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Like "duh"? :)

This is for those times when I get tired of people who cant at least wait 5 minutes for me to get from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor to see what the heck they did to cause it. They just want to Print and don't care that I am not psychic, cannot levitate nor teleport.   They are also the ones who complained the most when I suggested we shift to a Domain network because they are 'afraid' that IT will be 'spying' on them.  :'(

When they have a problem it is "spying' they want though.

I know in a general way what I need to do but not exactly how to get there and do it

Code: Text [Select]
  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles
  2. if possible locate the wireless profile currently in use
  3. if not check each profile for a key called category
  4. if there is one set the value 1 for Private
  5. if one does not exist create it and set it to 1
  6. If it was possible to find and set only the active WiFi profile then exit now
  7. if that was not possible continue to the next profile until all are set to Private

Unless their is a reason that this could be problematic, it will definitely fix something instantly untili canget to the User to do a better job.

This is a situation that has begun to appear often in Windows 10, usually on older systems that were upgraded but sometimes on new Windows 10 laptops.  When it happens, I need to be able to tell the user to click a .bat or .reg file that would set everything to PRIVATE until I can get to their station to do it right and find out what caused the problem in the first place.  When they are shown using a PUBLIC connection they are blocked from most office networked items like Printers etc.

I won't know the exact profile name to use for their system and if a way can be added to make this change occur only on the WiFi profile currently in use, that would be best.
The wired profiles automatically say Private but on these same systems, connecting their Wired connection does not release the WiFi as it should.  Worse, many new laptops no longer provide for a wired network at all.

OK 4WD.  I can always count on you.  :thmbsup:
now you KNOW things are never as simple as that.  What I posted on the MS Office 365 forum was the REAL need.  These documents are in emails.
No one is going to do anything if they require "doing anything"  :-\

also while most are pdf's, some will be WORD doc's.
I am hoping this turns out to be all OLD stuff.  Right now I just have a raw list from AVAST that I first have to track down where each file came from before it got quarantined.
It can be done but I would rather make (  eh.. ? Ask politely ? )the people who put them there so it before putting them there.

I am trying to find a tool that can scan a document *(usually a pdf file) and do an 'in place' replacement changing any words or images with embedded hyperlinks so that the active link is replaced by the text it contains.

This may end up with some ugly documents when done but for now it is something I need to find a way to accomplish.

My original idea was to simply remove the link and leave the text but I found too often that people have been typing in a short part of the link and either embedding the link or Adobe etc is chopping it off to an acceptable length.

Most Antivirus software is flagging a lot of these as contain malware.  I found out that while the PDF or DOC itself is clean, it may contain "hyperlinks' to sites that are currently Blacklisted.  90% or more of the time, they end up being false positives but I cannot risk telling people to ignore them because of the 10% that are not.

No one here goes to these sites but they do have to post these documents so that they are available to others and that is where the problem occurs.  The people they send them to don't understand the full implications of the warnings.  Either they toss the email and the attachments due to the warnings or they open them and maybe end up getting malware from a site we sent them the link to.

I would like to find a way to remove the ACTIVE part of the hyperlink replacing it with the text it contains.  I have been told that if a site really is malware,  that presumably the viewers own 'web-shield' would protect them from going there but at least the 90% "False positives" would not pop up on every PDF.  Anyone who want to go there can copy the text and paste it to a browser or highlight and click to get google to do it for them.  Most of the time, "no One" goes there , it is just provided as a reference.

I am sure there are tools that can do this but I have not yet found one other than maybe in the full Adobe Acrobat package.

I LIKE that attitude!  :Thmbsup:

I have been looking for this program all over Google and I am sure it is there.  There may even be more than one.  I have so many of these tools gathered over the years I may already even have it. :-\

The way it worked was that if you selected a lines of text that was a registry key (HKCU or HkeyCurrent User etc )  then right clicked your selection, you had the option to open reg-edit or another registry editor at the location of the text you had highlighted.  It seems it may have even worked to the level of searching for words or text wherever it appeared it int registry but the best part was being able to jump right to the key that needed to be edited without having to scroll for it.

I used it to clean up a few systems several years back where a virus had made specific changes to several registry keys and with this kind of search ability it was easy to locate the keys I knew of as well as find those that I did not yet know about as they all had similar changes made to them.  I could either search for the key or search for the change and it was extremely fast.

UPDATE:  I located this from searching DC history.  Have not yet read the whole thread and it may lead me to the answer.


Apparently,  back in 2014 I had already been on DC looking for this same tool.
Further update:  Apparently not.    This was on a similar but different topic.

Not sure how long it has been around s I just 'discovered' Chrome extensions a few months back and have been addicted ever since :).
The sad thing is that if it can be done in Chrome, why the heck can't somebody do it for Office?  I am slowly building my own inside the custom.dic anyway as I catch them but I am not used to having to wait till the end to add one to auto-fix.  Allowing that redlined word to stay redlined until I hit send is like ignoring a ringing phone.  HARD to do!  Just breaking old habits.
What I DID do (it helps a little) is to add the option for "Auto-correct" to the ribbon.  Why it isn't there by default is beyond me!
And even THAT is tricky.
To get it to work, you have to open a NEW email.  Right click the ribbon and choose customize.  Then change the option to view "Items not IN the ribbon".
That finally shows auto-correct option.  THEN, you have to add a new group under the tab you want to see it in.  I added it to several of them just so it would be handy no matter where I was.  The "ICON" it adds is a big Green 'DOT' that when clicked opens to offer changes to all the various auto-correct options.
The weird thing is, you CANNOT do this to the SAME Ribbon in the VIEW mode.  It can ONLY be added in a NEW or Open for reading Email.
This means if you see a good "fix" you want to add, the only way to do it is open a new email.  Add the fix.  Then you can close the email without sending .  But you cannot add that option to the Outlook normal VIEW.
If you figure out a way to improve on this please let me know.
I am SO glad now that I can type in the forum and NEVER see that D***Med "little i"  HAH!  unless I capture it inside of quotes.  First person singular is now an Auto-fix!  Spell Bee would be worth it if it only fixed that ONE thing.
I wish it really had included the spell check as well.

WOW!  It WORKS!!  No more little I by itself!  I can't even force one to show it working Love this thing!!  Five STAR (SO far anyway!) :-*
If you use Chrome this is like a dream come true! :Thmbsup:

I just had to post this;

Extension for Chrome :)


Plus Spell checker!  << NOT!  Doesn't spell check but for TYPOS!  GREAT!

Go for it Miles, I just loaded it myself  You can custom make your own fixes as well.
Wish I had THIS for Office 365!
Sorry, name is Spell Bee not sure why the link came out like that

Naughty Stoic!  Are you chasing his girlfriend?

On the point of the topic though, i just got a real shocker.
I was scanning every archive i could find to see if any old systems had a copy of Sendkeys still on them and lo and behold i found THIS jewel:


It seems several of "us" have already been there/done that way back when
(2011 to be exact)
Wraith, ATH, Mouser and "All The Usual Suspects" :)
My question now is What Happened?
Reading the old thread it seems is is related to false alarms on Viruses, something MilesAhead just brought to the table here about how paranoid people are these days.

So what gives with sendkeys and why is the DLL file now missing from every system I can find?  I see places offering to DL it back to me but....
Maaaaybeee not?   :tellme: :o :down:

AND speaking of TIME MACHINEs Miles  :)

Guess where the next step took me?  Good ol' Nircmd!  Hmmmmm
SURELY Nirsoft is OK?  Right?  You just brought that up in the first reply though about false flags

So now i have a choice between a 2011 compiled copy of what Used to be Sendkeys or Nircmd  which one will it be?

Nils Sofer is the one who should write the Ultimate Spellchecker,
The one Checker to Rule Them ALL!  I bet he could do it!

must get an AI spellcheck that catches words in the dictionary that I didn't mean to type
If you find it PLEASE send me a PM!

Yes, AND this is something have posted here about in the past.  WHY in this super-fast Futuristic world we live in can't there be a SINGLE FIX.
Like "One Ring to Rule Them All" Frodo!?

Typos are the most time consuming and irritating thing to deal with that it is beyond me why someone can't find a way to at least let SOME programs have access to a Shared Typo Library where we each could add our most often occurring ones along with the what we THOUGHT we typed (or MEANT to Type)! 

One place this is extremely irritating is when you type a Password into Outlook or other app and all you get to see are tiny dots.  Now tell me this:  How much "safer" do those "dots" make you feel?  Are that many people actually entering their passwords while people are looking over their shoulder and if so, what is to stop them from just watching your fingers to see what keys you hit?

In most cases all those "dots" do is prevent YOU from noting that you typed a "T" when you meant to type a "Y" or used caps when it should be lowercase.  After a few frustrating tries to fix, you then find you are locked out for 10 minutes and you don't even know what you mis-typed.

I maybe "paranoid" but I SWEAR windows sometimes does this just to mess with your head.  As in "You" did NOT make a mistake at all!  But you have no way to prove this since all you see are DOTS!  So MS just SAYS you did it wrong and tells you to re-enter it.  The EYEBALL option they have added is a step in the right direction but how about the  option to simply NEVER use dots unless I ASK for them? 

I can't count the times I have tried to show this to people but no one is used to HOLDING down a CLICK so the display stays visible long enough to read it.  And not ALL password fields OFFER the "Eyeball".  This is true even when it is a Windows program.

I really think MS does this just to see how mad they can make you.

But i digress:
And as above,the single letter "i" is ALWAYS correct as a capital yet there is NO WAY to make that happen.  This correction is even pre-programmed into Outlook/Word (try to add it and you will see it is already there and they ask if you want to redefine it).  BUT.  If you have fifteen "i" statements every one gets underlined and NONE get auto-fixed!

(NOTE:  I have recently discovered a possible fix for this.  If you ALSO add this to the option in Auto-correct for math (which is technically NOT correct) it does appear to work to make the switch to a capital "I" as it should in text.  Because I never use the "i" in numbers anyway.. I guess i won't miss that much.

Even then, it wont help much on the BBS as apparently those corrections are governed by the browser your use to access the forum?  And Google has not seen fit to offer "auto corrections" or if it does, it is an "extension I have not yet found.  If you know which one please pass it along to me.

Still, A CUSTOM APP.. One to Rule Them ALL  is called for here.  One that could at least TRY to help when possible.  I could add "hte" is REALLY "the" any time it appears and probably save an hour every day from corrections.

<<<END OF RANT  >>!



Speaking of which, did either of you notice my post about needing a SQL editor>?  The thing is, I am not sure that this is what I  need.
It may be more in HOW to do it than a WAY to do it.
Adding pre-constructed objects to a database is more difficult that i at first thought.  I can see why but not sure i see HOW to get past the problem.  The things i am adding are folders to hold items that have not yet been added.  Unless i can understand the relationship to these items within the finished product, they cant be done as simple "words" inserted in a layout. 
Whe referred back to later in a search, they would be the one of the locators used to find the items under them so i have to put them in the same as they would be if created from an empty DB. 
That much i figured out from the start.  So i tried that, exported the DB after these changes were added but the exported file would not longer function as the starting template.  As i type this, i "THINK" I can see why but that still doesn't tell me HOW to make it happen the way i want it to.

I have done this in other sections by adding the proper "insert into" statements so i know it can be done and it is probably something any first year SQL DB programmer does for kicks.  Once i see the solution i will feel like an idiot for not realizing the problem

bring their can in for a tune-up?
Eh.???  Typo or were you being more 'descriptive'?

yeah but,,,
as much as i complain about it, the truth is, i enjoy doing this.  Looking for a "Rube Goldberg" method to do something like this is really kind of a challenge that make te rest of the boring stuff bearable.

For instance, WHY can't this be done is a question that if answered may be helpful one day for a completely different task that really iS important.   When Life offers nothing new to learn, it gets to be tedious just to get through the next day.  I complain about it, but the truth is, i would be bored to tears without it.  And she being the "Boss-lady" means that the more dumb the question or more ridiculous the request, I cna be sure that i won't have any competition for the answers I DO find. 

A 'Brownie Point' is still a 'Brownie Point' no matter how you get it

I have enough feathers in my cap to be an Indian chief.

One more wont hurt my image.

General Software Discussion / Re: Cookies click driving me crazy
« on: April 14, 2016, 10:39 PM »
heck these people have a whole Thread on it. Lots of Cookie Monster Eaters :)
Every browser has their own best of class.  Just clean the cupboard (cache) from time to time or just give it up anyway.
After all, it's the ones that don;t announce their presence that you have to worry about.
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean Big Brother ISN'T watching, right? :o

ya gotta love all those "hack tools"  :tellme:
that is always a BAD thing :-\

I am either asking the wrong question or looking for something the wrong way through Google.
I have a MySQL template file (or that is what I would call it) that is used as the basis for creating the necessary fields and values to start a new MySQL DB for each new project.
I need to toss in a few more folders that came with package.  As well as edit the contents and values of a few others.

Navicat , and Db Forge Studio all want to work with *.sql files that are already loaded (or so it appears) but what i need to edit is the "layout" for a db that is not yet installed. 
I can edit it just fine in Notepad++ but the results are not exactly what I expected.  I was hoping to find a tool that would allow me to load the "starter".sql file, make the necessary changes and then see what they would look like IF they were installed.

Since I seldom read instruction manuals :(  and have never edited a MySQL file structure anyway, it is quite likely one of these will already do this but i am not using the correct function to load the file.  I am just asking for opinions on whatever program might be best suited for this task.

And of course, it has to work without reading a manual :Thmbsup:

FYI AVAST reports it as a 'dangerous file'  that is not 'normally downloaded'
which means the developer hasn't "paid off" AVAST yet. :)
I like AVAST but i swear they dont let anyone get creative unless they "pay the bribe' to be white listed
AHK ITSELF!! Is another one. It took forever to get AVAST to allow me to get a copy.
I finally had to turn it off just to download.
One code-write i know says he DID pay them and they STILL marked his as 'possible dangerous'!
I have run his program now for almost a year and love it but AVAST said to "stay way"
What is a real shame is that someone would NEED to download a p[rogram just to make a single hotkey for an unusual combination that MS uses themselves. 
Ctrl+0 is just hard for her to do with the keyboard layout on a surface pro.  Takes two hands and she usually has a phone in one of them.  I never found out why they removed sendkeys

viola!"'  OR is that Ole' ?
depends on if it has horns?
I will try that in a few minutes

yes plus scanned the entire hard-drive for any file named sendk*.  No such file exists :'(
I cant believe they would remove such a feature and have no replacement

Sorry.  I thought i would just ask how to do it.  She knows about Ctrl+0 I already showed that to her.  and yes, it works, which is why i am looking for other ways to do the same thing.
But she also has a Surface Pro as i explained which means we are dealing with Windows and Microsoft.  While Ctrl+0 works it is not 'convenient' for her and since she is the 'boss-lady'!  So, if she wants me to make another shortcut for it, plus a giant PANIC Button desktop icon, I always try to oblige.
This is just one of those things that is very upsetting to her and i am trying to keep the peace around the office. :-\

Thanks for the info 4wd, I will give that a shot. 

arghh!!! >:(
Guess what was removed from the latest build of Windows 10!
Yup!  No Mo sendkeys.dll or any alternative apparentmly.  This is reported as of Feb his year best i can tell.

2 days ago - As the title says, it seems to me that SendKeys.Send does not produce the expected behavior in some scenarios under Windows 10 build 14316 (the latest one ...
Same place reporting too.  StackOverflow

Thanks, to you both.
But I was told i could not install AHK at all.  That was my first suggestion to her as i said in my question.
I have many key re programmers made to do exactly ONLY reprogram the keyboard.  But she doesn't want anything on there so..
All i could think of was find the character code for the CTRL key and the Zero key and try to batch it that wold give her the desktop icon anyway

OK!  Count this one closed for me at least. 
If this is of any help to others, I found someone on His name is Zohaib Amir from Pakistan ( I think).  He was a very nice guy who took his time and never asked for a dime until the solution was found and tested.  IMHO that gets a 5 star rating.  The payment process through Upwork does use PayPal. 
If anyone uses the site, don't do what I did :).  As usual, in a hurry.

It is best to set up a full account before posting a job.   I ended up left with having to do all the -upfront- work afterward which made it look worse.  Plenty of offers from several people ranging from $25 to $250.  Zohaib was at the low end but we got along very well and most importantly, got the problem solved.

General Software Discussion / desktop shortcut to do a Simple task
« on: April 13, 2016, 07:12 AM »
This is something that was requested by a friend that I don't see a simpler way to handle.  They want me to create  desktop shortcut to do the equivalent of pressing Ctrl+0 <is a Zero>.  She only has one Ctrl button on far left with zero on far right on her Surface pro.
This combination is the one to revert all ZOOMED screens back to standard size and I saw her problem as it occurred but IMHO while an icon might be nice, i think it would be better to create a different hotkey.  When her screen is ZOOMED to 500% she cant see the X to get out and that is what she keeps trying to do.  An icon would also be covered up.  But that is what she asked for. 

Still, if there is an alternative way to make a different combination of keys do the same thing?  Maybe as a backup in case she cannot see the desktop icons at all?

Maybe Ctrl+Fnc+Winkey which are all next to each other on her system.
If possible, i need to do this without adding any additional software like AHK etc.

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