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Thank you Carol Haynes. That is about the information that I have come across so far.
I just find it hard to believe that there isn't a software out there to do this and thought I wasn't searching correctly (have been at it few hours now and tested a number of soft).
If I use the physical timer then all computers are shut off internet which isn't acceptable.

Yes best option, if truly no soft, is to buy a new router  :tellme:

Thank you 4wd.

So your computer has Internet Connection Sharing enabled which provides internet access to the other devices via WiFi ?
Yes - other devices (computers, handphones) can connect to the wireless router to connect to internet.

You could use a Scheduled Task to disable/enable the WiFi adapter at specified times using devcon.

I've taken a look at devcon and without GUI looks very difficult to use unless the user is quite clever with such, not me :) .
Also I don't want to disable all devices connecting to Internet, just the targeted ones at X hours.

I’m having an impossible time finding a software (Windows XP) to install on ‘my’ computer (server) to restrict ‘other’ devices (laptops, hand phones, etc) from accessing the wireless internet at X hours.
It is ‘not’ an option to install the soft on the devices that I want to block at X hours.
It must only be installed on my computer to block selected devices while other devices are still able to access the internet.
So simply unplugging the modem isn’t an option.
It could be a software that blocks X devices from any network connection (including internet) during X hours.

Also note that my router is NOT able to do as I use one supplied by ISP and this feature has been left off (confirmed). Nor am I going to use a different router.

If you know of any that meet this critea please post them, Thx! :))

Mircryption / Re: WeeChat Version 0.3.0 is released ! :)
« on: December 12, 2011, 09:33 PM »
Yah really is gorgeous, paws crossed Gothi[c] will have a chance to create the essential missing element  :P

General Software Discussion / Unistall feedback :D
« on: October 05, 2010, 10:24 PM »

Thank you mouser. Hopefully someone will see this and have it tried it before  :-\

Mircryption / CBC FUNCTIONS v1.0 - can't find package blowfish
« on: April 28, 2010, 11:00 PM »
Sorry if this has been posted before- I didn't see it, which surprises me:

The install instructions state:
Copy the /lib dir to your /eggdrop/lib dir
Copy the cbc_functions.tcl file to your /eggdrop/scripts dir
Load the script in eggdrop.conf
    ex.: source scripts/cbc_functions.tcl
I have done that, but bot gives error:
can't find package blowfish
    while executing
"package require blowfish"
    (file "scripts/cbc_functions.tcl" line 14)
    invoked from within
"source scripts/cbc_functions.tcl"
    (file "bots.conf" line 1376)

I've also tried:
-uploading lib dir to a variety of places
-uploading the contents of lib dir to a variety of places
-uploading the files in the lib dirs to scripts/ dir
(There is not an existing lib dir in the eggdrop dir)
All have same error.

Note- this bot is on a rented server, so if I need to install those packages I won't be able to myself.
Thank you :)

Mircryption / Re: WeeChat Version 0.3.0 is released ! :)
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:54 PM »
That would be fantastic Gothi[c]  :up:!
Lots of peeps out there loving it, but no proper encryption

Thank you :D

PS If you ever do keyex plugin please make huge announcement :) haha

Thank you for the great suggestions :)
I will look further into those  :Thmbsup:

Thank you for the reply rjbull :)

Sorry if I wasn't clear. For example if you are working in a command prompt window and you would like to save all of its input/output (everything you see) to a text file- like you stated a Tail-type utility.
Maybe something like you enter in the cmd prompt window:
saveoutput C:\My_Stuff\my_output.txt

And until you close the cmd prompt window or enter a code to stop, it would save everything you see in the cmd prompt window to that text file.

The reason this would be useful as many times replies are too long to scroll back to copy which in it self becomes  quite the nuisance when you wish everything could just be saved to a text file for later viewing.

Thank you for the JP link, but I really would like something that works with cmd.exe if that is at all possible :) 

An add-on to Window's cmd.exe so that a user is able to save event logs from the command line.
-You have executed something that is too long to scroll back and copy all the output.

While I was looking for a shell extension so that I could right click on any file and or directory and be able to copy path and or file to my clip board, I found – Software, Code, Technology and Tutorials that I thought I’d like to share here.
Why is he not here already? :p

Screenshot - 2_25_2010 , 2_01_28 AM_thumb.png

Though he didn’t write the copy path extension (Author’s website is gone) he does offer it for download:
So far it’s my fav copy path extension :)

(edited topic back)

Oh sorry tomos and MilesAhead! I figured since I found something I should remove post as wrong bad :p  Here's close to my original post:
An easy to use, small, GUI application that logs changes to the registry 'only' when installing software.
1. It would auto start on boot and run in the background recording changes.
2. Would have an option where to store these logs.
3. It would keep a log of the changes each software installation made with it's name and version number for later reference.
4. One doesn't need to spend an entire hour reading a manual to figure out how to do just that.

I had found other programs that did parts of that and or had 20+ steps to do that (Ashampoo uninstaller- beautiful program) while you waited so long for it to take snapshots each time.

InstallWatch has the option to start at boot up and sit in tray, but you must interact with it when doing installs-  it will popup when it notices an install, then you wait a bit while it takes a before snapshot of registry (drives/folders are optional in preferences), install software, then it takes an after snapshot and presents you with a GUI of the changes, tree view. This will also have all the past snapshots. 
3 entries for registry: Added, Deleted, & Modified.
Search option, export to text or HTML
If somehow you missed doing the snapshot before install, you can take one at any time and compare.
And I never needed to read the help file :p

Problems I've noticed:
1. It doesn't catch all installs or because-
2. I have so many windows open that when I do go to install something I notice it sometimes pops back up in the last position it was at e.g. behind another window, I don't see it and forget to use it. 

MilesAhead this is the first time I've used Epsilon Squared software myself and I'm really happy with this find! :D

I found one that does almost everything and after thinking about it, realized it needed to operate in the manner it does. In any case it is InstallWatch, Free,


Mircryption / WeeChat Version 0.3.0 is released ! :)
« on: October 07, 2009, 04:40 AM »
From here:
on Sept. 6, 2009
Version 0.3.0 is released, after 2 years of work and more than 1000 commits!
This is a major upgrade since last stable, please read files UPGRADE_0.3 and ChangeLog for list of changes: configuration files and plugin API are not compatible with previous versions.
For this important release, site has moved to, with a new look!
Enjoy WeeChat!

Gothi[c]  :P excited? keke

Thank you for the fast reply Gothi[c]  :D

Right, waiting for the next update re weechat- I forgot :-[ :D

 :P Thank you again!

Mircryption / Using IRSSI / how to keyx | auto exchange keys?
« on: September 10, 2009, 11:59 PM »
I use a bot that needs me to have a 'keyex plugin' to auto exchange keys (not my bot). Is this possible with blowssi? It's also very useful just for when any user msg's you and you don't each need to exchange keys.

Here are some things I have tried:
 -!- Irssi: Starting query in EFNet with *****
<******> get a keyex plugin!
-!- Irssi: Unknown command: keyx
/quote keyx
-!- keyx Unknown command
-!- auto_keyxchange=1 Unknown command
/keyx *******
-!- Irssi: Unknown command: keyx

Thank you :)

PS: Gothi[c] any update on blowssi for weechat? :D

Thank you Maptitude. Actually I wasn't- I was more helping a friend find one but they could use, that search has been called off as they hired a company to do it- became too much of job when they found out they need a 'map' license to even publish a map. Maptitude though does look lovely and not so difficult to use.

Thank you again :)

BillB, mikiem, atkinsod :D thank you for the replies and the suggestions.
To add to the list I've been told also ESRI ArcGIS  is a definitive mapping software. High learning curve and I imagine quite expensive.

tomos thank you for the tips :) and the links. Its not me that will be actually making the map so I'll pass this info on and let you know if it used. Mapnik sounds promising and Osmarender worth a try. Thank you again!
mouser I'll look into those as well, thank you
yksyks thank you, fun find!


Thank you J-Mac & tsaint :)
J-Mac, yes presently that is the method- slow, pain in the tail

tsaint, thank you and thank you for the links; interesting and definitely could save some time.

I remember having some plug-ins for Illustrator and Indesign I used- but again, so time consuming and those were just mostly symbols. CAD I know is another option if I wanted to spend my life learning it first :p

Where or where are you "Map Maker Kitty Deluxe version 1.0"  :-*

I'm looking for recommendations for an easy good software to make street maps.
Most likely to take, for example, a google map for correct proportions and then turn it into my own design.

Thank you :D

Thank you mouser :) I figured it out, was trying to get here fast enough to edit out post so you wouldn't see it haha
right click/mircryption/more commands/ 'change encryption prefix for channel to +OK (blowfish compatbile)'

Reason why:
There is one user that a fish encrypted bot won't respond to.
I noticed that any user that their text is prefixed 'ecb' or '+OK' bot will respond, but not those that have: mcps

Is this a simple setting to change in Mircryption?

Thank you very much!  :)

mcps victim passed test! :D Thank you!!
It also help me to solve a reason why a fish encrypted bot won't respond to this user only (mcps).

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