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Make sure the Users group has Read/Write/Modify permissions for the folder Cathy runs in and it should work.
I know it should, but it doesn't. With all correct permissions.
Also make sure the shortcut you launch it from has the correct path in the "Start in" target
That's all OK.

Have you tried making a new user account and testing from there?
I have tried that and guess what: Cathy works as expected for that new user account. (location= C:\tools\catalog\cathy)
Of course that is no workable solution...

It proves - once again - that Cathy can work under Win7 x64 without problems.

Now, what does that mean?
And how could I make Cathy work under my own account?

Maybe you should delete both the folder and the shortcut,
and begin all over from a different location?
Done that. No success.

Hi.  I have installed Cathy on a data disk, D:, in D:\Tools\, then I right-clicked on Cathy.exe and chose send to DEsktop (create a shortcut to the desktop).
Tried that. No success.
I also tried, right-click and "Run as Administrator". No success.

Cathy always starts up without any tabs.
This drives me crazy...

Are you using the latest version (ver 2.28.3)?
Yes, I am.
Under the top menu, you should have three tabs: Search | Directory | Catalog.
I know I should have that. But that's exactly my problem. And why I can't use Cathy.

Hey, do you launch Cathy from Windows 7 from the icon on the Desktop or using a launcher like RecentX ?
I launch Cathy with a launcher (Executor). But double-clicking it in Windows Explorer or starting it via a link on the desktop doesn't help.
It only runs fine on my Win7x64 when I launch it from the Desktop icon.
That is strange. How did you create that desktop icon then? I did via drag and drop and holding the Ctrl-Shft keys.
If you don't start it via your desktop icon what do you see then?
Does it start or not? If it does, does it look like my screenshot?

Thanks to everyone so far trying to help me!

Got any specific AV or anti-spam software running?
Nothing that I previously hadn't running on my x32 Win7 machine. On which I could run Cathy smoothly.  :(

Well guys, you make me jealous  ;) in being able to run Cathy on x64 Win 7.
I can't. Even with compatibility mode on.
I'm running win7 professional edition.

I know techsupportalert and saw their list. As I said, none of those apply.

Really?  I wish I could say the same. :tellme:

- I don't get any UAC notification when I run Cathy. (So turning off the warnings won't make any difference I suppose)
- On my machine Cathy is located in this directory: c:\gd\Dropbox\Tools\Cathy\ (and I also tried other directories)
- This is what I get when running Cathy:

Cathy starts up but it shows an "empty document" interface.
And you can't do anything with it; like creating new catalogs.
It also doesn't show my already created catalogs.
So pretty useless. :(

Right. I forgot to mention that one (VVV)  :-[
I recently tried VVV, but imo it definitely fails on point 2) (in comparison with the speed I was used to using Cathy)

Moreover, updating a catalog also isn't that user friendly, since you always have to respecify the path.
I contacted the developer about that, but he answered that the main goal of VVV was cataloging disks (CD, DVD) which always are in your CD drive and hence remembering the path per catalog is not needed;
Only the last path.
So, I continued my search for a Cathy alternative.

Nevertheless, thanks for trying to help.

Currently I'm trying/testing "Index Your Files" (
So far, it looks promising.

Until now, I used the freeware program "Cathy" to catalog my quite huge music library.
It is small (50Kb), portable, lightening fast in cataloging ànd searching the catalogs and produces one file per catalog.
This way I could take my searchable music librabry on a USB stick.

Recently I switched to Windows 7 64-bit and found out Cathy doesn't run on it. :(

Does anyone has a good alternative cataloging freeware?
It should be:
1) portable (so I can "install" it on a USB stick or in my Dropbox folder)
2) fast (or very fast) when cataloging and searching
3) the catalog should be searchable (of course) easily

It should be something like "Everything" ( but then not rescanning the disks every time you start it up,
but remembering the results of its previous scan(s) and work with that until I ask it to rescan the specific drives/folders again.

I'm aware of Gentibus CD, Visual CD and DiscLib. None of them fit the three rules above.
Any other suggestions?

Post New Requests Here / Idea: detect fake 320kbps mp3's
« on: September 27, 2011, 07:21 AM »

I own a - what you could call - quite huge MP3 library.
And I'm a freak if it comes to the quality of that library.
The quality of the tags, the covers and of course the sound itself.

To edit the tags I'm addicted to SoftPointer's "Mp3 Tag & Rename"

Not so long ago I detected Skwire's "CovArt Ops" program and was able to detect quite some poor quality cover art and replaced it.

At last (but not least), I'm looking for a program that is able to detect poor audio quality.
These days lots of crappy audio is posted on the internet.
People download a webrip of 128kbps, re-encode it as 320kbps and post it again and hope it will be downloaded a lot.
If, on that kind of stuff, you use all kind of programs that detect and tell you the bitrate, you'll get 320kbps.
But we all know better.

Here's a screenshot of the frequency spectrum of a certain track of 320kbps (CBR) as produced by "Adobe Audition":


And here's another screenshot of the frequency spectrum of exactly the same track in a "220kbps (VBR)" version:


When you compare the two, you are immediately able to unmask the first one as being a fake 320kbps version.
When I would have used a program to deduplicate my library, it would simply look at the bitrate and come back and tell me to keep the first and delete the second.
While the opposite is the right thing to do.

But of course, it's impossible to open each and every song of my library in Adobe Audition and look at it's quality.
Hence, who knows of a program that can (frequency)analyze my complete music library and tell me where the bad quality songs are located (whatever their disguising bitrate is)?

I don't know how easy that is in AHK, but I think it would be handy that if the entries are (ascending/descending) sorted by a certain column, that is indicated by an (up/down) arrow in the column header.

Skwire Empire / Re: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)
« on: March 25, 2011, 03:14 AM »
Afraid it's time for a few optional features for those that don't like or need them:

    Age column on or off
    Notes on of off


* Giving the user the choice is most of the time the best option - though not for the one who has to program it  ;)
* That "Notes" pane takes needless screen space - if you don't use it.

Hi Jody,

That was an amazing fast reaction.  :up:   [ I'll easily get used to it.  ;) ]
My music collection is begging for another CovArt Ops processing...

Hi skwire,

As I said before I couldn't wait to let CovArt Ops process my music collection.
Well, it took CoverArt Ops 15 minutes to process 6500+ music directories.
That's a nice result.

Can I make some suggestions for improving it?

When clicking on the Resolution column, the entries are sorted based on the string representation of the resolution.
Ie. 1000x1000, 100x100, 1428x1428, 200x200, 400x400, 500x500, 800x800, ...
I think this is pretty useless.
I would like this sorting to be according to the real (sorting by numbers) resolution:
100x100, 200x200, 400x400, 500x500, 800x800, 1000x1000, 1428x1428, ...

When clicking on the Type column, the entries are sorted based on name of the cover art file.
I would (have expected and) like that the sorting is done based on the cover art "quality".
Ie. according to the icon order as shown in the Icon legend (Options > Configure)
(and for entries with the same icon: then sort on the real (!) resolution)

Having that sorting right I could "upgrade" the cover art of my music collection starting with the "worst" cases that need it most.

For albums containing more than one CD I have these directories:

Artist Name - Year - Album Name [3CD]\Disc 1
Artist Name - Year - Album Name [3CD]\Disc 2
Artist Name - Year - Album Name [3CD]\Disc 3

In this case I have the "folder.jpg" file in the directory "Artist Name - Year - Album Name [3CD]" but not in the subdirectories "Disc 1", "Disc 2", "Disc 3".

Now "CovArt Ops" find those subdirectories as having no cover art.
It would be nice if I could specify what foldernames to skip using wild cards.
E.g. Skip: "Disc*, CD*"

When I select an entry in the list, on the left the cover is displayed.
When I select on of the other picture files listed under that cover, on my machine running Windows Vista I visually loose my selection in the main list.
I don't know if that is something you can solve. Since on my XP machine I see that the selection is still there.
Apparently on my Vista machine, the background color of a selected item if in a table/list not having the focus is white.


Skwire Empire / Re: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)
« on: March 18, 2011, 11:32 AM »
Helps when I uncomment certain lines of code, eh? :D

Thanks for the quick update.

Btw, I browsed around in Skwire Empire and I can't wait to let CoverArt Ops process my quite huge music library...  8)
Would you know if a similar application exists for checking the bitrates? (BitRate Ops)

Skwire Empire / Re: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)
« on: March 18, 2011, 10:42 AM »
Great job!  :Thmbsup:
(Btw, very handy that the month is already prefilled according to which month's table you last clicked on)

That's how I like apps to work.
That's a valid argument. ;)

Moreover, using escape calls the same routine as exiting the app so everything is saved, etc.
Except for the position/size.  :P
Those are not saved when I exit the app with Esc while they are when I exit via the menu or via the upper right close button.

Skwire Empire / Re: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)
« on: March 18, 2011, 04:54 AM »
Hi skwire,
very quick ànd useful update.

Can I do some more suggestions?  ;)
1. Don't enable the "Edit birthday" and "Delete birthday" buttons and (main and right-click) menu items if no birthday is selected.
    (That's better than letting the user click/choose it and then saying "Please select a birthday to edit")
2. Make the button tooltips correspond the menu item texts ("birthday" vs. "entry")
3. Make the 'Day' columns by default as narrow as possible (to display the "Day" header). That way more space can be used for the name.
4. I don't know if AHK allowst it, but it would be great to be able to resize/maximize the application.
5. I was rather surprised that pressing ESC exits the application

Skwire Empire / Re: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)
« on: March 17, 2011, 05:56 AM »
Nice little app!

Request: An <Edit> button in the toolbar would be nice. Now, if I made an error I have to create a duplicate and delete the previous.

And with trying to correct an entry I found another issue:
1. Press the "Add Birthday" button
2. Fill in "Name", "Dec" and "10"
3. Entry is created correctly
4. Now I realize I've spelled the name incorrectly. So, I select the entry in the calendar (but there's no edit, so that selection was in vain)
5. I press the "Add Birthday" button again
6. I fill in: "Corrected name", "Dec" and "10"
7. The new entry is created. (The old one is still shown selected)
8. I press the "Delete birthday" button
   And guess which one is deleted... the last one I added <= Bug

Also, don't let the user enter non-digits ("abc") or invalid numbers ("300") in the day spinner text box.

My 2 cent...

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ
« on: January 20, 2011, 05:12 PM »
Hi worstje,
I stumbled upon a small JottiQ-bug: I can make JottiQ crash by opening/closing the About box several times.
I'm running the latest version on my laptop running Windows XP SP3.

Kind regards and keep up the good work

btw, where does CFD in CFDButton stand for?  :tellme:

I'd like to see three separate icons: one for Favorites and one for Recent and one for Filter
(the way FileBox eXtender does it)
[and then add the menu items that lead to the GUI/settings of CFDButton to each - if useful]

I'd like to be able to define submenu's (like I am in FileBox eXtender)

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