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I usually would not make a post like this, and from this particular resource, as there is a few caveats.
But the "EASEUS Partition Master 5.0.1 Professional Edition" is so good in my opinion...I can not help but share.

I have used Easeus Products for years have been more than satisfied.
As I am constantly working and testing new OS, this particular tool has become invaluable.
I have never had any loss of data or system tie ups using it, again personal experience.
So to get the latest version free, for me, is a real privilege.
Program usually runs $40.00

Until Midnight Pacific time (U.S.)
EASEUS Partition Master 5.0.1 Professional Edition
Is free for download and unlimited use at the following Location.

There is caveat of the possibility to install the Informer software, but I use it, and help to maintain and update their systems.
So it is your call as to you interest.
A lot of Informer's "Give away of the Day" are crap, but every now and then......

as of this posting there is approximately 13 hours left to download and install

Utilize the Portability Making feature cautiously


Apparently if you go to the Settings > Portable Applications, and select both options, and select a drive letter and not a folder.
The very first process is to wipe all contents.
So if you point this application, with both options checked to a drive letter (say: I:/) It will promptly go ahead and wipe the entire drive of all data!

No check, no "are you sure" just follows through

Run either one option individually, and there does not appear to be an issue.
Send it to a folder of choice, and there is no apparent issue; though with both selected it will wipe that folder, and only that folder

Know that we are hot on it folks, and we will update you on all progress in this matter


Greetings folks

For this tip, I am going to expand on the power options that Markham has built-in to Circle Dock as a choice in the "Special" Menu.

Subsequent tutorials may be based on concepts discussed here, utilizing 3rd party applications.
So this will be, at the very least, a great tutorial to review

I feel like an idiot, as Markham kindly provided for us, what many of us already know, and for those that don't; you soon will.

Circle Dock has some great essentials, in the "Special" Selection:

But what if we want the other options, and are there other things we can do?
Simply: Yes.

We just need to know the codes, or in this case the "Command Lines".

The first give away to me was opening the Off Button's item settings and seeing the arguments:

I almost fell off my seat. I had forgotten about Command Line a Long time ago.
As we move forward in windows we become more GUI'ed and forget what we would have known utilizing windows XP or earlier.
Command Line arguments were essential in the days of Windows 3.x, Windows 95,  and to a lesser extent Windows 98.

Those Commands are still there, some changes from different distributions of Windows, but there nonetheless.

Markham has reminded me of the power of the command line and the infinite capabilities that are trapped there.
I actually had to blow the dust off an old Windows 95 manual to re-read and remember how to find these Command Line for the arguments.
I will not do this to you...I will just tell you how.

Each version of Windows is a little different on some power options, so you will need to find your options based on what version of windows you are using.

So how do you do find the options available for your OS?
1.) Bring up a command prompt (cmd or cmd.exe)
2.) Simply type in "shutdown"
3.) Hit "Enter" or "Return"
Immediately below you will be given a list of all available options for you OS.
Read these carefully and be familiar with what you can do.
The following screen shot is of my Windows 7 OS and what options are available to me.

Look at all the options available to us, there is so much that we can do, now that we know what the Commands are.

Now how do we assemble the Command Line in our arguments so that we can have more power options?
How do we assemble these in Circle Dock?

From the above options.
I will work with the following Option:
/g       Shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is reboot-ed, restart any registered applications.

To added this to Circle Dock, we must create the "Shortcut", so go to your Circle Dock:
1.) Right click on a ring or icon
2.) go to Add > File,Folder or Special Item

3.) Click on "File,Folder or Special Item"
This will give us a blank Item Setting to work with.

Now for top down instruction:

I will label mine "Restart with Programs"

Description (Optional)
I tend to leave this alone, but you are welcome to make any entry you feel proper to aid in keeping your Circle Dock organized to your personal liking

In the target area:
Type "shutdown.exe" (without quotes)
This is case-sensitive, so be sure that you type shutdown in lower case.

This is where you will use the code(s) given from the Command Prompt window.
again I will be using the following option:
/g       Shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is rebooted, restart any registered applications.

So; in the "Argumenet" I want to enter"
Again: this is case sensitive. So make sure that you are using lower case lettering.

Now we could just hit Finished, but I am going to suggest against this.
Here is why:

We are creating a Command Line. By doing this we will experience a CMD Window when we hit this button.
This window flash is annoying, unprofessional, and unpolished.

Thanks to the Circle Dock programmers foresight, we have a simple solution.

Run (in window type)
In the drop down window select Minimized

This will make the command prompt open, and then close, in the Menu Bar; instead of the screen!!!

Now Click the Finish Button.

All you have to do is find and select a great Icon image to drop on this new power Button.  :Thmbsup:

But Wait:
You say you saw more options in the Command window  :o
Well you are correct!

There are options you can tag on. So I will show you what to do to add these options.
I am going to add a timer to my restart.

Warning here:

Make sure you are aware of what the options will do, so it does not come back to haunt you.
The timer will create a "Forced Shutdown" situation. This means that anything that is not save is lost!!!

Read the description carefully:
/t xxx            set the time-out period before shutdown to xxx seconds. The valid time-out range is between 0-315360000 <10 years>, with the default of 30. If the timeout period is greater than 0, the /f parameter is implied.

So we are warned that the "/f Parameter is implied"
So what os the "/f" Parameter.
Let us refer back to the command window and the Shutdown options:

/f   Force running applications to close without forewarning users. the/f parameter is implied when a value grater than 0 is soecified for the /t parameter.

We find that "/f" is a command for a "Forced" shutdown. This means that any open and unsaved applications will be shutdown without warning.
So make sure and read the full description and know what the additional parameter is going to do!!!

That being said, let us move forward:

In order to add the timer...I must add:
/t xxx
where is "xxx" is the time variable.

I want to stall for 15 seconds.
so; xxx=015

My code will be:
/t 015

I will enter this to the "Arguments" line in the "Item Settings"
But how to enter it???

There is a simple rule of thumb:
"Unless other wise stated by directions, Always add a space!"

So we will need to add a space after "/g", then add "/t 015"
So my Command Line Code in the Argument will look like:
/g /t 015

Now Click Finish, and add a nice Icon for your new Power Button  :Thmbsup:
remember if you use the example above, and you have not saved your work: YOU WILL LOSE IT!!!
As defined by the shutdown parameters.

In Closing:
The Command Line Arguments and Parameters are incredibly powerful, but can be dangerous as well.
Read well the descriptions, and know what is going to happen.
Mind the lettering case, as this has messed up more than one person.

I will be doing a lot more tutorials, utilizing 3rd party addons, and quite a few of these will need Command Line Arguments.
So I started this tutorial with what is to come in mind.
I will be showing you how to control Winamp, Hide your Desktop Icons, Foobar200 control (as soon as I get it all ironed out), and so much more.
These will all have command line arguments targeting their individual programs.

Over twenty years of computing has brought me to this point, and has opened me up to what Circle Dock can do.
I will pass this knowledge on to you, as I can.

It was fun doing this tutorial.
If you have a Tips n& Tricks tutorial you want to share, please do not hesitate, share with us all.
I am not a know-it-all.........Yet!

Have fun

The Sarge

Circle Dock / Now Accepting DONATIONS via PayPal (for Non-DC Members)
« on: January 29, 2010, 07:40 PM »
Greetings folks

We are aware that there are many folks that are non-members that follow these posts closely.
So for non-members we have added a PayPal donation Button to the Circle Dock forum.

Donations may be made to directly support Circle Dock development by clicking the "Donation" button below.

As a special Bonus:
All donations made to Circle Dock will also grant donors full membership at DonationCoder and lifetime license key for all software
This is great  :Thmbsup:
Thanks Mouser

Thanks in advance:
The Sarge and Markham

Circle Dock / Requests / Suggestions thread
« on: January 17, 2010, 05:58 PM »
This will become and official suggestions and request thread.

If you have a suggestion for Circle Dock, please feel free to list suggestion(s) and Request(s) Here.

I will do my very best to maintain a request/suggestion list here on this post.
So before making a suggestion: REVIEW THIS FIRST POST, the List, and all posts, CAREFULLY!!! To see if what you want to suggest has already been posted.
If it has been previously run the risk of bad words and my special ability: TONGUE LASH!!!
Trust me; you do not want a Tongue Lashing from the Sarge!

Please do not expect over night solutions, as there will be none (Rome was not built in a day...and all that).
You may also follow along at the Code Site here (Markham has been real good about keeping this up):
Bug reports, features, and further information can be tracked through this site.

That being said, please make your requests and suggestions for Circle Dock.
Be as clear in your request and suggestions as possible, as I will be re-posting your request to "the List".
If I screw up a request, feel free to correct me, as I do not want to screw one up to badly.

If for some reason the request can not be fulfilled, Markham and I will make every effort to let folks know in this first post.
As features requests and suggestions are filled...I will mark the request, in the List, appropriately.

Please Note!!!:
No request(s) or suggestion(s) are guaranteed to be fulfilled, but every effort to investigate the possibility will be made
Nor may the final product be exactly as you may expect

If you have further questions...Do not hesitate to ask  :Thmbsup:

The Sarge

The Request and Suggestions List (aka. The List)

Note: On the "Issues" Tab, at "Filter", select "All" and then click on "Apply" to see all the current Issues, otherwise some will remain hidden by default.

Ability to add "Docklets" from other Launchers: (Accepted)
This is self explanatory, and is being looked at carefully by Markham.
This will take some time, as entire code re-writes will be needed.

Option to turn off "Snap to" Dock option:
(Completed: V1.5)
Suggested by: Boiiwonda
Date: 01/17/2010

This would be an elective option in settings
To turn on/off the Snap to Circle Dock, when the dock re-appears after being hidden.
This functionality would work when Circle Dock is Locked (Anchored) to a specific location.

Option to have Circle Dock appear at last shown location, instead of follow cursor: (Completed: V1.5)
Suggested by: Boiiwonda
Date: 01/17/2010

This would be an elective option in settings.
This would work while Circle Dock is not Locked (Anchored) to a specified position.
This would allow an equivalent to drag and drop for Circle Dock.
This would in effect be like Locking CD in Place without locking, so if  I Last opened Circle Dock on the left side of the screen and click the center button on the right, Circle Dock will appear in the last appeared location.

Add "Lock Location" to Circle Dock context menu: (Completed: V1.5)
Suggested by: sgtevmckay
Date: 01/17/2010

Add option, similar to Automatically Hide. to the right click menu.
This function would be equivalent to the settings option: Lock Dock At Current Position.
Located in the Right click menu (Context Menu) Immediately below Automatically Hide

Adjustable Zoom Feature for icons and text: (Suggested)
Suggested by: Arekku (LifeHacker)
Date: 1/21/2010

This would add an adjustable zoom option similar to that of Object Dock and Rocket dock, when icons are hovered over.

Toggle Circle Dock appearance/disappearance as a Windows Context Menu Option (Rejected)
Suggested by: dkazaz
Date: 1/23/2010

Add the ability to toggle Circle Dock's appearance/disappearance utilizing the Windows Desktop Context menu.
Quote from suggester:
"I'd love to be able to right click the desktop and have Circle Dock as an option on the context menu (ideally the first one)."

"always on top" option in tray icon context menu (Also for CD Context Menu) (Suggested)
Suggested by: joiwind
Date: 02/07/2010

Add to CD and Systems Tray Icon Context menu...ability to toggle "Always on Top"

Remember the last icon directory (Suggested)
Suggested by: Padz
Date: 02/07/2010

The program remembers the last file folder but always reset the icon folder to default and this is quite annoying for people like me who have a folder with all icons for different apps.
I have also thrown in a related request to be attached to this one:
I am also going to see if we can get Circle Dock to copy Icons to Circle Dock Icon Folder(s).

    * This would help maintain the portability of The Icons, and Circle Dock, when the appropriate Icon is not available when Circle Dock is in use on other systems.
    * This would also reduce system resource use, as Circle Dock will not have to scour the system looking for Icons.
    * this may also increase the speed of Circle Dock. As Icons could then selectively be made part of the core folders, and Circle Dock may be able to load the Icons faster
    * See if this can be done with a pop-up question: "Do you want to copy this Icon to the Default Circle Dock Icon folder?" If moved, then the Icon that was coppied, is teh Icon used and not the icon from the remote file

Greetings folks

I am going to start a series of Tips and Tricks For Circle Dock.
Although some of these may seem natural, many (like myself) just do not know until it is pointed out.
So I am going to start with something simple.

Quick Launch Menu In Circle Dock:

This is an adaption of an article from How To Geek "Add the Quick Launch Bar to the Taskbar in Windows 7" So Windows 7 users will be especially interested in this Trick as Quick Launch was removed in the Windows 7 OS.

Note for Windows 7 users:
The Quick Launch folder still all those install programs that ask if you want  a shortcut in your Quick Launch still apply, just you will never know it is there.

Users of Windows XP and Vista will be happy as this Trick will clear up some space on the task bar and essentially move the Quick Launch Option to Circle Dock Via the Stacks Addon Option.

How To:
I am lazy by nature so I look for the simplest solution possible.
I could easily have you open a new Stack folder, then bring up the Stack options and then navigate through the AppData folder (If you can find it) and link to the Quick Launch folder, but this is too much trouble  :P

So a few simple step by step.
You are going to need to copy the following address string:
%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Bring up a Window.
In My Case I just click on My Computer

Paste the above code in to your address bar in the window and hit ENTER:

Once you hit enter 2 things of importance should happen:
  • 1.) The Quick Launch Folder Should be Shown in the Window
  • 2.) A full address to the folder location should be highlighted in the window address bar.
Right Click in the address bar and copy the entire address shown there

In my case I get:
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
The above address can be utilized directly in Vista and 7, but I believe that address to be a bit different in XP.
If you wish to utilize the address above...Make sure you re-place the User Name appropriately!

Now over to Circle Dock:
Create a Stack folder by Right clicking and Choosing ADD > Folder Stack

This should bring up the following Properties window:

Go ahead and Change the "Name" to "Quick Launch"
And then Click Finish.

Circle Dock will Now Show a default folder Stack Icon.

Now we need to change the Stack Settings and add the last Saved Folder address.
to do this: Hold down Control and left Click the new Quick Launch Stack Icon (ctrl+click)

Now in the "Folder" Location right click and paste in the previously copied folder address.
Then chose which "Mode" you prefer....I have chosen "Grid"

Then Click "OK"

and viola
You now have a stack menu of your Quick Launch, that will automatically update shortcuts as they are added and removed from the Quick Launch Folder  :Thmbsup:

UPDATE 01/11/2010

Absolutely ensure that you do have the The "Silently Delete Broken Links" Option turned OFF!!!

Or I guarantee the next time you start Circle Dock you are going to be PO'ed, as it will wipe out this Stack!

I apologize to XP users as I have abandoned XP, Vista and all 32 bit OS.
So someone with XP may have to make an additional post to correct any discrepancies in address and so forth.

It is my hope that others will come forward with their tips and tricks and add them to these forums as well.

Circle Dock is infinitely capable of so much, and our beloved Markham is kicking himself to make it better all the time.

In my Next few Tips and Tricks posts I will be doing the following:

NirCmd as a third party Addon...I am going to make Windows dance!
CLamp as a third party Addon for controlling Winamp (You are going to dig this  :Thmbsup: )
AutoIt as a third party Addon for scripting stuff
How to add God Mode and the Various God Modes to break down that huge god awful master list (Not as integrated as I would like)
and more as I find them

Know that Markham is working on the inclusion of Traditional dicklets to Circle dock, but this is requiring some serious coding and will take a while, so hopefully these addons will help satiate the tweaker's needs, and open up additional concepts for all of us 8)

Do you have a tip or trick with Circle dock???
if so: Please tell us all about it in a new post...we will all want to hear it.  ;)

Circle Dock / Core Software Suggestion
« on: January 06, 2010, 07:32 PM »
I have been going over all the advancements of CD, and I am speechless.

I must say I am humbled by the extraordinary changes I am seeing.
For showing how unlimited and simple this program can be
Thank you so much

I am can not imagine all you have done and gone through to get CD where it is now in less than 6 months

So Makham-Sempai
On to the next level if you are so inclined (???)

This list is excellent, and truly expands on CD's capabilities.

I am going to make the following suggestions to add to this list, or capabilities that should be looked into for some of these options:

The Recycle Bin
This currently shows Just the Icon of and "Empty Bin"
Would it be possible to add the ability to show when the The Recycling Bin is "Full"???
Typically this requires 2 different Icons
Of course there is also teh custom Icon situation to consider as well.
May need to wait till we can add addons to obtain this functionality (???)
There are OD and RD add ons that do this, but am unaware if an addon is required.

More Power Options
Currently The following is listed:
Log Off
Restart Computer

Can we add to this list?
Switch User
Power off monitor
Lock Down

Now I can utilize NirCmd as a third party addon and do most of the above requested.
Is NirCmd a better option for this???
Or is integration from the "special" menu Possible?

A lot is not known or understood about these, and they are only applicable to Windows 7
Is there a way to add these???
I am currently looking for a shortcut solution, and this may satisfy this request...SO I shall keep you posted.

Apparently Shortcuts can be made to desktop and then D&D'ed to CD

NirCmd as a third party Solution/Add On (Your Thoughts?)
I have been toying with the concept of adding a forum post of NirCmd as a Third party add on.
This can be utilized to fill in gaps, that CD should not be concerned about directly.
Things such as:
CD Drawer Open close
Command line strings (By user desire)
Volume Up and Down
And so much little petty things that should not be included to the core software.
It is small, portable (by choice) and non-volatile (as long as it is not installed to the windows directory)
And not to mention how easy it would be for the average user to create small end commands  :Thmbsup:
There are some draw back...But I can better explain in a full post.
If it flies...I would add to the wikidot site as well
I am already using it  :P

More to come...I am sure

As you need anything, you let me know and I will track it down...Ifit is in my ability to do so!!!

I am at my wits end  :(

I started this search long before Markham and his magical touch showed up to forward CircleDock development.
With Markham now as the programmer...I have been tasked once again with finding code, or code examples, that will allow CircleDock to use Docklets.

I have been hard pounding the internet tarmac for a couple of months and have been directed to dead ends.
So I come to the folks that understand programming, as I am no programmer.

We do not require information on building Docklets (There are thousands of sites for this), we are looking to integrate code that will allow CircleDock to use Docklets.

My dream would be that CircleDock can use all of the common Launcher Docklets (ie. ObjectDock, RocketDock, RK Launcher, XW Dock, etc), But we need to start with the common Docklets first....The ones that can be used commonly be ObjectDock and CircleDock

Any Ideas, help in the right direction, and/or code would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings folks.

I am sorry and I meant no disrespect in getting this notice here at sooner, but good lord have I been busy.  :-[

To the meat of the situation:
Rainmeter 1.1 has been released and is better than ever.

Not only have we fixed a handful of target issues, so that it can be properly utilized in Windows Vista and 7, Rainmeter is moving forward.
I do not wish to go into too much detail, with out writing up a full review, which I do not have time for at the moment  :(
We have also had a number of new programmers come forward to assist in the expansion of Rainmeter and we are proud to offer the latest release to everyone.
The Rainmeter forums have been update
There is also a new Front Page that makes navigating Rainmeter, and the various sites a breeze.
The Rainmeter Manual is being updated and fully maintained for both current and Beta releases, and is being expanded all the time.

So here is a short version of the change log:
1 NOV 2009 (Version 1.1)

    * The default value for the UpdateRate in the WebParser is now 600 (=10 mins).
    * Fix for the ToggleiTunes command in the iTunesPlugin.
    * The IgnoreRemovable now defaults to true (1) which should help with the missing disk errors.
    * Added Themes submenu to the Rainmeter's context and tray menus.
    * Variables can be used under the [Variables] section (as long as they have been defined before the current variable is read).
    * Changed RainThemes to automatically create a theme called "AutoSave" which will contain your current setup.
    * The windows stay visible with Windows 7 Aero Peek.
    * WebParser reads the resource now only if it has been modified. This can be overridden with ForceReload=1.
    * !RainmeterRefresh and !RainmeterQuit are now handled only during the event loop since they can crash the application if executed during Update().
    * It's now possible to use the measures as if they were variables (use [MeasureName] instead #VariableName#). Set DynamicVariables=1 for all meters and measures which refer to other measures.
    * New bang !RainmeterSetVariable can be used to change the value of a variable (DynamicVariables must be 1 in places where the variable is used).
    * Skin information and instructions can be added to [Metadata] section.
    * Aspect ratio of the image is preserved when the image is scaled.
    * New RANDOM function in the CALC measure type.
    * Fonts can now be stored in Rainmeter\Fonts or with the skin and not "installed" in Windows.
    * Added support for style sections. MeterStyle can be used in meters to read the values from the style section.
    * Added support for the middle mouse button (MiddleMouseDownAction / MiddleMouseUpAction)
    * The skin files can read other files with @include statement.
    * If native transparency is enabled the windows are not refreshed anymore when settings change but they are just moved to the correct location.
    * Added a version check for the skins which come with Rainmeter so they can be upgraded.
    * Path and filename of the file created by Debug=2 in WebParser is now configurable with Debug2File="[Path\]filename.ext"
    * The standard "hand pointer" mouse cursor is shown when you hover over a meter with any "MouseAction" on it or a button.
    * Added #CURRENTCONFIG# as a "built-in" variable.
    * Fixed: [Measure] contained in Action in Measure and Meter are not replaced when reading skins. They are replaced only when executing action.
    * Fixed: When the designation of Drive is wrong, a strange volume label is indicated.
    * The !bangs can be now used from command line even if there are no active configs.
    * Included RainBrowser to the build.
    * WiFiStatus: Added a variable called WifiListLimit=X that allows you control how many access points to display at a time
    * WiFiStatus: Removed all popup errors, all debugging messages now sent to Rainmeter log file
    * WiFiStatus: Fixed some memory leaks 7 and Vista users were facing

Come see what we are doing for yourself.

Downloads and more information at:

Living Room / I am looking for the best DIY/Barebones Laptop......
« on: October 20, 2009, 01:43 PM »
I am looking for the best DIY/Barebones Laptop kit(s).

I am looking for a Quad core (minimum) solution in AMD or Intel
Ability to run twin Monitors out is a plus.
Dual Hard Drive capacity is a bonus
Dual Optical Drive would also be a bonus
A 17in or more screen is required (High Res Prefered)

Cost is not an issue.
Part's size is not an issue (Laptop or full size parts are acceptable)
End product weight is not an issue.
Battery life is not a major issue.

I am looking for assistance to develop a list of what is currently available and places to buy. Since I apparently am incapable of finding resources beyond NewEgg or Tiger Direct (Occasionally).

So what is out there and what is available these days?

A rather exciting development is coming for the desktop customizing world: with its first major update in over three years, Rainmeter is finally coming out of beta. And, among other things, it has a new Enigma upgrade built right in.

Among Rainmeter 1.0's numerous improvements:
- A built-in theme manager, RainThemes, to save and load your setups.
- Complete compatibility with Windows Vista and 7. (Your data is no longer stored in Program Files, which eliminates problems with UAC.)
- New visual options, such as text shadows, transformation matrices and improved anti-aliasing.
- Expanded plugin support for iTunes, WiFi and even Recycle Bin management.
- An official online forum at ( for support, discussion, third-party addons, tips and feature requests.

As for Enigma 2.5:
- Enigma is now the default skin for Rainmeter. It is available immediately after installing.
- No more code editing required: a new Configuration tool manages your personal settings, like Google account login, weather code and feed URLs, from a GUI interface.
- Sidebars and themes now scale to your screen resolution automatically.
- Reader skins now support RSS, Atom, Gmail inbox and Twitter.
- Music skin gets iTunes song information automatically; CD Art Display no longer required.
- Multiple new skins, including a miniature calendar, system uptime, wireless signal strength, and even your local sunrise/sunset times.
- Templates are now accessible from the theme manager.

More information at:

General Software Discussion / DC support images for web sites?
« on: April 07, 2009, 02:35 PM »
Ok, I know that there are some mini banners for websites around here some where.

Little support images that link back to the DC site.

I seem to have lost them, can someone point me in the right direction?


Hello CD Goers

I am in the middle of writing up a full tutorial of/for CircleDock.
Unfortunately all I have are 32bit OS's to work with.

Has anyone tried CD with Vista 64 or Windows 7?
If so can you tell me any differences in the install, or behavior of CD in 64 bit environments.
What issues you may have had, or over come in the install and use of CD in the 64bit environment.

The tutorial I am working will be an "unofficial" at this time, and will be released for absolutely free.
I intend to release a downloadable PDF, and hopefully post parts of the tutorial here.

All help would be greatly appreciated
also please list whether or not you would have your username listed in the credits of this tutorial

Thanks in advance.

This topic has not been risen in the last couple of years and I would raise it again.

I have been tasked with finding a forum with hosting, and must be free to start, and be able to teach me what I need to know.

At the moment I have no full time server and the full admins do not have the time, or the resources, currently to lay down funds, so it must be free and hosted.

I have just been directed to Forumer, but would appreciate a broader sense of what is available out there.

Any suggestions?
If so; Please list site, and any known limitations.

I am looking for a quick turn around to get a forum that should have started years ago.

So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Screenshot Captor / Portable?
« on: March 17, 2009, 06:00 PM »
Hello Mouser.

I have found a couple of other sites to download a portable version of Screenshot Captor, but I wanted to know from you their legitimacy?

Is there a version of Screenshot captor that is portable, or is there a version of this application that i sportable directly through your self?

Lightscreen is leaving me PO'ed, but I find I enjoy utilizing Screenshot Captor

Thanks in advance.

PS. I have not heard from VIP as of yet. Still trying though

A little help here.

I am looking to see if there is a seting, or something, that can be turned on to show total size, free space, and Percent full for all drives in Vista.

Please refer to image:
Screenshot - 3_16_2009 , 3_00_33 PM_ver001.jpg

I am trying to get the information shown for the Harddrives to appear for removable storage, mp3 players, and external Harddrives.
I do not even know if this can be done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Folks

With the advent of so many of these types of software, and the abandonment of several as well, also with the apparent re-interest in Rainmeter. I have opted to start this poll to find out where you folks stand in regards to these types of software.

If you use one or more, then great, how about listing a why and how it works for your, as well as the customization package(s) you use.
if you use one that I have not listed tell us about it.

I am a supporter of Rainmeter, but I am open to suggestions.

Tell us your thoughts, ring in on this one, as I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

I use Rainmeter 0.14.1
Config packs:
HUD Vision

I also use the Rainbar (which is also Rainmeter)

Hello folks

I know that there are as about as many suggestions on different metering software, as there are users.

Of all that are available (Avdesk, Samurize, etc).
I use Rainmeter.

After trying numerous others, I just like the options and the programability of the software.

Rainmeter has almost died (in my opinion), but I still use it.

Well apparently Rainy has released Rainmeter to the general Public about a month ago and is looking for volunteer programmers.
More info From The Rainlenar Forum - Re:Development (Don't let Rainmeter die!)

I now use Windows Vista (almost exclusively), and would like to see this software grow.
The latest works to Rainmeter are now being run through Google Code (unfortunately)
the Rainmeter Google Code section can be found here.

There is finally a new Rainmeter Beta (Alpha?) download as well

Since I am no programmer, I am sorry to say that I feel very inadequate to take up the flag on this most excellent and proven software.

I am tossing this into our forum's hat to see if someone, or many, would take on updating Rainmeter to Vista OS compliance and then expanding the software, base.

Trust me when I say; "If you build it they will come", as there is a large community of skinners and customizers (like myself), just waiting for the really good folks with the programming brains to come along and help fix this slightly outdated software package.

The code is publicly available and can be downloaded from The Rainmeter old site

This is my plea, and I hope that there are those with the time to help make Rainmeter great again.

On a personal note I am looking to have Rainmeter kick the shorts of Samurize.

Thanks in advance
SGT. E. V. McKay

Circle Dock / New stacks Docklet in the making
« on: February 28, 2009, 05:39 PM »
Came across this as I was searching for a possible Flyout design as objectdock uses)

Apparently there is a new Stack Docklet in the making here:

I have been beta testing this docklet on Rocket dock in a Windows Vista 32 bit environment, and I like what is happening here.

So I suspect we should keep an eye on this docklet to see where it will go, and see about CD operations with this new Stacks docklet.

Unfortunately, I do not know when I will have time, but will make some in the near future.

Any one else want to tackle the beta results?
Let us know if it works :Thmbsup:

After reading this posting, if you could reply with your written support, I would appreciate it, and hopefully so will VIP!!!

I reported a little while ago that picked Circledock as there Launcher of the year.
As of today's PC Magazine Publication (PC Magazine March 09 Issue Volume 28 #03, page #28) Circledock was placed as the launcher again :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

Circledock continues to beat out the likes of:
 :tease: :tease: :tease:
Objectdock (  >:D  ) & Objectdock + ( :Wizard: )
Rocketdock (Although I like and use RD  :Thmbsup:)
STablauncher (Yes I use STB as well  :Thmbsup:)
and others.

Once again, we find that VIP is getting the credit due for his work here.
How about some applause and cheering for VIP!
 :greenclp: :greenclp: :greenclp: :greenclp:

I hope our esteemed VIP returns soon, and is not missing out on the glories that are being rained down upon him and his works.

I hope that VIP is doing better regarding his issues, and that he will return to this and his other projects soon.

Of course VIP can always use our support, so I will take this opportunity to ask all of us to support VIP and his projects in all ways possible.
I am certain a few donations would not hurt either
So if you can donate, please do.
Moneys can be contributed directly through these forums.
If you can help others that come to this forum looking for help; help them.
If you can put a link to your own websites or forums to support this software, please do.
If word of mouth is your thing; then pass it on.

Remember free (open source) can not survive without support of folks supporting the concept.
So if you can; please do what you can.

Just one other thing I would have folks do, if you are willing.
Place a reply here letting VIP know that you like Circledock, and what it does for you.
Let show our support
By posting your reply of support here, maybe when VIP returns, he will know just how much his software is appreciated and supported.
If possible, I want to see more replys to this post than any other post on CD's forum :deal:

As for me; I can only say one thing

Circle Dock / RSS feed for CircleDock Forum
« on: February 17, 2009, 07:41 PM »
Hello folks

I came across how to create the necessary address to add to my reader  :up:
So I shall pass this onto you folks here :Thmbsup:

copy the following address to you reader to watch this Forum/Blog
Or for those folks that like to click copy and paste or Drag to there reader, I have also made the following links.

The following Rss links follows this Forum specifically :P

For 10 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=10;type=rss2

For 20 posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=20;type=rss2

For 30 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=30;type=rss2

For 40 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=40;type=rss2

For 50 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=50;type=rss2

For 100 posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=100;type=rss2

Hope this assists you folks  :D

SGT. E. V. McKay

PS.     Final note here. I have modified the above feed to list the last 20 entries to the forum.
You may change this to how many ever number of forum responses you want by simply changing the limit=20.
Therefore you can change the number to 10, 20, 30, 57. Whatever works for you.
Just change the "Limit=20" in the address to whatever number is comfortable for you.

Any questions, let me know, and I will attempt to address them

Enjoy :D

If this subject has already been posted I appologize in advance, that I missed it.

Circle Dock has been chosen as the The Best Free Software of 2009 by  :Thmbsup:

1. Circle Dock
Who says a dock has to actually... dock? To the side of the screen, that is. Circle Dock brings up a spiraling launcher interface with all the icons you want to click. Rotate it with the wheel on your mouse and change the skin to suit your desktop.

And to Circle Dock's credit it is ranked higher than Stardock's Objectdock.   :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

As Objectdock has been the leader for so long this is of incredible standing/significance.
Not to mention they are in the number 2 spot  :P

I run Circle Dock, Object dock, and Rocket Dock, but I am ready to discontinue use of the latter two.

I find it unfortunate that the Circle dock project has seemed to stall, at the moment, but my sincere hope is that it does not falter, and that these folks here, in development, can capitalize on the free advertising and support that has just been handed by PC Magazine.

To say I like this program is an understatement.

I am a graphic designer, It Administrator, digital presentation giver/developer, and CEO of a personal business.

I combine the unlimited navigation provided by Circle Dock in conjunction with 360 Desktop on my laptop. This highly compensates for a lack of 4 monitors, while I am out in the field, But circle dock is so good I have no conflict in use with three monitors + one large demonstration viewer at  my office.
Circle dock gets a lot of attention during my presentations, and I use it as an eye-getter. I will pre-program Circle dock with the necessary Folders, Icons, and dress prior to presentation, and I Have received numerous comments about its effectiveness to get attention and appear organized in presentation situations.
I Have not hesitated to recommended this product to my colleagues, friend, and anyone who has inquired.

It is my sincere hope to see this project grow.

Thanks to the program writers of this project for making me a better presenter, and more productive over all.

Not to mention that this dock is cool as all get out!


E. V. McKay
Magis Esse

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