product.

Hey guys. I am unfortunately in no financial state to be able to help donation coder by a financial contribution. I love the programs though and they mean so much to me. So, I decided to begin thinking about what I _can_ do. I am a mIRC scripter with about over 10 years of experience (well, off and on, not constantly coding). I am a bit rusty admittedly, but if anyone needs my assistance in any mIRC script, or would even like to learn how I will be more than happy to assist. Just send me a PM on this board, or reply to this post and I will gladly assist.

Thanks again for all the donation coder programs, they all mean lots to me :D. I wont always be poor, so someday I will be able to donate haha.

Edit: On second thought, perhaps this post belonged in "Announce Your Software/Service/Product". Sorry if it did, feel free to move it.

JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Thanks for grid :D
« on: November 12, 2008, 04:24 PM »
Hey, sorry if this is out of place. I don't intend to clutter your message boards with useless content or anything, I just wanted to say thanks so much for grid move :D. I recently went from using a desktop dual monitor (which I used grid on, but didn't really use all that much since I had dual monitors) to a laptop. Using the laptop is misery when you are used to having dual monitors. Grid move drastically reduces the pain of going from 2 large screens to 1 smallish screen. Thanks a lot for it, it has definitely earned a ranking in my "must have" list of programs... As a great deal of donation coder programs have.

Perfect, thank you so much Skrommel. I do use ultramon and love it btw, but nearly half of the windows I use have a custom right click menu so they cannot be moved to the other monitor via ultramon. The button also does not show up because it conflicts with a program I love even more than ultramon; filebox extender.

Thanks again for the script. Not only does it do exactly what I want hassle free with 1 single button, but it seems to override F1 being the "help" key, what a pleasant surprise! Who the heck ever thought about making F1 a help shortcut anyway? o_O

Sorry for posting something already requested. I promise I did search but apparently my search skillz quite suck lol.

Thanks for the links, I will check them out.

i sometimes have programs that i add or remove from my windows startup quite often. using msconfig especially to _add_ a program to start with windows can be immensely tedious. especially when you'd like to use different startup methods (generally to change the order of startup).

my primary reason for wanting this is, when i first boot up my computer somehow my wireless networking card drivers move around, ending up being loaded after everything else has loaded. everything that has loaded before my wireless card drivers generate annoying connection/update errors, causing me to have to go through a sea of clicking before i'm able to finally use my computer after booting.

naturally, i have to not only add the new startup entry to a different startup method (and i forget which one i use as well), but i also have to remove the old one. using FARR for this and many other new utilities i get would make me so much happier.

what do you guys think? good idea? difficult to do or easy? i'd hope it'd be a quick thing, but i really don't know much about these things.

i tried windowpad (it actually isn't from these forums http://www.autohotke...orum/topic21703.html) and it did not do what i was hoping for.

i don't know if this is just a problem with me and my setup in particular or what, but while it's pretty decent (i prefer it to grid, actually), it doesn't do what the original person was asking. i'd really like to do that as well. a lot of multi-monitor programs don't work for me, this could be the same problem. the reason is, my "monitor 1" is on the right side, while my "monitor 2" is on the left side, even though i have it configured as "monitor 2" as my primary and windows understands it perfectly well.

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