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:) Again Thank you Gothi[c]! :)
btw: 03:31 -!- Irssi: blowssi script 0.1.0 loaded < beautiful, yes :D
I'm still waiting for my mcps victim to show up, but couldn't wait to post to express my gratitude.
Encryption key with spaces works just fine too.. but of course :)

Purfect on the WeeChat version as I have installed:
weechat-curses           0.2.6-1+lenny1           
weechat-dev-core         0.3.0-1~dev20090611     
weechat-dev-curses       0.3.0-1~dev20090611     
weechat-dev-plugins      0.3.0-1~dev20090611

At least I hope that is the correct version needed. I will gladly try another version for blowssi :D
I actually woke up last night thinking hmm I wonder if I should mention I have that version :p

Woweeee :D Thank You Gothi[c]
I hope to try this out by tomorrow. Can't wait, will round up the victims   :-*

Btw I have tried this beautiful nix IRC chat program called `WeeChat'
Problem is there isn't any mircryption, blowssi, or fish support so it ended up not being useful for me.
There is a nice script for encryption `' by blackpenguin .
But as you know that would only be good for others using the same.

I spoke with blackpenguin about making it fish compatible. He said it would probably be easier, not to mention more secure than fish, to just port blowssi to weechat.
He explained a bit to how, but since I don't know python, etc it's not a path I want to go down right now :D
"you would have to edit - the irssi-hooks are easy to find, they all have Irssi in their names.
 you would have to find the similar function for the same thing in weechat's API, and you probably need to adapt the parameters of these functions."

Long question short lol : Is there any chance of having a plugin for WeeChat? :D Please please with catnip on top?  :P


Great Gothi[c]  :P Thank you!
I shall give that path a try and: chmod -R 777 /usr/share/irssi/scripts/

Thank you Gothi[c] for the replies and your time ;D

1.) OK, thank you.

2.) Yes as mouser suggested;
User1 is using mIRC/Mircryption. (the one only one, so far, that I can not read)
User2 is a bot using Mircryption - I can read.
Another user (not on post) using mIRC/Fish- I can read.
And I login again via mIRC/Mircryption and I can read  myself (in my other login shell window).

If you need me to post anything else / do other tests please let me know.

3.) Very new to nix and all its goodies, so I learn as I go :) I installed it as root then found any user can now type irsssi and it will load and also any user can type /load fish so I presumed the same for blowssi :D.. never assume haha. So no problem there either. I've created the paths and the copies to fix that.

<mouser> the number you have reached
<mouser> M O U S E R
<mouser> has been disconnected
<mouser> please hang up and try again

Thank you housetier & mouser for the replies.
Ok then lets just solve issue "2. NOT DECRYPTING ALL USERS:" since the others I have found a workaround for.

There were no error msg's that I could see to paste for that, just what I saw in my window.
Is there a place to look on server for any error msgs?

Thank you :)

I'm running I'm running: Linux Debian /lenny2 OpenSSL/0.9.8g

1. KEY WITH SPACES: What is the proper way to /blowkey #channel if the key has spaces in it?
Doing this /blowkey #channel i am the key , sets key to: i
Doing this: /blowkey #channel 'i am the key' , sets key to: 'i etc.
I finally just edited the blowssi.conf and put that key in myself- works.

2. NOT DECRYPTING ALL USERS: I can't read all users.. they just aren't decrypted (they can read me).. and for those that I can't read they have before their text: mcps.. if that matters?. Where I have before my text in non cbc key channels: ebc, and in cbc key channels: cbc
example (channel not using cbc: in their key):
<Me{ecb}> testing
<@User1> mcps 47mZ81W/Ra9/NtcTzL0898.Z1KX1.4ItNZ0AOzp9/nsngD.XvAGK0
<@User1> mcps qw/3z./Bl.
<@User1> mcps v.K971Ojq9Wgl606IUzj0it1lL1Bqx3R1oSh39/zXK.JHpOW/
<Me{ecb}> I can't read you
<User2{ecb}> test

3. AUTOLOAD: What is the proper way to have it autoload/or accessible for all users?
I have installed irssi system wide (as root). According to the README to have blowssi autoload:
pico /root/.irssi/startup (this is where it is for me)
/load ~/.irssi/scripts/

When I start irssi up as a user it didn't autoload.
So then I:
cp /root/blowssi-0.0.2/ /usr/share/irssi/scripts/
mkdir /usr/share/irssi/scripts/autorun
ln -s /usr/share/irssi/scripts/ /usr/share/irssi/scripts/autorun/
Still didn't autoload.
I issue the cmd as user: /load ~/.irssi/scripts/
get error the file not in my home dir. So finally I just set it up in my home dir:
mkdir /home/me/.irssi/scripts
mkdir /home/me/.irssi/scripts/autorun
cp /root/blowssi-0.0.2/ /home/me/.irssi/scripts/
ln -s /home/me/.irssi/scripts/ /home/me/.irssi/scripts/autorun/
Still didnt auto load, but it did accept the cmd: /load ~/.irssi/scripts/

Thank you! :D

PS. I'm pretty sure I've installed all that is needed: dpkg -l
For perl
perl 5.10.0-19 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-base 5.10.0-19 minimal Perl system
perl-doc 5.10.0-19 Perl documentation
perl-modules 5.10.0-19 Core Perl modules

For Crypt::ircBlowfish
libcrypt-cbc-perl 2.29-1 Implementation of cipher block chaining (CBC) mode
libcrypt-blowfish-perl 2.10-1+b1 Blowfish cryptography for Perl

For Crypt::CBC
libcrypt-blowfish-perl  2.10-1+b1 Blowfish cryptography for Perl
libcrypt-cbc-perl 2.29-1 Implementation of cipher block chaining (CBC) mode

For MIME:Base64
libmime-types-perl 1.24- Perl extension for determining MIME types and Transfer Encoding
perl-modules 5.10.0-19 Core Perl modules

IMO this is thee best newsboard for IRC out there, period. Its like having a secure forum in your channel. Completely encrypted- no passwords are stored on shell, in telnet it is not de-crypted, in channel if they don’t have the key they can’t read it or even access it. Its so easy to setup, etc etc :D

Thank you to mouser for 1.) the program and 2.) the never ending patience :D to help me set this up for users in my channel that don’t use mircryption (tsk tsk on them).

This is for eggdrop owners- assuming you have this installed on your bot already:
*If you don’t have mcboard installed on your eggdrop, it’s as easy as any tcl script if not easier- find files in the micryption suite package (URL for it, see below for users).

1. Edit this file: tcleggdrop_mcps_sitesettings.ini
Under this section:
# Optional prefix indications
set mcpsprefix(#mircryption) "mcps"
set mcpsprefix(#blowcrypt) "+OK"
set mcpsprefix(defaultprefix) "mcps"

Edit it to:
# Optional prefix indications
set mcpsprefix( "+OK"
set mcpsprefix(#mircryption) "mcps"
set mcpsprefix(#blowcrypt) "+OK"
set mcpsprefix(defaultprefix) "mcps"

(replace ‘’ with the name of the channel you want to use mcboard)

That’s it! :D

This is for naughty non-mircryption users (maybe mouser will make a package & install doc to download just these files *hint hint ;p) :
1. Download mircryption suite. https://www.donation...n/downloads_main.php
Mircryption Suite v1.19.01
2. Rename this setup.exe file to .zip and unzip it . (warning: some virus softwares will give warnings/ and or eat your files, if you need to disable it while getting to those files)
3. Locate these 3 files:
4. Create directory ‘mircryption’ in your mirc directory. Copy those 3 files into it.
5. Load mcboard.mrc& mircryption.mrc:
mIRC/Tools/Script Editor/File/Load <-do this for both files

6. Find out from the bot owner/the one who has set up the mcboard:
   a. encryption key for board
   b. which bot is for the 'newsboard'
   c. name of the newsboard

7. To configure mcboard:
   a. Right click on the bot that is for the mcboard in #channel /choose 'configure as newsboard'
   b. enter encryption key that you were given above
   c. pass can leave blank (this is for bot owners)
   d. NAME OF BOARD MUST BE: what bot owner gave you

Done :D

To use board, right click on channel window/MCBoard/ <-choose from a variety of options

Settings on `tcleggdrop_mcps_sitesettings.ini’ should be:
set mcreplyonlyinkind "false"
set mcreplyneverplaintext "false"
set mcdontlistentoplaintext "false"

(the last 3 are set to true)

Thank you mouser for fixing that the proper way :P keke

Mircryption / Re: Where oh where are you: mcboard for eggdrop?
« on: April 24, 2009, 01:23 AM »
Thank you mouser :D . Seems my virus proggy was eating a number of the files! New proggy, disabled and viola!
Hope to see you soon, just got some new hard drives, etc etc...

Mircryption / Where oh where are you: mcboard for eggdrop?
« on: April 10, 2009, 08:57 PM »
I just can not find it on the site or in the suite. The ‘mcboard for eggdrop bot’ (not local sever). I use to use this and I have found in ‘my’ old files the ‘mcboardbot.tcl’ only. Its a great addon to the suite! According to this file I would also need: mcboardbot.exe & mcb_options.cfg. All of these files I can’t find now. Am I looking in the wrong places? :D

Thank you

Mouser: Cure no, distraction yes- Come play with MeW


Did you know a cockroach can live apx 1 month without its head- it finally dies from starvation!

Unicode Image Maker / Re: Unicode Text-to-Image v1.00.01
« on: October 11, 2005, 01:09 AM »
Ah yes of course to the ascii matter, thx mouser.
Possible use for your util-
Simple way for ‘document template sites’ that offer samples of what they sell like contracts, letters, deeds, etc. and do not want to post them in easy to copy paste text and skip the screenshot step.

Unicode Image Maker / Re: Unicode Text-to-Image v1.00.01
« on: October 11, 2005, 12:52 AM »
Hi  ~(,, ,,°> Thank you again. Love your tiny friendly installs! Nice little toy. I  played with it, and few comments:
1.)   When I save image with an existing file name in the same location – it doesn’t ask me if I want to overwrite it, it just does.
2.)   It only saves what is showing and size that is showing. In other words if you have to scroll down to see text- it won’t show on the image.
3.)   When I paste, for example ascii art, it loses its formatting – artwork doesn’t look correct.

PS. Mouser- would you please use mouser mp3 player  :p


« on: July 12, 2005, 09:51 PM »
2nd SUPER IMPORTANT NEW SITE FEATURE!!! >> I've joined :)) kekeke
Hugs little mouserp

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