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for experts-exchange using noscript in firefox, or using a javascript-uninfected web browser, also works to see the answers.

ps: did you know their domain name used to be (emphasis mine) :D

Originally, the name and URL of the site was but this created confusion and ridicule as many users interpreted it as Expert-Sex-Change as opposed to Experts-Exchange. Subsequently, the domain was changed to[19]


Please don't see the GPL as a product from the open source movement.

It's true that open source is easily exploited, many of it's inventors were in it for the cash.

But please keep the GPL out of that argument.

The GPL is the product of the Free Software movement, which is a completely different thing.
Richard Stallman (Founder) has to re-iterate this in almost every interview and talk he gives.

Free Software does not equal Open Source.

Living Room / Re: What the heck has happened to Google search?
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:51 AM »
I like scroogle.

Another alternative I use is startpage https ( ) which doesn't even log IP's (though it does have ads  :huh: ).

What I miss on both of them is the calculator features :)

Also, don't forget that you should now probably use synergy+ instead of plain old synergy.

It's a fork so development could continue since the original synergy seems to have not been updated in a long time.
All new features and bug features go into synergy+ ...

Synergy+ is a maintenance fork for implementing bug fixes to the original Synergy by Chris Schoeneman, which hasn't any source updates or new releases since 2006 (as of writing this). So far we've implemented many significant bug fixes such as support for Windows services on Vista and Windows 7, and a brand new GUI (based on QSynergy).

General Software Discussion / Re: SIGIL, free ePub editor
« on: June 14, 2010, 09:45 AM »
That looks like a neat app. Nice find. :)
I've been using lyx for that type of stuff, and have since been hooked on the WYSIWYM concept instead over WYSIWYG - but I definitively plan to give this one a try :)

wow, talk about over analyzing a question :D Honestly, putting that much words in how fancy and thought in how fancy the question and it's replies have to be, makes me scared to even reply anything at all, as my inferior brain is not worthy :)

Anyway, from the top of my head, here's one suggestion which may have been touched upon before iirc:

In order to make people feel more valued and involved with DC, have a page with links to their software (eg: on the Software/releases.html page, or a dedicated page) - including the many programs people host on the member server, and others that are hiding in the forum.

As it stands, outside of the nany stuff and other contests, it seems to me only a subset of software developed by dc members is mentioned under the software section, which may not very encouraging to people that forked out the effort to work on coding snack or program.

I'm not sure if there's some reason but I find quite a few coding snacks in the forum that didn't make the software page. I'm not sure if there already is some kind of submission process or not, but there probably should be an easy to find software submission web GUI thingie...

Not only would this encourage development, but it would allow users to find software they need more easily. (There could be a keyword based search engine just for software, for example)

Then, when a program is submitted through the web gui, and accepted after review, it could be automatically listed on the appropriate software page. Then perhaps automatically assign a 'dc software developer' badge or something to the user.
With a semi-automated process like that you could do all kinds of neat stuff, like making an smf mod which will list all software made by a user in their forum profile - or automatically create a blog post for newly submitted/accepted software.

I found it helpful to configure the hgrc file within a repository (so <repos-dir>/.hg/hgrc) with auth info.  Specifically, adding the following sort of section

It's not a no-no, but I find manually typing out the http authentication cleaner, also because the password is not as plaintext in your hgrc.

On the server side Mercurial will take the username you logged in with from the httpd authentication, so you can use something like:

  allow_push = someuser

Which is what I use to define which httpauth users are allowed to upload (write access)

If you really hate copy/pasting a password, and don't mind the plaintext password in a file, then that's definitively OK :)

Yep, we've had to follow each of the steps mentioned in the article, and some more.

It really is a business where the major email hosting companies and blacklist keepers have you by the balls.
Yahoo developed DKIM, so they give a negative score to all mail that doesn't use it, in order to push their software.

If you have a legit newsletter, with an opt out option, when users click 'mark as spam' too many times on these services, you get blacklisted. ( who believes opt-out does anything anymore anyway... )

Many of the blacklists allow you to pay money (bribes) to get whitelisted...

Many webmail services will ironically enough automatically send you to the spam folder if they doesn't see enough email traffic from you, the theory being you may just be a botnet drone somewhere on a home computer and not a real mail server.

Many are also now whitelisting instead of blacklisting.

What this may eventually end up doing is creating a climate where only a handful of large companies will be running email for the entire world (because they deny everyone else's mail). If you don't belong to the club, your mail is ignored. That in turn creates a situation of major privacy concern. If a handful of companies handle all mail in the world, they become one-stop shops for governments to subpoena your emails.

If you setup a new email server, it may take a long time to build up a reputation. And you had better keep an eye on your mail server logs, and make damn sure your configuration is clean.

Being an open relay is the obvious concern, but that's actually not so common anymore. Postfix, sendmail, qmail etc... all come with sane settings by default nowerdays which prevent that.  You have to worry about backscatter, and smtp password bruteforcing (which is ongoing nowerdays with botnets all over the place), and an ever growing list of other things.

The problem even goes so far that some major hosting companies have just given up on hosting email, and told their users to go use google instead.

Greylisting used to block 99.9% of all spam, that number is increasingly dropping. Moreover, it causes a delay of at least 5 minutes for all mail. Many people expect their mail to arrive instant, even though it was never meant to be an instant (or even guaranteed for that matter) message delivery protocol. I work for a hosting company, and you wouldn't believe the number of people that complain when their mail is slow.

The article author is right when it mentions e-mail is something to hate. :D

Some of the reasons that Entrants didn't set up RedMine:

    * I didn't want to have to deal with learning how to do RedMine while I was concentrating on getting my project completed.
    * I wouldn't know what to do with it.
    * Forgot
    * I've waned to use Mercurial CVS integration but it did not work.

Mercurial integration requires a mercurial account on the server, which should be requested through me.
We didn't have this setup until yesterday, when ewemoa requested it. :)
To address the issues I have created a page which summaries the features we offer on the member server, and a page with some basic mercurial help. :

Eventually, perhaps a wiki would be a better format for all of that, but it's better than nothing for now. :)

For clarity, if you read over the mercurial help page link on the services page, here is a direct link :



Mircryption / Re: WeeChat Version 0.3.0 is released ! :)
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:46 PM »
I used it for a while after I learned about it, but ran back to irssi.... maybe I should give it a second look now

Living Room / Re: Nuclear fallout from the latest netsplit....
« on: February 27, 2010, 04:49 AM »
. . . . .
. . . . . .



Hahaha, I can already see this fun little project turn into Super big giant mega project for mouser. Don't give him too many ideas or we won't see it this year :D

The reason why I came up with it, is that we have quite a few threads on dc that aren't very popular due to their very special area of obscure geeky interest, which get buried in time.

The fact that the forum pushes older posts with less replies down into oblivion by default makes the entire thing feel kind of like digg ( which isn't a good thing :) ).

really old threads should be closed, anyway.

Only if they have become irrelevant or deprecated. If it's just information or a topic that nobody at the time had interest in or knowledge about, it's perfectly fine for it to be revived later on if someone does come along with that interest.

Imagine if scientific researchers could only work on an idea until it gets pushed down because of newer more popular posts, then having to constantly re-start their project. Nothing much would get done. That's how I feel forums work sometimes, the same stuff keeps popping up now and then, and gets discussed without depth, or mediocre-depth until it is forgotten. Except for the very popular topics (our huge note-taking thread comes to mind...)

Sure, you can search for things using the forum search, but that wouldn't help you find discussions you wouldn't think to search for.

General Software Discussion / Re: recommendation: sabayon linux
« on: January 10, 2010, 12:28 PM »
for most other stuff I don't believe in having a zillion folders or files inside a folder

You should see the donationcoder smf attachments/uploads folder :D

Living Room / Re: Great Britain is frozen!
« on: January 10, 2010, 12:19 PM »
So, did you slide backwards right after that last picture was taken? :D

All it would take are two separate but related actions to make things very clear:

    * Virtually everyone stops buying music and movies
    * Virtually everyone stops "sharing" music and movies

If everybody is as opposed to the antics of the music and movie industry as some claim, it should be a relatively simple matter to organize a near total boycott of all major-label movies and music. Three to six months with ZERO purchases of CDs, DVDs, and tickets to live shows - combined with ZERO "file sharing" - should be more than enough to let them know they need their public more than their public needs them.

That would work, if it wasn't for the fact that the majority of the people are immensely STUPID.
And even the smarter ones are so numbed by tv and having a comfortable enough life, that they never take any action of any sort.
This is the one main thing the elite money grabbing goons have figured out. You don't enslave people by putting them in camps, or by keeping everyone starving. As long as people have enough food and get a daily dose of propaganda, you can get away with anything. Control the media, and you can get away with murder. If TV says it didn't happen, it never did.

No, I'm afraid people are either too stupid or passive for these kind of things to ever be realistic. I'm afraid it's up to the small percentage of people that actually do give a shit.

It does if it puts them out of business.

Why tilt at dragons? Much more efficient to starve them to death.

No revenue = no money for bribes 'campaign' contributions

No revenue = no money to hire attorneys

No revenue = out of business Wink

If only it were that simple. The only thing you need to make money, is lots of money. Not customers.

Living Room / Re: Tech News Weekly: Edition 48-09
« on: December 01, 2009, 05:20 PM »
Police may need a warrant or probable cause on paper, but we all know that they do whatever they want anyway :)

Add this to the list: http://yro.slashdot....Data-8-Million-Times

which are those people with a space.
Which you can request from mouser if you ask him nicely :D

Redmine project management service for dcmembers:

Opera has extentions doesn't it?
They call them widgets... same thing?
The only problem is that nobody makes any useful ones... which isn't Opera's fault I think?
Or am I missing something?

This wouldn't be related to the email bomb us moderators received would it?
No, you can thank mouser for that one :)

This is what happened (nsfw language) :
01:47 <@mouser> GO FOR IT!
01:47 < Gothi[c]> ok
01:48 < Gothi[c]> it's rebooting
01:52 < Gothi[c]> it's back up
01:53 < Gothi[c]> all seems to be working
01:53 <@mouser> that was quick
01:53 < Gothi[c]> it's just a reboot..
01:53 < Gothi[c]> i already did all upgrades
01:53 <@mouser> license key generation still works
01:53 < Gothi[c]> but it needed a reboot for udev and pam
01:54 <@mouser> forum seems to work
01:54 < Gothi[c]> check if email works
01:54 <@mouser> good idea
01:55 <@mouser> doing some forum maintenance while we are offline
01:55 < Gothi[c]> ok but if you break anything, don't blame me ;D
(a few minutes later)
02:01 <@mouser> oh fuck
02:01 <@mouser> i did it again
02:01 <@mouser> DAMN IT
02:02 <@mouser> not end of world but im going to have spammed admins again
02:02 <@mouser> FUCK
02:02 <@mouser> more sending thousands of emails
02:02 <@mouser> well know we know the email sending works
02:02 <@mouser> #%$&%&*(%##

 :D :D

Post New Requests Here / Re: REQ - name format changer
« on: November 10, 2009, 02:34 PM »
That was amazingly fast :)
Go Skwire!  :Thmbsup:

I still use it now for work+personal use and it helps me preserve my sanity :)

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