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Mircryption / Re: mircryption-compatible script for irssi
« on: March 31, 2011, 02:47 PM »
The instructions might be a bit outdated since they were written for previous versions of blowssi.
KiTTy was nice enough to put up the instructions for the older versions, but hasn't been around lately to update it.
The "official" instructions are included in the archive.
Basically, you just need to install the required perl modules, drop the script in ~/.irssi/scripts and add a /load line to your ~/.irssi/startup line for it. Not much to it really :)

Awesome! :) looks great!

blowssi is a an irssi cryptography script.

Download from official web page:

Key features:
  • Compatible with mircryption and FiSH.
  • Supports both cbc and ecb encryption modes. (to use cbc encryption just prefix the key with cbc: )
  • Blowssi is Free (both as in freedom and as in beer) software (licensed under the GNU GPL v3)
  • Blowssi will work on any platform perl and irssi work on.
  • dh1080 key exchange (since 0.2.0)

  • perl (...duh)
  • Crypt::ircBlowfish (see bundeled zip file, but also available from
  • Crypt::ircDH1080 (see bundled tar.gz file)
  • Crypt::CBC (on gentoo you can just: emerge dev-perl/crypt-cbc)
  • MIME:Base64 (on gentoo you can just: emerge perl-MIME-Base64 (which is a virtual package) or emerge perl-core/MIME-Base64 though you probably already have it.)
  • irssi (... duh!)

  • First make sure all requirements are installed (see above).
  • To install, just put the script in ~/.irssi/scripts and put this in your ~/.irssi/startup :
  • /load ~/.irssi/scripts/
More detailed installation instructions:

Looks good! :)

But yes, a codycards specific thing would be neat :) I imagine, with a graphic of cody in a cage filled with coins, and lots of things coming at him (the predators and weapons etc on the cards) :)

If you're going to have the cards professionally printed, shouldn't you have a design for the back?

As having played fun games made with this library, I can only recommend it! :)

This is extremely awesome.
I wish lego wasn't as expensive as it is :(

Yeah, but it's still what would be ideal.
I wish there was a CMS LIBRARY instead of a CMS webapp. This would make life so much easier in terms of integration. And not just for DC, but for umpteen other projects i have going :(

i like auctionsieve, it's cross platform :)

HBGary Execs Run For Cover As Hacking Scandal Escalates


Linked in the above post is a link to the details of the attack, how hbgary got compromised: http://arstechnica.c...-the-hbgary-hack.ars

This one is easy:

It's just a matter of risk assessment, like anything in real-world security.

A generated password is better.

The chance is FAR greater that a person will chose a weak or reused password than that their email will be sniffed.

In a perfect world, it would be even better if the password is shown to them after signup over https and not emailed.

Living Room / Re: which is more important, system ram or video ram?
« on: February 07, 2011, 12:50 PM »
It all depends on what you want to do.

If you're not a gamer or 3d artist, then you don't have to think twice about it. System ram for sure, it's general purpose, and benefits almost any application. It allows you to do more heavy multitasking, etc,...

If you plan on playing games, or work in anything else 3d (3dsmax/maya/blender/etc) the story changes a bit. The amount of video ram will be a key factor on how much (3d) stuff you can show on the screen at the same time. (Amount of vertices, texture memory, etc,...) this is important for games, but also for anything else 3d. (Say you are doing detailed architectural design or something in a 3d application, you will start feeling it when your card is showing more geometry on the screen than it can handle) - Unfortunately, it gets more complicated in this arena. You also want to look at the gpu and memory clock rates on your video card. - If you plan to get a video card you should be looking at gpu and memory clock rate, and amount of memory.

Almost any modern video card, integrated or not, will be able to handle the native resolutions for most monitors today, so if you're not doing anything 3d i wouldn't even worry about it.

Developer's Corner / Re: Need Advice on MySQL Server Tuning
« on: February 03, 2011, 06:36 PM »
I would say that the major rule of thumb is to try to not allocate more buffer space than your machine has memory, though that can be hard to predict.

Developer's Corner / Re: Need Advice on MySQL Server Tuning
« on: February 03, 2011, 02:41 PM »
Besides what was already mentioned...

* If EXPLAIN shows it's using filesort, you might want to increase your sort buffer sizes.
* If you have some queries that repeat alot, enable query cacheing... it will turn those queries into lightning :)

And, on top of that mysql also caches query results.

Living Room / Re: Is pranking Josh unfair?
« on: January 27, 2011, 11:34 AM »
We switched it back to normal as soon as he knew what was going on.
The temporary forum links to

Living Room / Re: Is pranking Josh unfair?
« on: January 26, 2011, 09:37 PM »
He's had it coming a long time :)

Mircryption / Re: mircryption-compatible script for irssi
« on: January 03, 2011, 09:51 PM »
Just released blowssi 0.2.0 (finally);lang=en

keyx is added in the new blowssi version i just released today.;lang=en

works for me  ;D

I'm surprised that (if?) startSSL is part of the OS/browser pre-accepted authorities, since their services sound almost too good to be true.

They work just fine in newer browsers.
IE6 might still complain about it for example.
Works great here in FF3

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 :: Entry Ideas & Requests
« on: December 18, 2010, 08:57 AM »

I can see how this would be useful for cross-platform environment, and specifically if it could be run continuously in commandline mode on a linux server.  But for me right now a windows-only version would be fine.

Linux already has this kind of..

time wget -p

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