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Make sure the Users group has Read/Write/Modify permissions for the folder Cathy runs in and it should work.
I know it should, but it doesn't. With all correct permissions.
Also make sure the shortcut you launch it from has the correct path in the "Start in" target
That's all OK.

Have you tried making a new user account and testing from there?
I have tried that and guess what: Cathy works as expected for that new user account. (location= C:\tools\catalog\cathy)
Of course that is no workable solution...

It proves - once again - that Cathy can work under Win7 x64 without problems.

Now, what does that mean?
And how could I make Cathy work under my own account?

Maybe you should delete both the folder and the shortcut,
and begin all over from a different location?
Done that. No success.

Hi.  I have installed Cathy on a data disk, D:, in D:\Tools\, then I right-clicked on Cathy.exe and chose send to DEsktop (create a shortcut to the desktop).
Tried that. No success.
I also tried, right-click and "Run as Administrator". No success.

Cathy always starts up without any tabs.
This drives me crazy...

Are you using the latest version (ver 2.28.3)?
Yes, I am.
Under the top menu, you should have three tabs: Search | Directory | Catalog.
I know I should have that. But that's exactly my problem. And why I can't use Cathy.

Hey, do you launch Cathy from Windows 7 from the icon on the Desktop or using a launcher like RecentX ?
I launch Cathy with a launcher (Executor). But double-clicking it in Windows Explorer or starting it via a link on the desktop doesn't help.
It only runs fine on my Win7x64 when I launch it from the Desktop icon.
That is strange. How did you create that desktop icon then? I did via drag and drop and holding the Ctrl-Shft keys.
If you don't start it via your desktop icon what do you see then?
Does it start or not? If it does, does it look like my screenshot?

Thanks to everyone so far trying to help me!

Got any specific AV or anti-spam software running?
Nothing that I previously hadn't running on my x32 Win7 machine. On which I could run Cathy smoothly.  :(

Well guys, you make me jealous  ;) in being able to run Cathy on x64 Win 7.
I can't. Even with compatibility mode on.
I'm running win7 professional edition.

I know techsupportalert and saw their list. As I said, none of those apply.

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